My Body Is Yours To Explore _)

My Body Is Yours To Explore _)
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Let me begin by giving a little background. My husband and I have a very healthy sex life and like to experiment. We are not into real BDSM, however, we like to have a little fun and a good sting and a red rosy ass is fun. That's where the story is. It had been a long stressful week and I was looking forward to our day off together (my pussy ached with anticipation of how the day would end).

We played a fantastic round of golf, even in the 100 degree heat. We came home stripped naked and went for a swim.


He loves to watch me swim, gliding naked through the water. Every once in a while, I would intentionally dip my head down lifting my perfect toned ass out of the water. He knew I was having teasing him, I knew this would definitely lead to fun! After our swim, I showered and put on one his t-shirts (XXL) with nothing on underneath.

I felt almost giddy with anticipation! I decided to make us a couple drinks. Before I could bring him his drink, he came up behind me in the kitchen, kissing me softly on the back and side of my neck. I felt goose bumps and heat rush through my body at the same time. He turned me around and gave me a deep passionate kiss, then whispered in my ear, "I want to play". I let out a soft moan as he reached between my legs and placed just the tip of one finger at my opening.

He knew instantly I was ready to play.I was already very wet. He kept his finger right at the opening of my pussy and whispered in my ear."tell me what you want baby". Almost breathless, I answered."I want you to take complete control".

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I barely finished saying it as he slid his middle finger deep in my wet pussy. As fast as he shoved his finger in is as fast as he removed and slip it in my mouth to lick my juices off his finger.

He said."okay, I want you to get everything ready in the bedroom. You have exactly five minutes to be ready, when I walk in that bedroom, you better be in position at the end of the bed". I scurried off for the bedroom, I knew when he said five minutes, he meant five minutes. So.getting everything ready means getting the "toy box" out and lining up ALL the toys. The reason for all the toys is so that I have no idea what he has planned. The no particular order.a leather paddle, a cat-o-nine tails with a glass handle that doubles as a dildo (by the way one of my favorites), a glass anal probe, a vibrator aptly named "triple treat", a vibrating butt plug and of course strawberry flavored lube.

In position means, me on my knees, spread at least shoulder width, on our padded fabric bench bent over the end of our bed. He expected me face and shoulders on the bed with my bare ass in the air available for his pleasure (or my pleasure.hehe).

I neatly lined up all the toys and lube on the bench so that they would be lined up between my spread knees. I pulled off my t-shirt and got into position.

I knew he would love the view as he walked into the bedroom. I go "Brazilian", so my pussy and anus are complexly smooth and hairless. The only downside for me, is that I can't see or feel him enter the room until his hand is gently rubbing my ass and he coos "beautiful". He rubs and massages both cheeks, spreading them apart occasionally so that he has full view of my tight little hole.

He softly says while continuing to rub my ass, "I'm not sure if I'm going to heat this up till it's nice and red or if I'm going to fuck you in the ass". I've always had a bit of smart mouth.I said.I vote for both! He pulled his hand away and the silence was deafening. Then it came.his hand made impact with my left cheek and then my right cheek. The sting was much more than usual. Just as I was about to catch my breath, he shoved 2 fingers into my now dripping wet pussy (just to give a little perspective, he wears a size 14 ring on his ring finger).

He twisted his fingers around, then side to side, then open close in a scissors movement and finally curled them forward putting pressure on my g-spot. I'm not sure if I moaned or whimpered. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head and said, "you don't decide anything", then pulled his fingers out and shoved both in my mouth.

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I licked and sucked his fingers clean until I had lapped up all my juices. He went back to rubbing my ass for only a minute, then he stopped abruptly. I heard him take something off the bench, however, I had no idea which toy.


I quickly found out which toy.the cold hard leather paddle made contact in the center of my ass across both cheeks. I bucked forward with the sting just as another blow landed close to the same place.

The next 5 or 6 smacks were concentrated on the left side landing lower down between the back of my leg, the area where my leg meets cheek and then on my left cheek. Then he duplicated the same on the right side. Each smack stinging more that the one prior.

