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Asian rimming and cookie toying
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"As you can see Your Majesty," said Governor Arcturus with a bow, "the people's taxes would not go to waste, the designs my architects have come out with are undoubtedly flawless." The king studied the scroll carefully, his brow furrowed.

"I'm not sure Governor," he started, and Arcturus' face darkened slightly, "Governor Morrigan's architects are a rather talented lot." The governor scowled.

This deal would pour huge amounts of the treasury into his coffers, he needed this contract.

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Straightening up with a smile, he said, "They may be Your Majesty, but you cannot argue that our city is a grander place for a structure such as this." The king pursed his lips. "Yes, I cannot. But I must take into account other factors as well." He looked up from the plans. "I shall take this into deeper consideration; meanwhile, I trust you would ensure my son's stay here is comfortable." Arcturus looked behind the king's shoulder and gave a short bow to the a handsome blonde young man clad in noble cloth, "Your Highness" he said.

The young prince returned the greeting with little nod and a smile.

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******************************** The governor slammed the table. "Damn you!" he yelled at his personal assistant. Roland was a timid but industrious man, perfect as an aide. He had a blonde crop of hair, a round face and a forehead that was perpetually sweaty about the Governor.

"I thought you had taken care of Morrigan's courier!" "I-I-I had milord." The man replied quietly.

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"But he had a backup." "Enough of your pathetic excuses, what's done is done, you'll be dealt with later." Roland gulped. "What have you got in mind milord?" "Nothing, which is what angers me so!

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On top of that, I have to care for the prince. I need this contract!" "Why not use the prince to your advantage?" the aide offered, when he saw the look to continue, "Use him to convince his father that here would be better for the arena." The governor stared at his aide's earnest face, then looked up, "But how…" and his face lit up in delight.

"Roland, I thank you for the fantastic idea. You are forgiven for your earlier incompetence." The man's face was one of surprise. He was about to enquire when he heard the governor called one of the servant girls over. Roland's eyes froze as he saw the pretty girl walk over to the table. "Yes milord?" she bowed in curtsey.

The girl was fourteen, but she was tall for her age. She was a vision of beauty, complete with her green eyes and gold locks flowing down the sides of her face.

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The governor gave her a malicious smile. "Yes, I have a task for you." "Anything my lord." She replied as trained. "As you know the prince is visiting us these few days," he said gently, "And I know how you all you girls adore him. So I want you to bring a tray of our local delicacies up to his quarters and make sure he enjoys his stay.

Is that alright?" he finished with a smile, briefly looking at an aghast Roland. "I would love too!" the girl almost squealed, before quickly saying, "anything milord." "Oh, Adela," the governor recalled her as she started for the door. "Don't go in that dress, use that one." He motioned at a silky gown hanging on a wall. Adela smiled gratefully, removed the dress from the wall before slipping out with a 'thank you' Roland grabbed Arcturus' hand. "Please do not do this. Not my daughter." The governor's smile was venomous, his voice silky, "Do what?

I'm just granting her an audience with the prince. She wants this, besides, it was your idea." *************************************** Prince Darrius lay on his bed, extremely bored.

He had accompanied his father on this state visit because the king thought that he it would be a 'good learning experience'. But now, his father had left him in the care of the governor and he was confined to his quarters with little to do. Darrius regretted coming along.

He missed home; he missed the girls from the royal harem. Just as he let out a long sigh, he heard a tentative knock on the door.


"Enter." He replied automatically. The door opened and a beautiful servant girl carrying a tray stepped in. The prince immediately sat up. Before he could enquire, she said, "Governor Arcturus sent me with these humble offerings to tempt you." Delight immediately registering on his face; he motioned for her to come. Adela approached the prince's bed with the tray. "Place them on the table." He told her.

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She did so. "Will that be all Your Highness?" she asked, her emerald orbs enquiring from him. The girl was clad in a long flowing dress that revealed a bit of her chest and accentuated her figure. The material was also semi-transparent in the right places.

"No," he said suddenly. "Why don't you sit here with me for awhile? Accompany me." The prince offered. "My lord, I couldn't possibly…" she started, surprised. "Nonsense." Darrius waved her remark away. "Pour us some wine and sit down." He slapped at a spot on his bed.

After a brief hesitation, she poured wine into two cups and handed one to him before sitting down. "So what's your name?" he asked the girl sideways, taking a huge gulp from his cup. "Adela." she replied softly, sipping her wine and avoiding eye contact with the prince. "That's a beautiful name!" he said.

