Kat lee and her friend get fucked

Kat lee and her friend get fucked
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Chapter 2 Hypnotized is it Fantasy or Reality Meanwhile back in New Mexico at the Camelot Clinic: Miles was sitting behind his oversized and very ornate mahogany desk from the circa 1840's. It was the only piece of furniture that he brought with him when he dissolved his private practice back in New York City after he was recruited by the FBI to develop~ let's just say ~ 'psychological weapons' to be used against terrorists. They enticed him to move to New Mexico to a secret facility known only by the FBI as the Camelot Clinic a little over a decade ago.

The only way they could bring him was give him complete autonomy to do as he wished at the clinic. As he looked at his desk he realized how silly it was and how completely out of place this type of desk is from the normal southwest décor that most offices would normally be adorned in.

The problem that Miles had with his most prized and cherished possession was that the desk belonged to a confederate civil war general, Major General Thomas Rosser better known as the 'Savior of the Valley.' The general fought against his own roommate from West Point in the Shenandoah Valley.

His Calvary beat back the Union army out of the valley after they destroyed many homes, businesses and crops that no longer could be used by the Confederate Army. The real reason he loved the desk was that the General refused to surrender at Appomattox Courthouse and was captured and then summarily pardoned. He was the epitome of a man who never gave up on what he believed in and that was something that Miles cherished and why he would never get rid of that desk.

Miles spun his oversized black leathered seat around with case files sitting in his lap. He looked thru each file very deliberately smoking his pipe and gauging what he needed to do for the next session with each patient. Then he stopped and he looked at the last file named 'Karen Valentine.' Miles didn't open the folder he just gazed out his window and took in the vast openness of the burnt orange hillsides and desert as he pondered why he could not make any head way with Karen.

He knew the real reason was his ineptness to break thru her apparent psychotic break she suffered. Miles knew that even at this point Karen was in a very vicarious position. It was as if she were sitting on a fence and she could just as easily fall forwards or backwards depending on his future sessions with her.

Miles had been doing some intensive research in which some Psychiatrists believe that certain patients when in a coma, catatonic state or even perhaps suffering a psychotic break and are unable to respond normally could very well be creating their own fantasy world in their own subconscious.

He thought that it could very well be that Karen's past could have possibly been so dire and horrible that she could be choosing to create a fantasy world to hide in her own subconscious. To her it would be a world that would seem completely real to her and almost impossible for her conscious to distinguish between fantasy and reality.


Given the fact that the night of the murders she witnessed Karen was living in reality after seeing four men brutally mutilated by gun fire right in front of her could have pushed her right over the edge.

Instead of dealing with her new reality perhaps it was just safer to avoid something so horrid that she could no longer live in it and subsequently had a psychotic break. Miles thought of several game plans but he knew the one thing that could by-pass the psychotic break and create a base line for his therapy sessions with her.

This type of therapy is known as Regression. It is a technique in which you hypnotize your patient and then regress the mind and the patient to a former time and place that would seem to be safe and secure for them.

It is a way for them to harmlessly tell you about an event in their life that they would feel comfortable to talk about. It creates a foundation to build on for future therapy sessions. After debating with his self for about half an hour or so whether or not to move forward with this dangerous type of therapy he realized that he would never be able to break her current condition and that he had no real foundation to continue to treat her further.

So, it was either Miles utilizes the technique of Regression or gives her back to Special Agent Tom Murphy and allows her to sit in room of an Asylum all by herself for the remainder of her life until she is ready to come back to her own reality.

He decided on keeping Karen on as his patient and would do his best to help her. Now when it came to their one on one session's as far as trying to break Karen's catatonic like state Miles tried all of the many techniques that he has learned over his vast years of being a psychiatrist.

He has looked for all tell tale signs of communication with her eyes, her breathing and any form of grasps with her hands anything that may be a sign of communication but all have failed. Miles over this past week has had 30 separate therapy sessions lasting well over two-hours with no success.

Now Miles is ready to go down the path that he has been trying to avoid. The only thing is Miles will need the permission from her guardian. At this point Miles is still unsure of her age even though the current thinking is that she is attending UCLA but he still wants to cover his ass and get permission.

Miles picked and dialed up his buddy Special Agent Tom Murphy. Miles was sitting back in his leather chair toking on his pipe as he held the receiver as he heard the phone ringing on the other end and a young woman answered, "Vicki Avery FBI major crimes division how I may direct your call?" Miles said, "Special Agent Tom Murphy please." Vicki said, "Whom may I say is calling?" Miles said, "Dr.

Miles Spencer FBI from the Camelot Clinic." Vicki said, "Oh, Yes sir, hold please." Vicki used call forwarding to Tom Murphy's cell phone as he was still in California not in New Jersey.

She waited for him to answer but there was a long silent pause as she could only hear Tom's breathing into the mouthpiece and she said, "Hello, Agent Murphy ~ hello Tom are you there?" Then she screamed and said "Boss wake up!!!" Then she heard coughing on the other end and a moan and Vicki said, "Boss, I have a Dr.

Miles Spencer on the line for you." Tom was completely exhausted basically he's been living on 'E' for quite a while now. He has been constantly attacked by his two new partners who are working on the case with him. They are two very hot thirty something aged women that have the sex drive of teenage girls. When they have had any alone time they wanted to have as much sex as they possibly could with him.

The past week each day and each night he hasn't been able to replenish his vitality but even in his weakened state blurted out, "Go ahead put him through." Vick said, "Hold for Dr. Spencer sir." Tom heard the click as the phone call was being transferred to him and said, "Hey Doc ~ how are ya? Do you have any more good news for me?" Miles said, "Hey Tom, not really.

Do you have anything new for me?" Tom said, "No, every avenue thus far has been a dead end." Miles said, "Sorry to hear that. I haven't been able to crack our witness at all. Look, I know that you're busy so I'll get to the meat of it. I'm going to need your permission to start a new type of therapy for Karen.

It is an exotic type of hypnosis with a twist. You see once I hypnotize her then I will use a technique known as regression for our Karen Valentine." Tom thought to his self, 'if he only knew that I've been fucking two LA detectives for the past week day and night he wouldn't have called me so damn early in the morning' but instead Tom remained completely professional and he said, "So, why do you need my permission?

I mean you're not going to hurt her in anyway are you? This regression thing isn't going to destroy her mind or anything like that? Besides I'm not even a relative of hers, Doc." Miles said, "Well, we both think that she is over 18 but if she is not then I need the permission from the FBI to continue with her therapy especially this type of therapy.

Listen, Tom I'm not going to hurt her in any way. I'm just going to be like in direct contact with her subconscious. It's sorta like the Vulcan mind meld that Spock would use in Star Trek.

The information that I extract from her could possibly be information that she has created on her own. There is a hypothesis out there that says when a person is in a coma or is catatonic state like Karen seems to be in; that they could very well be creating their own fantasy world of sorts.

It is so powerful that their brains cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. There are ways of determining reality or fantasy by actually fact checking details extracted from these sessions. I know it sounds like this is way out there but if I can tap into her subconscious and get her raw memories it would be huge.

Look, Tom it is just a formality I have already had my secretary fax over the form that you need. As the Agent in charge we need you to fill out and sign it. It is just a technicality but I do need it to continue." Tom seeing no issues with his request said, "Sure no problem Doc." Miles said, "Okay Tom if there is anything that comes out of the session you will be the first to know." Tom said, "Thanks a lot Doc and good luck.