He stood back and admired the redness swelling on my ass. I'm sure he could see the newly formed droplets of moisture on my lips and dripping down my inner thigh. He touched my clit and ran his finger across my slit to my anus, putting his finger on my tight little pucker hole.

I moaned loudly, hoping he was going to slide his finger in my such luck.finger gone. He patted my ass and said "I'll be right back, DONT move!". I know he was only gone a minute or seemed like an eternity.waiting there.ass in the air.completely exposed.aware of every sound. When he returned behind me, I heard him set something on the mind whirling, my pussy and ass aching with anticipation.

He finally broke the silence."are you ready to cum my love?.I'm going to make you cum multiple times.I'm going to have your pussy, your ass and your mouth!" I felt the gentle thud on my lower back of the suede strings of the cat-tails as he said."I'm going to give you the night of your life".

The cat-o-nine tails has about 30 strands of suede on one side and leather on the other. It can deliver anything from a thuddy whack to to a sharp skin searing sting. What makes this particular toy soooo exquisite is the handle.

The handle is made of Pyrex glass. It is about 8" long with a "ball" on the end. The ball is approx 2 1/2" in diameter with swirling ridges and the shaft is about 1 1/2" in diameter with smooth nubs on it.did I mention it doubles as dildo.and oh my do you feel this baby! He began by doing what I call figure 8's on my ass. Doesn't hurt or sting, almost feels more like a massage. Then he began whacking each cheek with more of the thud strokes, feels like a soft paddle.and then there it was.the feel of skin searing heat on my right cheek.I yelled out."yeooooouch", when he suddenly shoved the handle end into me, that huge ball end going in stretching me, massaging me as he twirled it around inside me.oooh.fffffffuck!

As abruptly as as he shove it in, he pulled it out and then the same searing sting on my left cheek. I barely caught my breath from the sting when he shoved the glass end back into my throbbing pussy, this time just a little deeper and twirling it around inside.

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I could feel my pussy clench to keep it inside as he pulled it back out. It wasn't time to be pleasured with it yet, he was not done with my ass. He began with the thud strokes again probably so I could catch my breath when he broke the silence and said "so last time you were able to take 10 hard strokes, how many today?" I didn't hesitate too long and responded with "please, may I have 15 today?" He said "okay, you know the rules, breaking the rules will result in being tied down unable to move and 5 extra strokes".

(I made the mistake once of squirming around too much and put my hand on my sore red ass. He tied my ankles and my wrists to the legs of the end of the bed. I will not likely make that mistake again.But that's a whole other story.) The first 10 came in quick succession, some landing on one cheek or the other, some land across both, all of them hard and very painful.

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I took it like a champ, I was grabbing fists of blanket and biting the blanket so as not to squirm too much. My mind was not forward to the next 5, but my pussy was aching and dripping wet in anticipation of the pleasure I would receive after. The next 5 hurt and stung so bad I thought my skin was going to split open.

I think I might have held my breath because I was almost dizzy, but again, I must say, I took it like a champ. I could barely catch my breath, when he said "I have a special treat for you tonight". I thought I heard a glass of liquid and ice cubes clanking. I thought what the hell is doing, taking a drink of something, I'm the one that needs a drink. Within a second of hearing it, I felt it and screamed "oh myyyyyyy goooooooooddddddd!" He had dipped the glass part into ice water and then plunged deep into my pussy.

The cold glass mixing with the heat of my pussy was mind blowing. He pulled it back till the head was straining to be released, but he didn't pull it all the out. He pumped the dildo in and out like that many many more times until he finally pulled it all the way out. I heard the clank of ice again and knew he was chilling it down again because my pussy had warmed it back up. I spread my legs even further apart and arched my back a little more to expose as much of me as possible (this of course is allowed).

I felt ice cold wetness against my slit, I thought it was the dildo, when my mind went into what can be described as shock.

He shoved an ice cube inside my pussy, he made sure the ice cube went all the way in as he pushed it as deep as his 2 fingers could get it. I'm not sure if I screamed out loud or just in my mind. The pain, the cold, the was EXQUISITE! Then he shove the ice cold dildo in, all 8 inches inside me with an ice cube pushing against my back wall.

