That Tight Pussy Swallows ACESQUIRT Toy So You Can Turn It On

That Tight Pussy Swallows ACESQUIRT Toy So You Can Turn It On
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Authors note!: Hi Umm be easy on the criticism, I'm not that strong enough for it. ^-^lll um nothing sexual yet. I'm just trying to get use to the sight ya'kno? anyways.


i hope i didn't make a lot of mistakes. if i did please feel free to message me or comment. I'll be on here every other night to review them ^.^ um. thats all i have to say. im really serious on the mean criticism.

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I've read how you guys comment. not nice >__>ll really. Chapter one BeepBeepBeep BeepBeepBeep BeepBe- BAM! Got damn freaking alarm clock, why do you have to be so loud in the mornings? I groaned softly as I looked at the clock which read 5:00 am.

Who in the hell set my alarm clock to such and early time set? If I find out who did it I'm going to murder them without hesitation. I groaned and turned over, maybe if I can get some more sleep then the person who set it won't have to die. I snuggled further into my covers with a smile as my mind slowly begin to drift of to a wonderful half sleep half awake state. You know the one where you can wake up if you want to, but really choose to stay asleep?

Yea that one thats the one I really love a lot.

Soon as I begin to get deeper into my self; BAM BAM BAM!!! *come the fuck on you dirty, stupid fucking whore!* I thought to myself as I threw the covers off my body cursing even more to myself as the cold air quickly attacked my once warm body.

BAM BAM BAM!!! *fucking stupid, motherfucker, bitch ass, mark ass, whore!* cursing inside my head became a natural thing for me to do since I was a "princess" after all. "What?!!?" "Wake up princess!" "No!" "Now or I'll come in by force!" "Tch I'd like to see you try" I smirked at my locked door as I went into my walk in closet and grabbed my favorite black and teal Gir T-shirt with my black unnamed jeans that had teal designs that I sowed in them.

Throwing those items out unto the bed I went to get my black converses that also had teal designs I sowed in them. If your gonna judge my two most favorite colors then Fuck you! I don't need you telling me other wise I mean I am who I am. Not what you want me to be; anyways as I looked for my black hoodie that had my name spray painted on it Gregory burst into my room threw and open vent. "Really Greg really?" I asked, staring at my ceiling as it was suppose to just suck him back up and spit him outside of my room.

He smiled cheekily while staring at me with his wild clear water blue eyes; those sexy water blue eyes. "Hurry up and get ready, we have to go to a meeting this morning!" "I'll take my time thank you very much." "No you wont!" "Bitch if you touch me I'll kick you in the nuts again" Gregory stop in mid tracks and went to the side to take a seat like I had already kicked him, which I would have if he got a little closer.

He frowned when he found out I was staring at him with a waiting expression. "I'm not gonna touch you hurry up!" I smiled and walked into my bathroom turning on the water before poking my head out slightly looking at the time hoping it was still in the 5's. 5:30 am. Good. I quickly hopped into the shower shivering as the hot water burned my skin, turning on the cold water to mix with the hot I quickly begun my morning routine.

After I finished I got up and slid to the bathroom counter where I combed my black and highlighted teal shoulder length hair putting it in a loose pony tail, then starting on my teeth.

Once that was done I walked out my to my room to find Greg asleep sitting up, which made me raise and eyebrow, but I shook it off and grabbed my clothes. Walking back by my dresser I passed my bra and panties and walked back to get them turning sharply into Greg who I thought was sleep. My cheek flooded into a small non-visible blush. "What are you doing?" "I was just studying the princess." his eyes burned into my fiery chocolaty brown eyes which made me duck my head slightly making my face even hotter then it was before.

"Wh-whats with the deep voice all of a sudden?" I asked clearly oblivious that he was getting closer and closer to my naked form. "Tch, I hate that you in this form." he whispered, to what I think was himself, but I heard him and that cause me to blush in confusion. What did he mean by he hated this form?

Why did he hate that I'm in this form anyways.

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"Wh-what are you ta-talking about Gregory?" I whispered as my butt hit my dresser from my unconsciously walking back away from danger. Gregory eyes flickered to a dull purplish color then back to it's natural icy blue color. I shivered and leaned further into my dresser as he stood enclosing me into the dresser and himself, somehow this was sexy but terrifying at the same time. *what is he gonna do?* I thought sacredly as he leaned down grasping my hair pulling the pony tail loose from it's already loose band.

I didn't fully feel in danger, but I was close to it since I didn't know what was going threw this assholes mind. "Princess, come home to me." he whispered, in my ear letting his hot breath caress the outside of it. That sent a shiver straight down my spine straight in between my legs.

What the fuck. Greg leaned back to stare at me with a very lustful gaze, sadly I couldn't keep my big mouth shut. "Gregory Jimmy Nickson! What the hell are you doing to me?!" I growled pushing him away sending him out of his lustful state into his normal one. Or what seems to be his normal one, I wasn't really sure; the man was freaking weird! "Oh Princess, you know I was just having fun" he teased, tapping my shoulder in a playful manner.

Oddly it didn't seem playful before, I didn't say anything else grabbing my things rushing back into the bathroom to study myself in the mirror. Who or what was he looking at, cause it certainly was NOT me. I shook my head and stared into my fiery brown eyes. I wasn't bad looking, maybe he could be turned on by me at that. I crossed my legs to make sure I wasn't wet from his actions sighing in relief that I wasn't horny. That would be bad if I was, being a virgin an all that crap. I stood about 5'5 or 5'6 in height, I was little on the chubby side, but never to the point where I was overweight, I have shoulder length black and teal hair like I said before.