Call me with anything new." He then clicked back to Vicki who was still on hold and said, "Hey, Vicki Dr. Spencer is going to be sending via fax some forms that need to be filled out. I need you to handle this and fill them out and sign my name and fax them back to his office." Vicki said, "Sure boss whatever you need. When do you think you'll be back in the office? Morales is driving me nuts here without you, I need you here boss." Tom said, "Look it's going slow out here so I have no idea how long I'm going to be stuck out here in la-la-land.

When I get a better idea I'll let you know. Until then hang in there Hun." Doctor Miles Spencer: Session #31 Several hours later Miles was setting his disc camera up as he normally did.

He needed to try and capture the full sessions on disc tape. He set the lighting low so it was calming for Karen.


Then he turned on some soft soothing music in the background to keep her nerves tranquil. Two orderlies helped Karen onto the couch and helped her take her normal seat on the sofa. Miles sat in his chair nice and relaxed then started to talk to Karen as he normally does. Miles then turned on the disc recorder and looked directly at it and spoke softly: "This is case study # 301.

This is session number 31. Hello Karen." Miles waited for about 30 seconds but there was no response as normal as her eyes stayed straight staring out into nothingness and there was no change in her stone hard stoic face. "Karen, today I have some good news to help us with your therapy session. I've been given permission by the protector (Special Agent Tom Murphy is the protector to Karen) to conduct my first full session of hypnosis that will include a special technique known as regression.

Now, Karen you don't need to be afraid ~ or scared ~ you see regression is a painless procedure ~ I just want you to relax ~ just be yourself. Regression is something that we psychiatrists very rarely like to use but I feel that it will be beneficial in your therapy. I know that you can hear me and I know that you can understand what I am telling you.

I am going to ask you a few questions about some things that have happened in your past. You don't have to worry there is no right or wrong answer to my questions just answer them freely.

Karen I want you to tell me about your happiest day ~ can you do that for me?" Again he waited a minute or so and there came no response. "Okay, Karen we are going to begin now, I just want you to relax as I am going to put you under now.

We are going to by-pass your consciousness and spend the remainder of our session in your subconscious. Just think about your happiest day nothing else.

Tell me about the weather that day. Who was there with you? What happened and why was it your favorite day?" Miles began the process of hypnotizing her and a few minutes later a serene look over took her stoic face and her body became less rigid and once it seemed like she was relaxed Miles said softly, "Karen ~ Karen ~ Karen can you hear me?" Then after a full week and 30 therapy sessions and a total of sixty long grueling hours of therapy where Miles basically was talking to his self; Karen finally broke her catatonic state and awoke in her subconscious.

Her motions were slow as her transformation from being catatonic into hypnotic awareness. She began to play with her hair twirling it like a young girl would do. She then pulled her legs up on the couch sitting Indian style. Her skirt slipped up her thighs revealing her black thong. Miles was mesmerized as he couldn't take his eyes off of that triangle shaped black patch barely covering her co-ed's tiny labia. He felt it was her way of giving him a sweet gift that only a young co-ed could give ~ her camel toe.

The good news was that the camera was focusing on her face at that time and not her lower body.

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The expression on her face slowly changed from being stoic to a soft grin and she put the ends of her hair in her mouth and she started chewing on the ends. When Miles first heard her voice it was as if his heart leapt up into his throat.

Her voice sounded like that of an angel, a young girl and she said in a questioning tone, "Karen? Who is this Karen person?

Am I supposed to be this Karen person?" Miles was anxious as he wanted to remember the exact way her transformation took place right before his very eyes. It was just amazing seeing her metamorphosis then he remembered that she asked him a question and said, "Well aren't you Karen?

Karen Valentine, right? That is your name?" She looked at Miles with a smile, "Don't be silly mister Karen Valentine isn't my name." Miles had the remote control of the camera in his hand and he looked into the TV as he zoomed out to catch all of her emotions but making sure not to catch her spread legs and her oval shaped camel toe.

Miles wanted her to keep some form of dignity in all of this and said, "Then can you tell me your real name sweetie?" She looked back at him and was rocking back in forth on the couch nervously chewing on the ends of her hair, "My mommy and daddy said that I shouldn't talk to strangers.

I don't know you. I don't know who you are mister. Do you know where my mommy and daddy are?" Miles quickly surmised that she was immersed in a much younger ego than he may have anticipated, "Well my name is Dr.

Miles Spencer." She said, "If you're a doctor, then how come you don't have a steth-o-lo-scope around your neck like my Pop-Pop does?" Miles smiled and chuckled at her and knew he was on the right path as she remembered another person other than her parents and said, "So, can you tell me who Pop-Pop is?" She sat and debated whether to tell him or not and said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you my Pop-Pop's real name is Doctor William Foster and he's a girl's doctor." Miles knew he was on the right path as she was exuded protection for herself as well as being cooperative by answering questions that couldn't hurt her and he moved on, "Well, I am not that type of doctor honey.

I am a doctor that helps young girls like you with their memories. Your mommy and daddy are waiting for you right outside of my office door there. They are filling out some papers for me ~ but I was so excited to talk to you today that I wanted to start right away." She in a shaky tone said, "Can my mommy come inside with me? I don't like being in here all by myself.

I'm kind of a-scared." Miles realized that she was a very clever girl, "Well, it was your mommy's idea that you talk to me alone. She really wants you to talk to me. She is worried that you can't remember some important things that have happened to you, even things that just happened to just a little while ago.

Do you remember what your mommy looks like?" She smiled at Miles again, "She's the prettiest woman in the whole wide world.

When the sun is out it makes her hair shine a bright gold color that's really pretty. She has blue eyes and she is tall a whole five feet tall. She's the greatest mommy in the whole wide world. What does my mommy want me to remember? If you tell me then I can tell you what you want to know so I can go home." Miles was happy with the detail that she was offering back to him. Then he took another shot, "Well, you told both of your parents that your name is Karen Valentine and she became really scared because you don't remember your real name.

Also your mommy and daddy want you to tell me all about your favorite day? I know that I am a stranger but I am a real doctor, I swear to god. So, do you think you can trust me just a little itty-bit?" Miles pointed to the wall behind his desk and said, "See there's my diploma right there on the wall. That will show you that I am a real doctor." She got up off of the couch and walked over to the wall and looked at the diploma, "You went to this school in Florida Un-a-vers-a-ty and they made you a doctor for helping people with their memories?

Miles smiled and chuckled he liked her younger ego and personality, "Well, something like that and you pronounce it like this, University. I'm what they call a Psychiatrist doctor I'm like a real special doctor. I am a doctor of psychiatry but my specialty is getting people to remember certain things. Right now, I think that you are having trouble remembering who you are. Your daddy tells me that you said to him that you are Karen Valentine and that you come from a place called Muskogee, Oklahoma is that true?" She came back to the couch and sat back down again sitting Indian style again but this time her skirt rode up almost to the top of her hips exposing her thong yet again.

Miles eyes were fixated between her legs, "My mommy really wants me to tell you who I am because she really doesn't like me talking to strange men?" She sat there nervously rocking back and forth for a few seconds and was thinking as her eyes wondered around the room. "My name is Kristen Foster I am not from that strange named place that you said.

I live in Latrobe where they make the beer." Miles thought for a moment, "You mean Latrobe, Pennsylvania where they make Latrobe Beer?" Kristen said, "Yes." Meanwhile back in LA at Karen Morgan's apartment: When Special Agent Tom Murphy woke up, he thought he was still dreaming.

Aside from an early morning phone call from his office back in New Jersey Tom has been suffering from sleep deprivation. His new playmates have kept him sexually active ever since they met each other the night of a quadruple homicide. Tom and his playmates slept naked together yet again.

They lay fused together in a perpetual spooning formation. Tom then thought how all three of them created a sorta fantasy scenario where the girls have assumed character roles playing his two adopted daughters to him. Both detectives were also naked snuggled tightly next to him in the bed. Karen was spooning him from behind and he could feel her silky breasts smashed against his back.

