American men fucks chinese girl

American men fucks chinese girl
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As I pulled into the driveway I was thinking how glad I was to be finally home, it had been a long day, then I noticed the garage door was up and there was Jan bent over placing some bags into the boot of our sports car, all of a sudden it came back to me, we were supposed to be heading off to Peter and Sally's for the weekend.

I climbed out of my ute as Jan came walking up all excited and gave me a big welcoming kiss, " Hi Honey, how about we ring Peter and suggest we will drive up early in the morning, I feel too stuffed to drive up there tonight sweetie".

Jan snapped back "no way Jim, I've spent the afternoon at the beautician waxing & having my nails done, I've laid out your clothes on the bed, now you get in the house take a shower and get dressed, I will drive and you can rest! I've been waiting all week for this weekend and I am not waiting any longer!".

"Gosh you look sexy when you're mad" (I said) "Ok, if you drive I'll do it sweetie" and with that I proceeded into the house took a shower and dressed for the drive to Murray Bridge.

Within an hour we were winding our way up through the Adelaide hills and I looked across at Jan and the look of determination on her face wasn't from concentrating on her driving, I was thinking she was on a mission to get laid by Peter and there was going to be no stopping her tonight. The last few months since our Honeymoon had been building up to this weekend and finally Jan could segregate in her mind, sex for fun with or without your partner and true love making reserved for only your true love, not only had she accepted the difference, she was now anxious to experiment and enjoy the pleasure of sex with another person or persons.

We pulled into Peter & Sally's home in record time popped the roof back on the car and secured it for the night before opening the boot to retrieve the overnight bags and a box of booze that Jan had loaded in prior to me arriving home from work, we were met at the front door by Sally who showed us to our bedroom before meeting Peter in the kitchen where I placed the box on the bench stating the beverages.

I shook Peter's hand before giving Sally a hello kiss on the cheek, "shit! I hope you can do better than that"(Sally said), so laughing I took her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips like lovers of yesterday, slipping the tongue in for what seemed like a full five minutes, before Peter interrupted us suggesting we move out to the patio for dinner. Peter cooked Barramundi on the BBQ and Sally had prepared a Greek salad which we washed down with copious amounts of Chardonnay over a couple of hours of conversation, I noticed Jan paying Peter a lot of attention hanging off each word he spoke during the conversations and occasionally I caught her with her hand under the table rubbing his leg, meanwhile Sally was paying similar attention to me before Peter suggested we adjourn to the spa, an invitation eagerly accepted by Jan.

I got up from the table asking the others if they would like to join me in a Scotch to take to the spa, Peter suggested that we should use the new plastic glasses that they had bought as after an accident by a friend during a recent party whereby they had drain and clean the broken glass out of the spa Sally had gone in search of some up market ones to avoid a repeat. As Peter and I walked off in search of the glasses and scotch I noticed Sally stand up and start to take off her clothes suggesting to Jan she should do the same, "we only do bathers for first timers Jan and this is your second visit".

Whilst in the kitchen mixing the drinks Peter suggested that he thought Jan was hot to trot as he noticed she did not hesitate to follow Sally into the spa naked. I replied "Hot to Trot!

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Mate she is on a mission, let me tell you there was no way she was going to let me stay home tonight and come up in the morning, no way at all!, she wants a good fucking and she wants it from you, I've no doubt about that mate!" "Well we had better not disappoint her then" Peter replied. We passed the drinks around and then stripped off our clothing to join the girls in the spa, I watched Jan's face as Peter entered the spa first and sat down alongside her bringing a smile to her face, as Sally was lying length ways down the other side opposite them I went and sat on the other side of Jan.

As Peter and I put our arms around Jan and on to each other shoulders Jan proclaimed that she was the luckiest girl in the world sitting between her two most favourite men. "Well" I said "If we are your most favourite men in the world perhaps you should give us both a big kiss "and with that I turned her head towards me and whispered "I love you" before kissing her and placing my hand between her legs at the same time, Jan slipped her tongue into my mouth and we swapped tongues for quite a while before we broke off.

