Teen Girl Loves Dildo Fucking On Webcamchat

Teen Girl Loves Dildo Fucking On Webcamchat
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Part 3 Jack walked into the bathroom to shower with his mom. The shower was large so they could both be in there and be able to move around and be comfortable. His mom was already naked and she started to strip him down. When she got him out of his pants, he feel to her knees and started to suck him off. Jack threw his head back, he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth.

After twenty minutes of him thrusting his cock inside the warm, wet, and tight enclosure that was his mom's mouth, he gave a good hard thrust into her mouth and held it there for a few second until his mom started to gag and run out of breath.


When he pulled out she told him to chock her with his cock again. Jack did this a few more times until he was ready to fuck her. He grabbed her by her arms.

He turned her around and bent her over the counter. He told her to spread her ass, she did and Jack knelt and ate her pussy. She was filled with sexual gratification from her son eating her pussy. She asked jack to lick her asshole, He moved up and shoved his finger in her pussy and finger fucked her pussy and eat her ass. When she felt an orgasm come she was bucking her hips and grinding her ass in his face. When her orgasm subsided Jack took her hand into the shower and turned the water on.

They got and she told Jack she was dirty, so she grabbed a sponge and soaped it up and started to wash him. When she got his crotch she wash every inch of his cock. She got him erect and cleaned the soap off with her mouth, an she started to soap his balls and when she washed him she took both of his balls in her mouth, which were a decent size and Jack didn't think she could take it all. Jack told her to lay on all fours on the ground. When she did Jake took the sponge and was grinding it fast and hard on her crotch, while he was rubbing her asshole.

Jack took the sponge and lather his cock up and said the inside of her pussy needed a cleaning. He started to thrust in and out of her. One hand held her up while the other was groping her tit. Jack came inside of her and pulled out. When he pulled out his mom was telling him to not stop. Jack finally wanted to fulfill his fantasy and fuck her ass. He started to push inside of her, but her muscles weren't letting him in.

He licked his index finger and worked his way in to her ass. He was fucking her asshole fast and his mom was losing it. After Jack made the assumption that her asshole was worked enough so he could get in, he removed his finger and reached around to is moms face and had her lick it clean.

After she sucked it clean, Jack slowly eased in to her anus and started to thrust slowly and softly. Five minutes had passed and Jack started to pick up his speed when her ass started to gap and adjusted to his cock. Jack was surprised how fast her asshole had closed after taking the dildo that she used. As Jack was fucking her asshole like a rabbit, she had moved her hand from her tit to her clit and was experiencing two different orgasms and was feeling like amazing.

She hadn't been fucked like this in years.


Jack was started to feel himself getting close to cumming. He keep humping her and was becoming more violent with each thrust. When he started to shoot inside her, his mother felt her rectum filling with his spunk. Jack pulled out of her asshole he told her to clean his cock.

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She turned around with a smile and grabbed his cock and shoved it down her throat. Jacks mind drifted off and thought about how his fantasy was complete.

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He mom pulled off his cock and started to stroke it hard and she started to suck the head. Jack somewhat felt another load firing off down his mom throat.

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He was going through sensory overload and was barely felt anything at this point. He pulled her off and told her to get cleaned. She scrubbed him down while he groped her tits and ass. When they got out and dried off Jack went and made something to eat because the past few hours of fucking his mother he needed food. He made something for his mom and she ate it rather quickly and was down below the table trying to get his pants off. Jack and said to stop and pulled her up and told her to go to her bedroom and dress up in another set of lingerie.

She said that she was sorry that he made her mad.


She slowly walked away not even trying to catch Jack eyes She walked out in a braless, crimson red corset, she had on a pair of red heels, and was carrying a paddle that said slut on it in red letters. He walked to him and said how she was really sorry about making him angry and that she need to be punished.

She sat there with him and was slowly being turned on think about her son spanking. Jack even caught her slowly grinding her hand up and down her mound to stay wet. He finished his meal and walked with her to his parent's bed room.

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She handed him the paddle and Jack didn't know if he should. She looked at him like she wasn't sad, she was actually happy to be getting spanked. Jack put about half his force into it and when the paddle met her ass, she moaned and was telling him to hit her again. Jack saw the words slut on his mother's ass and hit her again with more force and did it a few more time until her ass was beet red and covered in the word slut.

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Jack saw his mom crotch was soaking wet. He told her to take off the panties she had on and she decided that it took too long to take it off and instead she ripped the entire crotch open and screamed at him to fuck her cunt like the dirty whore she was. Jack shoved his rock hard erection in her pussy and was pounding her with his full force and she was moaning and screaming and speaking gibberish due to her being fucked silly.

Jack had been fucking her in that position for ten minutes and he pulled out. He laid on his back and told him to fuck her in reverse cowgirl. She mounted him and when she was bouncing on him he slapped her ass multiple times. Jack started to come after about ten minutes of her in that positioned. She felt him coming and stopped her bouncing on his cock so his cum can get deep insider her.

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She put her hands on his chest and told him that she wanted to be his baby mamma and wanted him to give her a child. Jack knew it was wrong but the way she said it he hoped that she did get pregnant. When she climbed off of him and sucked up the cum leaking out of his cock.

Jack just lied back on the bed and drifted off to sleep while his mom sucked his cock. When he was asleep his mom kept going and saw he was asleep, but was still wet for him.

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She mounted him and kept riding him and made him come two more times and she was almost praying she would get pregnant. After he came inside her for the third time she moved him over and mounted him am again and he came in her a fourth time. She then laid down on top of him kissing his neck with his cock still in her. She started to drift off as well and soon they were both asleep. To be continued&hellip.