Gemma was curled up in front of him. Tom's dick was resting up against her blistering hot ass. Karen woke first and kissed him on the cheek that arise Gemma and she did the same and gave him a good morning kiss on the cheek. That's when he realized that what has happened over the past week wasn't a dream or a fantasy he's created in his mind but everything that happened was real. He had fucked both of his playmates slash fake daughters and eaten their pussies.

His dick got hard at the many memories of fucking each of them. Karen reached around and started to stroke his hardening cock. Tom thought that is was odd how Karen a lesbian always went for his cock first over Gemma's young hot pussy. The fact that Karen was a lesbian Tom didn't understand why she wanted him to cum inside of her.

I mean wouldn't that be repellent for her? It just seemed that each time that all three of them had been together Karen would somehow or someway find a way to have his cock inside of her pussy when he was ready to cum. Gemma felt Karen's hand playing with Tom's cock trying to get him hard against her bare ass and she pushed Karen's hand away, "No fair Karen.

You were the last one to have Daddy's dick in your mouth and finish inside of your pussy last night. Now it's my turn to play with daddy's dick." Gemma pushed her head under the covers and Tom watched the outline of her head moving slowly and deliberately towards his semi-hard manhood.

It looked just like a shark's fin in the ocean and Tom said, "Tssshk, Captain ~ Captain up periscope." Then from below the covers Gemma was giggling said, "All hands to battle stations dive ~ dive ~ dive." Tom rolled over on his back and his cock pushed the covers upwards. Then Gemma's head made her way to his cock and she said, "Found the periscope captain.

I will take care of cleaning it sir." Tom felt Gemma's warm breath cascading over his head. Then her saliva dripped from her mouth then he felt his cock slip inside and his head was surrounded. Gemma swirled her tongue around the mushroom part of his head. Tom loved the hot wet sensation of her mouth as she held his cock in her mouth and Tom moaned loudly, "Oh sweetheart you really know how to suck cock. It feels wonderful inside your mouth I never want to pull out." Karen turned Tom's face towards hers and looked at him deep into his eyes ~ she exuded sensuality her lovely stare of pure lust just seemed to be emanate from her eyes directly into his soul.

She ran her fingers through his hair and gently massaged his head. Karen smiled at him and moved her mouth to his and started kissing him, stroking his tongue with her own. Tom responded in kind and kissed her with a passion that he hadn't experienced with a woman in a very long time. Tom then moved his hand down to Gemma's head and forced her mouth downwards on his shaft. He was pushing his cock even further into her mouth and to the entrance of Gemma's throat. His other hand moved to Karen's breast and he gently stroked every inch except her areola and nipple.

Karen's pussy was getting wet from Tom's teasing and her breasts became hard by his manly touch. Karen's nipples were now hard as a rock standing at attention just waiting to be sucked on. Tom finally gave in and moved his mouth down to one of her breasts and gently sucked on her nipple, causing Karen to moan with pleasure. When he used slight pressure from his teeth on her nipple, she felt her thighs getting wet from her cunt juice sneaking past the folds of her pussy lips.

Gemma continued her onslaught on Tom's cock with her aching and willing mouth. She finally gave in to the pressure of Tom's hand on the back of her head and allowed Tom's head to enter into her throat and swallowed Tom whole. Tom felt her esophagus being pushed open and his head began to spin with pure ecstasy and said, "Yeah baby take it all inside of you.

I want to feel your lips wrap around the trunk of my cock." Gemma couldn't make out what he was saying from under the covers but knew she was doing her job right as she heard his moans of pleasure. She also heard her female partner Karen moaning from whatever Tom was doing to her and Gemma's wanted to help with her pleasure and her fingers slowly crept around Tom's thigh and up to Karen's slick thighs.

Karen gasped as she felt Gemma's hand pushing her legs open. Karen helped her by spreading her legs wide open for her. Karen's left leg draped over Tom's stomach and her calf went to the back of Gemma's head forcing Tom's cock to continuously slide into her throat. Now that Gemma was given total access to her special hole she had a special surprise for Karen.

Then Gemma abruptly jammed two of her fingers into her sopping wet cunt fucking her hard and deep as she could. Gemma then decided that she now wanted to get both of them off at the same time.

She began to twist and turn her fingers inside of Karen's now hot, throbbing wet cunt. Gemma felt Karen's pussy begin to pulsate on her fingers and expanded enough to handle the girth of her fingers. Then after Gemma felt Karen's pussy muscle wrap tightly around her fingers Gemma quickly added a third finger to the mix as a sorta reprisal for Karen shoving her head down on Tom's cock.

Gemma slid her dripping fingers in and out of her partner's tight pussy trying her best to get her off. Gemma's jaw began to ache taking Tom's full seven inches in her mouth and down her throat.

Gemma wanted to help him finish soon so she increased the speed of her wet mouth on Tom's dick and knew that he and Karen were both getting closer to climaxing together. Karen gasped again when she felt Gemma's fourth finger bore up her twat. Karen's head was spinning in circles and her body was convulsing with pleasure and she moved her hand down and grasped Gemma's wrist and helped her to fuck her own cunt. Karen changed the pattern of Gemma's fingers gliding from the opening of her pussy deep inside of her and changing speeds to enhance the pleasure.

Karen then kissed Tom with unbridled passion as her pussy was being filled and Tom's massaging skills on her breasts made them come to full erection. This is the most that Karen has ever been with a man her entire lesbian life.

As much as she desires to be with only women Tom made it painfully clear why men and women should lay together sexually. His big tongue filled her mouth and made her head spin faster now in ecstasy and the size of his hand she could feel the power that a man possess over a woman and it was turning her on all the more.

They both neared their orgasms and within seconds Gemma's moist and humid mouth was given the first taste of Tom's pre-cum on her tongue. Gemma then made her move and like a vacuum went into super suction mode and that sent Tom over the edge first. Tom moved his mouth away from Karen's and screamed, "Holy fuck honey if you don't stop I'm going to cum in your mouth." Gemma ignored his warning and allowed Tom to propel his cum into her mouth.

Once Tom had finished emptying his balls into Gemma's orifice her head came up off of his cock and she swallowed his complete load eagerly. Gemma hadn't finished yet as she continued to probe her four fingers inside of Karen's pussy as she licked her fingers not wanting to waist not one drop of Tom's special baby juice.

Tom pulled the covers off of Gemma's head and watched Gemma's little hand almost disappear inside of Karen's fuck hole.

Then when her whole hand went completely inside of Karen, Tom sat up and his eyes were glued in awe as the only thing he could see was Gemma's wrist dangling from Karen's vagina.

Then Karen let out a deep curdling growl as she exploded all over her partner's fingers, wrist and arm, "Oh damn baby why can't you be a lesbian like me we could have fun like this all the time." Finally, Gemma slowly removed pulled the small part of her arm followed by her tiny wrist then finally her fingers escaped from Karen's gushing pussy.

Gemma carefully moved her hand around not to lose one precious drop of Karen's orgasm and then moved her glazed covered fingers to Karen's mouth. Karen began to suck her own pussy juices off of Gemma's magical fingers as she was still breathing heavy from her orgasm but her eyes were still rolled up in the back of her head. "Baby that was sooo good," Tom moaned, "You're both Daddies dirty little fuck toys you know that. I love fucking you both so much.

I never want this to end. I never want to leave this bed. I could just stay here and die a happy man being fucked to death by both of you." He looked at both of them and said, "I really mean it girls. I could die a happy man being sandwiched between the two of you fighting over my cock every day." "Daddy!" Gemma smiled at Tom while sucking on her fingers and said, "I love you too and I don't want this to end either but right now I want you to fuck my pussy!" Tom looked at his limp rod between his legs.