Jan then turned towards Peter "your turn number two favourite man". Peter turned a little toward Jan and proceeded to kiss her whilst placing a hand on her right breast gently rubbing and then tweaking her nipple, whilst I continued to slid one finger back and forth within her vagina using my thumb to rub her clit, there was no holding her back and before long Peters hand joined mine so I pulled back and moved my hand up to her left breast, leaving Peter to work on her pussy.

Jan and Peter continued their marathon kiss and before too long I felt Jan stiffen as Peter worked her pussy to what would be the first of many orgasms to come that night. When Jan's orgasm subsided a little, she untangled herself, slid to the bottom of the spa and manoeuvred herself across the bottom until she was face to face with Sally whereby she asked Sally if it was ok to fuck her husband, quick as a flash Sally replied "I thought that was what we were here for darling, to have some fun, but first you must kiss me before you go back to playing with the boys" "Kiss you, what about Jim?

Aren't you going to have him?" No not yet, he can wait! I just want to relax here a little longer and watch the three of you that is after we kiss" replied Sally. Jan's head was spinning with this little revelation by Sally, here she was eager to fuck Peter, but before she could do that she had to kiss his wife like a Lesbian, but they were both married so Sally can't be Lesbian and I am certainly not (thought Jan) yet I am expected to Kiss her and she does not want to fuck Jim, she wants Jim to join in somehow whilst I fuck Peter, I am so horny I just want to fuck (she thought) and with that she turned to Sally and slowly parted her lips as she moved further towards her face.

Sally wrapped her arms around Jan and pulled in opening her mouth to accept Jan's lips, Peter and I smiled at each other; our plans for Jan were working out just fine. Sally worked the kiss probing into Jan's mouth with her tongue until Jan finally responded and when Sally felt a hand on her breast she knew she had finally tamed Jan into the world of bisexuality and that before the weekend was over Jan would most certainly be tasting her pussy, Sally took the opportunity to reach in under Jan and slid a finger into her pussy, receiving a murmur of approval from Jan as the kiss continued this action was certainly raising the bar for the boys were both now supporting massive erections and were about to sixty nine each other when the girls broke off their kiss.

Jan smiled at Sally and immediately stood up walked across the spa and sat down in Peter's lap, putting her arms around him and before proceeding to kiss she said "Oh my is that for me big fella" Peter placed his hand on his cock and repositioned it to probe at the opening to Jan's pussy, whereby she gently raised herself up of his lap and gently down again allowing his cock to enter her, Peter placed his hands on either side of her hips and began to raise and lower Jan on his cock until it had slid completely in, at which time he looked up into her eyes and smiled before leaning forward to suck on her left nipple.

As she began to slide up and down on Peter's pole Jan thought to herself how nice it felt, Peter was slightly longer than her husband but his cock was not as fat, she wondered to herself what it would be like to have a cock in her as long as Peter's but as fat as Jim's and then she gently shook her head telling herself to be satisfied with what she had to play with tonight.

Still she knew that thought would come back to haunt her sometime in the future. Peter picked up the pace just as Jim positioned his cock at the entrance to Jan's mouth, Jan needed no invitation she grabbed a hold of Jim and slid her mouth down all the way to the base of his cock and proceeded to bob up and down, licking and sucking like a woman possessed, Jan wanted cock the lust which had been hidden for so long was erupting from deep within her body tonight and she was determined it would be well ridden of before the night was over.

As an orgasm ripped through her body for the second time, Jim pulled out of her mouth so as not to blow his first load down her throat, but she had no idea why he moved away when she was doing such a good job. Peter continued to pound away at Jan's pussy as her orgasm subsided once again.

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"Are you all right Jim?" she asked whilst still sliding up and down the pole in her pussy, "I thought you wanted me to suck you off" I replied, "You are doing just fine Honey, don't worry about me, just enjoy yourself I certainly intend to." Peter slid down a little in the spa water pulling Jan down to meet his face, whilst Sally passes me the bottle of coconut oil I squirt it into her hand and she gently rubs it all over my hard cock as previously arranged by Peter.

