Milly gaping cum with hitachi

Milly gaping cum with hitachi
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I hadn't sucked a cock in almost 13 years and decided I NEEDED to taste a man's thick tasty cum! A little about me. At this point I had been married for about 3 years and had 2 kids. I first sucked a cock when I was 8 years old, which I wrote about in my previous story. Since I didn't want anyone to know about this part of me, I couldn't just go to the gay bar.

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I decided to try looking online. I found the site Just Guys and created a profile. Chatted with some guys but nothing happened so I decided to try craigslist.


Finally I had some luck. Within an hour I had a response to my add. Plenty actually. This one was a man who said he had a 7.5" cut cock. I was drooling just thinking about it. I asked if he wanted to fuck me and told him I was an anal virgin. He said he since he was so larege, he would probably tear me. I sent him my adress and he said he would be there within 10 minutes. I was so nervous the time seemed to stop. I kept staring out the window waiting for his car. My heart was pounding.

My mouth was dry.

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I got some water and by the time I had gotten back to the window, his car had pulled up. I watched nervously as he walked up the sidewalk. I met him at the door and opened it. He came in without a word. We got into the living room and all I could say was " is here ok?".

He said yes and started unzipping his pants. I instinctively dropped to my knees and started pulling his monster out of his underwear. Oh my god this was really happening! I got it out and it was HUGE! I think it was even bigger than the 7.5" he told me and I could barelybfit my hand around it.

He was right, I wouldn't be able to handle it. I slowly stroked it, making it hard. I had him move over to the couch. I stroked it some more and then gently licked the shaft from base to tip then back down. I licked and sucked his smooth shaved balls while I jerked his massive cock. When he was good and hard I inserted his head into my mouth. Sucking on the head I jerked him off while twisting my hand. I began bobbing my head up and down, sucking more and more of him into my mouth each time.

Finally he was in as far as I could get him. I sucked like a madman with my hand by my mouth, stroking as I went. I couldn't get enough.

I was a dirty whore and wanted only to please him. He put his hand on my head, rubbing it. He was moaning softly and started rubbing my shoulder and back. Finally he said it. My now favorite words.I'm gonna cum. With that, I brought my lips back up to the head and stroked his cock.


He let out a loud moan and at last shot out his load. It never seemed to stop. He came and came.


Finally I had the load I had been craving for so long. I let it sit in my mouth for a few seconds, letting the taste and texture set in before swallowing it down. It tasted different than I had imagined, but still great. He stood up, pulled up his pants and thanked me as he left. I immediately went and jerked off. Later I checked my email and he had sent me a message saying it was the best bj he had ever had and ibcould message him anytimt I was hungry.

Needless to say I took him up on that. I was addicted. I started finding guys on the internet whenever I could. The stories are all pretty much the same. Meet a guy online, blow him or he blows me, we part ways. After a while I decided I wanted a man to fuck me. As usual I found someone online. I got to his house and we went straight to the bedroom. I started by giving him a nice slow blow job. He was about 6 inches and not too thick. When he was hard, he had me lie on my back.

He did everything he could to make me comfortable. He had me spread my legs wide and grabbed on to my feet. He lubed up my virgin hole and his cock.

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He put the head to my hole and pushed lightly. I felt a little pressure, but no real pain. He pushed a little more and that's when it hit me. It felt like I was being ripped in half. I tensed up and he stopped. He rested a minute then put a little more in. This went on for 15 minutes. Finally he was all the way in and slowly pumping. It quickly stopped hurting and actually felt good. After a few minutes I decided I wanted to ride him.

He laid down and I got on top.

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I started slowly bucking my hips. I started speeding up and soon was riding him like a true whore. He came with a loud grunt and had me sit still while he went limp. He fell out of me with a plop, followed by a stream of his cum. I asked him if I could use his shower, cleaned up and went home.

I went home and fucked my wife like never before. The orgasm I had was the best I've ever had. I immediately sent a good friend of mine (the only one who knows the truth about me) a message detailing the whole experience.

Him and I often send dirty texts and messages to each other.

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My ass was sore fore days after, but it wad well worth it. I am always looking for new adventures, unfortunately it is hard to find like minded people in Wisconsin. Who knows maybe I'll meet someone on here.