The night before his cock wouldn't go down but he had no idea that Karen had been continuingly drugging him with her special blend of Viagra, Ecstasy and Roofalin he said, "Baby girl, I will as soon as I recover from your excellent cock-sucking exploits." Tom continued to look into her blue eyes. It seemed that between Tom and Gemma there was something special beginning to bud beyond the continuous fuck sessions.

Tom rolled off the bead and lifted the shade to the bedroom window. The mid-morning sun was pushing thru the window and Tom drank in the warmth as he looked out at the ocean from the second floor window. Then Gemma slid off the bed and peaked her head between Tom's arm and armpit and they stood together with Tom's arm now draped of her shoulder enjoying the morning together naked in front of the window.

Karen then tried to stand but her orgasm had drained all the blood below her hips and when she went to stand she fell back on the bed. She began to giggle and said, "A little help guys." She held out her hand and Tom turned and pulled her off the bed to his side. All three stood now naked in front of the window as people on the beach who saw them waved and smiled at them. Then Karen got a devilish look in her eye she looked around Tom's chest and said to Gemma, "I know what can fill you up in the meantime baby until daddy here can push some blood back into his cock." Karen pulled Gemma from Tom's side and tossed her on the bed.

Karen then reached in her night table drawer for her 9 inch purple vibrator. Tom turned from the window and watched in awe as Karen turned the vibrator on low and grazed Gemma's nipples with it. "Mmmm.I like that Karen. Just put it on my nipples honey." Gemma moaned in a hushed whisper.

Then she smiled at her partner on the police force and said, "Don't forget that you promised to go easy on me this being my first week and all with a real lesbian or should I say with another woman and all." Karen trailed the vibrator down her stomach and teased Gemma's hairless slit with it.

"Don't worry honey I think you're going to really enjoy this." She looked at Tom and winked at him and had a small little devilish smirk on her face, "Danielle usually does." Tom was shocked by another woman's name being thrown out so casually and asked, "So, Karen who is Danielle?" Karen giggled and said, "Danielle Davidson she's my life partner. She's been in New York for the past week otherwise you would have had to fuck three women over the past several days there studly." Tom's curiosity took over, "So, you're bi-sexual or just a lesbian?" Gemma opened her legs wide as her body was energized by the vibrators powerful pulsations writhing over her clitoris and she began to beg Karen, "I need it inside me ~ Fuck me with it Karen!" Karen kept her gaze on Tom's naked body and said, "Well, lesbian." Then she just pushed the tip into Gemma's pussy, "I won't lie to you.

Ever since I saw you walk into that hotel bathroom at the crime scene I've been craving your cock daddy." Tom turned to Gemma, "So, are you a lesbian as well?" Gemma was moaning with pleasure with her eyes closed as her pussy was trying to inhale the purple vibrator inside of her as she was sucking on her fingernail. She then opened her eyes and smiled at Tom, "Oh hell no! I'm ninety-five percent straight. It's only times like this that I am bi-sexual. I love the cock way too much especially yours Special Agent Murphy." Karen spread Gemma's legs and pushed the vibrator deep in her cunt as she switched the speed to medium.

Tom moved to the bedside and got on his knees next to Gemma and held her arms above her head. Gemma struggled with him, aching to play with herself. Tom moved his mouth to her breasts and suckled her nipples. Once she was excited and her breasts became hard he bit down hard on each of Gemma's nipples making her pussy even wetter and her moans even louder.

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Karen then very deftly upped the speed to high and moving her toy in and out of her snatch at a speed that made it look like a purple blur between Gemma's legs. Karen watched her partner on the police force for the past six years, buck and thrash against the vibrating toy desiring for it to give her more pleasure. Karen bent down and licked Gemma's clit stimulating her to the extreme.

While Karen continued to torture her pussy with the over sized vibrator and her tongue lapping her clit like a kitten enjoying a saucer of milk and Tom's expertise of nibbling Gemma's nipples to excruciating pain. Gemma's body couldn't take it anymore and she bellowed like a demon that was just exorcised from her soul then she climaxed.

Gemma's orgasm was so intense that her pussy juices actually shot around the vibrator and out of her pussy landing on her opal colored thighs. "Someone made a mess," Karen giggled as she slid the toy coated with pussy cream out of Gemma.

Karen like a hungry school girl who wanted some candy started licking her vibrator like it was a lollipop. "Let me take care of that," Tom said. He buried his head between Gemma's legs and lapped up her juices. Tom was doing such a great job Gemma's body responded it seemed almost immediately as the sensations of Tom's tongue deep inside of Gemma made her cum almost immediately leaving Tom with the pleasure of a fresh batch of her jungle juice.

Tom's excitement of being able to bring his playmates to multiple orgasms made him feel like he had special orgasm producing powers. His dick began to fill with blood as he felt super human again. It made him ready to go for whatever the girls were ready to do next. As Gemma's panting turned him on Tom became impatient and he spread Gemma's legs and put each knee on each of his shoulders.

She was spread apart as far as she could go. Tom started ramming his dick into her willing cunt. Gemma's eyes went wild with excitement as she felt the head of Tom's cock push her vagina wide open. Then she felt completely full as Tom's cock pushed deep inside of her canal and his pelvic bone hit Gemma's. After several long slow deep strokes Gemma eyes went wild like an animal ready to kill.

She slapped Tom's face with the palms of her hands and pulled his face down to hers and with wild crazed eyes screamed out at Tom, "Fuck me harder Daddy!

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Hurt me! fucking pound me daddy ~ harder and fucking put it deep daddy ~ punish me daddy ~ I'm a bad, bad girl! Punish your bad girl daddy. Spank your thick cock inside of my yummy pussy daddy." She scratched her nails down his back and he retaliated by biting each of her nipples as hard as he could.

Karen was watching this whole thing with her legs spread apart and three fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping wet twat. While she took the vibrator that was still coated with Gemma's love juice she pushed it half way up her tight little anus. Ten minutes later Gemma was acting like she was the character from the Exorcist Reagan MacNeil.

As Tom was pounding her tiny little cunt it seemed like she was actually levitating off the bed and her head almost spinning around in circles as Tom's wonderfully thick and long cock was bringing her back to multiple orgasms again. Karen witnessing her partner being completely filled with Tom's cock pushed her vibrator to its full length inside of her asshole as she had four fingers inside of her cunt now.

She pumped her fingers and vibrator fast and hard inside of both of her holes. The two girls were screaming like they were being tortured by terrorists behind enemy lines and both almost came at the same time. After Tom felt the head and shaft of his cock being smeared yet again with Gemma's wonderful cunt juice it took only a few more thrusts when he blurted out, "I'm going to finish my little cunt ~ you want my jizz whore?

Tell me where you want it honey?" Karen pulled Tom's arm and said, "I want your seed deep inside of me daddy ~ come and extinguish the fire inside my wet cunt daddy. I need your special flame retardant juice to put out the fire inside my lesbian pussy. Fill this lesbian up with your special baby juice daddy. " Tom had little time to decide and as he pulled out of Gemma he moved between Karan's open and wanting legs and with two quick hard strokes Tom's cock detonated his white sperm deep inside of Karen.

He loved the feeling of her tight pussy clutching his dick as he splattered her with his cum. Gemma recovered and sat up then leaned over and kissed Tom on lips as he still had Karen pinned on the bed between her legs and said, "That was soooo good Daddy.

