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Juno: Well hello again Angel where is Celine I know she must be here with you. Max: No she isn't here he has agreed to take her place and now belongs to me. I have no idea where she is. Angel: (Turns to face Max and Juno.) Sorry to disapoint you Jumo.

I came here on business. We split up after I got here. She introduced me to Max and then left. You are not going to find her again.

Juno: Is that right well then I guess there is no point in you keeping this pathetic excuse of a life that you know have. (He pulls a gun and points it at Angel.) Max: Angel on your knees!

(Max demanded.) He is no longer your concern he belongs to me now. You have no right or authority to be killing anyone in my city without my permission now gather your men and leave my city at once, Angel: (Nods and kneels down) Yes master.

(He said and sighed. He glanced over to James and flashed him a grin) James: Angel what are you doing you belong to no one. ( rushes to Angels side.) Max: Do not get up Angel. Ignore him to the best of your abilities.

Juno: Well I see that someone has finaly been able to tame you Angel. Max do not stand in my way I do not wish to kill you. Max: Oh please make my day and be that stupid to kill me in my own city.

Angel: (Nods and looks up at Juno.) If you kill him then I would have to kill you. I know we've been through that already and you fell for most of my tricks just so I could get her away. Max; I gave you no permission to speak pet. ( cuffs him in the back of the head.) No shush your mouth and behave.

Now are you going to leave or not? Juno: I will this time but the next time we meet Angel you will belong to me. And you will not enjoy it. (He turns around and leaves.) Angel: (Once Juno leaves he stands up and looks back at James.) Now about you, did you bring him here James? You know better than to lie to me. James: I did it to find you he said he knew where you were and I wanted you back.

Angel: Well it's just a little too late for that. I told you that I am not going back with you. (Turns to Max.) Sir, don't you worry about him. I'll deal with him even if I have to kill him slowly. Well with your permission of course. Max: No I told you you are to ignore him now back on your knees and crawl infornt of me up the stairs to my study. James come and join me please there is much for us to talk about. Angel: (Growls) You must be joking. (He listened and kneeled down thinking about Celine.) Yes, Master (He growled one more time before moving.) Max: Beautiful isn't he?

The way he moves is exqusite like he's been doing this for years. James: (Grins) I agree with you to every extent. He has been doing things like that for years. Right before he transfered to the army. What do we have to discuss? Max: Well for starters you braught drama to my city this concerns me. If you have decided to bring this what else are you likely to do? James: Well concidering who and what I am it all depends on if I can get what I want.

(He chuckled a little) Max: Well then what do you have that I may want to give you what it is that you want?


James: Well possibly your city and your life. I have others that will come looking for me if I dissapear. (He pulled up his sleeve and showed Max the hunter's mark on his shoulder.) Max: Now don't go rushing to conclusions I said nothing about you disappearing.

If I wanted you dead or gone you would be. Now how about you change that tone of yours and we try this again? (The enter Max's study to find Celine waiting for him on his desk.) Angel: (Looks up at Celine and smiles.) So glad to see you. (He thought to her) James: (Looks up at Celine and smiles) So this must be the one who took him away from me. (Turns back to Max) What is it that you could use from me?

Max: Here's an idea you start naming some things and I'll tell you when to stop. James: Well we could secure your city from our kind. We could offer some extra protection. We will exclude you and those close to you from extermination.

Please if there is anything that I left out let me know. Max: And what makes you think I need any extra protection? Do not come in here and insult my people. James: I am here just to get one thing and one thing only. I didn't ask for your permission to do anything here. Your kind needs extra protection from us. We know your weakness and know how to kill you. Now you either take something that I am offering you in exchange for what I want.

Max: Or else what? You'll kill m eplease by all means do it. Be my guest and kill me then. you succeed you take him with you if not he stays here with me. James: (Quickly pulls a gun and aims it at Angel.) Now either I have to kill him myself and then the rest of you or I take him and you all live.

Celine: Now you will not because before you have the chance to pull that trigger I will have already snapped your neck. Max: Easy now my pet he won't do anything to harm what he really came for it's nothing but a bluff to try and get what he wants. Now be a good boy and leave my home at once. James: You think I'm bluffing? (He lowers the pistol just a little and pulls the trigger. It sends a bullet into Angel's leg. Angel screams out in pain.) He's just lucky that this is not a fatal bullet.

