Love To Fuck Her Tight Ass hole

Love To Fuck Her Tight Ass hole
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"Take off your clothes, then bend over to touch your toes." I did as I was told. Rose was sitting in a chair in front of me, black latex clad from neck to toe,she was also holding a long braided whip. "any day now" she said impatiently,tapping one of her stilettoes on the tile while picking at her manicured finger nails, bored. So I started with my shoes, unlacing them reveling my Pokemon socks.

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Awkward, it would be today of all days. I took them off quickly. Now my pants, first my studded belt fell to the ground in a coil then I began to peel off my jeans, arching my back and sticking my butt out slowly for her, trying my hardest to be sexy.

Next my joy division shirt with the back that's cut out. I'm left in my poka dotted bra and popsicle panties. Yes heather your officially achieving your goal of being sexy now. Rose was the head of drama club, math, cheer and track. Her body was magnificent, face gorgeous and her mind, god she was a genius! She was toned tight and tan. Her long curly auburn hair would almost dance with her as she walked. When she smiled at you, your heart would skip a beat. Her eyes were icy blue and green mixed in one.

Freckles sprinkled about her skin. She was perfect. Rose picked her head up and smirked, a curl falling in front of her face. "nice choice, now strip bitch." I unhooked my bra allowing my breasts to spill out into the cold air.


Goose bumps arose on my body. I hooked my popsicle underwear and pulled them down. Rose giggled. " you have a nice body heather, you should show it more, now bend over." I bent over to touch my toes.

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I herd her get up and the high heels click on the tile as she came closer to me. I felt the cold leather whip hit my ass, leaving a slight sting and welt. I moaned. " I knew you would like it you filthy little slut." she hit the whip against my ass again, making me scream out. She then pushed a finger in my butt causing me to scream out in a bit of pain.

" what kind of slut are you not liking to have things in her hole?" she twisted her finger around I winced. She pulled her finger out and went to her dresser. "get on the bed,now" she had a huge metal bed, with four long ornate bars for posts, it was very tall you had to almost climb onto it, so i opted to use the little step stool next to it.

She turned around from her dresser, in her arms was a glass butt plug that had a fox tail attached to it, a red ball gag, nipple clamps, a gold vibrator, and four white fuzzy handcuffs with long chains. She set them by the bed on the stool.

" roll a joint slut while I get changed into something more suiting and find you something better" she disappeared into her walk in closet. I can't believe I am about to be fucked by the girl of my dreams and of the schools dreams. I could feel myself getting wetter as I anticipated about what would happen next.

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Rose was the best thing I could ever ask for, the fact that she was dominating was even more amazing and perfect. How am I going to hide this from Austin and Niki? I couldn't stop dreading that part.


But then she came out in a sheer silver latex cat suit, it made her glow almost. Like a kinky angle sent down to punish me. There was a zipper from the front of the pussy to the back of the butt, the breasts were cut out exposing and framing her boobs perfectly. Her hair was pinned up and she had on the same tall black stilettos.

She was holding a gold latex cat suit identical to hers. She threw it at me and climbed onto the bed. "get dressed slut and unzip it all the way open" she lit the joint and sat back. I slid off the bed to get dressed. The latex was cold and constricting, almost sticky on my skin. I pulled my boobs threw the holes, they fit in them perfectly too. It was fully on, I felt like my body was being smothered, I unzipped the zipper all the way up, exposing myself. I climbed back up on the bed and Rose was laying there smoking the joint and fingering herself.

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Her pussy was small and pink. The only way you could see her clit is if you exposed it. "taste them" she put her two fingers out for me, I licked them and she pushed my mouth down on her fingers, slightly choking on her long nails. She giggled and offered me the joint "now bend over on your knees and elbows slut" rose spanked me hard, then inserted the glass butt plug with the fox tail into me.

It was very cold and I could feel my hole tear a little. She took the joint from me "open your mouth slut" she inserted the ball gag and fastened it tight.