Thank you so much. I love you daddy." Tom stayed inside of Karen, loving the snug fit of Karen's lesbian pussy. Gemma licked her own cum off her fingers. She loved tasting herself but she couldn't wait until it was her turn to be fucked by her Daddy again. Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic in New Mexico inside of Doctor Spencer's office we continue with session #31: Miles just found out that Karen Valentine was not the young girl's real name.

Her real name is Kristen Foster from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Kristen said, "Yes, that's right doctor I am from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Hey, Doctor Spencer do you know who owns the largest pencil?" Miles was excited finally he was getting somewhere as she was opening up to him and even attempting to tell childish jokes, "No I don't. Who owns the largest pencil Kristen?" Kristen was laughing already slapping her knees with her hands and said, "Pennsylvania!" Kristen began clapping her hands and laughing out loud "Boy and you are supposed to be really smart because you're a doctor and all.

I can't believe you didn't get that one." Miles was laughing with her and he said, "Well, I don't know everything. I am sure there are things that you can even teach me. Like, what is the name of your school? Can you remember that?" Kristen smiled, "Yeah." Her demeanor began to soften as she rocked back and forth in her seat as she began to enjoy her conversation with Miles.

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It wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. She was twirling her hair and said, "I go to New Derry Elementary School and my Teacher is Ms. Johnson. I really like her she is very young and pretty she just finished learning how to become a young person teacher. She is only allowed to teach young kids like me. When I grow up I want to be just like her." Miles wanted to know if at this age where the name Karen Valentine came from, "So, why did you tell your mommy and daddy that your name was Karen Valentine?" Kristen said, "See when I come home from school and all ~ I like to watch TV after I do my homework.

There are a lot of shows I like. There is the Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Monkey's and Room 222. One of the girls on the show Room222 is a student-teacher in training and her name is Alice Johnson. I really liked her she reminds me a lot of my teacher Ms.

Johnson but my daddy says her real name is Karen Valentine ~ he said that I look like a much younger girl of Karen Valentine. That makes me so happy." Miles was smiling at her, "Now that you mentioned it you do look like a very young Karen Valentine.

How old are you now?" Kristen sat up and squared her shoulders, "I am a big girl now. Today is my birthday and this is the happiest day of my life." Miles was jumping up and down on the inside.

He was finally making major progress with her but she didn't give an age, "So ~ Kristen, tell me about your birthday party and don't leave anything out okay. Oh yeah ~ I forgot to tell you ~ anything that you tell me here stays right inside of this room okay? No matter what it is ~ you can tell me anything ~ I promise to always protect you.

So, tell me, when were you born?" Kristen was so proud of herself, "I was born July 15, 1992." Miles was writing all the information as fast as he could, "Okay, tell me why was your birthday is so wonderful?" Kristen said, "Well ~ like okay ~ my Uncle Donny has this really huge and cool house just outside of Piksburg." Miles interrupted her, "Did you mean Pittsburgh?" Kristen said, "Yeah that's what I said, "Piksburg.

Anyway my Uncle Donny is a Lieutenant Detective guy for the Piksburg police force. Aunt Lilly she's is a special nurse they call her a RN nurse. She helps with all the emergencies that happen in Piksburg. My Aunt and Uncle said I could have my birthday party at their house this year. They have this huge like swimming pool ~ it is so like ~ way cool Doctor Spencer ~ it has like this huge waterfall that is a slide inside and when you come down it the water hits from the waterfall.

It even has water slides on the outside too. Mommy and Daddy invited all my girlfriends from all of the special families that we know. Then she also invited everyone from our family. Now ~ the reason today is my best day is because today at my party ~ daddy told everyone that next year ~" She held up her hand to her mouth and whispered as she leaned forwards towards Miles and in a soft tone said, "Mommy and daddy are going to take me to Disney World all by myself.

Oh yeah and my daddy got some really good news too. My Pap-pap gave him a really big promotion at work. So, now daddy can really afford to take mommy and me to Disney World next year. That is part of the reason it is my best day ever." She started to like move up and down on the couch excited and said, "I can't believe I'm actually going to go to Disney World next year." Miles was encouraging her "Wow ~ Kristen that sounds absolutely fantastic.

It seems like today you are going to have a big party." Kristen was rocking back and forth as she brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her hands around her knees. Now, her thong was totally exposed but it was pulled tight against her skin creating the perfect camel toe for Miles' personal enjoyment.

The string was so small and tight Miles also noticed her pink anus that was almost completely exposed except for the tiny string, "Yeah today is a big deal for me because today I am going to be big girl. Today even my cousin Timmy has been really nice to me ~ he usually teases me until I start to cry.

His sister Abby she is like my cousin too ~ we talk all the time on our computers we send emails to each other all day long. She is like, my bestest friend in the whole world and I like her because she's been all grown up now for a couple years." Miles wanted a more vivid memory he didn't want her to gloss over things like she was doing right now, "So did you have a big cake?" Kristen thought for a few moments, "Yeah it's a big white cake with vanilla icing. It had the Disney World castle drawn on it with Tinker Bell too.

We had a pool party so we played games like Marco Polo, volleyball and basketball inside the pool. After we had cake and ice cream Abby said 'we should play kick the can.'" Miles said, "So how do you play kick the can?" Kristen was feeling at ease with Miles as her answers began to flow naturally now, "Okay like you take any kinda can and you do one potato two potato until someone is it. The person who is it closes their eyes and counts to 100. Then they try to find people who go out and hide like everywhere.

If you find someone and come back to the can and kick it before anyone else does then you can't be it anymore ~ the person that you find is now the person who is it. We played for a couple of hours but then the same people were it all the time ~ my friend Rebecca is like so horrible at like finding people ~ so like she was it for like five maybe six times in a row.

She started to cry because she can't run really fast. So we switched up to play hide and go seek that is just easier. Then this one time when it was my best friend Donnas' turn we all took off running to hide. Abby and I ran into the house together. Uncle Donny has this like huge ~ like mansion ~ like it has a big basement that has a movie theatre and pool table, ping pong table and a huge bar.

Then he has like three floors and a big attic over the whole house. I ran all the way upstairs to the attic and Abby followed me. When we got to the attic there was a big bedroom up there. Uncle Donny turned half of the attic into my Cousin Timmy's bedroom. I followed Abby as we went into Timmy's bedroom. He had like all these naked girls pictures on the wall. They were like touching all their naughty places and you could see all their naughty places too. Amy pulled me by my hand to the other side of his room and behind this thing hanging from the ceiling ~ Amy said it was a rug from Mexico from like when their mommy and daddy went down to where the Mexicans live and bought it for Timmy.

So like behind this big rug was a door you couldn't see but it was the attic door. We went into the attic and hid together. We were up there for a really long time and no one could find us. It was a great hiding spot. We stayed together and as we hid we talked for a real long time ~ we actually forgot that we were like playing a game and all." Miles asked, "Do you remember what you two talked about?" Kristen looked at Miles, "We talked about our Pap-pap and Pop-Pop for like forever." She quickly turned the conversation back to the hide and go seek topic, "Then we heard Timmy come into his bedroom.

He put on some rock and roll music really loud. Then Abby told me to be really, really, quite and follow her to the attic door. She opened the attic door that separated the attic from Timmy's bedroom. Amy opened the door just like a tiny itty-bitty crack ~ we barley could see him.

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She peeked through and began to giggle and then she let me see. I saw Timmy on his back on his bed. He had like one hand ~ it was like holding a magazine that had all these pictures of ~ like the same girls doing like the same things that were on his walls ~ they were like totally naked Doctor Spencer.