Giving Sally a kiss of gratitude I move in behind Jan position my pole at the opening to her arse, "Jim" Jan questions, as I slid on up her back passage, Jan freezes as I manoeuvre all the way up and I whisper in her ear "two cocks are better than one, enjoy!" As I gently begging to slid in and out of Jan, Peter used his hands on her hips to get things moving again in unison, before long Jan is in full swing as yet another orgasm rips through her body, followed shortly thereafter by an even bigger one, I can feel my cock rub up against Peter's, only separated by a thin layer of Jan's skin, the sensation is having a big effect on me and I have to slow down less blow my bolt and it is too early for that as Sally manoeuvres herself in front of Jan demanding her to "eat my pussy" grabbing her by the hair and pulling her mouth down on her snatch.

"Lick it" demands Sally, Jan is too far gone toward yet another monster orgasm to ignore Sally's demands as she sticks her tongue out to lick up and down Sally's slit. "Fuck this is great " I proclaim, "I told you it would be" Peter calls out before Sally offers words of encouragement to Jan "you are doing fine sweetie my pussy thinks you are a real expert at licking and I can't wait to return the pleasure to you".

All too soon Peter explodes and asks for a break in the action as his back needs a rest, I just want to keep pounding away at my wife's arse as I am itching to unleash a load but knowing that Sally has not come also, I decide to do the right thing and pull out once I see Sally pull away from Jan's mouth. "How are you feeling now Jan?" Peter asks, "I am on top of the world thanks, I never knew that sex could be so much fun and get such a good feeling in so many different places when you have more than one person at a time, it's, it's unreal, oh thank you, thank you all it was wonderful".

Sally chipped in "come with me sweetie, let's refill our glasses and leave the boys here for a while to regain their energy".

The girls went off inside and Jan popped back with refills for Peter and I before disappearing back into the house to re-join Sally. "I'd say Sally wants to have her way with her properly this time Jim" "That's fine with me mate, let's rest up for half an hour or so and then go join them". (I replied) "Jan's a natural Jim, I reckon if she passes the next stage we could have even a bigger party tomorrow night, how about you, are you up for it or do you want to wait for another weekend after you talk to Jan when you go home?", "Yes she certainly enjoyed herself thus far, I guess if she doesn't come running back from Sally, we should go in and do a little boy thing or two and then I can ask her in the morning" (I replied) "Is that too late to organise anything?".

"Nah, good idea, Frank and Mary are always available and I am sure John and Sue will probably want to bring Trevor along with them, does not hurt to have a little reserve on your team, we can get to play that way and the girls don't feel left out", "sounds great, I am sure Jan will be more than interested" I replied.

"Pass me that remote behind you please Jim; let's see how the girls are progressing in there shall we?" "What! You got camera's in your house"(I asked) "Yes in our bedrooms but we don't record anything it's just that we don't believe in private parties, everything here is strictly open for all to see, we find it stops people getting jealous of their partners when there is nothing to hide, take now for instance, we'll turn the TV on watch what is happening and you will see that there is no one else in there only the girls which is what you just agreed to with Jan when she went off inside, but when we have lots of people around if Jan said she was going off with Sally and you looked at the TV and saw that Sally was not there only another man, you could choose to watch or choose to go and interrupt as that is not what you had agreed on in our open policy and we find that people respect that we don't promote cheaters., besides the live entertainment helps keep things moving along." I will remember to explain that to Jan" (I replied) Peter turned the overhead TV on and we settled back in the spa to watch the girls in action, they were locked in a sixty nine lying across the bed and there was a few toys on the side board and a couple of vibrators at their feet, we saw Sally pick up what looked like a six or seven inch vibrator and insert it in Jan's pussy, Jan lifted her head enough for us to see her eyes roll around before she replaced her head at Sally's pussy and resume her tonguing.