I knew I was going to cum any minute when he began to fuck me with long slow strokes.

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He felt the first clench of my muscles and pushed all 8 inches in and twirled right to left, left to right until I felt my toes curl (literally). I came so hard, I felt the water from the melted ice cube gush out as my pussy was almost pumping it out with mind bowing spasms. He waited for my breath to return to somewhat of a normal pattern before he pulled the glass handle dildo. He bent down and kissed each cheek gently and then ran his tongue from my clit to rimming my anus.


He put his mouth on and around my pussy, drinking in my juices. He stood up keeping his hand on the small of my back. This was his way of letting me know I was not to move out of position, whatever he had in mind still required me in a submissive position and completely exposed to him.

I heard the click of the lube bottle and instant exhilaration came over me just as I felt him rub the warm liquid on my tight little hole. He gently slid a finger in just to the first knuckle and then out. I felt a little more lube then his finger slid all the way in. I knew he was making sure sure I was completely lubed. In my position there was no way he could fuck me in the ass, so that could only mean more toys before I could experience his rock hard cock inside me.

I felt the pressure of the first glass bead push past my tight muscle, then sweet smooth glass slide in, then pressure as the second bead expanded my hole. He wiggled a little and then started sliding it bead then was out.I moaned "nooooo". He said "tell me". I was so turned on it was easy to respond "please, I want it in my ass, slide it in, all the way in my ass.

Please fuck me in the ass with it". His reply was simple.he slid the first bead in my ass, then the second, now the third (which was just slightly bigger) sliding into me, stretching me, then three back out, two back out, two in, three in.he was fucking me the glass anal bead in a lovely rhythm.

Then he slowed down and pushed the fourth bead in (the largest), I thought I was going to cum right then when he pulled it all the way out then shoved it all the way in. I had six inches buried in my ass, then he began to fuck me with slow long strokes burying it in my ass with the fourth bead. Then he reach between my legs and began to rub my clit.

I exploded with an orgasm! I had now completely collapsed on the end of the bed breathless.

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He let me catch my breath and kept running his down my back. He started at the nape of my neck and stroked all the way down, gently rubbing my ass. When he heard my breath start to return to normal, he very slowly removed the glass wand from my ass. After it was completely out, I started to raise up, when he pressed his forearm into the small of my back.

I then felt the pressure against my still open hole. Based on the amount of stretching I could feel, I knew he was inserting the vibrating butt plug.

I felt my asshole stretch wide as the widest plug entered just before the narrowing base. He waited while I got used to the completely filled sensation before turning on the vibrator on low speed.

Then he said, "it's time to flip over, I want to see your face this time when you cum". As he flipped me over, he grabbed my hips, pulling my ass down so that it was hanging over the side of the bed. Then he grabbed my legs between my calf and behind my knees and spread them back almost to my shoulders and as wide as they could spread.

This position allows him to be very deep inside me and he is able to rub my clit as well. Once in this position, I hold my legs, I can get them just a little bit further apart even. He rubs the head of his cock on my clit and back around the opening to my pussy. He pushes the head in my pussy and lets out a deep moan."god you feel sooo good, you are so wet and so tight". As he pushes all the way in I fell the vibration in my ass pick up intensity.

I forgot he had the remote in his hand.

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He presses his cock deeper inside me and begins to fuck me, slow out and then slamming hard deep inside. Every time he slams into me, he increases the vibration speed in my ass until it almost a pounding pulse. A tidal wave of heat, wet, muscle spasm comes over me as my third orgasm rocks my entire body.

He is deeper inside me than ever, rocking and rubbing against me enjoying the contractions of my pussy around his cock. He pulled out of my when I had finished and laid on his back on the bed. He simply said "whenever your ready". I hopped and took the head of his cock into my mouth, swirled my tongue around and then took him deep into my throat. His moan was sooo load, I thought he was going to cum.

I licked his balls and run my tongue up his shaft and proceeded to give him the blow job of his life. When he came in my mouth, I suck him dry. What a night!