Bhabhi getting fucked by whitecock

Bhabhi getting fucked by whitecock
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How Anna discovered she is a little whore Part 2: Daddy to the rescue? I woke up with a groan, my hand flying to my eyes as the morning sun washed over my face, waking me from my deep slumber. My muscles ached with an unfamiliar throb, protesting violently as I tried to sit up against the headboard. Wait. Headboard? My thoughts froze up, my eyes widening in shock as memories from last night smashed into me like a fright train, making goose bumps wash over my naked flesh.

The man appeared in my minds eye, his face shrouded in mystery but the mark of his body strewn painfully all over my skin.


My hands glided over the bruises he left, the marks of his fingers trailed from my perky breasts down to the junction of my thighs.

An exceedingly harsh ache emanated from my core, proof that my molester was indeed a very gifted man. My hand trembled as I glided it down my stomach, parting my thighs so I could inspect the damage with my fingertips. A loud hiss escaped my lips, my hand instantly jerking away from where it touched my abused pussy. Pussy.

A blush spread over my cheeks as the word echoed in my head, that's what he had called it. I lay still after realising that last night did, in fact, happen. I'm no longer a virgin. I sat up with a heavy intake of breath, ignoring the bubble of nausea in my stomach and the zap of pain from my well exercised muscles. The room was quiet, no clear sign of the man could be found as I scanned the room for any evidence.

My mother's jewellery lay glittering in the morning sun as the light fell on the dresser through the open window, another sign that the man was telling the truth last night. "Instead of jewels, I found a young barely dressed girl passed out on a couch, her ripe little body draped over the cushions in such a naughty and provocative fashion.

I just couldn't resist myself, little girl. I have to have you, I NEED to have you. I will have you." His words made another blush bloom on my cheeks, a frown of shame scrunching up my forehead as my pussy throbbed. He did have me, and he took me with a vengeance. I slowly rose to my feet, my legs almost buckling under my weight, and wrapped my mother's nearby bath robe around my shoulders. I limped to the bathroom, my skin itching as the dried fluid between my thighs flaked off with my movement.

I hurried my pace, the cum caking my skin creating a desperate need to wash myself; to wash off the desire that still coated me.

The shower was the first thing I attacked, my hands turned the taps with such anger as if they were the ones who defiled me. I did not care if the scalding water burned me to a crisp as I stepped under the harsh spray, the bathrobe laying forgotten at the shower door.

I scrubbed for all I was worth, my skin turning an angry shade of red with the combined efforts of the burning water and my feverish scrubbing. I felt cleaner as the soap bubbled up my skin, but the ache in my core still throbbed with every movement. My hand moved down to my pussy for the second time today, but this time I didn't pull away, instead I clenched my jaw and pushed a soapy finger into the tender hole. The pain almost overwhelmed me as I moved and wriggled my finger, doing my best to clean the seed he had sown in me.

I gripped the shower wall, steadying myself as my legs trembled in pain. A newly introduced sensation creeped up on me, a strangely pleasurable burn pushed through the pain and settled in the pit of my stomach like a coiled snake.

My eyes closed as my mouth fell open, a small gasp leaving my lips as my legs trembled for a completely different reason. Pleasure ebbed between my legs, drowning out the pain as my finger rubbed harder in a frantic effort to reach the same sensations I felt last night.

I finally gave up with an irritated groan, failing to stimulate myself as the man had. I ripped my hand from my pussy with a startled gasp, realising that a yearning had been awoken in me. "Damn it, Anna! He raped you, you can't desire more!" I hated myself for the hunger that burned under my skin, even as I scolded myself I yearned for him to take me again. After getting dressed in a pair of jeans and a panda tank top, I sat cross legged on my bed, hugging my kitty pillow as I dialled my dad's number.

The phone buzzed against my ear, panic slowly growing in my chest. "Anna, how are you baby girl?" The strong voice of my dad filtered through my phone speaker, causing an immediate rush of emotion to bloom in my chest. A tear fell down my cheek as I hesitated, and finally replied in a trembling voice. "Daddy?" The line was silent for a moment as I heard an intake of breath, "Baby girl, what happened?" His concerned voice held a desperate tone as he waited for my reply, the faint voice of my mother in the background making me smile grimly.