Now, Max? What about it? Celine: (appears behind James and puts him in a head lock.) I can snap your neck right now give me one good reason why I shouldn't? Max: Because I didn't say you could. Let him go Celine I will deal with him alone in my chambers you tend to Angel. James come let us talk alone. James: Well we do have stuff to talk about.

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(He brushed himself off.) I suggest you do as he says, woman. Before you end up like my dear Angel. Celine: You're Angel! He belongs to me now. Max: Um actually he belongs to me now or at least for the next several months he does. Now Celine cool your tongue and tend to my slave. I need him to be in almost top condition tonight. James come let us talk now. (He walks out of the room and into his chambers waiting for James to follow him before shutting and locking the door behind them.) Angel: (Looks up at Celine) What does he mean for tonight?

What does he have planned? James: (Looks at Max) So what is it this time? I have already shown you that I am not bluffing on any thing I say. Celine: That I can not tell you, you must find out for your self. Just let me tend to you. Max: Now that we are alone. (He pins James against the wall.) Angel: (Grabs Celine and pulls her down for a kiss.) I'm sorry that I am making this harder for you.

I love you and always will. James: (Trying to pry Max's hands off of him.) What do you think you are doing? (He had ahard time breathing) Max: You see this is my city and what I say goes.

And I do not take very well to strangers coming into it and throwing around demands let alone threatening the rest of my people. Now you will leave my city and speak of nothing that you have seen here. (he leans into his neck and gently bites into it.) James: (Groans out in pain.) Ye.

Yes. I'll leave here tonight, but I will get him back sooner or later. Max: Later rather than sooner, Much later. (He drops him on the floor and walks back into the study.) Is he ready for me yet? Angel: (Growls) I don't know. Do you still want me to have a bullet hole in my fucken leg?

Max: Now Angel that is no way to talk to your master. (He walks over to Angel and grabs his face firmly with his hand.) So I suggest you behave and curve that tongue of yours. Hurry and fix him up and when you are done you bring him to my chambers you know the routine by now Celine now make hast you know how I dislike waiting.

Angel: Yes Celine. Make him wait. I am in no mood to be taking shit from anyone. My best friend in the Navy just shot me in the fucken leg and Max wouldn't let me kill that son of a bitch. Max: You know what must be done to disobedient servants now take care of it. Celine: Yes my lord. (She then bowed her head and walked over to the closet opened it and pulled out as medium sized bag and placed it on the floor beside her. She then sat down on the floor in front of Angel opened the bag and pulled out a circle ring.) I'm going to need you take off your pants so I may tend to your leg.

Angel: (Grins) Why don't you take them off for me? You haven't done that in a while. (He glanced at Max and shook his head.

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He removed his pants.) What the hell are you going to do with the ring? Celine: (She doesn't answer she just grins at him and places the ring around the base of his penis.) That is what I am going to do with this ring.

Max: Good girl. (He then takes out a remote form his pocket flips a switch to turn it on and pushes the button Sending an electrical shock into Angel's penis.) Angel: (Growls and curls up a little.) Now why the fuck would you do something like that to anyone? You are a sick son of a bitch. Max: (Pushes the button again.) You will learn to properly obey me one way or the other. Now if you try and remove this form yourself or put clothing on it will sink deeper into your flesh with about a hundred or so little needles and begin to slowly eject silver into your system am I clear?

Angel: (Growls again from the second shock) Yes, master. As you wish. (He had pain in his voice.) What is it that you would like me to do?

Max: That's more to my liking. No make hast in preparing him for me and bring him to my bed chambers as soon as you are done. (He then turns around and walks out of the room.) Celine: I am sorry my love but what choice to we have? He did stand up for us against Juno like he said he would so we owe this to him. Angel: I am only doing all of this and going through all of this pain just for you.

I would rather go through it than watch you go through things that you have already gone through. You need time to catch up with some of your old friends here. Don't worry too much about me. I'll be fine as long as I can keep my tongue to myself. Celine; It would be far worse for me. But still I should be the one doing this not you. (She dresses his wound and puts the first aid kit away but leaves the other bag out on the floor.) Now that that is done let's finish getting you ready for the master shall we?

