Cherokee is showing off her tan lines and giving y

Cherokee is showing off her tan lines and giving y
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"Fuck, man. Carrying all this shit up these stairs is a bitch," my friend, well, now roommate, Jack complains to me. "It was your idea to get a place upstairs," I quibble in response.

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"Yeah, well I didn't think about the stairs." My friend and I are a couple of kids entering their freshman year at Hillside College. I know, sounds pretty generic, right?

But hey, it's a good start in a new place for us. "Johnny, go back down and grab the last few boxes." "Let's just go get them together," I say.

"Naw man." "Why not?" "Because I'm too busy testing out the new couch," he says as he jumps onto our small, yet quite comfy two seater leather couch.

"Whatever," I say breathlessly. I head back down the three flights of stairs to my red, beat up, 1986 Honda Civic, where the last of our shit resides. As I struggle to hold the boxes and close the trunk, I hear a voice. "Moving in?" Now I'm no poet or romantic of any sort, but the one word I'd use to describe this voice would be angelic. And in case you were wondering, but it wasn't a man's voice I was hearing. Not to say a man can't have the voice of an angel or anything.

I shut my trunk, which reveals to me the owner of the whimsical voice; a girl, with flowing red hair, wearing a similarly flowing white, sleeveless, low cut shirt with lace running along the side which allows the straps of her pink bra to be shown off. You can also see the tops of her bra peek out along with the generous amounts of cleavage that the low cut offers to the eyes. Her breasts are at least a high C cup, probably a D. She's also wearing a worn pair of dark blue cut offs and her feet are bare which freely exhibits her ruby red painted toe nails.


I stand there stunned, looking quite stupid with my mouth agape as her emerald green eyes piercingly stare at me waiting for a response. "Yeah, um, I'm gonna be a freshman over at Hillside," I respond after an awkward silence.

"Really? Me too!" "Oh that's cool," I say as I take a mental note. She walks towards me and extends her hand as she says, "I'm Crysten. With a C." "How rebellious," I say and she laughs. "My name's Johnny, with a J," and I accept her handshake. "When you're done getting settled in you should come on down to my place, I'm right below you. Ya know, to get to know your neighbors and all." "Alrighty. Will do. I'll be down in a bit," I say. "Until then, toodles," she says and gives a little, girly wave.

She turns around to walk away and that gives me the first opportunity to check out her behind and wow, does her ass pop. Not only is it big, but it's perfectly round and perfectly protruding from her. There's no sag at all. There's also a small, but quite noticeable tear near the bottom of the left cheek of her cut offs, which gives a peek to not only her luscious flesh, but a pair of pink panties which match her bra.

I walk back up to the new apartment, put down the boxes, spray a little body spray on myself and start to walk back out when my roommate interrupts by asking, "Where are you going?" "Our neighbor's," I answer.

"Our female neighbor?" "Yeah, her name's Crysten. With a C. How'd you know?" "With a C? New age hipster crap. And I know because you sprayed yourself with that shitty smelling crap." he says. "Does it really smell like shit?" "Naw. More like the inside of a horse's ass." "Fuck you," I say and walk out the door. "Make sure she at least sucks your dick, bro!" I hear him yell as I rush down the stairs.

A couple seconds later I'm outside Crysten's door collecting myself before I knock. Then just as my fist is in mid swing, the door opens and Crysten's standing there. "Sorry, I don't mean to seem stalkerish, but I saw you through the window," she says. "Oh it's no problem." "Please, come in," she says and moves to the side. I walk into her apartment and it's quite bare. It's a studio like ours, but it looks like she's living by herself.

White walls, small kitchen, bedroom in the back. The only furniture in the place seem to be a couch in front of a TV in the living room, an air mattress in the back, and a John Lennon poster hanging above it. "Sorry the place is so naked. I just move in too," she apologizes. "Have a seat on the couch and we can talk." "Alright," I say and walk over and sit down. "When did you move in?" "Oh, just a couple days ago. It was actually a real bitch because I'm under 18.