She got a pair of the handcuffs and chained my arms to the bed posts, still on my knees. " spread your legs" Rose then inserted the vibrator into my pussy and turned it on full blast. My good god. Next the nipple clamps were placed on me.

I could have cummed right then just from the sight and anticipation of it all. She then got next to me and started playing with herself as she pushed the vibrator in and out of me. I could see Rose getting wetter as her breathing slowed to a ragged breath.

Just watching her was getting me wetter and anxious, I wanted to taste her, and I wanted her to taste me. She was going faster now for both of us, Rose then moaned out as she came, I could see her body tense and relax, a sheer coating of sweat allover her body, she looked at me and crawled to my face, rubbing my face in her pussy juices as she moaned some more. She sat on top of me and started playing with the nipple clamps, squeezing them and pushing the metal into my skin.

Rose then flipped around and started playing with the butt plug and vibrator simultaneously making me go insane. My body felt like it was on fire and I couldn't stop gyrating my hips. She was sending shivers up and down my spine. I curled my toes as I came for the first time that night, god she's amazing. Rose then took the vibrator out and replaced it with her mouth, tenderly lapping up my juices.

She pulled my lips apart and went for my swollen clit.

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Nibbling and sucking at me, curling her tongue up in my hole pressing against my walls. It felt insane I could feel Rose pressing her face into me as I came again, the pleasure rolling threw me faster and harder. God she could make me cum so quickly it was unbelievable. My heart was racing and I could barley breath.

It was so hard to swallow all my saliva with the huge ball gag, on top of that I was moaning uncontrollably. My legs finally gave out and i sprawled out on the bed.

Rose then took the ball gag off, and flipped me over "eat slut" she slid up to my mouth, forcing her wet pussy into my mouth which I eagerly obliged with.

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God she tasted like heaven, sweet tangy heaven. Her pussy was tight and hairless. I had to fight my way into her hole with my tongue, Rose bucked her hips and started to moan. She got up slightly to undo the handcuffs,I took advantage off this and slide my tongue too her butt which caused her to shiver and grind on my face harder.

She undid the handcuffs and I immediately went for her breasts, her tender smooth breasts. Every part of Rose was perfect, I went lower to her butt again, pushing her even more into my face, the latex on her skin felt incredible and sticky at once.

I shoved a finger in her holes. Making her go wild, she pushed my head down, pulling at my hair, suffocating me with her wetness.


Then she came, rose screamed out and tried to wiggle free from me, but I wanted more. I needed to taste all of her. " ok stop heather please" I stopped not wanting to upset her. So I started nibbling on her inner thighs, licking and sucking on them till she recovered.

" Heather I now want you to pose for me, I want pictures of my dirty slut" so Rose made me get up and take various pictures, some with the ball gag and butt plug, others me playing with the vibrator and the nipple clamps.

" No one can know heather, ok?" I nodded my head and starts to roll another joint for us "now come eat me" Rose pulled at the nipple clamps making me crawl faster to her.

She lit the joint and looked at me bored, again.

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So i quickly started to lick her, inhaling her scent. Rose somehow smelled and tasted better than before. Once again I had the please of licking and sucking on her clit. I massaged her pussy with my tongue going lower to her butt making Rose squeal out in delight.

She quickly came, almost squirting. A thick line of cum oozed out of her hole. roses body quivered, she clenched my hair pushing my face and tongue farther into her, making me fully know what she tastes like. Rose was breathless as she lay there, her pussy was almost red from me, there was a nice little puddle of cum on the bed from her.

Rose then lifted her head up at me and smiled " im keeping you as my slave, but for now get dressed and go home" " when will we meet again?" I tried to ask not to desperately, she giggled.

" meet me here tomorrow night at 9" I got off the bed and changed into my clothes, I looked at Rose on the bed before I left and she was asleep, in a latex cat suit, breasts exposed, sex toys scattered all around, pussy also exposed swollen and wet. I smiled taking in that mental image till I fell asleep that night.