Nerd showers fingers wet pussy on webcam tube porn

Nerd showers fingers wet pussy on webcam tube porn
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Mike Canter would never forget his 28th birthday. It started normal enough. He woke up next to Emma, his live-in girlfriend, ate breakfast, cleaned himself up for the day, all the usual rigamarole we all go through.

He had taken the day off from work and went out for a nice lunch at a nice restaurant with Emma.


It was only that evening that things turned unusual. Emma, though wishing him a happy birthday, had not given him a gift of any kind, which seemed out of character for her. He knew that she could be quite straight laced about some things, but she was very giving, and he assumed that she was just waiting for the right moment.

He had hoped for a birthday fuck at least that morning, but Emma was very timid when it came to sex. Not because she had a strict upbringing or anything like that, it was just her character, it was if she was holding back all the time.

Which was why at 7pm that evening Mike got the surprise of his life. They were both sitting in their flat, cosied up on the sofa, when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it" said Emma. "Leave it babe, stay with me" said Mike holding onto her. "I'll just be a minute, I'll be right back" she replied, giving him a quick kiss.

She went through to the hallway, closing the sitting room door. Mike could hear her open the door and talk to someone for a couple of minutes, and started to get curious. Emma popped through the sitting room door again, closing it behind her. "Now I've got you a little surprise for your birthday" said Emma, obviously nervous "I think you'll like it." Emma opened the door and Lacey sauntered through, swaying her hips.

She was blonde with long hair, in her early 20s.

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She had a nice figure and a decent sized rack. "Hi there birthday boy" she said with a smile to Mike. "What's going on Emma?" said Mike, looking over at her. Emma bit her lip nervously. She'd never done anything like this before, never even thought about it. But she loved Mike, he brought out the best in her, made her try things she'd never done before, made her live life more fully. Over the last month, since she'd moved in, she had been taking careful note of the things that Mike enjoyed, so she could get him the best birthday present she could.

And she had found his hidden porn stash, most featuring threesomes.

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She'd managed to find out, through observation and a careful selection of film rentals that, like for many men, the lesbian scenes really turned him on. So she'd gone online and hired Lacey for the night.

"This is Lacey, she's your present darling" said Emma. "For us to enjoy together." Emma had never thought about being with another woman before, not even curious. Even now there was no desire in her, looking at Lacey she just saw a rather pretty blonde. But if Mike wanted a threesome, she would break her lesbian cherry. For Mike. Lacey swayed on over to Mike, who was still looking pretty shocked, sat on his lap and started to kiss him.

Emma couldn't blame Mike for being shocked, she had surprised herself with this. She was always timid about sex, unadventurous. She and Mike hadn't slept together until they had dated for over a month. After that, occasionally Mike had tried to do something a bit different in the bedroom, but Emma had always shot him down.

She'd tried to go down once on a previous boyfriend, but couldn't go through with it, and had never been able to stomach the idea of anyone performing oral sex on her. Usually anything more than just the old missionary in and out, she just couldn't handle, but she had had a wonderful three months with Mike, living together for the last four weeks and she was sure that he was the one that she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

She knew he wanted more excitement with her, she could see the disappointment in his eyes sometimes, though he never verbalised it.

So she had decided to dive in head first to the pool of sexual experimentation, to both reward and please Mike and to free herself from her fears. As she saw Mike kissing Lacey, his hands on her shapely rear end, she tried to fight down the pangs of jealousy that were washing through her.

She saw Lacey whisper in Mike's ear, then they both looked over at her, Mike wearing a half smile, half leer. 'What the hell did she say?' thought Emma. Lacey got up from Mike's lap, revealing his tenting erection, that she had been grinding against. She walked over to Emma, looking like she was hunting her down. Emma took a step back, feeling rather intimidated.

Taking hold of her, Lacey turned them both around so they were side on to Mike and, putting her hands on Emma's shoulders, started to move her face closer to the young woman's.

Emma started to breathe fast, uncertain but determined to do this. Lacey's lips touched hers in the most gentle of kisses. Emma glanced over at Mike in embarrassment, seeing him stare in rapt attention at the two of them. She suddenly felt those soft lips again, this time kissing her with more energy. Her eyes slipped closed as the kiss went on and she started to kiss back from instinct. Arms pulled her closer and she felt her breasts squashed against someone elses.

She pulled back in alarm quickly, breaking the kiss with a soft pop. "That was hot!" said Mike from his chair. Emma's cheeks were burning with embarassment. "It's okay Emma, we can go as slow as you need to." said Lacey quietly, stroking Emma's cheek. "I don't know if I can do this…" said Emma in a quiet voice. Mike got up and held her in his arms.

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"Don't worry babe. You tried and I appreciate that." He started to kiss her himself, his familiar touch and taste making her feel comfortable and safe. Quickly forgetting they had company, Emma deepened the kiss, her tongue delving into Mike's mouth, her hands holding his back as his grasped and kneaded her buttocks.