Sally was working that vibrator real good and Jan reached for a longer slimmer one which she seemed to reach further down on Sally to slide it up her arse, there's no doubt about it Jan was definitely enjoying her girl time, as far as I know this was her first time and as I saw Sally pull away from Jan I also saw she left the vibrator in Jan's pussy replacing her hand with Jan's asking her to hold it there for a minute.

Sally then stood up walked to the side board and removed a black strap on from the draw, after she lube it up she walked back to Jan and climbed up on the bed and placed herself between Jan's legs before asking Jan to open her eyes, we saw the smile come across Jan's face when she saw the size and colour of the fake cock hanging off Sally's body and heard Jan say "Oh yes please darling" as Sally began to slip the big black cock up on in to the depths of Jan's eager cunt, as Sally began moving in and out of Jan with great control she leaned forward placing her left nipple into the waiting mouth below her, Jan's tongue came out to play, licking the nipple before she closed her mouth around it and began sucking with great intent.

The girls were really enjoying themselves when we heard Sally ask Jan if she had ever taken my arse this way.


"No replied Jan, I can't see Jim going for that at all, mind you, now that I let him screw my arse, perhaps I should demand that he let me do it to him" "NO"(said Sally) "Don't demand anything, just talks and ask, you will find that it will get you more than by demanding from anybody, like if you lay there and demand I keep going to bring you to orgasm, I would probably just stop and walk out of the room, unless of course we were playing dominatrix from the start, I want to bring you to orgasm and it is better that I hear you say things like Please and don't stop it so good!

Rather than being turned off by demands. You understand that don't you sweetie." "Oh yes Sally and I promise I will try, my god that black cock of yours feels so good darling" Jan replied. Peter and I had discussed what we should do when we got into the bedroom and when might be a good time to make our entry and decide that we should carry out a similar action to that we experienced with Sally when I was on my honeymoon and Jan was sick, so waited until Jan was nearing her peak and upon entering the bedroom Peter said "hop out of the way Sally, let a real man get some of that fine pussy" "Ooh yes please" called out Jan, I took hold of Sally as she made way for Peter and whispered in her ear to hop on top of Jan and let her eat her pussy while I took care of Peter.

Sally quickly removed the strap on and whilst positioning her pussy over Jan's mouth, said "here sweetie munch on this whilst my husband gives you what you want". "mm nice" responded Jan, meanwhile I slipped in under Peter and started to lick the bottom of Jan's slit, wiping my tongue over Peter's cock and balls, "Oh yeah mate that's good Jim, keep it up I can feel Jan's pussy reacting every time you leave me and lick her cunt" Jan was in heaven, it was her first time licking pussy whilst being fucked and there was her husband licking her slit between strokes and licking her fuckers cock and balls, " I never thought that would happen" she said to herself.

Jan's body was shaking as she peaked through yet another orgasm, but Peter and Sally had no intention of stoping the action with Jan, I knew what they were waiting for so I climbed out from underneath, found the lube that Sally had used on the strap on and wiped some on my cock and the crack of Peter's arse inserting a finger as I did, "It's ok mate" Peter said "come straight in" and with that I positioned myself between his legs and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to his arse.

Peter slowed his pace just enough to allow me to catch up as I slid right on in home, Jan was too busy eating cunt to worry about what I was doing and it was not until after successfully bringing Sally over the edge that she started to pay any attention to us guys, returning to the feelings in her pussy Jan looked up as Sally was removing herself when she saw me looking over Peters back she guessed straight away that I was fucking Peter whilst Peter was fucking her.

"Looks like you boys know each other pretty well "Jan said, and then she motioned to Sally to bend down and whispered in her ear. The next thing I knew, Sally had put her strap on back on and after lubricating it up she placed the tip against my arse, fuck me I thought, this was Jan's idea.