Some pictures even had boys with the girls and they were doing all sort of bad things to each other's private parts. Then Timmy pulled his swim trunks down to his ankles and used his other hand on his privates. His wasn't as big as our Pap-pap's or Pop-Pop's privates ~ it wasn't like as wide as my daddies but it was pretty big for him I guess. I guess once Timmy grows up he'll be just as big like them ~ I guess he will have the same size and all as his daddy who is my Uncle Donny.

I don't know why but Timmy was moving his hand up and down on it really fast and he was whispering stuff but Abby and I couldn't hear what exactly he was saying because the music was so loud. Abby told me that she likes to watch Timmy play with his privates. She said that he calls his privates, his cock. We were leaning forward on the attic door and Amy slipped and we fell forward past the rug and into his bedroom." Meanwhile back in Los Angeles at the LA Police Department: Special Agent Tom Murphy and the girls finally made it to work that morning.

He was sitting at one of the homicide detectives' desk pouring over crime scene photos. It has been a little over two weeks since his main suspect of an international drug running, gun running and human trafficking cartel was assassinated in a hotel suite in Los Angeles.

The only surviving witness is a teenage girl named Karen Valentine that was found in the hotel bathroom. She was sitting completely naked in the bathtub rocking back and forth. She was covered in blood and male semen from her head all the way down to her crotch and strangely she had this blank, vacant stare. Interview of Toby Walberg: Tom has been trying to piece together what happened before Karen Valentine (now known by her real name Kristen Foster) ended up in that hotel room that fateful night.

Tom watched as two detectives brought in a witness from that night a Toby Walberg the night hotel desk clerk. After several minutes of the initial interview Tom wanted in on witnessing the interview. Tom was invited by Precinct Captain Stiller to sit behind the two-way glass and watch the interview of the Viceroy Hotel Desk Clerk. Tom intently watched his two new sex playmates Detectives Kelly Morgan and Gemma Porter of the Los Angeles Police force, grilling him for information.

It was a little over an hour later and no new information was really gained. The only information that he could provided was, the person that rented the two suites that night paid for the rooms in cash. The only reason he remembered was that he paid in hundred dollar bills and the man told him to keep the change for like a tip for his self. It was just another dead end that was making the case ever more frustrating for Tom.

He needed a lead something to start chipping away at the iceberg of this case. Just before lunch time Los Angeles homicide division: Karen, Gemma and Tom were still frustrated that their case was going nowhere. They decided to review some footage from the front desk cameras from that horrid night hoping to pick out some minute detail that could help them move forward.

As they sat inside the precinct looking over the video from The Viceroy front desk trying to identify the other two women in the group of men but were having no luck. They lifted prints from the rooms and ran them through the Police data bases and the Federal data bases and nothing has come up as to who the two girls could have been.

Then by sheer luck as most cases are broken Detective Matt Holloway of the Vice squad, who just happened to swing by to go out to lunch with one of his Academy buddies Homicide Detective Peter Simpson. Just by sheer luck Matt just happened to be walking through the precinct and as the three of them was sitting watching the video was when Vice Detective Mat Holloway just happened to recognize a still image of a one, Adam McCormick, who just happens to be one of the owners of a night club called The Vanguard.

Matt pointed at the monitor and said, "Hey, what's your interest in McCormick? We've been running a sting operation in his night club for selling drugs for over a year now. We have no idea who's supplying him but once we do we're going to bust him." Tom smiled and inside was filled with adulation as now they had at least one new lead to start to chip away at the iceberg.

Then Tom turned and stood up and held out his hand and said, "Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI. You know who this gentleman is on the monitor there?" Matt said, "Yeah he's piece of shit scumbag.

He's running all kinds of drugs out of his night club. He's got girls hooking in the men's and women's bathrooms. Like I said once we find his supplier we're going to bust him and shut him down once and for all.

So, what interest do you guys in homicide have in him?" Gemma stood held out her hand and said, "Detective Porter nice to meet you Matt. He's one of the unknown persons in the video here.

He's now a person of interest in a homicide that took place a few weeks ago. He rented two suites at the Viceroy Hotel and paid in cash. Thanks to you Matt we have a new break in our case. It seems it's time to bring him in for an interview and find out the real name of the girl that used the alias of Debbie Reynolds." Matt giggled, "You mean Debbie Reynolds the movie star?" He started clapping his hands together then slapping his knees, "That's fucking classic, good luck with that one.

If this guy is a witness that's fine but we want to bust him for drugs. I want in ~ I don't want you guys ruining my case but if we can add a charge of murder then ~ I'm in. I would love to put this piece of shit behind bars for life. If he's bringing a girl to a hotel she probably works for him as one of the bathroom sluts. You find him then you will definitely find her." Gemma had a serious look on her face and said, "Yeah, well, this Debbie Reynolds is the only person who happens to know the only living witness to our quadruple homicide.

We want him to finger our witness or accomplice. Look this case seems to be a lot bigger than a typical vice bust so let's play fair and we'll all get what we want, okay?" Matt said, "No problem but I want to watch the interview." Tom wanted to make sure everyone played nice and said, "Look, Matt and Gemma this guy at this point is really important ~ so let's just take it nice and slow here.

Matt I promise no one here is going to overstep their bounds okay? We don't want you busting him just yet because we don't want him tipping off any of his associates or changing any of his habits. So, our new found friend Matt here can still bust him for distribution as well as finding McCormick's supplier." After Detective Matt Holloway's positive ID of Adam McCormick, Captain Stiller called Karen and Gemma into his office and as a courtesy also allowed Tom to sit in on the mini meeting.

Captain Stiller waited for everyone to sit, "Okay guys it's been two weeks and we have come up with absolutely nothing. Now we catch this break all I want to know from you Special Agent Tom Murphy is whether or not the FBI is going to swoop in now and take this case over?" Tom smiled at his two new sex pots Karen and Gemma then at Captain Stiller, "As far as the FBI is concerned this is your baby.

The FBI wants to stay in the background. We don't want to tip off any of Salvatore's national and international associates as we're still trying to round 'em all up.

There is a world-wide syndicate at work here guys. As far as the FBI is concerned you can prosecute the person who ordered the murders here in LA as we attempt to fence in the remainder of Salvatore's cartel. Are we all in agreement here?" Captain Stiller held out his hand and Tom took it and they shook on it, "You've got our cooperation." Gemma spoke up, "Why don't Karen and I go out to The Vanguard or this guy McCormick's house pick him up and bring him back here for a little chat?" Captain Stiller looked at his two detectives, "Okay, get out of here but you Tom you stay out of it.

If you want to watch the interview then you can stick around until they get back. Why don't you stick around I for a while I think it's time that the FBI lets us in on what you have on this Palandolpho guy while we wait." Meanwhile back at Camelot in New Mexico Miles was still in session with Kristen: Miles was shocked that in such a young ego, that if it were really true, that Kristen had seen just about every male penis in her immediate family.

He became scared that this could be a story of fantasy and not reality. Miles needed to flush out the truth and wanted to know how she came to see all of these penises "So, Kristen how did you know Timmy's penis was smaller than your Pap-pap's and Pop-Pop's and not as big as your daddy's or your Uncle Donny's? By the way who is your Pap-pap and Pop-Pop?" Kristen said, "You promised that you can't tell on me ~ or like ~ you can't tell on them to a police man or something ~ right?" Miles said, "What you tell me I will keep a secret just between you and me.

I won't tell anybody that you and Amy saw your cousin Timmy masturbating." Kristen said, "I don't know what masturbating means?" Miles said, "Well, that is what Timmy was doing with his hand on his privates." Kristen took Miles at his word what it meant that Timmy was doing and said, "Oh, okay. I've seen my daddy's a lot of times you know ~ but he wasn't ~ he wasn't doing what Timmy was doing ~ how did you say ~ mas-tur-betting.

