Hot Tranny Babes Enjoy Pleasing Each Other

Hot Tranny Babes Enjoy Pleasing Each Other
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Chapter 5 House call. It was hot day now. Ali and i walked out of the Randal's house into the sent of cut grass. I didn't know what i was doing. just moment ago i went from the best sex of my life to witnessing my soon to be ex-girlfriend about to cheat on me with Hal, my best friend. it wasn't that she was cheating on me ( i already had discovered that) it was who it was with that burned me so much, I followed Ali out across the yard and to the side of the house.

I had no plan for what i was going to do once we got inside. i had been driven by anger to see this with my own eyes and do something about it if i could. at the same time i also recognized a sliver of jealousy. Sara was still a conquest i had climbed but never topped. and even though i was successful with giving Ali an orgasm, Sara's lack of one still ate at me.

We entered the side door to the laundry room. The door from the room into the rest of the house was shut and the room was cool from the air conditioning being on.

"What are we going to do?" Ali asked. "I honestly am not sure." I whispered. "You dont know?" Ali almost spoke out in her normal talking voice. I quickly put my finger to her mouth and i listened intently. I could hear movement in the house. It sounded like it was coming from upstairs.

"No i didnt have a plan, i just wanted to get in here and do something." I said. "i know this betrayal has hit knew levels and im sorry because i know this has got to hurt underneath all that anger." Ali said as she reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"But i say we get some pay back. Dont let her enjoy cheating on you." She added. "Alright so what do we do? Pretend the house is haunted?" i joked. "funny, but the house was built like 10 years ago." Ali replied. "what if we give her some food she is allergic to?" Ali beamed. "uhh, we want to mess with her not kill her." I said with a chuckle. "speak for yourself, iv had to live with her all my life sometimes i just want to ruin her's." Ali said i heard more noise from upstairs.

"Okay we need to get eyes on what is happening and what we could use and then we could come up with something." I said.

Ali nodded and we both snuck over to the door. I slowly opened it with out a sound. Thank god it wasnt an old house. Ali and I tiptoed across the living room and ducked behind the large couch. The same one just last night Sara and i sat on wile her family and i watched a movie together. So much had happened in not even a full 24 hours.

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After sex with Sara that night, walking to the park and making out with Ali, getting a hand job then going down on her, sleeping for only around 3 hours, fighting my mom, walking to school and just a few minutes ago having the best sex of my life so far with Ali, it was safe to say i was tired. My mind was not focused and my body was jittery. I looked around the room.

No sign of ether of them besides Sara's back pack and Hal's messenger bag on the dinning room table. This looked promising. Ali and I glided over to the table and started searching through the bags. I took Hal's bag and found just a binder an uneaten bagel and a mountain dew bottle half full still. Hal loved his mountain dew. I searched my memory of how i could possibly use this against him. Then i glanced up to see a bowl of apples on the kitchen counter.

Smiled to myself and ran to the counter and started rubbing the outside of the apple all over the top of the bottle. Ali looked up from the bag and at me confused. "He's allergic to apple skin, nothing dangerous but it makes his lips swell up and gives him a nasty stomach ache." I whispered. Ali laughed to herself and went back to searching Sara's bag.

She must have found something to do because she was fumbling around with something in the bag when i was rubbing the apple all over Hal's bagle. "did you find something to work with?" i asked. "yeah" Ali whispered back. "what is it?" "oh you'll find out" Ali snickered.

Suddenly we heard footsteps coming from upstairs and they sounded like they were coming down to the first floor! Ali and i closed the bags as quick and as fast as we could. I all but threw the apple back into the bowl when i heard footsteps descending the stars. I dove behind the large couch and Ali was nowhere to be seen. My heart was beating as fast as it ever had. I had to admit that this sneaking was actually a little bit fun.

I held my breath as Sara walked past the kitchen and looked around the room she went back to looking at her phone and started to text someone. Who would she be texting right now?

