Huge tits boss Lisa Lipps demands sex

Huge tits boss Lisa Lipps demands sex
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Cafe L'Amour. What a stupid name for a coffee shop in the middle of Bumfuck Egypt. Ok, more like Northern Montana, but close enough. Either way, some fancy sounding French cafe had no place there, which was good, because there wasn't one. It was just a coffee shop with an arrogant teenager waiting on people wanting caffeine.

I happen to be that teenager. My name is Trast, and I'm 17 years old and I'm single (obviously, I work at a fucking coffee shop. No one wants to date someone that constantly smells like cappuccino.) I'm not particularly ripped, but I go to the gym about twice a week, enough to keep me toned.

I have dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, and none of you really care about this, do you? You want the sex. Well, I'm getting to it.

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Anyway, working at a coffee shop isn't too bad. If I hear one more person ask me for a latte with no milk, I'm going to lacerate them with a biscotti, but other than that, it's alright. The pay is decent, and quite a few teens go there, as well as a few girls from my school that happen to be drop dead gorgeous.

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They also happen to be clumsy and wear white t-shirts with no bra. Obviously, this makes spilling their coffee all over themselves a few minutes of heaven for me. If I could tell you how many times i've tented my pants from helping a girl clean coffee off her see through shirt and tits, i'd have material for a whole new story. But, this isn't about them. This is about one girl in particular. Sarah started working at the cafe about 7 months after I had been there, and she was the perky girl you always see at those places that you suspect has been doing cocaine or drinking half the orders she makes.

She was blond, constantly wearing her beautiful hair in a pony tail, with these amazing green eyes. She wasn't tan, but had a few freckles on her cheeks and nose, and her lips! I swear, it was like someone granted me the perfect girl to stare at. Her body was amazing too, slender but not twig like, with perky breasts and the peach shaped ass that I was always tempted to pull against me while hearing her moan.

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Over the 2 months we worked together, she was definitely the main ingredient in my perverted imagination while I masturbated.

One day, when I was punching out, I saw Sarah in the parking lot, just kinda sitting there. Wondering why she was still there after she had clocked out over two hours ago, I walked over.

When I got closer to her, i noticed her eyes were red and a bit puffy, obviously from crying.

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Almost tempted to leave the situation alone entirely, I sat down next to her, smiling sheepishly when she jumped at the sudden intrusion of her space. "Hey, you been crying?" I asked, instantly realizing that was the most retarded line of the century.

She nodded, swiping at her eyes to clear away any more tears. "Mmhmm." was her simple response. "Oh.wanna talk about it?" "My jerk of a boyfriend just left me to go pick up his 'cousin.' Like I don't know he's been banging that slut Shirley." she muttered, throwing a few pebbles angrily across the parking lot.

"You're kidding.god, what a cock." I said, shrugging.


"And an idiot. Why would he ever leave a beautiful girl like you.oh, shit, did I just say that?" I stared at her, blushing. She nodded, turning to me slowly, her own cheeks starting to turn rosy, making her all the more attractive." You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked slowly, her eyes begging me to tell her yes. I nodded. "Yeah, who wouldn't?" She just stared at me for a moment before throwing her arms around me.

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"God, I can't believe you actually like me. I've been crushing on you for, like, ever!" she squealed, nearly knocking me to the ground as she hugged me. "Me too." I gasped, being crushed as she sat on my ribs. "Oh, oh my god, I'm so so so sorry!" she said, jumping up. "No worries." I managed, giving her a small smile and standing up as well. "Hey, since he didn't give you a ride, you want me too? I only have a piece of shit Camero, but it get's me places." "I'd love that." So, an uneventful car ride followed.

No blowjobs, no crazy sex in the back seat. Sarah and I agreed to start going out, and that was about it. I was on a strict chest only limit. I got to kiss her and occasionally neck, rubbing her breasts, but never got to see her shirtless or let my hands travel elsewhere.