(She walks back over to the bag and pulls out a collar, along with a leash and what looked like to be some type of leather saddle.) Angel: (Sighs) You must be kidding me. I don't mind the collar or the leash but the saddle thing? Is he crazy? (He sits up and watches her.) Celine: Angel. (She begins placeing the collar on herself.) Then I guess I shall have to go before him and hope that he is satisfied with what he see's.

Angel: (Grabbs the collar and puts it on.) I am not going to let you go through this all again. Let me deal with this and you go out and have some fun.

(Grabbs the leash and the saddle thing.) Celine: Good then. ( she helps put the saddle and the leash on him.) One more thing before I take you to him. (She pulls out what looks like to be a horses bit and places it in his mouth then roughly jolts his head back.) Now down on your knees you know the rules by now. (Before they leave she reaches back into the bag and pulls out a leather riding whip.) Angel(: (Shakes his head.) You are one lucky woman.

The things I do for you. I just hope that he is not going to use the whip very often. Also, this is going to be a bit drafty.

(He lowered himself down to his knees.) Is all of this really necessacary for him to let us stay here? (He lowers himself down onto his hands by now.) Celine: I don't know why don't you ask him when you get into his room if he allows you to? Angel: (Chuckles) He's not going to let me talk. You must be crazy to think that he's going to let me talk. (He looks back at Celine) Celine, I'm sorry that a lot of these things had to pop up tonight. Especially James bringing up my wife/ ex wife.

Celine: (she says nothing to him she just pulls a little harder onto the bit in his mouth almost hurting him. She gets to Maxs chambers with him and knocks on the door.) Max: Enter my dear. (Celine opens the door and lead Angel into the room to see a giant steal hook hanging from ceiling in front of Max's bed.) Angel: (Looks at Max and then the metal hook and then back at Max.

He looked a little confused. He walked in and stopped next to Celine.) Max: Come to me and stay on your knees or else it's another shock for you.

You may leave thank you my dear. Angel: (Glanced back to see Celine leave and then crawled over to Max. He kept his eyes forward as he crawled.

He stopped at Max's side.) Max: You mudst always keep your eyes down when ever you are in my presence. Never must I ever see you looking at me am I clear? And you will only answer me with yes masgter or no master unlees told otherwise. Angel: (He lowers his eyes.) Yes Master, I understand. (He growled slightly to himself.) Max: That's a good boy. (He places his hand under Angels chin and gently lifts him up off the floor and walks him over to the hook hanging from the ceiling.) Lift your arms above your head and hold them there.

Angel: (Looks a little confused but didn't look at Max.) Yes Master, as you wish. (He raised his arms above his head. He took a deep breath and waited for what is going to happen next.) Max: Good very good. (He smiled with a grin of satisfaction.

And pulled a piece of silk rope from his pocket and tied it around Angels hand then tied him to the hook.) Now this is how I wish to admire your beauty. Angel: (Looked down at the floor. He enjoyed his body parts where they were.

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He didn't try to speak out of turn, because he didn't want to loose all feeling where he would like it most. He didn't care much about scars that may arrise.) Max: Very good you learn quickly.

(He sounded very pleased with him.) In time you will learn that the only thing that matters to you is pleasing your master. (He begins gently stroking Angels penis.) Angel: (He keeps his eyes off of Max.) Yes Master.

What is it that you would like me to do? (He dared to speak a little out of turn. He wasn't fully trained yet and doesn't listen well for a long time.) Max: Very good all though you spoke out of place you did it in a manner that pleases your master so I shall not punish you for it this time.

But you will now when it does not please me. (He aqueezes his penis roughly. and removes the saddle from him but not the bit.) For now I wish for you to do nothing but hang there and let me admire your beauty.

Angel: (He growls a little in pleasure.) Yes master. (He watches Max's feet instead of his face.) Max: That's it enjoy it there is no shame in feeling pleasure.

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You will sleep in here with me unless told other wise. (Again squeezing his penis roughly.) Now what shall I do with you? do you know the answer to this one my pet? Angel: (He nods.) Anything that you wish unless there is something that you want me to do to you, master.