Then the sudden terror hit that most likely if she was not going to be texting Caity her best friend then it had to be ether Hal, Ali, or I. she finished her text and put her phone down on the table.

I reached for my phone with trembling hands and slid it out of my pocket quickly flipping it to silent just as Sara's text came in. my phone buzzed for a fraction of a second. I heard Sara turn around. I ducked my head and suddenly became a praying man. She started walking towards the couch. Then a voice almost made me jump. It was Hal's from upstairs. "Hey grab my mountain dew while you're down there." He shouted. Sara sighed.

It almost sounded sad. I heard her steps go back to the table as she opened one of the backpacks. I looked up and around the couch again to see her holding Hal's drink in her hand.

I stared at her ass and cursed myself for feeling desire for it. She then opened her backpack and pulled out a condom. One of the one Nurse Yang gave us earlier today. My heart dropped in my chest. I was hoping that maybe she hadn't gone that far with him yet, but know i knew that it was as bad as i feared.

I was so angry, i felt stupid. I felt a little hypocritical on top of all of that for now knowing what it would be like for Sara to find out i had slept with her sister. I had to shove aside my guilt so that i could complete what i had set out to do. Get revenge. I had to push back against life as hard as it was pushing me. i had to become cold to some things from now on, i had to stop feeling bad for things i do.

Looking back it was a dark time in my life. Sara went back upstairs. I looked over to the door that lead to the laundry room. Ali's head popped out of it and she looked over to me. She made vague hand gestures at me as if we had some secret code that i was suppose to know. I smiled at her and i pointed up stairs. She nodded and crossed the living room. "How did you get to that laundry room so fast?" i whispered. "i told you i was a ninja." She said with a wink.

We silently walked up the stairs. Ali led the way, pointing out the steps to avoid because they creaked. We reached the top of the stairs and i could see Sara's door was shut. I crossed over to it but Ali pulled me over into her room. We hid behind her door Ali left it open just crack so we could still spy on them.

I could hear them talking. I heard more movement. "You ready?" i heard Hal say. "Lets just get this fucking over with as fast as possible, which shouldnt be a problem for you." Sara said.

She sounded angry. I then heard her bed creak. I wasnt sure i wanted to hear anymore of this. "But this is it after this i you leave me the hell alone." She said.

I looked at Ali. Both of us were confused about what was happening here. "Hey if we are finally going to do this then i want to enjoy it" Hal said. I stepped a little back from the door and shook my head. I was so confused about what was happening.

They sounded like they still hated each other. Why were they going to do it then?


Maybe she already wasn't enjoying cheating? Ether way i was stuck in the next room and i was going to have to listen to it all. Ali tapped my shoulder and turned around she wrapped her arms around me and whispered "i'm sorry Zach." "It's okay." I whispered back as i kissed her cheek.

"Fuck them, if they are gonna do shit then so can we. Besides we already did what we needed to." Ali whispered back. I realized i still had no idea what Ali did to prank Sara, but questions would have to wait.

Before i could say anything Ali's tongue slithered into my ear. She put her finger to her mouth telling me to be quiet. She silently closed her door all the way and moved back in front of me. Ali kneeled down and unzipped my pants. Despite being exhausted it only took a few flicks of Ali's tongue to begin waking up my member. She playfully flicked it and gave it kisses before wrapping her mouth around it. I never had thought about how hard it might be to give a silent blowjob before that moment but Ali was pulling it off wonderfully.

She stopped swirling the tip around in her mouth so she could suck the rest of it in slowly as she attempted to swallow as much of it as she could. Ironically the more she put in her mouth the more it grew, until i was fully erect again.

Ali looked up at me with her grey-blue eyes and smiled at me and for a moment the world melted away. She stretched her neck, pulling my dick from side to side releashing it and catching it again in her mouth. She reminded me of a kitten playing with a toy. As she bobbed her tan cleavage jiggled and i was blown away (no pun intended) by how much she turned me on.