Sometimes daddy doesn't lock the door like when he's using the downstairs bathroom and all when he was inside. I didn't know daddy was inside a couple of times and when I open the door my daddy was peeing but one time he was pooping.

Daddy didn't yell at me or nothing ~ then there was like this one time ~ okay like ~ you can't tell like nobody because he wants me to keep this a secret between just me and daddy. He just stood there and he told me that I can watch him ~ then he let me touch it.

I could feel his pee going through his thingy ~ then he let me move it all around ~ I like doing that because it made like big bubbles and all inside of the toilet water." Miles was really intrigued by this as most people tend to shy away from allowing people watch them go to the bathroom it is just a normal response, "So your daddy let you just stand in the bathroom with him as you looked at his privates while he peed?" Kristen said, "Yeah, it's okay.

Okay so like ~ here is another like whole family secret ~ if you tell anybody I'll just say you lied on me. Okay so my mommy and daddy are naked in our house a whole bunch. Sometimes they have parties and all the boys and girls get naked like them too. My daddy told me never to be ashamed if someone sees you naked. He said all boys have a penis and all girls have a vagina so there is no reason to be like all embarrassed and all." Miles was flabbergasted by her story of how her own father would allow such a thing.

Miles was very concerned about this type of enlightenment as this type of behavior. And taking into account that she admits openly to seeing just about every male penis in her immediate family made this an alarming story.

Miles realized that he could not allow her to gloss over important details like this. The reason she could have experienced this psychotic break that led her to becoming catatonic could be directly linked to her being molested by males in her own family. Then being in a sexual escapade with this notorious gangster and killed right in front of her very well could have been the very cause for her to protect what is left of her mind. She might have completely shut down her conscious mind and is sort of like hiding deep in her subconscious to protect herself from her own reality.

He also took into account that her parents are more or less were nudists and that this type of behavior could be construed as normal in their household.

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This is a father teaching his daughter not to fear a man's penis. It was very creative developing games to allow her to become familiar with the touch, smell and being comfortable around male genitalia. Miles accepted her lame explanation knowing that there is something much deeper there. Miles could not poke or prod her in any direction to tell her story. He wanted it to flow freely and her memories to be in their raw form from her subconscious.

He did not want to be suggestive in any way he wanted to avoid her creating fantasy stories. Miles just felt that her parents seem to be exhibitionists. He felt it wasn't normal for a family member to allow another family member watch another go to the bathroom so he moved to a safer location of her story and hopefully she would take the bait and she would reveal her story, "So, who are Pap-pap and Pop-Pop again?" Kristen had this big smile cross her face, "Pap-pap is my mommy's and Aunt Lilly's daddy.

Pop-Pop is my Uncle Donny and my father's daddy. They are like so cool to play with ~ they like it when I sit in their laps like I'm riding a pony ~ I get to pretend I am a cowgirl ~ you know like the cowgirl in Toy Story 2 Jessie. It is one of our favorite games to play together." Miles went with it. He became quite suspicious such a young lady being exposed to adult genitalia it is just not normal and asked, "They do?

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I guess that is because they're your grandfathers, right?" Kristen said, "Well our cowgirl game was much more for fun for them. When I used to bounce up and down on their knees I started to hurt them because I am such a big girl now ~ but ~ like now that I am a big girl ~ they told me that like ~ I was too heavy to bounce on their knees.

Pap-Pap told me to stop bouncing on his knee and I got really sad. I thought he didn't love me anymore. When I asked why he was mad at me he told me he wasn't mad and I should not to get upset because he likes playing cowgirl with me a whole bunch.

Pap-pap told me I could play cowgirl on his lap. It wasn't as much fun as his knee but when I got bounce up and down on Pap-Pap and my Pop-Pop's laps.

Sometimes I could feel (then she leaned forward and whispered) I could feel their privates ~ you know like their pee-pee's growing between my legs and get like ~ they grow like long and they get really hard." Miles asked, "I forgot your Pop-Pop is your daddy's father?" Kristen said, "Yes. The neat thing about playing cowgirl with my grandfather's is they would put their big hands on my butt and squeeze it.

I liked the way their big hands felt grabbing it and sometimes their fingers would slip inside my special naughty holes if I was wearing a dress that day. Then when their privates got long and hard and stuff under their pants they would push and pull my butt up and down on their privates over their pants. My Pop-Pop told me he liked it when we did it that way. He told me I could make his privates bigger doing it that way and I made him feel really happy.

He didn't lie I could actually feel my grandfather's privates get so much bigger and bigger then it would get really hard under his pants. Pap-pap told me that he really likes when I do that to him too. Then this one day when I was pretending to be Jesse playing cowgirl with Pap-Pap I made his privates so big and hard I asked my Pap-pap if I could see his privates like my daddy let's me see his.

My mommy was working that day and he was babysitting me so it would ~ you know ~ it would be like a private secret. He told me that I shouldn't tell anybody and I promised him that it would be our secret. So if I tell you what happened that day Doctor Spencer you have to promise me that you won't ever tell anybody what happened!

Okay?" Miles said, "You bet. It sounds like you have a lot of secrets in your family but don't worry you're secret is safe with me Kristen. You can trust me." Kirsten said, "Okay only because you promised.

So my Pap-Pap stood up and pulled his privates out of his pants. It was like way huge not long like my daddy's. I wasn't long but like fat looking. He let me touch it with my hands and move my hands up and down on it like Timmy did on my birthday party. Then Pap-pap told me that if I really loved him that I would kiss it and lick it with my tongue. I couldn't put it all in my mouth like he wanted me too. I saw my mommy put my daddy's privates in her mouth and somehow ~ I guess it was like magic because she made my daddy's privates ~ like the whole thing disappeared.

It's like my mommy is amazing Doctor Spencer ~ I have no idea how she did it and my daddy told her how much he loved her because ~ he said that mommy ate his cock. I don't know how mommy ate his privates because when she pulled backwards his privates were still there.

But Pap-pap said I was doing a good job ~ anyway ~ he told me I shouldn't stop because I was making him so like happy. He told me that my mommy couldn't put the whole thing in her mouth when she was my age either. So you know that made me so happy because I didn't make him upset and all. Pap-Pap told me to just kiss and suck on the mushroom top of his pee-pee. He told me to move my tongue around it like this." (Kristen opened her mouth and put her thumb close to her open mouth then she moved her tongue around the top of it.) "Then all off of a sudden Pap-Pap's white stuff came out of the top part like all over my face and inside of my mouth.

He used his hand and moved it up and down on his self like Timmy did at my birthday party. Then Pap-Pap grabbed a bunch of my hair and told me not to move and that I should open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He told me his white pee was really good medicine for little girls like me.

He told me if I swallowed all of it I couldn't get sick. So, I did. I believed him because he said that my Pop-Pop ~ he's my daddy's daddy said that a boy's white pee is really good medicine for girls and Pop-Pop should know because he's a doctor for girls private parts and all ~ he's like a real doctor because he has a steth-o-lo-scope." Miles sat there looking at this full grown co-ed female trying desperately to determine if this story was truth or was some fantasy that she is creating in her mind that she may have wanted to happen at a younger age and said, "Pop-Pop is a doctor for girls private parts?

I don't understand?" Kristen said, "Yeah Pop-Pop is a girl's doctor. If you are going to have a baby you call my Pop-Pop and he like helps the baby come out of a girl and he makes sure it comes alive and all.

He has to check all the girls special places to make sure they are all okay and all. My mommy says that he has seen almost all the girl's special places ~ you know ~ between a girl's legs and all ~ where we live in Latrobe." Miles said, "So your Pop-Pop is a Gynecologist?" Kristen said, "I don't know what that is but Pop-Pop checks all the girls private parts to make sure everything is okay.

