Gesangs Asiatin mit einem bbc

Gesangs Asiatin mit einem bbc
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The dark blue of the room ran across his face, freshly trimmed beard, intense eyes, he ran his hands over his thighs and adjusted in his seat. A question in his mind. She was trembling inside, the sounds of her own pulse in her ears, drowning her thoughts.

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"Come here baby girl." She came as instructed, crawling on all fours, reaching her destination to languish at his side. She rested her head on his lap. They were quiet together, her kneeling, him stroking her hair, her breathing in his scent, dancing with anticipation within, the thunder outside. She wanted to see his dick, to understand what rattled underneath his stillness, then his firm grip in her hair.

"Open your mouth baby girl." She did. Slowly, eyes closed, perched at his feet. She heard him taking himself out of his pants, a low grunt, a shift in gravity.


His smooth dick sliding across her lips, painfully slow. "You want that baby?" teasing. She nods her head yes, his thumb harsh over her tongue, the distinct taste of him, her face being squeezed. A slap, the stinging, the hot tingling left behind, his rigid, pulsing cock sliding down her throat smooth and slow.

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"Baby girl, do as instructed. Just listen to my voice" She had no choice, pressure building in the back of her throat as he pushed further back into her mouth, her gag reflex finally giving in, she tries to come up for air, she is met with his large hand palming the back of her head. "Stay down." his voice more steady, "take it"&hellip.sliding deeper still, her ribs heave, saliva rolling down his member, then her chin, his slow powerful pumps in and out, innnn and out, nice and easy, her heavy panting through her nose.

A moan from him, elicits a moan from her and he picks up the pace, steady and hard, fucking her mouth with care. A slap on her tits, right than left and then a hand around her throat, she is pulled in between his thighs. Faster now, he is pumping, her mouth is his pussy, she is consumed, choking helplessly on her own spit, fighting through her lack of oxygen, panic rising.

He looks down at her reddening face, hardens beyond what he thought possible, she opens her eyes for a second and meets his gaze, she melts at the dark fires she sees there, his muscles stiffen at her anxiety.

He snatches her mouth off of him, before it is too late, before he breaks her neck or she faints or he rumbles and cums so far down her throat he won't have the pleasure of seeing himself claim her in thick white steaks. She is gasping, he smacks her hard, her face on the carpet, his hands pressing her down, the itchy burn of the floor scratching her cheek.

"You like sucking dick slut? Hmm, you like choking on your daddy's dick.You like that shit? "Yes, daddy." She meant it.

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It ends him. He keeps her face pinned to the carpet. The lighting clashes like a fierce symbal. The light strobes around them. His little girl sprawled on the floor, face ruined, squirming under the pressure of his hands, hands that are now mauling every inch of her.

His breasts, his pussy, his wet little mouth, his jiggling thighs, his soft lower belly, all belongs to him, all his, he turns her over to see more her heavy breasts, her own leftover spit sliding down her tits in streams, he grabs them hard, she lets out something between a grunt and a moan. He snatches her legs apart and positions himself in between them one hand on her throat, the other stroking the head of his own dick at the very sight of her, taking it in, he'd ask her if she wants it but he already knows, her wet swollen folds are already begging.

He taps on her pussy lightly, her thighs jump together out of instinct, he presses them down hard. "Keep them spread." She obeys, relaxing, belly trembling as he continues a manual pattering assault on her exposed cunt. Moaning now, gritting her teeth, he doesn't want to wait another second, he slides into her slowly, savoring her initial tightness, the thunder rumbles almost shaking the walls, the storm growing closer.

She is lost underneath him, pussy stretching to take him in, on the edge already, her clit swells, he knows her so well, that same thumb strums quickly over that spot, she wants to explode, to piss, she wants to scream, but he is already pounding, pushed as deep inside of her as he can manage, the pain rocks through her lower back, his hands angrily pulling at her hips, the carpet burning her ass.

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"Good girl, gooooood little girl." She lets it out now, a wail from deep within and he proceeds to destroy her, stroking furiously, pulling at her tight flesh, heavy testicles pressing into her wet pussy, he pulls her leg up over his shoulder, dick digging into her belly, burying himself inside of her, pulling out full length and crashing back inside again, relentless.

The storm is right over head and he is yanking so hard on her hair, her neck strains, her tits bouncing furiously responding to his rhythm, he's close, so close, she knows it.

"Fucking little bitch, you fucking slut, you always give me what I want cunt, worthless little whore." The words come out rapid fire. He means it with love, she knows that, she reaches to stroke his back to show him she loves him too and he pins her wrists over head, growling and gasping now, his entire body tensed, he chokes out what he has been wanting to ask her all night. "Who do you belong to?" She moans from deep within, unable to respond.

He is right on the edge, the lighting crashes, "Who do you belong to bitch!?" He barks. "You daddy! I'm all yours, oh-my Go-" a whimpering wail from her and he is cumming inside of her, power rushing through his system, every wound muscle releasing at once, he is pumping semen into her in streams, she can feel the hard spasms in his rigid cock, still painfully deep inside of her.

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He collapses on top of her eyes rolling to the heavens. She smiles sweetly, holding onto him as he rides out the final waves of his orgasm, basking in him and their afterglow, listening to his heavy breathing and the passing storm outside.