"N.nothing happened. I just. Daddy. please come get me? I can't stay here alone. please?" I heard them talking in the background, their voices sounding worried. "Anna, baby girl, I'll get the earliest flight and come get you. Pack your things, I'll be there by tonight, then we are catching a flight back tomorrow morning." I smiled as relieve filled me, knowing that I won't be alone again tonight.

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"Yes Sir, thank you. I'll be ready." We hung up the phone and I jumped to action. I still needed to clean the mess in my parent's bedroom and the shattered window needed to be replaced.

I also need to pack my bags! I sat on the couch, snuggled close to my dad as we watched a movie. After the phone call I searched online for a window repairing business, and luckily stumbled upon a number that offered same day service. As the advertisement stated, the repairman showed up and fixed the window for a very reasonable price.

My parent's bedroom was all cleaned up, the sheets changed and the washed sheets hanged up to dry. My ripped clothes were thrown in a black plastic bag and disposed of in the dumpster outside, thus all evidence from last night was washed clean from the house before my dad's arrival. He hadn't questioned me about not wanting to be alone at home, but simply embraced me when he arrived and gave a tender kiss to my forehead.

The next morning we headed to the airport, my father still oblivious as to what had transpired the very first night of their absence. The weather forecast warned of a big storm hitting a wide stretch of the country, but our flight was luckily not delayed due to the dark clouds that ominously covered the horizon. The flight went unhindered, the plane only coated in a light layer of rain when we landed at our destination.

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We got off the plane and headed into the airport to grab our luggage and eat a quick lunch before starting the six hour drive to the resort where the business meetings were to be held for the next week. In the time we had lunch and collected our luggage, the weather took a turn for the worse.

Upon exiting the airport and driving out of the large underground parking space with the rented car, a violent storm had enveloped the area with rain and harsh winds. The air was alive with lightning, the car windows slightly vibrating every time thunder crashed in the clouds. "Sir, is it safe to drive in the storm?" My dad glanced at me, a faint trace of worry glimmering in his gaze.

"If it gets any worse I won't drive, we can pull over at a hotel or something and wait out the storm." I nodded my head, fingering my seatbelt in worry. The storm did get worse, much worse. Soon my dad could barely see the road through the sheets of rain that pelted the car. The weather made it impossible to keep going, so with only a meagre two hours of travel behind us we pulled over at the nearest place of safety, which happened to be a very small and obviously overcrowded motel.

We struggled to find parking, it was clear that many people had been caught unawares by the storm and had also come to seek refuge. After parking we quickly exited the car, my dad holding our suitcases as we ran towards the entrance of the motel. When we burst through the door, soaked to the bone like drowned rats, the welcoming heat of the lobby embraced us.

The lady at the front desk stood at attention, her eyes immediately settling on my father. She was probably in her mid 30's, sporting a huge rack and a head of straight brown hair that fell to her shoulders. "Good evening, how may I be of assistance." She drew out her words as sexily as she could manage, a sultry look washing over her face as she took in the sight of my drenched father. Now, my dad is a very handsome guy. He stood tall, maybe 6 feet with a muscular build, dark features and brooding eyes.

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He was a 'full package', as my mother often said. "Hey, can we get a standard room with two single beds with breakfast in the morning? " The lady nodded, averting her eyes to the computer screen while clicking and typing away at the keyboard. The flirtatious brunette let out a loud sigh as she worriedly glanced up from the computer. "I'm sorry, but it appears that we only have one available room with a queen sized bed. The next room with two single beds will only be available tomorrow after 12 pm." My dad shook his head, glancing at the weather through the glass lobby door.

The storm obviously would not have let up in just a few minutes, and rain still pelted the road heavily. "It's not ideal, but we clearly have no choice. We'll take it then, thank you." The brunette smiled and took the cash my dad offered her and handed him the change along with the room keys. My dad thanked her once more and headed in the direction of our room, the brunette following us with her eyes as she winked in my dad's direction.

I frowned, the woman was obviously a slut, didn't she see my dad's wedding band? "Oh, you are a little slut. You are a little whore who wants my cock, aren't you!" I instantly blushed as the man's words echoed in my head, I had nearly forgotten about everything that had happened. It appears as though me and the brunette have something in common.