I can't even sign the lease until my birthday." "Oh really? How old are you?" I ask. "Seventeen." "No way!" I exclaim. "I know what you're thinking, I'm no brainiac or anything-" "No, I totally get it. I'm seventeen too," I interrupt. "Get out!" I begin to get up and jokingly say, "Alright." "Hahaha," she laughs as she pours herself a bowl of cereal. She then walks over and sits unnaturally close to me. "I like to pour a little chocolate sauce on top," she says then seductively eats a spoonful of cereal.

She almost seems to suck on the spoon a little. After a brief, certainly noticed moment of teasing, she removes the spoon from her mouth. There's a trace of her shimmering red lipstick left on the spoon and a dabble of chocolate sauce in the corner of her mouth. "It adds just a little bit of sweetness." "You missed a spot," I point out. "Oh? Can you get it?" "Um, sure." I reach out with my thumb and I firmly swipe away all of the chocolate from her lips.

She puckers her lips and says, "I feel like you may have missed a little.

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Maybe you need to use your tongue?" she suggests. Me finally understanding what's going on here answers with, "Of course I can do that." She puckers her glistening lips together and leans forward with her eyes closed. I take a second before I begin to embrace her lips.

We passionately kiss, allowing our lips to explore each other. As we become one at the tongue, the bowl of cereal crashes to the floor, but neither of us notice.

Our tongues participate in a dance of romance as I lean her back so I'm lying on top of her. The only time our mouths disconnect is so I can pull off her shirt and mine. She's left in her hot pink bra and her red hair is strewn about as she stares up at me. She undoes the front clasp, revealing her massive tits to me. They look even bigger now than they did earlier.

Her nipples are rosy and pink, and no bigger than a quarter. I can't take my eyes off her fat globes of milky white flesh. "They're a 36 Double D. I hope that's okay." "Babe, that's perfect," I respond before diving in with my face. I motorboat her, allowing my tongue to explore the valley between her breasts. I leave them sticky with my saliva. I then move up to her nipples and fondle them with my tongue.

I then gently bite down and suck as my hand massages her other breast. Crysten lets out small moans of pleasure and whispers things like, "Oh my God, yes. Don't stoooop," in that female breathy voice that men love so much.


I switch breasts and being to suckle the other and as I do so, my hand snakes down into her shorts, and caresses her pussy. My fingers stroke through her thin landing strip before she parts her legs and allows me easier access to her womanhood.

I pet her wetness before pushing two fingers inside her. "Oh fuck," she moans in response to the intrusion. I continue to finger fuck her as I kiss down her body. I trail my lips down her tight, taught belly. Soon my eyes are at her crotch. I stare at it, trying to imagine the gift beneath. I use my fingers to scissor her folds open. She's dripping wet. Her pussy is a deep flowing river.

I start to unbutton her shorts, but she interrupts me by saying, "No babe," she stops me. "I'm too horny. I need you inside of me NOW." I oblige and sit up. She gets up, turns around and bends over, shoving her jean covered ass into my face.

I give it a light smack and she looks back at me and playfully says, "Ow," then flashes me a seductive smile. She continues to stare at me, but her face morphs into an expression much more sexy.

Imagine the iconic finger at the lips face, minus the finger. She unpeels her shorts, which brings her panty clad ass out of hiding. Two big, round cheeks of flesh, barely covered by a pink thong. Before she can unpeel her ass like a candy bar, I reach out at tear her panties off, snapping them right where the elastic meets the fabric.

I'm now staring into her pussy, her juices visible in the light. I can't resist and bend forward to lick her. "Ohhhhhhhh," she moans. "Soon, love. First, I need your cock in me." Before I can even get my pants all the way down, Crysten sits down on me, facing away, and gets all of my cock inside of her in one fluid motion.