Sally kept working that black cock at my arse until slowly bit by bit it opened up and as it slid past the sphincter I felt my cock stiffen harder than it ever had before, somehow we all got into a rhythm until Jan started shaking uncontrollably, I was hanging on to Peter for dear life as I was nearing my first orgasm of the night and it was way overdue I was not going to miss out shooting the big load that had built up through the night.

Things got all crazy all of a sudden and it seemed that bodies were going everywhere, Sally was the first to fall as she slipped from my arse, and then Peter pulled out from Jan as his cock started spewing all over her stomach, I hung on for dear life pounding his arse for all I was worth, until finally I shot what must have been the biggest load of the night, I fell off Pete's back landing face down on the bed alongside Jan. Puffing and panting I reached my arm over her chest looked up and said "I love you" to which Jan replied "I love you & I love your good ideas, thanks" Sally was the first to speak, suggesting that we might as well stay in their room tonight and turning to Peter she said "come on darling let's leave these two here to get some rest for the night".

Upon taking Sally by the hand, Peter replied "Yeah they'll need plenty of rest for tomorrow night's party. "Party, what Party" Jan questioned. I wrapped my arms around Jan and snuggled up to her back, when she rubbed her bottom onto my cock I felt a little stirring within my cock and I proceeded to ask her how she felt about all that had happened tonight, we lay there and talked for at least an hour before I slipped my now hard cock back into her warm pussy from behind and gently moved in and out until Jan had just a small orgasm, it was to be our way of quietly saying that we loved each other.

When we finished I said to Jan that if she wanted to go home in the morning and miss the party it would be fine with both Sally & Peter as well as with me. I was somewhat surprised when Jan turned to face me and said, "darling I love you, I have had the best fun and most excitement that I have had since before we met, you are right about sex for fun and love making for true love, I feel that after tonight I can handle almost anything, how many people are coming tomorrow night?" " just two more couples and perhaps another guy, Peter thinks you girls might need a spare one as we boys might not be able to keep up or is that keep it up" I replied.

"well I think it only fair that we stay on, Peter & Sally were so kind and gentle with us tonight, I am sure that if these people are their friends then we will find them to be similar to us." she said "Oh I almost forgot to tell you Jan, with Peter & Sally's open relationship policy, they have live camera's from the bedrooms hooked to the TV, but don't worry nothing gets recorded, it's just that they like to let everyone see what each other is up too whether you are in the spa face to face or when you go off to the comfort of a bed".

"What? Are you telling me that you guys were watching Sally and I in here earlier" "Yes darling, how do you think I got up the courage to fuck Peter in front of you, I wanted too and yet I did not want to feel guilty about keeping it a secret from you and after I watched you girls having fun I knew I had to have Peter whilst we were in the same room" "you silly boy" Jan replied, "it's a bit exciting having sex with the same gender isn't it, I can see where Sally is right, the camera can break down any inhibitions, we had better get some sleep darling".

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In the morning we showered before breakfast and on entering the kitchen I announced to Peter and Sally that we would be staying again that night and was looking forward to meeting their other friends, Sally turned to Jan and said "Let's go shopping to celebrate" "Good idea and lets go in the sports car "Jan replied, "You boys can entertain yourselves" Peter and I agreed and said that we would spend some time preparing for this evening.

Top down the girls climbed aboard waved good bye as they backed out the drive for girl time shopping, I had noticed how Sally had gone and changed her clothes to something more skimpy once it was decided that they would go out, Jan told me later how Sally had leaned over and given her a kiss at a set of traffic lights when some guys were stopped alongside perving at them.

Apparently the girls flirted for a while before turning off into the shopping centre. They had a great time trying on clothes together and at one shop they entered the change rooms together and started kissing and fondling before they were interrupted by a shop assistant. Sally had suggested to Jan that she would like to take her to the adult shop and check out the latest club gear that they now stocked., feeling a little hesitant Jan had agreed and followed Sally's directions. The girl from the counter welcomed them in and Jan felt more comfortable as they were the only customers in the shop, Sally went straight to the clothes section and sought out the new club gear asking the assistant if she could try a few things on and then the assistant led the girls to the change room at the rear of the shop, Sally had put on a really tight set of black pants & a white top which had a "V-neck reaching down to her navel which she had to wear without a bra Jan selected a mini skirt made from red coloured leather & a matching teddy which stopped just under her breasts and was built with a type of push up bra exposing her ample breasts.

