Missy and her friend Carla decided to become lesbians

Missy and her friend Carla decided to become lesbians
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Rachael sat on the backseat of her mom's car and it was then that she realised that she had forgotten to put back her panties.She closed her legs tightly so her mom wouldn't found out that she's not wearing panties.Her mom kept trying to make small talk with her but Rachael was not interested if anything she was angry at her for bumping at the wrong time.Rachael's mind kept on playing the events of earlier tonight repeatedly in her mind.When she reached home she told her mom that she's having headache and won't have dinner.She removed her cloths,wrapped a towel around her body and went straight to the bathroom.In front of the bathroom mirror she dropped her towel and stared at her body.Her small pink nipples surrounded by small aerolas were still erect then she shifted her attention to the lower parts of her body.She saw her pussy lips were swollen and her clit looked as if she had been masturbating all this while.She spread her legs for a better view.Rachael was amazed to see how pink her insides looked,she had never seen them like that before.It appeared as if all the blood in her body had rushed to that one particular spot.


Rachael felt herself getting aroused again when scenes from her tonight's piano class flooded her mind.She remembered how Michael's big thick finger was up inside her pussy and thats when she realised the need to touch herself.Her right hand squeezed her boobs,twisting and turning her already erect nipples while her left hand towards her wet pussy.She rubbed her clit in circles trying to ape what Michael was doing to it earlier but the feeling was not half as good as it was when he did.His fingers were long and strong while hers are petite and soft,he had magic in his fingers.Nevertheless,Rachael knew she wouldn't be able to concentrate her mind on anything unless she gets herself off so she kept on torturing her clit and twisting her nipples until her legs went weak and her back ached.She felt a bit relaxed after having another orgasm and took a bath.

She shaved her armpits,legs,hand and trimmed her pubic hairs thinking all the while about the next day. Michael was in an emotional turmoil.He had finally given up to his sexual urges and made a move.After all those nights of fantasies he finally ended up fingering Rachael.She must be a virgin he thought how else could she possibly be so tight.It was hard to even push his finger inside her he could only imagine how tough it will be to push his long thick cock inside her tiny hole.Then his eyes caught the sight of Rachael's pink cotton panties that she had left behind in hurry.Michael picked it up from the ground,brought it close to his nose and sniffed it hard.It smelt of a young virgin pussy that has been making him mad lately.The sweet musky smell made his cock raging hard in his pants.

Michael took out his throbbing cock and stroked it a few times before wrapping Rachael's panties around his thick cock.He stroked violently until he could feel the pressure building inside of him.He concentrated his thoughts on how it will feel to penetrate her virgin pussy with his tool.When he felt that he's about to cumm,he removed the panties and directed his cumm on it.Making sure that his cumm hit the exact wet spot on the panties and it did.He smeared Rachael's panties with his cumm.They were spoiled now he thought.He thought he'll keep this panties with him as a reminder of this fateful night.He was waiting eagerly for her to come again.

Rachael woke up in the morning being excited about her piano class but her high spirits didn't last long cause she soon found out that her periods hit her.She certainly can't lose her virginity in this state.Moreover,she was not sure if Michael would be interested in having sex with her in this messy state.She knew most guys are grossed out by periods and the bloody mess they make to a woman's vagina.Rachael was disheartened.As if switching pads,having cramps and feeling aroused was not enough,she now has the tough task of waiting for her periods to be over before she could lose her cherry.Rachael decided that she would wait for her periods to be over before she went for her piano classes again.

Michael was becoming very impatient and crazy.Its been four days since that day Rachael hadn't showed up yet.Unanswered questions kept him awake at night.Questions like "Why hasn't she come yet? " "Will she never show up again?

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" "Is this it? " and a pleothra of other questions.Certainly she was enjoying herself when Michael was feeling her up or fingering her.Her moans and gasps were testimony to that them why isn't she coming.He was baffled and definitely very horny. Rachael on the other hand was getting tired of waiting.Like most girls she always prayed for her periods to be over soon but this time it was more urgent.

Thanks to her periods she was feeling more horny than usual and if it wasn't for the painful periods she would be masturbating about three times a day to get herself off.

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Finally,it ended and Rachael was ecstatic.She couldn. Wait for her school to be over today so that she can rush back to Michael whose strong hands made her feel so good. When Rachael reached Michael's place,he was busy playing his piano and was startled to see her.He had given up on her,he thought she won't show up again but here she was.Dressed in a black tanktop and a jeans shorts,she looked very sexy.