Ali then slid her hands down and undid her pants. She started pulling them down. Then she slowly stood but stayed bent over to keep my cock in her mouth and kicked her pants the rest of the way off. She let my ridged cock slip out of her mouth and snaked her way up to me again. "its time for some ninja sex, no sound." She playfully whispered into my ear. Before we could get started Ali stepped back and hit a creak in the floor.

Both of us froze. I heard a voice from the other room. We were dead in the water. Ali looked at me with terror. I looked past her face to her walk in closet. With speed i didnt know i had i practically carried Ali into her closet, just barley hiding before her bedroom door opened.

To many damn close calls today. We needed to get out of the house. Sara walked into Ali's room wearing just her bra and panties.

Hal quickly followed with nothing on but a condom. "See? Nothing is in here. The window is open; it was probably just airflow in the house. Now can we get back to it?" Hal asked. "I heard something earlier too. Down stairs." Sara said as she looked out the window. "You are just stalling." Hal said. "You owe me so lets just do this already." "In here? No this is Ali's room." Sara said.

"So what you hate her anyway." Hal said as he walked over to Ali's bed. "She is a demon child and needs to stay on her crazy pills but this is to messed up." Sara said. "Hey remember our deal." Hal said as he pulled Sara to himself. Deal? I thought to myself. What the hell was going on?

Was it some kind of exchange? Maybe Hal was blackmailing her? The new notion that this might be the case was making my head spin. I spent so much of the last day feeling new levels of anger and hate for Sara, and now this pulled on my protective side and it was almost to much for me to handle.

Ali and i were huddled together in the closet trying no to make a sound it was total darkness in there except from the small crack in the door.

i had figured a totally shut closet would draw more suspicion than one that was still slightly open. It seemed to work. Ali crouched down, i had almost forgot that she didnt have any pants on and that my member was out of my pants still fully errect, i wasnt sure if it was the blue balls or the adreneline of the situation, but i had one again reached that hot and cold place of anger and arousal.

Ali watched throught the crack in the door but reached up and squeezed my dick. i closed my eyes and opened them again stuggling with wether or not i wanted to look through the crack and see what was about to happen. Ali however was fixated on watching. I am not sure if i could have pulled her away from the door if i tried.

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I looked out the door finally my curiosity won out, i saw Sara sitting on the bed next to Hal looking forward at the wall as her kissed at her neck. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing silk panties that were purple and hugged her supple butt. She had a matching bra that held her breasts up and tight, her skin was smooth and creamy.

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But her eyes looked so full of deep sadness. Something was deeply wrong. I clenched my eyes shut. Im not sure i could see this, maybe i could think of a way to get her out of this, maybe i could just open the door and kick the shit out of Hal right then and there.

I could explain everything later. Then suddenly a warm feeling came over me i opened my eyes and saw Ali had begun sucking me off again.


It felt incredible but now no longer felt like the time to be doing this. I saw that she had also begun rubbing herself under her panties.

She breathed heat down my shaft with her pleasure. I tried to put Sara's concern in the front of my mind but the pleasure of it however was taking control. Ali took me in her mouth over and over again made me week in the knees.

I slowly reached down to pull her head away but as soon as my hands were on her head i stopped and i looked out the door again to see Hal pulling Sara's bra off, exposing her perky breasts, i swear they had gotten bigger.

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In my arousal i began to hump Ali's face slowly rocking my self in and out of her mouth with delibrate slow thrusts. With every pull away she swirled her tongue under my cock. I was in twisted pleasure.

My head rolled back and i stared at the cieling of the walk in closet. I froze when i saw a face looking back at me. A white full facemask like one you would see at a fancy masquade ball hung from the cieling.

It had black lips and navy blue decorative stripes coming from the eyes. It scared me at first but it was quite beautiful from what i could see. Then more caught my eye. Near the mask on a shelf i saw shoe box labeled "z-theories" next to it.