The assistant fluttered around the girls pulling and pushing the material into place, telling the girls they looked fantastic & of course the girls complimented each other, Sally asked the assistant if she would mind if they left the clothes on for a little while to make sure they were comfortable whilst they looked around the shop a little longer. Jan noticed that the assistant kept perving on them and walking past as much as she dare whilst the girls looked at the toy section.

Sally had suggested that Jan should buy a few toys for home saying it would be a nice surprise for me. Apparently there was a lot of giggling going on during this time as the girls discussed the uses for the various items, Sally had picked out a black 10inch strap on suggesting to Jan that she should use it on me but should take it to the change room and try it on to make sure it was comfortable and would stay in place properly. Carol the shop assistant heard Sally talking and said I am sorry you can't do that for health reasons, but the girls did it anyway.

Jan was standing in the change room with the strap on dangling between her legs when Carol walked in, "F.k you can't do that I said, now you will have to buy it!" Sally chipped in and said well it's no good unless it works and stay properly in place.

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"I've been watching you two walk around in those clothes and you look hot, would you like to see how the strap on works for real" and with that she grabbed a hold of the cock and pointed it at her pussy whilst reaching out to Sally with her other hand, pulling her in towards her to give her a kiss. Carol's tongue rushed into Sally's wide open mouth and her spare hand reached straight down to massage an already well lubricated pussy as Carol soon found her saturated nickers, meanwhile Jan continued to rub the tip of the dong up and down the slit of Carol's pussy and made a grab for one of her titties.

All three girls we getting very excited when Jan suddenly decided that she would put the strap on to good use by asking which one of the girls wanted to be the first to try her cock. Carol suggested that perhaps she should lock the shop, suggesting the girls carry on and she would hurry back.

As Carol left the change room Sally said hurry back & Jan bent down to remove Sal's "G" string, giving her pussy a quick lick whilst she was down there and bringing a small moan of pleasure from Sally, before long Sally could take no more and started to beg Jan to enter her with the big black cock.

The girls quickly changed positions and as Sally bent down placing her hands on the stool in the change room Jan moved in behind and slowly began inserting the big black cock in to Sally's very juicy pussy, inch by inch until the whole ten inches had been swallowed up and only then did Jan start to retract the cock until she had exposed about half its length and then she ground back in slowly at first then increasing the pace as Sally began to beg.

The girls had a nice pace going as Jan reached around her lover's waist her left hand finding a very exposed and hard nipple which she placed between two fingers and began squeezing and pulling adding to the pleasure she was giving Sally.

Carol returned holding a whip, nipple clamps and a anal vibrator which she placed on the stool in front of Sally, she then took the nipple clamps & placed these on Jan's tits, picking up the whip she moved to the side of Jan suggesting that the time had come for her punishment for not obeying the shop rules and wearing the strap on when she was told not to.

Crack went the whip right across Jan's bottom almost bringing her to tears as the pain shot through her, three more of these and Carol had noticed that Jan had stopped moving Sally was close to Cumming and calling out for Jan to give her more cock!


Carol ordered Jan " get back to fucking your friend and take your punishment", with this she continued to whip Jan until her arse was bright red, then picking up the anal vibrator from the stool she slipped it into her own pussy and once lubricated with her copious amounts of pussy juice, she placed the vibrator at the entrance to Jan's arse and with one strong push she shoved it all the way in then bending down proceeded to lick and kiss her, Jan felt a soft wet cooling sensation to her arse before Carol turned the vibrator on.

Meanwhile Sally peaked and changed places with Carol having been told that she must now use the whip and administer six of her best to her naughty friend, Sally complied and as each blow struck Jan the horny girl bounced forward pushing the big black cock right up into the depths of Carol's vagina.

