Hot sexy blonde is oiled for real action

Hot sexy blonde is oiled for real action
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Changing To A New School by po469 My name is Tony. I had gone to the same schools in the San Fernando Valley from the time I started school. There were almost 300 kids in each grade. As everyone knows Southern California is the place for beautiful beach bunnies and a free life style. Now I was about to start my senior year of high school and my father has moved us to Oklahoma because his company has given him the top job in their branch here.

I have been told that my class will have 35 kids in it. I was pissed to say the least. No way did I want to move to this little hick nowhere town hundreds of miles from the ocean. I don't think Mom wanted to move either but she loved Dad and would do anything for him. I just turned eighteen. I'm almost six feet tall and work out so I am built pretty good.

My sport is baseball so I am not built like one of the Venice Beach muscle men but I do have a nice body. My best muscle is between my legs. I have a nice thick seven-inch cock that springs to attention for any good reason. Sometimes for no good reason at all and sometimes when I wish it wouldn't. I had my share of girlfriends in CA and had gotten laid by maybe a half dozen of them and gotten blow jobs from a few more but I did not see much hope of that here.

I wanted to go back to California. It was the first day of school and I had found my homeroom. The other kids were all happy to see each other again but I bet they saw each other almost every day all summer in this little burg. The girls did not dress anywhere near a sexy as they did back in The Valley.

I just sat there and did not pay much attention. We all got our class assignments and when the bell rang I was out the door trying to find my first class. As I left the room I heard a voice behind me say "Hi, I'm Tina. I hear that you will be joining our baseball team." I turned around and was looking right at the biggest set of tits that I had ever seen. I couldn't say a word. I just stared. Tina said "We have the same first class. Can I show you where it is?" I managed to say "Sure." Tina took my hand and walked me down the hall.

Tina was about 5'8" and had a huge rack. I mean huge. She must have been a 34DD.


I don't know how she didn't just fall over. We got to the English class and she kissed me on the cheek and said "See ya later." We had different classes the rest of the day but after school as I left the building. Tina came up to me and started walking with me. "Hi Tony." "Hi Tina." We sat on the swings in the little kids playground and talked.

It didn't take Tina long to get to the point. "I saw you looking at my chest this morning. Some of the guys think my boobs are neat and some are afraid of them." I said "I think they are wonderful." "I was the first girl in school to start getting her tits at about eleven. Before I was 13 I was a 34 and a tight fit in a c-cup. I hated them then because everyone made fun of me.

That was when I first learned to fuck and have fun with them. Several years later my 21-year-old cousin and his wife came to visit for a few days and he talked me into letting him suck my tits then he fucked me in the back of his SUV. Now they are my favorite toys.

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Do you know that I have fucked every boy in the junior and senior classes and half the male teachers, except you because you're new. My folks don't get home till after six if you want to take care of that little problem in your pants.

I looked down to see the bulge in my pants. We got up and hand in hand started for Tina's house. Tina lived only a couple blocks from school so it did not take long to get there.

Within seconds of getting in the door Tina had her top off and had her tits almost shoved in my face. "Here they are, do you still like them?" she asked. Sure they sagged some but I bet you could not even carry around something as heavy as her massive jugs all day. "Even more" I told her.

She reached for my pants and started unbuckling my belt. This girl was hot and aggressive.


"One of my favorite ways is to get fucked between my tits. Let me see your cock." I pulled my pants to the floor and my underwear with them at the same time. My big seven inches proudly stood out, hard as a log and pointing right at her. "OH that's a nice cock. It's one of the biggest ones I've ever had." I said "One of the biggest?" Tina replied that Mr. Johnson, the math teacher, has a nine-inch monster.

He was one of her first and she had a hard time getting it all into her pussy. "Now I can take him all the way in all three of my holes." Tina stroked my shaft with an experienced hand and said "Feel my pussy, I'm getting wet already." I reached down and slid a finger between her pussy lips. She sure was. I pushed my finger into her hole and she moaned. I moved it up to her clit and tickled it. She shivered and let out a loud "Oh fuck yes. Let's get to my room." We picked up our clothes.

She took my hand and led me to her room. Frilly pink curtains and a matching bedspread on her queen sized bed with a large dark wood headboard. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and I did mine.

We stood in front of each other nude. What a sight she was. Her body was slender and well curved except for those huge wonderful tits. She put her hands around my head and pulled my face to her watermelons.

I kissed each one and sucked her nipples. Her huge tits made her nipples look tiny but they reacted well and got nice and hard. So did she also react well. She threw her head back and moaned, "Yes, I love that." Tina pulled away and jumped onto her bed on her back. She reached between her legs, dipped her fingers into her crotch and dipped up some of her slippery fluid with her fingers.

She rubbed it in the valley between her mounds and then licked off the rest. "Startle my waist and put your nice big cock between my tits and fuck them Tony." I did as she said and as I slid my meat between her boobs she pushed them together.

It felt just like it was in a pussy and every time I pushed she licked the tip of my cock. "Oh Tony, I love it. Keep doing it. You make so much wonderful pre-cum. It's making me hungry for the rest of your cock and your cum." I told her that I was about ready to come and she said "Not yet lover, I haven't had a turn yet." and she stopped and let her tits come apart.

"I've gotta take a piss. Do you want to watch me?" Tina said. This was another thing I had never done but I thought it would be cool and I said ya. I followed her into the hall bathroom and she stepped into the shower and squatted. I thought she would just sit on the toilet.