My day dreaming was ended as a realisation hit me, what if I get pregnant? How am I going to explain what happened? I had cleaned up all the evidence, I've been so stupid! I frowned upon coming to the conclusion that no one would believe me, it would be best just to forget about the whole ordeal and just hope I don't get pregnant.

I stumbled as I crashed into my dad's back as he was unlocking the door. The door clicked open with the added force of my momentum and swung with a bang against the wall. My dad smiled at me over his shoulder and shrugged, picking up the suitcases again and entering the room. "Home sweet home. Wow, it's rather cramped in here, at least it's warm." I nodded in agreement, taking in the small room that consisted of a single queen size bed in the corner, beige walls, a small coffee table with a medium sized television and a door leading to the bathroom.

I quickly stepped into the bathroom and saw that it's just as small as the room, with no shower, just a bathtub, a sink and the toilet. At least everything was in good condition, sparkling clean. "Tiny as well, huh?" I squeaked as my dad's hot breath blew over my neck as he spoke behind me, obviously observing the bathroom over my shoulder. I nodded again, my voice disappearing as a sudden rush washed over my system, heat settling with a throbbing ache in my core.

I felt his body heat disappear and let go of the breath I didn't know I was holding. "I'll sleep on the floor, you can have the bed, ok?" I frowned as I looked at my dad, he was bent over the bed and rummaging through his suitcase. "You can sleep next to me, Sir. The bed is big enough, isn't it?" My dad glanced at me, thinking over my statement as his gaze fell to the cold hardwood floor.

He seemed to contemplate the rug at the foot if the bed for a moment, before turning back to his suitcase and continuing his rummaging. "I guess you're right, Anna. The floor does look cold and the b.Damn it!" His sudden curse word startled me almost as much as the sudden darkness that fell over the room.

"Daddy?" My voice was almost panicked as I reached out into the dark, desperate to feel him. A small light blinked into existence as my dad switched on his phone, shining it around until it fell on my trembling form.

"The storm must have caused a power outage, and my cell is almost flat. I need to call your mom and tell her about the delay, will you be alright alone for a few minutes, Anna?" In response I hurried over to my backpack and took out my ipod, the tiny music player my only source of light since my phone died on the plane and charging it would obviously be impossible.

"Yes Sir, I'll be all right, I still have my ipod." He nodded and quickly went outside in search of better cell service. Standing alone in the room I decided I would take a quick bath while he's away, the warm water would be a great comfort against the cold.

I stepped into the dark bathroom and put the plug in and started filling the bath while I stripped out of my clothes. Once the bath was full I carefully climbed in, keeping the dangling headphones clear of the water.

I sighed as I settled down, plugging my headphones into my ears as I closed my eyes in the dark bathroom. *** Dad's pov *** After ending the call with Beatrice I headed back to the room that Anna and I shared for the night. Beatrice was concerned, as was I. The storm was a great worry for Beatrice and she was worried about our safety, though I reassured her multiple times that we were safe and well. What concerned me the most was not the storm, but the strange behaviour of Anna.

The call from yesterday has been in the back of my mind for a while, it was rather strange that Anna would suddenly beg me to come get her even though she had spent weeks convincing us to leave her alone. It might be because the business trip is going to take longer than we originally planned, Anna may have been alright with being alone for a weekend but not with being alone for a full additional week.

But how did she know the business trip has been extended? She had no way of knowing this since I only shared that new information with her on the plane, so why did she want me to bring her back? I also noticed the smell of sex in our bedroom, it could still be from when I and Beatrice had some fun, but it smelled almost too fresh. My mind mulled over those questions as I stepped into our room, immediately noticing that it was empty.

I frowned, closing the door and walking over to the bathroom entrance, holding my phone out in front of me to light the way. I knocked on the door, the sound echoing through the silent room. "Anna? Can I come in?" No answer came, so I shrugged and opened the door while stepping inside. I froze. My phone light bathing the naked wet body of my teenage daughter in a gentle glow. Her headphones dangled over the side of the tub from her ears, the obvious reason that she didn't hear me knock while she hummed along to the music.

