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Ass gaping trap masturbating nicely outdoors
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My father passed away when I was 22. As you would expect, the first couple years were tough for mom.

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She was suddenly alone in the house they raised their family in. It was just mom, the cat (Paws), and the dog (Leon). My sister and I stopped by to visit as much as we could, and after a while mom seemed to be coping well and we visited less often. Mom threw herself into the fitness scene. She started swimming again (she was a college swimmer), then got into yoga, and eventually added biking and running.

She even entered a short triathalon. She really took to yoga and eventually started teaching classes 3-4 times a week. The effect on her body was noticeable. She was never really fat, but she wasn't really in shape either.

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She was your average nice-looking mom. Average height, brown hair, brown eyes, pretty face. All the new physical activity sculpted her body. She didn't get super thin or muscled, but she shed some pounds around the middle and toned up all around.

Mom always had very large breasts. Growing up, my friends would joke about it ("Hey man, does she still breastfeed you?"). Her new slimmer waist accentuated her bust even more. Her ass went from nothing special to head-turning. It wasn't small, but had a nice round shape, and each cheek moved independently when she walked; in yoga pants it was borderline obscene.

Her legs were fairly short, but nicely toned, thick and curvy. (Prior to the events in this story I had never really thought of her as hot.

In retrospect I see things differently.) She dressed differently too. Lots of yoga pants, tight-fitting sportswear, and such. If you saw her jogging, you would definitely take a look, even though she was over 50. And she just seemed oblivious to the whole thing. She got into shape to feel better and live longer, not to look better. Her new look was merely a side-effect. I was 27 on the fateful day I'm going to describe. I dropped by her house to visit one Saturday morning.

It was an uncommon time for me to drop in, but not unheard of. She appeared to be home, her car was in the driveway, but she didn't answer when I knocked. I let myself in, which was normal; sometimes she'd be out back, or out on a run, and I'd come in and wait for her.

The house was quiet so I looked out back but didn't see her. I got some water from the tap and sat in the kitchen and picked up her newspaper. If she didn't turn up in 15 mins I would leave a note to say I stopped by. While reading, I heard some faint dog barks, and I figured Leon must be around somewhere.

I couldn't tell where the barks were coming from, but it sounded like inside the house. Maybe he got closed inside a room on accident.

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I started to look around downstairs but it became clear from the sounds that he was upstairs. On the upstairs landing I could better tell the direction of the barks, and I could also hear what sounded like someone trying to shush him to be quiet.

The noise was definitely coming from my mom's bedroom.


When I entered her room, the first thing I noticed was a funky smell. It smelled like ass and my first instinct was that Leon had taken a dump. Second thing I noticed was Leon's head looking at me from beyond the far side of the bed. When he saw me, he snorted a greeting. "Hi boy," I said. "Where's mom?" Leon barked again and took a step to come out from behind the bed but then stopped short, accompanied by mom's voice.



Oh . no ." "Mom?" I said, as I walked around the bed and turned to where Leon was standing.

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Now, let me pause here for a second. You know what's coming next because you're reading this on an erotic stories website. But when I rounded the edge of the bed, I assure you I had no expectation as to what was going on there. I looked only for a few seconds, but it is burned into my memory. Mom was on all fours, naked except for what looked like a blue shirt that had been pulled down around her waist.

Leon stood behind her facing the other way, butt to butt with her, his dog cock buried deep into her pussy. Mom's skin glistened with sweat, her hair was a mess, her legs were dripping with god knows what mixture of sweat, cum and juices. They were situated on a pile of towels that had been laid on the floor, and Leon had socks on his front legs. Propped on her elbows and knees, mom's breasts hung nearly to the ground. Her round ass high in the air, level with Leon's pelvis, seemingly stuck together (of course, I learned later they were indeed stuck together, knotted at the base of Leon's dick).

While mom's tits were obviously huge, I had never seen them exposed, so I had never seen her nipples before.

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Her areolas were dark brown and huge, easily covering a third of her breasts. Her nipples short and fat. I was speechless, then I turned away, towards the door. "Um, are you okay mom?" was all I could think to say.

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"No . I mean, yes. I'm fine.

But I just . oh god ." She didn't really know what to say and neither did I. I left the room and went back downstairs. Did I really just see that? Mom was being fucked by the dog? How the hell did that happen!? And now what? Should I leave? Does she want to talk about it? I got lost in my thoughts for a few minutes and was leaning towards leaving (what the hell was I going to say to her?) when Leon came running down the stairs. He acted as normal as could be, as if I didn't just catch him with his dick stuffed to the hilt in my mom's box.

I heard mom turn on the shower. Well, that's a good idea. Wash that nasty smell and slime off your body, mom. Clean off your oversized juggs and sweaty body. Jesus, that was pretty disgusting.

What's wrong with her, and why would she do such a depraved thing. I couldn't handle a conversation with her just then, so I left. But that wasn't the end of this story.