This all changed about 2 months later, of course, or I wouldn't be putting this story here. About 2 months later, I had scraped up enough money to move out of my parent's house and was living in a small apartment. It was midnight and raining outside, and I was settling into my usual routine of sitting on the couch in a t-shirt and boxers and watching tv when someone knocked on the door. I stood up and answered it, finding Sarah standing there, soaked and shivering.


"Parents are fighting. Can I stay here?" she asked, giving me those big puppy dog eyes that would have kept me from saying no if I had been thinking about it in the first place.

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I led her inside, running to get her a towel. When I returned, I was suprised to find that she had already stripped down, giving me the first view of her beautiful body. Her breasts were perfect, just a little more than a handful with her nipples and areola a slightly darker shade of pink than her skin.

Tearing my eyes off her perfect chest, I let my eyes travel down to her pussy. It was equally as perfect, shaved completely bare, her slit visible. I always had a thing for bare pussy, especially ones that simply looked like slits rather than big open holes. Needless to say, the sight of her gave me a boner instantly. She giggled, seeing my tented boxers, and walked over, rubbing against me slightly as she slid her hand into my boxers and wrapped her slender fingers around my member, purring into my ear "I'm ready to go farther." After a few minutes of rushed undressing, Sarah had pushed me onto the couch, my dick standing at attention.

She licked her lips, kneeling down in front of me. "My my, what a big boy you are." she whispered, sliding her luscious lips around my throbbing shaft a bit. I gave a soft groan, feeling the tight warmth of her mouth engulfing my burning prick.


She began bobbing her head up and down, massaging my balls and stroking my shaft whenever her amazing lips slid up. Before long I was thrusting up against her mouth, moaning. "Oh fuck, Sarah, I'm cumming…" I managed, hearing the most beautiful sound in the world come from her mouth "Mmhmm…" That's all it took to push me over the edge and I began cumming, filling her mouth. She swallowed as fast as my hot baby juice filled her mouth, a few drops dribbling out onto her chin.

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I have a soft groan and leaned back as she slid her lips from my cock, smirking up at me. "Not so fast, lover. I believe you have to repay the favor…" she said, leaning back to expose her beautiful pussy, spreading it open with two fingers.

I could see it dripping with her sweet juices, her clit swollen with lust. Now, I've never been much for eating pussy, but right then I wanted nothing more than to lick up every drop of wetness on those glistening lips. I got down in front of her, starting to lick her dripping slit.

She gave a moan immediately, thrusting up again my face. She obviously loved getting head, and I was glad to be the one giving it to her. I licked her ravenously, sucking and flicking my tongue over her clit. She was soon moaning rhythmically, but didn't orgasm until I slid two fingers deep into her pussy, curving them to hit her g-spot.

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She came hard, screaming and pulling my face against her gushing pussy, humping my tongue. After Sarah and I recovered from each of our orgasms, she was horny again, rubbing against me.

"Mmm, no more oral. I need your thick cock in my steaming fuck hole." she purred. "Gladly…" I growled back, smiling. She grinned and laid back on the couch, spreading her legs, giving me perfect access to her sweet pussy. I positioned my cock outside of her entrance, whispering "Ready?" She nodded, grabbing my cock and guiding me into her, moaning out and wrapping her legs around my waist to pull me deeper.

Once I was completely in her, she began grinding her hips against me, moaning louder as I began thrusting. "Oh, fuck, Trast, I feel so full, so full of your huge rod…" she moaned, reaching down and beginning to rub her clit. It wasn't long before she orgasmed, one after another, moaning and screaming.

The constant squeezing of her pussy and her moaning pushed me over the edge again and I gave one final thrust into her, filling her with another load of hot, creamy cum. We collapsed against each other, falling asleep in each other's arms, my dick still inside her.

The last words I heard escape her lips before we fell asleep were "You know, my sister's boyfriend had to leave to pick up his 'cousin' too…"