He checks me every time he would come over to my house or I went to his house." Mile's head was shaking back and forth.

This girl's psychology is so dark it is no wonder why she had chosen to shut down mentally and hide from the world that she lives. Miles understood her depression and it was going to become a difficult task on his end to be able to bring her out of her melancholy.

"Kristen can you tell me what you mean when you say that your Pop-Pop would check you ~ can you tell me what your Pop-Pop was checking?' Kristen said, "Pop-Pop told me that it was really important to make sure that I kept my privates clean. I needed to use soap and water on the outside and for my privates I could put water deep inside and then push it out.


It was okay to use water where I pee but my bum hole was different. My mommy would help me clean it with soapy water. She had this little tube filled with soapy water and you squeeze the end and it pushes the soapy water way up inside of me. I do that a few times and sit on the toilet and then it all comes out so easy. It makes me so nice and clean inside." Miles couldn't believe his ears and he thought to his self, 'this girl could have been molested on a regular basis all those years ago.

"So, Kristen how would your Pop-Pop check you?" Kristen said, "Oh, it was really simple. After we would play cowgirl my Pop-Pop knew that my privates were sweaty and all. He told me that he wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself when I would ride up and down on his lap over his hard privates." Miles asked, "Did your Pop-Pop ever put it inside of you? You know did he put his privates inside of your privates?" Kristen said, "Oh, no. When we played cowgirl we always had our clothes on.

But when we finished I would take my underwear off and sit and open my legs like this. Here let me show you?" Kristen stood and pulled her thong down to her ankles and kicked it over to Miles and it landed in his lap. Then she sat on the couch and spread her legs. "So, Pop-Pop would take his finger and he would check out side of my privates like this." Kristen moved her finger over her labia and around her anus.

"Then Pop-Pop would open my privates with his fingers and he would smell inside of me. He would put his nose inside and he would smell me. Then if I smelled okay he would then taste me to make sure I was clean inside too.

He put his tongue inside of my privates and my butt hole. That's why mommy told me I had to use the soapy water inside of my bum hole before Pop-Pop or Pap-Pap would come over.

I liked the way he used his tongue. He would push it inside of both of my special places down here. He made me feel I guess as good as I made him feel when I would kiss and lick his privates." She opened her vagina and she was completely exposed to Miles then she did the same with her anus. "See Doctor Spencer? It is nice and clean. I always keep my privates nice and clean because you never know when Pop-Pop or Pap-Pap would come over to see me and mommy. Sometimes Pop-Pop would check me when he was checking mommy at the same time.

Then he would take pictures of me with my legs open like this." Miles asked, "Why did your grandfather do that? Did he ever put his pee-pee inside of mommy with you watching?" Kristen said, "He took pictures to take back to his office.

He said if something was wrong then he could look at my picture and know what was wrong like if I ever got sick. My mommy liked it when Pop-Pop and Pap-Pap put their privates inside of her. Mommy told me that I was still too young for him to put it in me.

She said he could hurt me that I wasn't a grown up girl yet. But I am now because of Timmy." Miles wanted to nail down this one detail to see if this was fantasy or reality, "Kristen you said that if you would swallow Pap-Pap and Pop-Pop's white pee that you couldn't get sick.

Then if you grandfather took pictures of your privates and he found out if you were sick, how did you get sick if you were eating their white pee?" Kristen didn't even hesitate, "When I got sick it was because I didn't swallow enough of the white pee ~ sometimes some of it would land on my face and I would wipe it off with my fingers ~ you see it was my fault." Miles thought, 'Damn this not a fantasy. There was no hesitation and she had an answer that would have been given by an adult to a child to keep her under their influence.' Miles was shocked and appalled by this revelation and asked, "So did your grandfather's do this a lot with you?

Did you like doing it with them, making them, how did you say it ~ making them happy?" Kristen said, "Yeah ~ I have a lot of fun playing with their naught thingy's ~ I like when it just like hangs there ~ and then when I play with it ~ it gets real hot and then it grows in my hand or in my mouth ~ that is like the best.

My grandfather's white pee tastes funny but it tastes like real medicine. I like making my dear grandfather's happy. When they are happy they like to buy me things or give me money for whatever I want. I don't think daddy has any white pee ~ I've only seen him pee yellow." Miles then stopped taping realizing how damaging this could be for her psyche and asked, "So your Pap-pap liked you doing this for him when you were alone?" Kristen said, "Yeah ~ I can show you how I did it for him?" Miles quickly changed the video disc in the camera then turned it back on as the remote control was in his hand.

Now that the camera was on, Miles wanted to see just how far this young twenty-year-old co-ed was willing to go in her younger psychosis and he said, "Yes, just pretend that I am your Pap-pap and show me how you make him long and hard." Kristen was all smiles and said, "It is a lot of fun for him and for me too you know." Kristen stood up and walked over to Miles she hiked up her skirt revealing her naked pussy and then straddled his lap.

"You see I spread my legs like this ~ then I sit over his lap like this. I put my privates over his penis like this and then I move up and down on it like this." Kristen began to grind on Miles penis and like any red blooded American man Miles penis began to grow under his pants. Miles then realized that she would make a great stripper because she gives one hell of a lap dance.

He now knew what Agent Tom Murphy was talking about when he found her at the scene of the crime and she climbed up on his waist and grinded on him. With the camera on there was no way he was going to let this co-ed stop dry humping him. He wanted to keep this in his personal collection, "That feels wonderful Kristen I see why your grandfather's like you doing this with them." Then she stood and turned around and put her ass down on his crotch again and leaned her back against Miles' chest.

She put her arms around the back of Miles head and she said, "It's okay you can play with me ~ my grandfather's played with my privates and used their fingers on my nipples too." Mile's took advantage of her invitation and moved his hands first to her breasts and gently gave the orange sized breasts a nice little squeeze.

He heard Kristen's breadth escape from her mouth as he was gently pinching her nipples. Kristen kept her pace and she took Mile's hands and put them between her legs.

Miles felt her kiln between her legs and as his fingers slipped inside of her moistened twat she began to buck faster and harder over top of him and he could feel his orgasm beginning to bubble as the base of his shaft. Then Miles said, "Kristen I think that it is really important that you show me how you kissed your grandfather's privates?

It will really help you with your therapy. Just think of me as one of your grandfather's." Kristen crawled off of Miles' lap and held her hands out to him and pulled him out of the chair. She dropped to her knees and then unzipped his pants and fished his hard throbbing penis from his pants. She puckered her lips and kissed the tip of Miles penis, "Your penis is so beautiful it doesn't have all the extra skin like Pap-pap does." Miles said, "Yes that is because I am circumcised." Kristen moved her tongue in the circular motions just like she described earlier in her story around Miles' head, "See I do it like this Dr.

Spencer. Pap-pap likes when I do it like this. He tells me how to do it so that I can make him happy. Then if I was a really good girl Pap-pap would let me put it in my mouth and suck on it until he gave me his medicine." Miles looked down into her doe like eyes, "You have my permission to suck my penis Kristen you are a good girl. Do you trust me now?" Kristen said, "I don't trust you all the way but you said you can't tell anyone what I say or what happens in this room right Doctor Miles?" Miles was eager with anticipation it was months since his last sexual contact, "Yes, yes that is true." Kristen took his penis into her mouth and sucked on it.

She was actually really good at sucking it but after a short time she stopped. She put his penis back inside of his pants, "I don't think you have the same medicine as Pap-pap or Pop-Pop so I don't know if it is good for me or not." You are going to have to return for chapter three to see if Kristen relents and allows Miles to finish in her mouth…&hellip.

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