The sight of her young and naked body would have made any straight man freeze, but what truly made me go cold were the black and blue marks that littered her skin. I felt the anger as it boiled in my chest, my breath quickening as my hands shook with the violence of my rage. As if the timing couldn't have been better, the electricity chose that specific moment to flare to life, causing the bathroom light to tremble and flash brightly while it illuminated the room. Anna jumped, her eyes flying open in the sudden light, her gaze immediately falling on me as I stood fuming in the door frame.

She shrieked, trying to cover up her naked body as her headphones fell in the tub. "Daddy! Get out!" I shook my head and crossed my arms, anger rolling off me in waves, along with a twinge of shameful arousal that rushed to my groin as she twisted in the water. "No. You get out of that bath. Now!" She gasped, freezing her desperate attempt to hide her nudity with one nipples still peaking through her fingers. "Dad?" I glared, frustration burning through my veins.

"Don't make me tell you a second time, Anna." She paled slightly, recognizing the tone in my voice she would hear every time I warned her before a spanking. Nervously she got up, hiding as much of her body from me as she could as she reached for the towel. "Did I say anything about covering your body, Anna?" She froze again, her eyes wide as she trembled in the cold, goose bumps washing over her skin.

"N.No Sir." I nodded my approval at her answer, turning my body to the side and gesturing to the bedroom, needing to inspect the damage some idiot teenage boy wrought on her skin.

She hesitated for a moment, but inevitably she lowered her head in submission and stepped out of the bath, water dripping from her bruised body onto the floor.

I clenched my jaw as my arousal spiked, blood rushing heatedly to my crotch as I drank in her youthful body. Her bruised breasts jumped slightly as she walked past me, her shoulder touching my chest as she entered the bedroom with her eyes focused on the floor. Her perky little ass held clear hand shaped bruises, making my anger flare as I noticed the large size of the marks which obviously belonged to those of a mature male, and not to an inexperienced teenager.

I followed her movement with my eyes, twisting my body towards her as she came to a stop in front of the bed. "Da.", "Did I give you permission to speak!?" My sudden outburst must have rattled her, her shoulders tensed and her frame shook slightly as I looked over her defiled body. "Anna, who did this to you?" I heard her sniff, she was clearly crying as a soft sob shook her.

"I. I don't know who he was, Sir. I never saw his face." I suddenly went cold. My anger died, my face relaxing as my eyes widened in realisation. "Baby girl, did he. did he rape you?" She lowered her head, releasing a loud sob as she hugged herself, crying loudly now that I realised the truth. "Oh, my sweet baby girl, no." I immediately stepped towards her, twisting her around as I held her shaking body close to my chest. Her naked body was pressed hard against my front as she gripped me, her nipples scraping through my shirt as the cold air made them harden.

I tried to calm her as I petted her head and rubbed her back, but my cock had different ideas as it started to harden. I could feel it grow against her upper stomach, with her being so much shorter than I she must have clearly felt it against her skin, burning hot through my pants. She slowly stopped crying, a soft sniffle escaping her mouth every few seconds. I slowly pushed her away, gripping her shoulders as I tried to restrain myself as I looked over her bruised skin.

"Get on the bed, baby girl, I'll rub some ointment on you to help soothe the bruising." She nodded turning around and laying on her stomach with her perky ass testing my self control every time I looked at her. Father or not, I could not deny the taboo lust that surged through my veins as I grabbed the ointment from a small first aid kit I kept in my travel bag.

"Hold still, Anna, I don't want to hurt you more, ok?" She hummed her response, muffling her small sobs in her arms as I squirted a bit of the cream onto my hand. I rubbed my palms together, lathering my hands as I moved closer to her. I frowned as I noticed the clear bulge in my pants, unable to adjust my erection with my cream covered hands. At least she can't see anything, though I'm sure she felt something.

I touched her shoulders, feeling her jump at the first contact of my hands on her bare skin. I rubbed softly, massaging the soothing cream into her tense body while watching her reactions to ensure that I don't accidentally hurt her. She started relaxing, and soon I had rubbed the cream into all of her back, my eyes trailing down to her mouth watering behind. I tried avoiding it, so I moved to her legs, rubbing the cream into her calves and up past her knees. I slowed my movement and softly pushed her thighs apart, growling as I saw the concentration of black and blue bite marks on the inside of her thighs.