Once Sally had administered the six lashes she was eager to have a go with the strap on and started suggesting to Jan that she was hogging the show, Carol told the girls to calm down there was plenty of time for every one as she was close to Cumming and instructed Jan not to stop; within minutes Carol screamed out she was Cumming once she calmed down she reached out to Jan and gave her a passionate kiss thanking her as she did so.

She then instructed Jan to remove the strap on and bend down to hang onto the stool Sally was instructed to put on the strap on and screwing Jan's pussy, Jan was so horny cum was running down her legs, she could feel the anal vibrator buzzing away in her arse, the black cock was sliding in and out of her pussy and now Carol was on the floor between her legs licking up all the spilt cum dripping from her, Carol reached cock and licked it as thou it was real, alternating between the cock & Jan's juicy pussy, all too soon for Jan Carol was gone, she wondered why, and her questions were answered when she heard the crack of the whip and Sally yelling out "don't mark me we got a party to go to tonight"!

"Oh, are you girls inviting me to a party?" Carol said. "Err Yeah I guess so" replied Sally, it's a play party with men not just us girls, we do have an extra man coming along so if you like you're welcome, I'm sure my husband won't mind. Then that's settled replied Carol, this little session has been fun but I really should get the store open again before the boss finds out.

Jan and Sally finished up, cleaned the toys with some free cleaning fluid, made their purchases and left the shop to head home after giving Carol the address and time for the party. Meanwhile Peter and I vacuumed the house before heading out to the supermarket to restock nibbles for the evening, by the time we returned Carol and Jan were sitting in the lounge enjoying a glass of Champagne chatting away giggling at each other like school girls, when we asked what was so funny Sally told us that they had been to the Adult shop and how they had invited the sales girl to the party, "what!" Peter interjected "you've invited a stranger to our swingers party!" with a giggle, Sally announces "yes, well she is not a stranger to us is she Jan?" "Not now" replies Jan, prompting the girls to come clean and advise how they met Carol and why she was being invited to the party.

"Frank, John and Trevor are going to be spoilt with two new girls to play with tonight, the girls only get one new boy" Sally proclaims.


"Its OK honey we trust your judgement" Peter remarks before walking out of the room returning shortly after with a couple of beers for him and I. We decided to go to the local pub for an early dinner so as to be home by 8 o'clock as the guests were arriving at 8.30, we took turns showering and whilst Peter and I only put on casual shorts and tee shirts, the girls dolled themselves right up to look really hot, Sally dressed in the shortest of short cream shorts that showed of her camel toe and rode well into the crack of her arse, this was topped off with a snug fitting black low cut tee shirt and she was supported on black high heel sandals, Jan wore a very short red leather mini skirt, red push up bra that exposed her breasts over the top of her leather halter top, she was supported upon red shoes, both girls looked exquisite they had been to the beauticians earlier in the day for a wax and came home with hot red manicured nails tonight they both used a very bright lipstick and for some reason shared the same perfume.

Our girls were certainly the centre of attention when we entered the pub, a few woman could be seen struggling to get their man's eyes off our girls, we found a table and watched as the girls went about ordering the food and drinks, eyes following them, mouths drooling at the bar, Peter and I thinking those guys would really be drooling if they knew what action these girls were going to be getting later this evening.

Our girls were really good, not bothering to be looking around at other people, just playing up to Peter and I, in fact we all sat with our own partners for the meal, content in knowing we would be sharing one another once we were in the seclusion of Sally and Peter's home. Upon arriving home Sally proceeded to put some music on whilst Peter played host and arranged for our drinks to be poured, we gathered in the lounge room just as the doorbell rang, first to arrive was Sue, John and their friend Trevor whose eyes simply lit up upon meeting Jan, I noticed Jan look at Trevor's crotch a smile appeared on her lips "definite interest there I thought to myself", Carol was next to arrive carrying a small black doctors bag and I immediately found that her short blonde hair extenuated the length of her slender neck and knew I had to nibble her tonight her natural aura drew my senses in, for some reasons she was taller than I had imagined from the earlier discussions with the girls.