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I wanted to reach for it and was about to but suddenly i heard Hal from the room. "open your legs." He muttered. I looked out and saw that Sara was laying naked and Hal on top of her but she had her legs pressed closed. I could see the uncertanty in her eyes. Ali stopped and looked up at me. She didnt want this. This couldnt have been good, no matter how much i hated her and was angry i couldnt let this happen.

This wasnt right. Suddenly an idea came to mind. I reached for my phone and brought up Sara's contact. Ali looked at me confused. I pushed "call" praying that her Phone was turned up loud like it normally was. Then a loud pop song came on from down stairs. Hal and Sara jumped.

"Thats my phone." Sara said as she rushed to get up. "hey were are you going?!" Hal said. Sara whirled around on her feet. "I'm going to get that call, because that Zach's ringtone." Sara snapped back at him. "so what?" "So what? so what if Zach is wondering where i am or say my car was gone and was coming here?

wouldn't you want a head start to get out of here before he found this." Sara fired back one again. Her cheeks flushed with anger as she swiftly left the room. Hal cursed to himself and followed her out.

i could hear him gathering his clothes. Ali stood up quickly. "What happened?" Ali asked. "I had to get her out of here. Im sorry, i couldn't let Hal do this.

no matter how pissed i am at Sara." I said as i ended the call with Sara. "We don't have much time to get out of here. what's the best way out?" "I get what you had to do, even if that meant losing out on a sort of kinky little scenario we had going on." she winked at me. "told you was twisted." "i love that about you. i really do but seriously, escape plan?" i said.

"okay okay, i saw you go out on to the roof and get down with the tree in the back yard. and ill go down staid and open and shut the front door to make it seem like i am coming home." Ali plotted. Her voice was full of excitement. "That will force Hal to run and then i can go find him." I said coldly. i hadn't thought of how yet but i knew what i wanted to do to Hal would be bloody. "God your hot when you're mad." Ali said as she licked my lips. "mmm, shit, no we can't start again.

even though your so hot right now." I pleaded. I forced myself to be better and focus on the task at hand but all that filled my mind was tan flesh that bounced in all the right ways. "i get off on this ninja shit too." She whispered as she pressed herself against me. "You could have me again right now." She hissed as she bit my bottom lip. her tits squished against my chest.

". or if you go and hal ends up with a broken nose, then the next time we get time, you will get to fuck me." she bit at my top lip this time. ".and cum inside me." She pulled back and smirked. Hell i would have broken off Hal's nose and carried it back to her with that promise. I slipped my steel rod back into my pants and left the closet with out a word.

Ali laughed to herself behind me. i slipped over and out Ali's open window to the roof. there i waited and listened. Ali must have slipped past Hal and Sara because after only a few minutes of being on the roof i heard the front door slam, and then yelling started. I could hear both Ali and Sara shouting at each other. i couldn't make out what was being said. soon after i saw Hal making his escape from the house. he used the same side door we had used to get in.

it was time to hunt. I felt like a total bad ass climbing into the tree next to the house and dropping down into the yard. i sprinted around the opposite side of the house that Hal had used and i could see him running down the street. I knew Hal and i knew what way he would try to take to get home.

I knew a way to cut him off, and honestly i should never have been able to cut him off with the head start he had but maybe it was Ali's promise that gave me the speed of a damn cheetah because to this very day i have no idea how i caught him. Hal turned down an alleyway in-between streets only to dead stop at the sight of me waiting for him. "Holy shit Zach!" He yelled. "Dude you scared the hell outta me." he laughed trying to catch his breath.

"I did?" I said as i stepped toward him. Hal nodded and caught his breath, i continued to stare coldly. "No bull shit man, you have ten seconds to explain why you are blackmailing her." I said. "Dude what? what do you mean? Who are y." Hal was suddenly interrupted by my fist smashing into the side of his face, My aim was off, and it hurt like hell but it did the trick.