Michael tried to say something but was interrupted by Rachael."Sorry,i was sick for the past few days".Michael nodded his head in agreement mostly to avoid saying something stupid and scare her off. "Sit down" was all he could say.

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Rachael silently sat on the stool. Rachael wanted to jump on him and kiss him passionately to let him know how horny she had been all this while but she was scared to make the first move.She had to wait for him to make a move,she didn't had the balls to do it. Meanwhile,Michael was confused he didn't knew what to do.Is she telling the truth??Has she really been sick or she was just scared after what happened between them.

While his thoughts were going astray his eyes were fixed on only one thing.The blonde beauty playing the piano. He noticed how her legs and arms looked more smooth,she must have shaved them.And her armpits smooth as usual.The tanktop really accentuated her boobs making them look bigger and her shorts,he definitely noticed how her ass swayed in it.She had bubble butt which looked really firm and Michael wondered if someone has ever touched them like he was planning to do.

Time passed but no one made a move.Rachael kept on playing her piano while his teacher was lost in his thoughts.He glanced at his watch it was 7:15pm,her mom would be here by 8 he must do something and that too fast.He can't really wait another whole day. Michael moved to stand behind Rachael and he put his hands on her shoulders.When she turned to look at him he had his hands on her shoulders asking her to stand up.Her deep blue eyes were gazing into his lustful eyes.Overcome with desire,Michael brought her face close and kissed her lips.As the kiss grew more passionate,Rachael's nervousness subsided and she reciprocated the passion to her teacher.Rachael rubbed the back of Michael feeling how strong he really was while he let his hand on her magnificient boobs,feeling them softly.Rubbing them over her tanktop,making her squirm in pleasure.Then he realised that they were really short of time and he has to make most of it.So,he broke up the kiss and lifted her tanktop,Rachael lifted her hands in the air to help him.He threw it onto the stool being cautious not to spoil it since she has to wear it again.Now,the only clothing between Rachael's boobs and Michael was her red lacy bra.She unclasped it letting her boobs to come out in the view.This is the first time any guy has seen her bare naked boobs and by the looks of it she can tell her teacher was really liking it.

Michael couldn't help but make a 'jaw drop' suprising expression when he saw Rachael's tits.It was hard to believe that the owner of these gorgeous pairs was only 16.They were perfectly round and very firm with tiny pink nipples which desired to be inside his mouth.


He kissed her again,this time his hands played with her naked boobs.Rubbing them like they were getting massaged before squeezing and nibbling the nipples making them erect.He kissed her neck,collarbone and then on her boobs.He took them in his hands and kissed all over them,not leaving any part of her skin untouched.Michael then took one of Rachael's nipples in his mouth and Rachael almost shrieked out by the newness of a hot mouth around her nipples.He sucked onto it more passionately then baby being breastfed would do while his hand played with her other breast.

The dual assault on her boobs was soaking her panties and Rachael involuntarily pushed her boobs into his mouth.Michael being an experienced in this field latched onto her boobs making it bathe in his saliva.Rachael was moaning "mmmmm." and Michael knew he was doing everything right at the moment.

Rachael was suprised when she felt her orgasm building up.Although,this was her first time getting her boobs sucked she knew most girls don't orgasm by it but then most girls don't have Michael's mouth and hands on them either. Michael could feel her body getting tensed and he knew what was coming.In all his life he had never made a girl cumm by merely sucking onto her tits though he knew that was possible and seeing how excited he could make this young girl he thought of giving his best shot.

His hands went back to her ass and rubbed them softly pushing her closer to him while his mouth kept on sucking her nipples.When Michael squeezed her bubble butt and bit her nipples hard Rachael's young body couldn't hold it any longer.She cried"ugh." because of the pain caused by the biting onto her nipples but more due to the orgasm that trembled her body.

Michael didn't leave her nipples and butt for another couple of minutes.Rachael had her eyes closed to feel the heavenly pleasures that her teacher has triggered inside her.

When Rachael's body had calmed down from the volcano that shook her body she felt a pair of strong hands lifting her up.Michael lifted her up like a baby and laid her on the piano.Yes,the piano not into his bedroom cause this is how he had been fantasizing of doing it all this while.

He unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them out of her glorious legs.leaving only the wet orange cotton panties on her body.A faint smile left his face when Michael saw her panties and a feeling of proud took over him too knowing that he had caused it.