She thanked the prince but still tried to avert her gaze with someone so much nobler than she was. He went on. "You have beautiful hair as well." He reached and stroked her hair. She started to shy away but then decided to stay put.

The prince's hand went from her hair to her face, caressing her smooth cheeks, if the girl felt uncomfortable; she tried not to show it. Darrius decided to take a bolder step. He bent slightly to smell her hair. The girl was obviously troubled now, but she was afraid to push him away.

'Bedding this servant girl was going to be easy.' He thought. He whispered into the girl's ear. "I want you to service me." Immediately, her head snapped away from him, her eyes looked at him in disgust and shock. The prince went on. "Kneel in front of me." Somehow, a gleam in his eye made the girl comply. She reluctantly got off the bed and knelt in front of him, eyes looking up at his lewd expression in apprehension.

The prince then removed his pants. "Come closer." With one hand, he reached it around her head and pulled her mouth to his semi-erected manhood. Her lips touched him and a jolt of excitement flooded his body. "Service me." He repeated. Adela closed her eyes and gingerly stretched open her mouth, and immediately had her head pushed down onto his crotch.

The putrid tasting organ was shoved into her mouth in one go. Her mouth closed automatically around it and her tongue instinctively licked around for a free space. He then began to bounce her head over his shaft and moan each time her mouth went back down. Darrius leaned back on a hand as the servant girl serviced him orally, his hand controlling the speed at which she did so. He continued thrusting the girl's magnificent blonde head for awhile more until he was about to explode and reluctantly lifted her off his throbbing shaft.

Adela fought back tears, but the aching in her neck was hard to ignore. The prince raised her up and slid his hands across her shoulders, slipping off her one-piece gown.

The garment fell off her body into a lump on the floor and her full nudity was brought before him. She had the figure of a grown woman. Her breasts weren't big like the girls in the harem but they were of a delightfully innocent size. It gave her the childlike innocence. She was young and had only a little blonde crop of hair covering the mound between her legs.

Prince Darrius stood facing her, his erected shaft poking her in the belly. She could feel its slickness rub off onto her skin, she just stood there, nude, too afraid to turn away the prince. He then clasped her on both arms and pushed her onto the bed. He then climbed onto her body and felt every inch of her smooth skin. His hands raced across her legs, over her breasts and along her face.

Each touch frightened the girl, but she did not move. He then bent down and sucked her nipple, his passion leaving her with a tingling pain to bear. Reaching downwards with one hand, the prince dug a finger between the girl's legs. Not expecting this, Adela yelped and then turned her head to the side, colour suffusing her cheeks as she felt ashamed for her childish outburst.

After he was done violating a young body, the prince leaned his chest onto her breast, and he whispered to her, "I'm going to bed you tonight." That simple statement made Adela's eyes leak with tears. She was afraid, afraid that she might be punished, afraid that it might be painful, ashamed that she was being used as such. With that, the prince spread the servant girl's legs, and without hesitation, slipped right between them and into her deepest confines. Adela let out a silent scream.

The pain was immense, she felt something inside her tear and bleed and suddenly, there was something hard violating her sacred area. Slipping in and out like a big slimy snake. She wanted to run away, but she couldn't.

Despite how badly she hated the experience, she could not wriggle out from beneath the much stronger prince.


She lay that, allowing herself to continue being violated and even letting the prince kiss her lips as he did so. Adela's body rocked with the prince's, he making moans of pleasure as her raped her on and on. The worst feeling was that her body was actually accommodating the intrusion by embracing it tightly and sending pleasurable sensations through her.

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Suddenly, she felt the prince seize up and she could feel a sudden spurt of warmth as seed was injected into her. The prince continued sexing her, discharging more of his seed into her in the process.

Exhausted, the prince lay atop her, his manhood softening inside her. Adela felt so dirty, her insides were infested by a sickly substance, and she felt so sore below. She felt her abdomen throb in pain and exhaustion, and she wanted to run back to her father and cry, but she was trapped. The prince got up and got dressed. As he put on his shirt, he said to her, "You may leave, and take the tray with you." Adela rose from the bed and as she stood up, she felt a wetness against her leg.

She looked down and saw a trickle of white dripping from between her legs. She looked up and saw the prince smirk as he eyed her dribbling mound with glee. Utterly devastated, she hurriedly slipped on her dress and ran as calming she could out the room. Governor Arcturus got his contract. Do leave comments on how I can improve if neccessary. Thank you for reading. :)