Aksi niza awek kelantan melayu tudung

Aksi niza awek kelantan melayu tudung
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Hey sorry for the lack of good grammar last time hopefully this will be better than the first. Please don't post comments about the misspelled words.

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Thanks and enjoy. I sat there with my mouth opened wide staring at her beautiful body and I could feel my dick spring to life in my shorts. She had nice perky tits probably a b cup and she had a nice bald pussy already glistening with the sweet juices. She giggled and stared back at me as I was pulled back to relaity and shamefully realized what I had been doing.

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You look looking at my naked body she asked me. All I could do was simply shake my head yes. She laughed and then told me the only reason she had gotten naked was because she thought I was cute.

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I remembered then that we were playing truth or dare and it was my turn to be asked. She asked me truth or dare and since I liked were this was going I answered dare.

She did exactly what I thought she would do which was to dare me to take my clothes off just like her. Without any hesitation I peeled off my clothes and before I knew it I was naked with my cock standing straight up behind for attention.

It was my turn but she stopped me and told me we shouldn't play the game any more. I understood but was still very sad as I put back on my clothes. Wait!!!!! She holered. I only meant stop truth or dare not stop the whole makes thing. That put a smile back on my face as we headed to her room both naked. I asked Rachel where she was hoping to go with this. She only said wherever it leads. I had this gut feeling that tonight was the night that I was going to loose my virginity.

Staring at my cousins amazing body I slowly leaned foward and kisses her lips very softly. She kissed back and I pushed my tongue against her lips and she parted them allowing us both to explore each other mouths with are tongues. After 20 min of that I slowly started to message her breast and occasionally I would pinch her nipples making her groan with pleasure.

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2. Getting turned on more and more I finally started sucking on one of her nipples while playing with he other one. She moaned again telling me not to stop and I kept on sucking on them for many minutes. Slowly I moved my hand down to her bald pussy and I touched a pussy for the first time.

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She was very wet and was really warm. I might have been a virgin but I had watched enough porn to know how to please a women.

I slowly started rubbing her pussy and then I moved my mouth down to her glistening cunt. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy and began to slowly move it in and out. She screamed in pleasure as I contined to eat her wet cunt. I felt her hips moving with my tongue and I moved up to her clit and started sucking on it while flicking my tongue over it. It wasn't long until she warned me she was going to cum. I was so excited my first taste of a females juices.

I continued my assault until she exploding in my mouth pushing my head right up against her pussy. She came everywhere and I swallowed all of it in my mouth that I could. It was the sweetest thing I had ever swallowed in my entire life. 3. She smiled at me and said. That was the most I have ever cummed in my life.

I told her how much I loved it. She said that I would love it even more when it is my turn.


She slowly got up and straddled me with my dick right in front of her pussy. She started to pump my cock up and down with her hands while grinding her pussy on my cock. It was a amazing feeling seeing my 21 year old hot cousing giving me a hand job. Before I knew it I was close to cumming and I warned her. She slid down my body and took my cock in her mouth. I gasped in awe of how good it felt and she started to bob her head up and down on my cock licking the soft underside that made me tingle.

All of the sudden ropes of cum shot out of my cock and in my cousins mouth. I hears her gag and I finally finished cumming. My cousin opened her mouth to show me her mouth full of my cum. She then swallowed it all in one gulp.


Yummy she said as gave me a devilish grin with cum still on the edges of her mouth. Just seeing my cousin with my cum on her gave me another hard on. She smiles at me and asked me if I was ready to loose my virginity and nodded egarly and coundnt wait to feel a pussy for the first time.

She raised up and started to lower her pussy lips on my dick.


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