She was so into it, she didn't even feel Lacey start to kiss her neck at first. A very feminine body pressed against her back and her pulse started to race as Lacey nibbled and licked her neck. Emma moaned into Mike's mouth. He broke the kiss and leaning over Emma's shoulder began to kiss Lacey.

Emma turned her head seeing her lover locking lips with another woman. Hands were roaming over her body and she wasn't quite sure whose were whose as the situation started to overwhelm her senses. Her breasts were fondled and her pussy cupped as she started to get aroused. Lacey then turned Emma around and kissed her again, their tongues swirling together as they made out passionately. Emma found herself enjoying kissing another woman and started to explore this new partner with her hands, discovering her body.

She then reached back and found Mikes trouser clad erection. Never breaking the kiss, she undid his zip and reached inside to pull out his solid cock, masturbating him while he watched his girlfriends lesbian snog.

He came quickly with a gasp, shooting cum onto the floor and her hand. Removing her tongue from Emma's mouth Lacey lifted Emma's hand and sucked off Mike's sperm. "Try it" she said and kissed Emma again, letting her taste the cum in her mouth.

Emma was surprised, she found she didn't mind the taste at all, in fact she wanted more. She turned around and took some more off of Mike's cock, then licking her hand clean. Mike's eyes were wide with this little display, and widened even more when Emma got on her knees and took his soft tool into her mouth and started to lick and suck it clean. Emma didn't know why she had been so reluctant, she was enjoying this. She played with Mike's testicles as her tongue lathed his pole, which had started to grow and harden again.

Emma could feel it grow in her mouth, filling it up and she felt proud that this was because of her. She started to bob back and forth, taking as much of her boyfriends cock as she could in her mouth, sucking and licking it. In and out it went, red and hard and covered in saliva as he pumped his hips with a desperate need.

After a couple of minutes she looked up to meet Mike's eyes and that was his undoing as he came with a cry, firing wads of warm, salty cum into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, scooping the remnants up with her tongue and fingers and eating it all. "Mmmmm" she moaned. "I liked that." Mike was panting heavily and went to sit down on the sofa.

"Let's have a taste" said Lacey and kissed Emma again. They shared the remains of Mike's essence between them, savouring his salty goodness. Lacey started to undress Emma, removing her top to reveal her bra clad bosom. Nervous again, Emma said "Maybe we should turn off the lights." "But we want to see your beautiful body" replied Lacey "Don't we Mike?" "Yes, every inch of it." Lacey undid Emma's bra next, letting her breasts spring free. Emma quickly covered them with her arms, Lacey giving her an exasperated look.

She kissed her again, holding her close until Emma gave into her passion and ran her hands through Lacey's hair, exposing her chest. Lacey started to kiss down Emma's neck, who was too caught up in a whirl of emotions, until she got to her tits, which she kissed all over, eventually giving the hard nipples a little suck and a gentle bite.

Emma gave a little sigh and held Lacey's head to her breasts, enjoying the new sensation of another girl pleasuring them. Mike was enjoying the show the two women were giving him. He'd only ever seen lesbian action like this on a screen and having his extremely straight laced girlfriend being seduced like this turned him on a lot. He had stripped naked already, throwing his clothes to the side to reveal his muscled body. Emma meanwhile was thinking of nothing much at all, enjoying the sensations that Laceys mouth was causing.

She felt a hand reach under her skirt and panties and start to caress her wet pussy. It expertly caressed her and she felt her knees would buckle as waves of pleasure flowed through her. Suddenly Emma pulled back saying "Wait, wait…" Mike was disappointed, he had thought that Emma was enjoying herself, he certainly had been. He was surprised therefore, as was Emma herself slightly, when she grabbed the hem of her dress in both hands and stepped out of it and her panties, throwing them aside.

Lacey looked her naked body up and down. "Very nice" she purred. "You are a gorgeous little thing aren't you…" Emma was trembling slightly, her nipples hard and her pussy moist with sexual excitement.

"What next?" she said "What do I do now?" Lacey replied "Well, you can strip me naked for starters." Emma reached forward with nervous fingers and started to unbutton Lacey's blouse. She pulled it off, revealing a sexy brassiere.

Emma then unbuttoned the other woman's jeans and pulled them down and off, leaving her in only her underwear. Emma examined Laceys body, unconsciously licking her lips. "Like what you see Emma?" queried Lacey. She then removed her own bra, throwing it across the room, and soon did the same with her panties and pop socks, leaving the two women completely naked.

Mike started to fondle himself as he looked from one beauty to the other. Emma moved forward, looking at Lacey she was starting to feel real desire and lust.

She never knew that she could feel like this, not about another woman, but she really wanted to touch her exposed flesh. Emma kissed Lacey several times, each deeper than the previous. She held the other woman's breast, exploring it, it's differences, it's similarities, to her own.

As she bent her head and started to suckle on it, Lacey ran a finger across Emma's labia, picking up her moisture. She waited until both Mike and Emma were looking at her and licked it off lewdly with a moan. "Lie down" she told Emma, who obeyed her with nervous excitement. Lacey dropped to her hands and knees and slowly prised Emma's legs apart, revealing her dewey flower.