Is that the correct answer? Max: Alittle on the long side but other than that it was very nice. Next time try answering with whatever you wish master. (He then lifts angels had gently and kisses him on the mouth.) Now what to do with you? Let me think what to do to you know? Do you have any ideas my pet? Angel: Anything will do, master. (He seemed to be playing along for now. He was getting tired with these games that Max was playing.) Max: Well in that case then.

(He walked over to the closet opened it and pulled out an eleven inch vibrator walked up behind Angel and violently shoved it in his ass.) Angel: (He let out a growl.


His hands balled up into fists.) You know I am not used to things getting angerly shoved in there. Gently would be more appreciated. (His mouth slipped before he could realize what he was actually saying.

He glanced back at Max and dropped his head.) Shit, this is going to hurt more.(He thought to himself) Max: Well now you are a wild one aren't you?

(He then removed the vibrator from Angel then walked back over to the closet only to bring back a larger one. This one was at most thirteen inches long and six inches wide.

He then again walked back up behind Angel and thrust it deep into him.) Don't speek again unless told to remember your only duty now is to please me. (He then turned on the vibrator and began sliding it in and out of him slowly yet roughly at the same time.) Ah yes show me that you enjoy it. Celine: (Entering Max's chambers to see Angel this way.) My lord I am sorry to disturb you but the council is hear they have heard about James and Juno coming here and they wish to meet with you at once.

Max: Take him down wash him and groom him then bring him in to me when you are done. I wish to show him off to the rest of the council and show them that this is still posible to do. (He then pulled the vibrator out and readied himself for his meeting with the council.) Angel: (Looks at Celine. He met her eyes and then looked away. Once Max left he looked back up but still didn't meet her eyes.) Celine, I'm sorry you had to see something like that.

What is the council going to say bout this whole thing? Do they even care that he does this to people? Celine: Of course they do well some of them do some still find pleasure in it and wish it to continue while the others are trying to have it ban.

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But remember keep your eyes and head low and do not unless told to get off from your knees. And worry not of what I saw my love remember I have been through what you are going through now. If not worse. (She lifted his head and kissed him gently before untieing him and preparing him for his audience with the council. She washed him down gently and messaged him with natural herbs. Then she reached into a small bag that she brought with her and pulled out several silver bells and attatched one to each of his balls and one big one to his penis.

Then she attatched two more to each of his nipples.) there now you are ready to be presented to the prince and the rest of the council. Angel: (He looked a little confused.) Before I go to the council, can I just get a taste of you? I've missed you terrably. I am not afraid of the council, some of them may be jealous and if there are females they may want to try to get me from Max.

That is if they like what they see. (He winked at her and kissed her deeply) Celine: That is enough they are waiting now on you knees and walk before me. (She took a paddle out of the bag and proceeded to spank him with it makeing him move faster and stay in front of her.) Angel: (A grin crossed his face as he lowered himself to his knees.) I bet you are loving that dear.

(He silenced himself as they got close to the council room. He had his eyes and head lowered when he entered the room. His hands were above his head and he walked on his knees into the room. He stopped right next to Max.) Max: As you can see I have found myself a new slave boy and he is beautiful is he not? Concil man: He is how did you come across such a beautiful child? May I observe him closer Max?

Max: Of course you may but do not get to handsie with him he is mine and I could not bear to see someone elses hands all over him for to long. Go to him at once.

Angel: (He nods) Yes Master. (He said and walked on his knees over to the council man. He made sure not to look up at the man. He stopped right in front of him and closed his eyes for a moment. He couldn't believe that he was doing this. He didn't want to make a scene as well since Celine was sitll in the room) Council man: Yes he is beautiful.

(The man said as he stood up and walked around Angel examining him intentley grabbing at his bare bottom and squeezing it tightly. Slowly seporating his cheeks to examine his little round hole between them. then placeing his hand between Angels legs he gripped both of his balls and held them tightly in his hand.) Yes he is very nice you still after all these years have the best judgement when it comes to finding slaves.

Max: Would anyone else like a gander at him while i am feeling generious? Council women: I would. (Angel heard a women from a few rows back say.) I would like to observe him. (She walked up to them and picked Angel up off the floor and held him up in the air by his wrists.) He is beautiful how good is he?

