Workout Sex With Brittany Blew

Workout Sex With Brittany Blew
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It began on new years eve. What we did was inappropriate but i felt necessary. My plan for the evening was to have my friend John over to watch a few movies.

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I was texting my friend's girlfriend Brittany for a few hours. I asked her if she was going to his house and she said she wasn't invited.


I found this odd because he was having a lot of people over. Anyway I invited her to come to my house because i didn't think that she should be alone. She showed up around 11.30 and the three of us watched TV until about midnight when we put the next movie on.

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I sat down on my couch and Brittany sat down next to me. As the movie went on she got closer and closer to me. Eventually she was lying down with her head in my lap, my arm around her shoulder and us holding hands.

I knew it was wrong but i thought hey, she's just tired and it's sort of a scary movie and we're just friends, and she knows that. John left after the movie and we waited for the cab to come pick her up. We were standing alone in my basement talking and holding hands. Eventually we hugged and stayed hugged for a while, one holding the other as tight as we could. It was magic. When her cab pulled into the drive way i said bye to her and I looked into her eyes.

I lost myself. Her eyes trapped me and brought me in. I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She melted in my arms and opened her mouth to allow my tongue to explore. Eventually we broke off the kiss and there was a few awkward seconds before she ran to the cab.


The next day we talked constantly on the phone about everything. We had honest and open communication for a while. We started to secretly date each other. We went to movies, hockey games, to dinner, many things that the average couple would do.

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But in one night all these things changed. I was feeling bad as she was still dating my friend. Brittany and I had been talkative at school but we never told anyone what was going on between us and no one caught on.

One night she invited me over to watch a movie.


The TV in her basement was broken so we watched TV in her room. I arrived at her house around 9 PM. She was waiting for me at the door. We went up to her room and started watching the movie. I put my arm around her and held her tight. We watched the movie together without anything happening. At the end of the movie we turned and looked deep into each others eyes. She said that she knew i was thinking something. She was right. I knew i shouldn't be there.

I knew i should be out with friends and that her boyfriend should be here. But he wasn't. I was. I looked deep into Brittany's gorgeous brown eyes. I leaned in and kissed her. I rolled her on to her back and continued to kiss her deeply and passionately.

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We made out for 10 minutes before we came back to reality. I rolled off her and she rolled on top of me. She kissed me again. This time i ran my hands up and down the back of her shirt. When i got to the bottom of her shirt and place my hand flat against her bare back. I lifted the shirt off of her head as we broke our kiss.

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Her beautiful 36C tit's popped out, restrained only by her pink bra. She pulled the shirt off of my head and we kissed more and more. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants, and she did the same to me. I pulled my pants off while she took of hers.

There was a dark wet spot on her panties. She had clearly been wet for a while. My own member was standing at it's full eight inches. I reached around and took off her bra. I threw it across the room. I rubbed her tits sensually. I kissed them and sucked at them until her dime size nipples became fully erect. She reached down and pulled my boxers off. Brittany grabbed my balls and rolled them around between her fingers. She lightly kissed the head of my cock. She placed her mouth over the head and started to work her way up and down, rubbing my cock with her balls.

She could only go down about 4 inches before she started to gag. She was clearly enjoying it and so was I. I pulled away from her mouth and she gave me a disappointing look. I pulled Brittany back on to the bed and started kissing my way down her body, across her boobs, down her flat stomach, to her inner thigh.

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I got to her panties and pulled them off with my teeth. Her slit was dripping wet and her clit was fully released. I went in. I kissed her pussy lips and sucked on her clit. She began to moan with intense pleasure.

She was enjoying this a lot. Her moans started to get louder and louder. Her pussy was dripping juices everywhere. Finally she screamed and my face was soaked with her pussy juices as she has an explosive orgasm. When she came down I was on top of her. I looked deep into her gorgeous eyes once more, the ones that i was beginning to fall in love with. She wrapped her legs around me as i placed my cock at the entrance of her slit. I slowly slid in, first the head, then a few inches at a time.

I was finally buried to the hilt. She moaned with pleasure as i drew out from her wet slit. Her pussy walls closed tight around my head as a slammed my way back down in to her. This caused her to scream.

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I pulled out and went in again. I started to find a steady rhythm. She was freely moaning. "Oh my. don't stop. don't stop oh this feels so good!!!" She moaned. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and her mouth was in a big smile.

I slammed down harder and harder, faster and faster. She had her second orgasm of the night, screaming OHHHH YEAA!!! OH GOD DON'T STOP DON't STOP AHHHHH!!! Her screams filled the house and her pussy juices coated my cock.

I couldn't hold out much longer. I could feel my own orgasm approaching. My breathing became very heavy as did her's for the third time.

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"I'm gunna cum!!!" I screamed "Me tooo!!!" she screamed back. Heaven. We both came at the exact same time, my semen mixing with her pussy juices deep inside of her. I rolled off her and collapsed on her bed. I awoke a few minutes later and looked deep into those gorgeous brown eyes. We kissed again, this time more passionately then ever before.

I smiled and looked at her. "I love you Brittany." "i love you too" We kissed some more before falling asleep.