My breast were a DD46 in size an I had a 15-16 waist which I did love. I never adored being skinny, not that theres anything wrong with being skinny. My family stood on mixed sides of Indian, Asian, black, African, White, and Cherokee. I loved being who I was, but I know.i feel something is different. I once again unconsciously finished getting dress poking my head out the bathroom to find Greg staring out my window overlooking the patio and the small land that I lived on.

I quietly entered the room to grab my book bag and Binnie while combing my hair from the little naps it hand. "um Greg have you seen my backpack? I left it next to the door last night." I mumbled, looking down not really wanting to meet his gaze from earlier interactions.

I averted my eyes as I felt him turn to gaze at me with those damn eyes of his. It's like they was looking at someone or something else other then me sometimes. I heard his foot steps move to the side then move towards where I stood.

He quickly pushed the bag into my arms and walked past me. Or at least that what I thought, but was quickly taking of guard when he grabbed me from behind. "It's almost time, my princess." "Almost time for what?

Gregory I don't understand!" "your birthday is near" "What?" I whined trying to pulled away only to have his grip tighten around my waist. I gasped from the sudden pain then was pushed forward face first unto my bed. *What the hell is this boys problem?!* I thought to myself trying to get up only to have my hands pinned down above my head. "G-greg!? Let me go. I'm not in a playing mood!" ". .

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." I struggled against his hold then stop dead in my tracks as he hand caressed my outer thigh slightly then slowly moved to my inner thigh. *He couldn't. He wouldn't. He's my best-friend.

I trust him.* I thought as tears slowly weld in my eyes.

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I moved my head to the side and took a deep breath preparing myself to scream at the top of my lungs. His hand quickly covered my mouth and he whispered to me self, "dont scream. I'll let go. Just don't scream" I thought for a moment then nodded slightly and his grip on my hands loosened giving my enough room and time to turn around an punch him off of me. I glared in his direction as he held his soon to be swollen cheek. "how could you.?

why would you?" I was at lost for words because I never would have expected him of all people to try and touch me, I can understand that I have body, but got dammit!

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"I-I'm so sorry Pri-" "SHUT UP, DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME PRINCESS!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!" I was now beyond furious.


I wanted to slap him, break him, destroy him so he never think to do that again. Tears fell from my eyes as I bit my bottom lip from breaking down.


"Get out. I don't want to see your face" I whispered, as he stood up letting his black bangs cover his eyes. He always did this when he knew he was in trouble with me or with anyone period. One of the maid heard me and knocked softly on the door before poking her noisy ass inside my room without waiting for me to answer her.

"Princess. Is everything already?" she asked, with fake innocent and caring sweet tones. I let my bangs cover my eyes hiding the tear streaks that covered my face. "Yes. See Mr. Nickson out and make sure he doesn't return." I mumbled softly grabbing my back and roughly bumping into him leaving out the room only to see another maid in the hall way dusting off one of mothers vases "Have my motorcycle ready for me I wont be taking the limo this morning." "Aye.

Yes m'lady." I walked into the kitchen an watch my father drinking his coffee for a moment before his notice me which some how he always does before I can get a chance to sneak up on him. "Did you have a fight with Gregory this morning?" he asked, as if was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it probably was. I mean me and Greg knew each other since diapers.

For me he was the greatest thing in my life, every time I was hurt or sad he'd be there to comfort me. I walked to the table where my father and with his back still to me and rested my arms over his shoulders leaning my head upon his head.

"Was it that bad?" ". " "Want me to talk with him" "No, I don't want him anywhere near here!" Before I knew it tears was flowing again. I quickly wiped them as the maid I ordered with my bike came it. She bowed and told me it was ready and I quickly left not wanted to speak with father anymore. Why did he have to go and do something like that? I shook my head putting my backpack on and getting on my Suzuki Hayabusa aka My "Boyfriend".

I grabbed my keys from my Leon, my butlers hands and slid it sweetly into the hole of my lovers turning him on and listening to him purr to life. It's been awhile. I grabbed my helmet from Leon once more placing it over my head and speeding off. I still would have to face this asshole at school, but on the bright side my birthday is coming up.

Lets see how it turns out first. ~~~~~~Gregorys~~~~~~ I waited till Morgen left before going to see her father who waited patently for me in the kitchen. Once I was inside I knocked on the side with my hair still covering my eyes while I waited for him to acknowledge my presence. "She's very up set Raiiyon" (Ray-Yawn) Damn he knows.

I'm in big trouble. Fuck! "I know, I know and I'm very upset. I just thought that if i-" "Do you know that you thinking could have awaken her?" "Well yes, and no" "You lying. You knew very well that when she's in danger She can wake up" I looked down preparing myself for a quick mini beating.

I looked at the powerful man that sat with his back towards me and a quick flash of me running and sinking my fangs into his neck ran threw my mind. "Do you really think that you could even get that close to me?" he asked, as if he just read my mind. I stiffened and watched as he turned around an faced me. Damn. I'm really in trouble. There he sat in his fully demon form glaring at me with those wonderful fiery yet dull red cat pupil like eyes.

I turned and tried to run out when a shadow appeared before me. Double Fuck.