I rubbed the cold ointment gently into her skin, keeping my eyes trained in my hands as I used every bit of self control I had to stop myself from glancing at her no longer virgin core. I finished with her thighs, and started to step away when a sudden whine halted me. " bottom hurts as well.he spanked me, so hard and so many times." Her voice was deeper than usual, almost husky, but that would be due to her crying, right?

I swallowed my anger, squirting more cream from the tube on my hands. "Don't worry, Anna, we'll get the police to find him.

We'll do everything in our power to find this man and lock him up for the rest of his life." My anger burned through me as I gently rubbed her skin. Her body tensed up at my statement, "No!", she gasped at her outburst and looked worriedly over her shoulder to see my reaction. I frowned, stepping away from her as confusion ebbed in me.

"Why not, Anna?" She swallowed loudly and buried her face in her hands, a muffled reply reached my ears, but what I think I heard made my heart stop.

"Say that again, louder." She sobbed, shaking her head. Anger burst through me and before I could stop myself my hand flew down on her bruised behind, making her cry out and flinch away from me. "I will not tell you again, say it louder Anna." Her body shook violently as she replied, her words making my lungs clench up. "I liked what he did to me, if you lock him up I'll never feel it again." I was quiet, my head processing what she said as my hands reached out to her.

I gripped her ankles making her squeal as I flipped her over so she would look into my eyes. "What did you just say?!" My voice was dark as I glared down at her, anger boiling under my skin.

"I.I liked it Sir." Her eyes were frightened as she waited for my reaction, most likely expecting me to curse her and let go of her ankles. My reaction was entirely different than what she expected, it surprised even myself. Instead of acting like a father should have, I growled in outrage that she loved the touch of another male enough to protect him even though he raped her. "You liked it huh?

We'll since you want to act like a little cock hungry whore, let's show you what a little whore gets!" Without hesitating I ripped open her legs and wasted no time in forcing a finger up her bruised pussy. She cried out in surprise as her body fought to escape my touch, my finger mercilessly rubbing against her soaked walls. That's what made my cock hard as stone as anger glowed hotter in my chest, she was wet! "Daddy please! Please stop!" Her cries were suddenly muffled as I flipped her over again and pushed her face into the pillows, they loud sound of a slap to her ass breaking her soft cries.

"Lesson one, whores can't beg someone to stop, they beg someone to go harder. Lesson two, a whore calls someone Sir, not Daddy. Understand, little whore?" I gripped her head as I growled in her ear, my finger still abusing her soaked pussy as she writhed against me. She replied by nodding, almost screaming as I forced another finger in and jammed them in as far as they could go. "I can't hear you." She whimpered and moaned out her reply, her pussy clenching my fingers.

"Yes Sir, I understand." I let a groan escape me as pleasure raced through me at her submission. "Good little whore. Do you know what good whores get? They get a reward." I pulled away from her and stood up, undressing as she relaxed on the bed, probably thinking that I'm done with her. "On your knees, Anna. Right here." She tensed up, whimpering as she scooted off the bed.

She followed my order with wide eyes anchored to where my hands were busy pulling down my pants, my shirt already discarded on the floor. "Take out my cock, whore." She gasped shaking as she gripped her hands while kneeling under me, slowly she lifted her arms and gingerly pulled at my underwear. She gasped in fright as my cock bounced out, nearly hitting her in the face as she slowly went to touch it with a finger tip.

"Uh uh, naughty whores don't get to touch with their hands. Suck it, Anna, I'm sure that man showed you how." She looked frightened, wide eyed as she shook her head, begging me with her eyes to forgive her for what happened.


I growled softly, my dark gaze making her swallow loudly once more as she slowly took my cock between her lips. I gave a soft groan of approval as I gripped her head, pushing my cock deeper as she gagged around me.

The heat and tightness of her mouth made my cock ache, my balls already drawing up to spew my cum deep in her stomach.