He put his fingers in the waistband of the panties and pulled them out.Rachael lifted her ass to help her teacher making her nude. Michael stared at the beautiful pussy in front of his eyes.Covered with small trimmed blonde hairs,two wet swollen pink lips were staring back to him.He had already fingered her before but never really got the opportunity to see the treasure.He spread her legs to have a better view of the kitty he was going to kill today.

Rachael's heart was pounding in her chest.Other than herself no one else has seen her pussy before tonight and the first guy seeing her pussy was not a highschool kid.He was a middle aged man who had been enticed by her beauty.The cool piano under her ass wasn't helping either.All these factors were making her already wet pussy secrete more of her juices.

Just then Rachael's phone rang loudly.Although,both of them heard it none made any attempt to pick up the phone.Rachael was not in a state to move and Michael was not going to leave her pussy until he had made it cumm again.The phone stopped ringing after a while. Michael took one of her legs in his hands and started kissing it while moving towards his goal.He kissed her calves,thighs,inner thighs and then moved onto the other leg repeating the same process to it.

Rachael found her heartbeat getting even faster when she saw Michael's head just over her crotch.He was intently starting at it like a lion does before attacking its prey.He delved his head between her legs and gave some soft gentle kisses on her pussy making it throb in anticipation.He found the sweet musky smell of her pussy more alluring then the one he had smelt on her panties.Rachael was so wet that when he first licked her it made an almost slurping sound.Her back ached and her hips lifted in air as for the first time someone's tongue touched her pussy.When she moaned"ahhh ." Michael knew he's going to enjoy eating her sweet virgin pussy.He parted her legs and kissed around the inner thighs again before parting her vaginal lips and pushing his tongue inside her.

Michael fucked Rachael with his tongue.It penetrtated her pussy like it was small dick and licked every corner of it.He even poked his long nose in her slit before going for her clit.

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Rachael had an average clit which was right now bloody red in colour from all the blood that had been flowing to it. Michael took her clit in his mouth and Rachael moaned loudly.Michael sucked her clit very passionately and Rachael thought she would die of pleasure. She was curling her toes,biting her lips and pinching her own nipples while filling the room with her muffled cries."OMG.OMG.that feels so good.ahhhh." Rachael moaned.She wasn't lying,her young body had never felt this good before and she was in heaven.Encouraged by her moans of pleasure,Michael puts her legs on either side of his shoulder and continued sucking onto her clit When Rachael felt herself on the verge of another nerve wrecking orgasm she pushed Michael's head into her pussy and delved her nails deep into his back.Thankfully,Michael was still dressed else it would have made a bigger mark on his body.

Michael sensed that Rachael is going to cumm again and he fingered her lovehole while sucking onto her clit with renewed enthusiasm. When Michael felt Rachael's vaginal walls convulse around his fingers he interchanged the places of his fingers and mouth.He had to drink each drop of her lovejuices.Michael's fingers played with Rachael's clit as her orgasm came rushing through her body."ughhhhhh.ughhhhhh.,"was Rachael response to her second orgasm for the night.

Michael jumped at her cries and licked off every single drop of juice from Rachael's pussy. Michael thought Rachael's nectar was his award for making her cry in pleasure and he received his award full heartedly. When the second orgasm hit her Rachael felt so good,it can't be described in mere words.She felt as if she was floating on cold water on this hot summer day.For a few minutes,she didn't even feel Michael's tongue on her pussy,it was like her body went numb.It was only when she had calmed down from her numbing climax did she realise that Michael was still between her legs and his tongue still licking her.

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"OMG.this man is a fucking machine she thought. As Michael was done licking Rachael saw his handsome face,it had her juices all over it.Just then,her phone rang for the second time and she was brought to reality.It was her mom,Rachael picked her phone.She told her that she'll be there in 5 minutes as she got struck in traffic.Also,she asked her why she didn't pick up the phone on the first time to which Rachael replied that she had put it on Silent mode and forgotten it.Rachael looked at the time,it was 8:05,she rushed to get her cloths on.Her mom could be here at any moment.Rachael put on her bra,tanktop and her shorts while Michael stood looking helplessly .Rachael looked at her teacher's distressed face and said"tomorrow,don't waste any time " and blinked at him.Michael's mood brightened up instantly and then he noticed Rachael had forgotten to wear her panties again so he told her "your panties,beautiful!you forgot to put them on".

Rachael smiled and said"looked what you have done to it.Its completely ruined them.I can't wear them anymore" In the same moment,her mom reached and honked.Rachael ran outside to her mother leaving her horny teacher with her WET PANTIES.