Emma was eager as Lacey kissed her way up her thighs, until she reached her genitals, letting out little gasps as Lacey started to eat her dripping cunt. Her head dropped back, her fingers in the hooker's hair as she revelled in the feelings that Lacey's lips and tongue were stirring in her. Mike meanwhile was more than ready for another go, his cock hard and upright and dripping pre-cum.

Lacey wriggled her hips in invitation and so Mike knelt behind her and lining himself up plunged into her pussy to the hilt. She wasn't as tight as Emma, but Mike knew he wouldn't be able to last long, pounding his meat into this virtual stranger whilst she was bringing his girlfriend to orgasm with her tongue. He pushed in and out of her hairless pussy, her juices coating his manhood as it plunged in and out of her honeypot, her backside wobbling with each stroke.

Emma was moaning loudly now, feeling the waves building up inside her. She looked up to see her boyfriend fucking Lacey, feeling her moaning into her pussy as he ploughed into the escort again and again, a look of concentration on his face. As their eyes met, Emma smiled contentedly at Mike and this caused him to cum unexpectedly, eyes widening in shock as he filled Lacey's pussy with his seed. He thrust in jerks as he orgasmed, his spunk dripping onto the carpet.

He pulled his cock out and shot a couple of wads of thick cum into the air, some landing on the back and head of the woman he had just fucked, some landing on Emma's breasts and face.

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Emma scooped up what she could reach and swallowed it down her throat. This lewd act was the final push she needed to reach her own orgasm as she came with a wail, her thighs clamping around Lacey's head, her juices pouring out her cunt as she came the hardest she ever had. Her brain switched off as Lacey kept tonguing her clit, until she finally pulled away, her mouth sticky with Emma's nectar and her pussy full of Mike's sperm.

Knackered out, Mike and Lacey sat down on the settee, catching their breath, whilst Emma lay flat out on the floor, trembling with little aftershocks. Ten minutes later, Emma was crawling up to Lacey and pushed her legs apart, wanting to return the favour and discover what cunt tasted like, now that she knew how cock tasted. She kissed her way up the inside of Lacey's thighs, reaching the apex she tentatively darted out her tongue, licking her first pussy.

She decided she liked the flavour, especially when it was mixed with Mike's cum. She licked up and down the flaps, delving her tongue deep inside of the other woman, then flicking it over her clitoris.


She inserted a finger, pumping it in and out with a squelch, soon adding another, then another. Lacey was enjoying Emma's attempt at oral and leaned over to kiss Mike. She reached down hand for his penis, to see if he was ready again yet, and finding it semi hard, leant down and started to give him an expert blowjob. Mike just sat back and enjoyed, in no rush to cum again. He rested a hand on Lacey's back, caressing it as she went down on him, running her tongue around his cockhead and caressing the shaft.

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Mike was also enjoying seeing his straight girlfriend eat out another woman, Emma was going at it with gusto, determined to make Lacey cum. Mike reached a hand under Lacey's body and started to fondle her breasts, squeezing the plump flesh and pinching the nipples. The escort could feel her body start to climb towards that orgasmic peak.

Unable to concentrate fully on the blowjob, she released Mike's penis with a slurp, sitting back and breathing heavily. Looking at each other with silent communication, Mike and Emma each took one of her breasts in their mouths, their hands intertwining as they finger fucked Lacey and stimulated her clit. It wasn't long before Lacey came, squeezing her pussy around their digits, washing them with her juice. Pulling out, Mike and Emma fed each other their fingers to suck, then came together in a passionate kiss, full of hunger and desire.

Emma stood up, and pushing Mike back onto the settee, she straddled him, grabbed his saliva covered cock, and started to feed it into her ready pussy. She waited when he was full inside of her, enjoying the closeness, She cupped his face and gently kissed him, starting to gently slide him in and out with her hips.

Mike enjoyed the tightness of her pussy, although by this time they were both extremely lubricated and slid in and out with ease. Mike looked up at this beautiful woman that he was making love to, her body glowing and a smile upon her lips and wondered how he got so lucky.

"I love you" he said. She quickly kissed him and replied "I love you too Mike". They took it slowly for a while, then Mike bent his head forward and started to suck on Emma's right breast. She moaned, tilting her head back, and started to thrust her hips faster. She felt lips attach themselves to her left breast and saw Lacey sucking her other tit, her red lips pulling and sucking Emma's hard little nipple.

She then lowered her head, her blonde hair falling over the couple's hips as she licked their genitals, stimulating Mike's cock as it thrust in and out of Emma, and gently sucking Emma's clitoris.

Mike felt a climax approaching once more and called out his lovers name as he filled her womb with his cum, feeling her pussy clench around him as she had her own finish. He held her tight as his ropes of thick, white cum filled up Emma, giving them both feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment. Lacey got up and started to dress, saying "Sorry, but I have to go now. Thanks for a great time. If you ever want to do this again, just let me know, you have my number." Emma took hold of her arm.

"Thank you Lacey, it was worth every penny." She said. Looking at Mike she murmured "You know, it is my birthday in a month…"