Max: The best by far that I have had in years Lady of the north. Would the lady wish to have a private trial with him herself? Lady to the north: Perhaps another time. (But this did not stop her from gropping Angels penis and flicking the bell that hung from it. Then when it seemed she was satisfied enough with him she returned to her seat.) Max: Angel come to me at once. Now back to business what seems to be on everyones mind this evening? Angel: (He obeyed and walked back to Max on his knees.

He didn't like being mishandled. He glanced up to look at the council men and women. He growled silently to himself. He might have growled a little too loud for those with very good hearing.) Max: Now that was not very nice my pet. (Angel felt another hard smack from the paddle to his ass.) Now who wishes to open this meeting tonight? Angel: (Looks up at Max.) May I speak, master?

Max: What is it? And make it quick. Angel: (He looks back at the floor.) I thought that this meeting was because James and Juno arrived in this city and everything that happened.

Lady: What is this about Max? Who is Juno and James? And what happened? Max: i see not point in the worrying I have taken care of it. But so you know they were here looking for this women over here and her childe that is now my slave in terms of them staying in my city and for my protection.

Is there anything tht anyone would like to add to this little problem? Celine: I would what's to say that they won't be back with more people to take us all out? You did after all reveal yourself to a human.

You may have just damned us all. Max: And what would you have had me do hand you over to you sire and let you all be on your merry? I couldn't allow that to happen. Angel: (He growls) You could have let me deal with James. I've known him for years now, he wouldn't have shot me if you would have let me deal with him. He now may just lead more hunters here to take over this city. Lady: You mean to tell me that you revealed yourself to a hunter Max?

(She looked back at the rest of the council) What do you all have to say about this? Shall we just let him take care of it all and if Chicago goes down then it will be on his head? Max: (Again slapped Angel with the paddle several times as hard as he could tearing open his flesh.) It will be fine this is not the first time we have been in this situation we made it out the first time and we will do it again do not worry about it. i will not let anything happen to this city or the people in it.

Celine take him back to my room and get him ready for me. Angel: Don't take James lightly. I know what he is capeable of. (He said before being brought back to Max's room. He stood up and grabbed Celine around the waist. He took the bells off of his penis and balls and threw them onto the floor. He turned to Celine.) Celine: What are you doing I must get you ready for his return you have angered him greatly wich means your punishment will be very harsh. (She pulls away from him.) Angel: (He pins her against the wall with one hand.

With the other hand he removes her shirt by cutting the front open.) I am doing something I should have done a very long time ago. (He caressed her brest with his hand and kissed her lower neck, biting lightly.) Celine: Angel we must not do this if he were to walk in right now it would be the end of us both. (But she could not keep herself from moaning.) Angel: He cares for you a lot. He will not let anything happen to you.

(He ran his hand down and into her pants. He bagan to caress her gently again while still holding her hands above her head.) Just give in.

I can't be with just a male for a long time, I'll go crazy. Celine: Angel my love I want you so badly. But we can't. Max: She is right you can't be doing this but where I am enjoying the show I shall allow this to continue with me as your audience.

( he walked into the room closed the door locked it and sat down on the bed.) Angel: (Grins) Well you heard the prince. (He lets her arms go and with his hands removed her pants. He laid her down onto the floor and licked her inner thighs.) Celine: Yes well I am glad that this posses no problem for you.

But for me this isn't going to happen. (she said pushing Angel off then standing up.) Angel: (Sits up and looks up at her.) Well whatever you wish then. I guess he has gotten to you that much hasn't he? Others not being able to play with things that supposedly belong to him?

Is that correct, Celine? Celine: Angel that's not even fair I wouldn't want to go making Max jealous. Besides I've never been one for performing in front of everyone.

(she said walking over to the door.) Max: I never said you could leave now did I? Angel: (Stands up and walks over to her.) You know I am not the jealous type and I don't think Max is either but I could be wrong. If someone is going to leave it should be the one who is younger and more foolish.

Stay here Celine, you'll be safer here with his help. Unless he plans to turn us over to Juno. (He said and glanced over to Max. He of course was lying when he stated his first sentence but he tried not to show it.)