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She obediently held her hands in her lap as she gagged around me, tears falling down her cheeks as I fucked her mouth like she was a real little whore. "Oh fuck!

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You are such a dirty little whore, you love sucking my cock don't you whore? Rub that pussy for me, finger it while I fuck your pretty mouth." She whimpered and frowned in humiliation, but obediently lowered her hand to her drenched core. She nearly ripped her head away from my cock as she pushed a finger in, her body shook as a loud unexpected moan burst around my cock.

Pleasure pulsed through me as her sounds vibrated over me, drawing me closer to orgasm as she writhed under me. I growled as the dam broke, fisting her hair in my grip as I forced my cock deeper, cutting off her air. She cried out, her eyes bulging as she tried to breath as I emptied my balls in her mouth.

She started swallowing frantically, gripping my hips as she tried to push me away.


Finally I granted her air and pulled away, making her gasp and cough as she breathed deeply while still clutching my hips. She gave a startled yelp as I lifted her up and threw her on the bed, her body bouncing a few times as she still breathed like she ran a marathon.

She curled up, trying to cover herself as I kneeled between her legs. "Do whores hide their pussies, Anna?" She whimpered and slowly parted her legs, revealing her soaked pussy to my hungry gaze. " Sir. They d.don't." I nodded my approval and lowered my face to her pussy, I groaned as I saw how wet she was, her core glistened and her swollen lips parted like an open invitation to fuck her senseless.

My cock responded eagerly to the wet invitation, growing harder with every breath I took. She moaned loudly in surprise as I dragged my tongue roughly over her sensitive folds, pausing to suck on her protruding clit. I was startled as she gripped my head in her small hands, shoving her hips into my mouth as she moaned like a cheap slut. I ripped my head away, giving her no time to react before I slapped her pussy hard enough to make her cry out and convulse, her thighs closing. "Who is in control here, whore?!" She whimpered and rubbed her pussy against my hand that still lay where I had slapped her.

"You're in control Sir! Only you. pleaassee Sir." I grinned as a sick pleasure pulsed through me, knowing exactly what she wanted though deciding to tease her even further. "What do you want, my little whore?" She moaned and rubbed her pussy harder against my hand as I slowly circled her clit with a finger. "I. Sir. please.I need you, Sir. Please please make your little whore cum?" I groaned and pulled my hand away, gripping her legs and shoving them open.

"You want to cum whore? Fine, I'll make you cum. I'll make you cum until it hurts, until you beg me to stop!" Her eyes widened, her body tensing up as she started to struggle against me, realisation shining in her eyes even as her nipples hardened at my words. I gave her no chance to scream as I gripped the comforter that was slipping off the bed, bunched it up and forced a large section of the cotton into her mouth, effectively gagging her.

I held her hips still and pushed myself closer to her, rubbing the tip of my throbbing cock against her hot entrance. She gave a lusty moan, her body reacting to her lust despite her obvious fear as she nudged her pussy against my cock. I teased her, dragging my tip all over her parted folds all the while making her whimper and push back against me. "Lesson number 3, a good little whore loves a brutal fucking!" Her eyes widened and just as she mumbled her plea into the gag her muffled words turned into a shrill scream.

I forced my cock into her pussy as hard and as far as I could, her tight walls making me groan and gripping my cock to a halt only a few inches into her hole.

I nearly came right there, my cock throbbing as her walls clenched hard, making it impossible to move further without ripping her apart. I pulled out until just my tip remained, her entrance holding it captive as her hips followed my retreat. She whimpered, her hips undulating into me even as tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched me with big pleading eyes. I tightened my grip, lifting her hips off the bed and surged forward.

My cock tore through her pussy and hit her cervix with bruising brutality, her reaction momentarily stunned as her eyes rolled over and her back arched as ecstasy ripped from her throat in a loud scream. I pressed my hand over her gagged mouth to further silence her as I rocked my hips, making her swollen boobs bounce with every brutal thrust that her body absorbed. Her hands flew to my neck as her legs wrapped around my hips, her body pulling herself closer to me as I fucked her bruised core like a man possessed.

The room rang with her muffled cries and the wet slaps as our pelvic bones met time and time again, the air became heated with our laboured breaths and animalistic fucking. I suddenly felt her tense up, her arms and legs clenching around me as she suddenly let out a silent scream.