Finally Mary and /Frank arrived and after introductions were completed Mary announced that Frank had been a naughty boy as she found out that he had been shagging some girl at the office without her permission, Carol said to Mary that he should be punished and that she would take care of that for her. "come Sally we have some unfinished business to take care of" proclaimed Carol "and bring that naughty boy Frank with you" Frank followed Sally and all three walked off to the bar to refresh there glasses, although Carol did not allow Frank to have a drink as he was a naughty boy, Carol then requested Sally to show them the rest of the house.

Frank was given the doctors bag to carry. Meanwhile the rest of us mingled at the bar to refresh drinks before taking our clothes off and entering the spa, Peter turned the TV monitors on and we were able to watch Carol, Sally & Frank as they went from room to room, when they entered the room that we had slept in we saw Carol take the bag from Frank and open it, she took out a nipple chain and attached the clasps to Franks nipples, she then pulled out a cock ring which she passed to Sally and then it was fitted to Frank, by the time this was done Frank was supporting a very stiff cock and it was obvious he was looking for some where to park it.

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Sally was ordered to suck on Franks cock but not allow him to cum, meanwhile Carol produced a riding crop which she readily applied to Sally's behind bringing it to a shade of crimson before handing the crop to Sally instructing her to use it on Frank. Carol then slipped on a black strap on, Sally was ordered to lay on the bed and Frank was ordered to lick out Sally's cunt, as she took the crop back and applied it to both Franks cock and ass alternatively, each time Frank pulled back as the crop came into contact with his cock and an even hard wack was given to his butt, soon Carol came up behind Frank, spat on the black cock before inserting it into his ass.

There was a look of pain on Franks face and a look of pleasure on the face of Sally and Carol although before long we could see pre-cum appearing on the end of Franks cock.

Meanwhile in the spa Jan had sought out Trevor and was busy kneeling on the bottom of the spa sucking on his cock, Mary was busy sucking on my cock when Sue stood over me and lowered her pussy to my mouth, she tasted sweet and I found out later that she had squirted a little honey up her pussy just before entering the spa.

Peter and John climbed in behind Mary and Jan respectively and I watched Jan stop sucking for a minute as John entered her from behind; Mary on the other hand did not miss a beat as Peter grabbed hold of her buttocks and pushed forward taking her pussy in one big push. My tongue was having the desired result on Sue and she ground down harder on my face before Cumming and filling my mouth with cream pie.

Peter pulled out of Mary and slowly opened her ass before sliding his cock on in to the fullest of depth, by now I was so excited and was close to orgasm so I pushed Sue away, stood up and whispered into Peters ear to sit down so that I could take Mary from the front, we quickly repositioned ourselves and as my cock pushed up into her warm pussy Mary let out a moan, Peter and I got into a steady pace when I looked over at Jan to discover that John had followed Peters lead and had pulled Jan off Trevor's cock and repositioned her so that Trevor could fuck her pussy as I was Marys, Sue had squeezed herself into the mix and was kissing Jan passionately as the boys banged away at her holes, it seemed everyone wanted a piece of Jan and she was loving every minute of it.

Jan was orgasming every few minutes, I wanted to give my wife some familiar meat later in the evening but was pushed out of the way by Carol who was still supporting the black strap on Jan was taken doggy style as we all watched on, Carol demanded that Jan lick each girls pussy one more time before it was my turn to suck cock whilst Carol rode my ass, by 4 am we were all thoroughly sucked & fucked, Jan & I crashed on top of the bed exhausted.

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We arose late in the morning, helped our hosts tidy up, said our good bye's and headed home for a proper rest. Later that evening I asked Jan how she liked her weekend of debauchery and she replied by giving me a passionate kiss whilst grabbing my cock. We are now planning to have a party at our house, but not before we stock up on some more toys.