Hal stumbled backwards holding his face. Hal was the same size as i was. i had maybe 10 pounds on him and he had maybe an inch height over me.

i hadn't even thought of the realities of fighting with him until this moment. "dude i thought you said ten seconds." Hal slurred as he got his footing. "forgot to tell ya i started counting." I muttered. "well fuck you, you piece of shit, guess there is no point in hiding it now.

You suck dick, as a friend, all you do is bitch about your girl and since you've dated her she has consumed you sad fucking life. So fuck you and her." Hal said as he stepped backwards and flipped me off.

"what was the blackmail hal?" I demanded as i walked forward. Hal stopped and puffed up his chest. "No black mail, she's just a fucking whore." Hal said as he got in my face. Then it was on I shoved Hal hard to gain distance. He came back with a wide right hook that i took to the shoulder, he aimed higher when he repeated with the left. i barley blocked and rolled away to protect my face. Hal charged again but i spun and tagged him with a right cross. i swung again but missed as Hal went for a takedown.

i sprawled my legs and stayed up. hal's arms wrapped around my waist and i tried to get my arms around his neck for a headlock but it wasn't working. With his weight pushing i slammed back into the fence of the alleyway.

my head then reminded me of the large cut it had on the back of it. my eyes watered but even with my eyes shut i could feel were Hal's head was so a put one hand on his shoulder as i was being slammed into the fence again.

i put my other arm around his head and when he leaned back to try and slam me again i launched my knee into his face.

The crunch was sickening. With out a sound Hal flopped back. Blood poured out of his nose. Hal stumbled back and fell with a cry of pain. He held his face and rocked back and forth on the ground. "My damn nose! Ah fuck you man!" Hal slurred. Before he could start to get up I willed myself forward. I grabbed him by the shirt. And socked him hard in the ribs. "Why Hal? Why are you black mailing her!" I yelled into his face.

"You piece of shit." He sputtered between coughs. For that punched him again in the same spot. I waited for him to stop coughing. "*cough* she *cough* fucking owes me." Hal yelled back. "At that party we went to, Sara was wasted she felt guilty about something. I figured you two split up. So I offered to take her home. She refused but eventually I got her to come with me. When we drove she wanted out of the car outta fucking nowhere and grabbed the wheel when I wouldn't pull over.

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We went into a yard and killed someone's dog. Man fuck she freaked the fuck out and the only way I could get her to calm down was to tell her id take the blame." "Only you wanted to be compensated didn't you?" I growled. "It was only gonna be little stuff but when my parents found out it was time she owed me big. What the fuck do you even care anyway.

Didn't you dump her anyway?" Hal sputtered. "Come near her again and I will end you!" With that I just took my open palm and smashed it crossed his face. I stood and stumbled down the alley. My whole body was on fire I needed to get home. I needed to finally get some sleep. I stubbled out of the alley and touched my face.

I steady stream of blood was running down my chin from my lip. The back of my head was soaked with more blood from my gash that re opened. As I started to walk home I noticed that same little red haired freshman kid starring at me again. He looked scared and concerned as he looked past me to Hal still laying on the ground and then back to me. "Are you a bad ass?" The kid asked.

"Nope just having a shitty day man." I said frankly "Oh. Sorry." He said as he reached into his pocket. I wasn't sure were this was going. "Here." He said as he tossed me a sneeze cloth. I caught it "thanks man." I said as I dabbed my lip. As started to walk down the street "Hey" the voice squeaked behind me. I turned and say he had walked toward me.

"My name is Martin Hamilton." He said as he reached out to shake my hand. "I'm Zach Waiter." I said giving it a firm shake. We both started to walk down the street. Everything ached, I needed to get home and sleep and I needed to find out if Ali was okay and if Sara was okay. But I put it all aside for now. I just needed to keep walking home. "So what happened back there?" Martin asked timidly ".long story my friend.

Long story."