"FUCK!" she yells out. "That feels soooo gooood." She bounces herself up and down on my cock, her ass slapping into my pelvis. Her wetness slurping and her breaths fast and shallow. I reach around and play with her nipples and clit. "Oh fuck, Johnny. That's so good." She rides me harder and harder, moaning the entire time. I can sense that she's beginning to get tired, so I push us over onto the ground. She's not even in the doggy position, just lying on the floor in a heap getting fucked by my thick, eight inch cock.

She whimpers and moans, not being able to do much as she's getting fucked so hard. I then pull out and raise her onto all fours and bury my face into her mound. My tongue assaulting her hole. I use my tongue to fuck her and fuck her good.

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As I'm orally pleasing her, I roughly rub my hand on her love nub. She screams and hisses as her first orgasm comes to her, spraying my face with her juices. After I'm done drinking her fluids, I lift my head up and tell her to lay on her back. She does as I command and I crawl up her body.

I'm now above her chest, my cock in between her breasts. "Squeeze your tits together. Wrap my cock in them." She does so and I begin to fuck her tits, just as I was fucking her pussy.

In and out. Another different and distinct slapping noise is made from me assaulting her tits with my dick. With each forward stroke, she sticks her tongue out and licks my head, which sends electric shocks up my spine.

"Fuck babe. I'm about to cum," I warn her. "Spray me with it. Coat my face and tits in it. Let me drink all of your spunk." And with that, I explode.

Six, seven spurts of cum fly out of my dick and they land everywhere. Some on her face, some in her hair. I even got some on the carpet. As my orgasm subsides, I dribble the last few drops onto her tits.

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She scoops up what she can and licks her fingers clean. "Yummy," she claims as she rubs the rest of my cum into her skin like moisturizer. I'm still hard, so I get into position above her and roughly force my girth back into her. She responds with a load, breathy moan as I start to fuck her missionary. "Oh GOD, baby. Please don't stop fucking me. You do it so well with that horse cock of yours." "I'm not gonna stop until you're full of my seed," I say.

Every time I thrust into her, her tits bounce.

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They go all over the place. She's rolling her head and curling her toes in pleasure, unable to keep herself still. At this moment we are one, both physically and spiritually. Our lovemaking so full of passion, yet rough. I use one arm to hold me up as the other pulls her hair. This causes her to emit a scream of both pain and immense pleasure.

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I fall on top of her, biting and tenderly embracing her neck. I get my hands in between the shag carpet and her ass cheeks and I grip on. I grasp her round firmness as I shove in and out of her pussy. I maneuver one of my thumbs to her rosebud and gently push in. This causes her to go completely still and whisper over and over, "Oh shit I'm cumming. Oh shit oh shit ohshit ohshit ohshitohshitoshshitOHSHITTTTT. I'M CUMMMMMMING!" Her eyes go wide and she becomes as tense as a rock and as stiff as a board.

While her body is still, her pussy is anything but. Her pussy contracts around my thick cock as I continue to fuck her through her orgasm, and this causes her to cum over and over. I can feel the puddle forming between us and over the carpet. She's squirting everywhere at this point and I can't take it anymore. I whisper into her ear, "I'm about to cum babe. I'm going to cum inside of you." "YES DO IT. DO IT NOW. FILL ME WITH YOUR PRECIOUS CUM," she screams as she cums.

Then all of the sudden with no warning at all, I erupt within her. My cock throbs in union with her contractions and I fill her up.

I must have shot at least twelve or thirteen ropes of thick cum inside of her. After I finish, we both relax and I begin to soften. My cock eventually finds its way out of her with a popping noise. We lay there in silence, each trying to catch our breath. We are covered in sweat and each other's juices. We wear them as a badge of honor and proof of the intense fuck session we just shared with each other.

Finally she breaks the silence with, "I hope you don't mind, but I bet that your roommate heard us." "After that round of fucking, I bet he did," I say. More to come if this is well reviewed.