She shook as she came, her body convulsing against me as her pleasured gurgles bubbled up from underneath the gag. I groaned loudly as I felt the liquid heat rush over my cock, her walls milking me as she squirted against my skin.

A sudden knock on the door startled me just as I started rubbing her over sensitive clit, making her cry out again and jerk away from me. "Hello? I heard a scream, is everything alright in here?" The familiar sound of the secretary made me growl in anger, my hips rotating against Anna's as I smirked, a sudden thought entering my mind.

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I removed my hand from Anna's mouth and pulled out her gag, her breath hitched as I groaned my order into her ear. "Tell that bothersome woman that you're absolutely fine." She whimpered, but complied to my command, clearing her voice. "Everything fine. I'm absolutely fi. oh fuck!" Her statement was interrupted and I slammed harshly into her pussy, making her curse as her body writhed around me as I continued to fuck her.

"Miss? Are you sure? Let me come in." The door handle jiggled as I lowered my head back to Anna's ear, whispering a command that made her moan in humiliation.

"Tell her you're the happiest whore in the world because your Daddy is fucking you so good that you're going to cum." Anna obeyed as she moved her hips against me, talking loudly towards the door.

"I'm the happiest whore in the world because. Ah! Daddy is fucking me so hard I'm going. I. oh fuck Daddy! I'm going to cum!" She screamed at the end as her back arched into me, her mouth opening wide to scream out her pleasure as she came around my cock while my finger rubbed her swollen clit. I faintly heard the woman mumble something about perverted old men as she walked away, her distant clicking heels sounding her retreat from the door.

I groaned as the taboo of this situation made me trust into Anna's pussy even harder, the tip of my cock bashing against her bruised cervix as she clenched around me. "Whose cunt is this, little whore!?" She cried out and pushed her pussy against me as I sped up my pace, fucking her as hard as she could handle. "It's your cunt Sir! Oohhh fuck it's all yours Daddy!" I grinned and thrust even harder, already feeling her pussy milk me as she tried pulling away from my brutal thrusts.

"What do you want little whore? What does a whore like you want from me?" I growled these words into her ears as I slowed my pace, making her whimper in denial as I refused to give her release.

She moved against me, forcing her body to press closer as she frantically rubbed her swollen pussy against my still member. "I. Sir pleasseee. fuck. I.Please please let me cum!" I shook my head in disapproval while pulling out my cock, I slapped the side of her ass roughly as she cried out in pain, her pussy rubbing against the tip that pushed at her entrance. "You know that's not the right answer, little whore.

Try again, if you say the wrong thing I will pull out, spank you with my belt until you can barely move and then I will leave you like this for the rest of the night." She whined her embarrassment even as she writhed beneath me, her body aching for release.

"Please Sir.fuck.please cum in me! Cum in your whore please! Cum in my filthy little pussy, breed me please please empty your balls deep in my cunny!" I groaned my approval and as a reward rammed my cock so hard into her that she was momentarily frozen as pain and ecstasy ripped through her core.

I pushed my hand back over her mouth as I fucked her harder than she could handle, making her twitch and scream against me as I ruined her pussy. I felt my body clenching up, my balls drawing stiff as pleasure started burning up my shaft. I forced my aching cock into her swollen hole on last time, pushing so hard against her cervix that her body convulsed beneath me. I cried out, almost falling onto her as my orgasm flared under my skin. I felt every surge of fertile seed as my cock throbbed in her tight pussy, spurting my cum into my daughters fragile body.

Her pussy milked around my sensitive shaft, pulling every drop of cum out of my pulsing balls deep into her young womb. I groaned softly, giving a last gentle thrust as I emptied the remainder of my cum into her. "Tha.thank you.Daddy.thank youu." Anna mumbled her satisfaction as her body relaxed, all her muscles going numb around me as she passed out. I smiled and pulled her against me as I fell to my side, groaning as I placed a kiss on her forehead as her pussy continued milking me. "Sleep well, my good little whore." We both passed out, our sweat covered bodies pressed together with her greedy hole still snuggly wrapped around my satisfied cum dripping cock.