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A stream of yellow piss started to come out of her and splash onto the shower floor. "Reach down and touch it," she said. I hesitated a second but then reached between her legs and felt her hot piss hitting my hand. "Now taste it," she said as she took my wrist and pushed my hand up towards my face. "No." I replied. She pouted and said "Ah come on. Please. It will make me happy." I put one finger between my lips. It tasted bitter and salty. "Not my cup of tea" I said.

But she was satisfied. She washed herself off and we went back to her bed. "Tony, will you eat my pussy now?" "Sure Babe, I'll be happy to." I really enjoy doing that.

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I started to lay her down so I could spread her lags and get my face down between them. She stopped me and said "I wanta be on top." She had me lay on my back with my head up by, but a little ways away from, the headboard. Then she lifted one leg across my head and put her pussy right down onto my face. She had dribbled a little more piss after she had washed it off and had not washed the new urine off.

I did not like the taste but I was trapped. I wiggled my face out enough to tell her that she had not gotten it all cleaned off. She just smiled big and said "Oh I guess I goofed." Then she pushed her crotch back onto my face. She was facing the headboard. I could look up and see her wonderful huge tits right up above me. I started to lick her pussy and clit, back and forth from one to the other. Then I would stick my tongue up in her cunt as far as I could get it and fuck her with it then go suck hard on her clit.

This had driven the girls that I had done it to in California wild but from Tina all I was getting was a series of small happy noises. I had done this for about ten minutes and my tongue was getting tired. I was about to give up and crawl out from under her when she tensed up and started to yell so loud that I was worried that the neighbors would hear if they were home. "Oh yes Tony. Fucking yes. AAGGHHH. Eat me.

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Eat my fuckin' cunt. Make me come. Make me come with your fuckin' wonderful mouth Tony." She grabbed the headboard for leverage and rubbed her pussy hard up and down my face over and over again while I licked and sucked. I watched her tits above me as they bounced back and forth almost like they were trying to tear themselves off her body. With that she exploded in the hard orgasm that I had been trying to give her.

This was the first time I had made a girl come with her on top of my face so I didn't know how much cum a woman puts out, or at least this one. I could feel it coming out in squirts much like my cum does. Some went in my mouth and some all over my face. I did not like the taste of her piss but I love girl cum so I was happy to be covered with it. She got off me and slid down beside me.

She kissed all over my face cleaning her cum off me from my nose to my chin. "Thank you Tony, that was the best I've ever been eaten." Then she started kissing her way down my neck and belly. By the time she had gotten to my belly button my hard cock was right there. She tipped her head and licked the pre-cum off the tip of it.

Then she repositioned herself and took the base of my cock in one hand and slid her mouth over it. She started sliding her mouth up and down on my shaft and sucking while she did. She took her hand off and pushed me further into her mouth. The first time I touched the back of her mouth with the head of my cock she gagged a little and pulled back. The next time she just pushed right through her gag point and my cock slid into her throat. She bobbed up and down and I started thrusting in time with her.

It was a great throat fuck. She was the first to take me so completely. I told her that I was ready to come but she didn't stop. As I came I let out a loud growl and I reached behind her head and held her tight to my stomach and sprayed load after load down her throat. She did not have to swallow but I could feel her throat muscles tighten around my shaft.

By the time I let her up she almost passed out from not being able to breath for so long. She took several hard deep breaths to get her breathing back to normal. Then she said, "I think you liked that." "Sure did Tina. You're the best." That made her feel good. She gave me a big smile and kissed the tip of my softening cock. "Now finger fuck me and suck my tits till you get hard again." "That is exactly what I had in mind you sweet little slut." "Don't call me that." Tina said.

She was very wet now and I didn't have any trouble getting three fingers deep up into her pussy. I sucked hard on one nipple and then the other. I wanted to get her off again. She started having a series of small orgasms and telling me what a good job I was doing. As I played with her body she reached down and played with my prick. After about 5 minutes I started to get hard again. She pulled my arm to show me that it was time to get on top of her but this time it was me that got my way.

I told her to get on her hands and knees that I wanted to take her doggie style. She assumed the position and I got on my knees behind her. As I shoved into her pussy for the first time I could feel her body shudder. She told me that it was ok to come in her as the school nurse had seen to it that she and most of the other high school girls were on the pill without them having to ask their parents. I fucked with fast hard deep strokes. Because her tits were so big her nipples rubbed against her sheets and they swayed back and forth.

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Because I had already come once I knew that I could last longer this time. After about fifteen minutes of banging her I was ready to come. I held her hips tight and thrust my hardest into her and held it there as I exploded deep in her womb. My coming triggered hers. She started thrashing around and screaming words that I couldn't make out they were so grabbled.

I stroked into her several more times till we both came down from our highs. When I pulled my softening cock out she slid down and licked my cock and balls clean of the mixture of both of our cum. We lay there quietly in the bed for a couple minutes. She told me that next time I would get to come in her third hole. Another thing I have never done. She told me that just outside of town there was an old abandoned cabin and that sometimes a bunch of the kids from school would have sex parties there.

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"There's nothing to do around here except fuck." She said that as many as half of the junior and senior class kids would show up for the parties and she would tell me when the next one was as I was sure invited. She said to give her my e-mail address, as that is how everybody was told about the parties. They did not want to be heard talking about them in school.

The wrong people might hear. It was almost time for her folks to get home from work and she still had to clean things up so I put on my clothes and headed for home. Changing schools is not going to be so bad after all. 806