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Pretty chubby gf saggy tits dildos pussy
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"I want you to go home and sit in a cold tub, and pack your balls with ice. Then I want you to take a nap so you will be ready for me when I get off work. I'll be home at ten thirty. I'll meet you in the orchard at ten forty-five.

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OK?" "You are kidding?" "Ten forty-five. Be there with bells, or balls on. Don't let me down." "We can get another motel room, if you want Jess?" "No I want to do it in the orchard. I always loved it when we fucked under all of the trees." The waitress was just passing when she heard the word "fucked" and stood there with her mouth hanging open." Jessica looked back at her flashing her gorgeous green eyes, smiling and asked in her little girl voice, "Don't you fuck?" The waitress dropped the check on the table as if she were doing them a favor, then turned and walked away.

"Bitch," Jessica muttered under her breath, "Like she never had her pussy stretched out a little." Robert pulled into Jessica's parent's driveway and after kissing her on her bee stung lips; he got out of her car.

She looked at him seriously and asked. "Where are you going to be at 10:45 tonight?" Robert pointed toward the back yard. Jess nodded her head and said, "Apple tree right? Don't keep me waiting." "I'll be there. Are you sure you are OK to go to work?" "Yes, but I'm going to take another shower first . you wild horny devil. I love it.

Now go some rest. I want you fresh when I get home. I just hope I'll be able to move around tonight at work. I'm going to try and work in admissions so I can give "your" little pussy a rest. Don't forget the ice. Robert dragged himself into his parent's house and flopped on the couch. His mother who was just finishing "All my Children" asked how he was felling after their long ride. "I'm ok mom, just a little tired." "That must have been some ride Robert." "It was mom; it really was." "Where did you go?" "Just beyond Jupiter and back." He said in a monotone voice.

"That's nice. It's good to get out once in a while." "Mom I want to talk about the little girl in the photo." "I'm sorry Robert, I'm so busy, maybe before you leave." "What are you so busy doing? When I came in you were just finishing your soap opera." "They are daytime dramas Robert." "A rose by any other name mom." "What?" "Nothing mom.

Get the book I want to talk about the girl. Who is she?" "Robert, it's really none of your business." "Is Eric home?" "No he's at the Gym.

Why?" "I'm leaving mom and I'll need a ride to the station." He lied. "Why Robert," she asked almost in tears. "Well let's face it. If as you say, it is really none of my business, this is not my family, and I have to go. I'll be out in an hour." "Please don't go Robert.

I haven't seen you in years and I don't know when I'll see you again, living all the way out there in Saint Harbor." "Santa Barbara, mom. I'll stay if you will tell me all about the little girl, and leave nothing out. Otherwise I'll call a cap and I'm out of here," said Robert grabbing the phone. She got up with a groan, due to her heavy weight, and walked over to the cabinet that was the sanctuary where she kept all of the family photos.

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She slowly came back and then asked Robert if he wanted something to drink. "Quit stalling mom." She sat down with another heavy sigh and asked, "Why do you want to know. It's all in the past." "I want to know, because you have been hiding it from me for so long, and because you are making it so difficult." "OK . but you won't be happy about it." "Just get the photos out mom." She opened the book to the section where Robert was being baptized, and moved her hand over the plastic covered photo caressing it, with love in her heart and tears in her eyes.

"Robert, I have something serious to tell you and I think you are going to hate me for it." "Why did you kill someone?" He quipped. "No . worse." "I don't think there is anything worse than killing someone, except maybe killing two people." "Don' be flippant Robert. It's not funny . I had a baby out of wedlock." "Who was it … me?" "No . your half sister." "Half sister . when?" "I had just graduated high school. The priest in our parish knew our family needed money, and even though I wasn't really qualified, he got me a job at the seminary college.

Everything went well for about three months, however brother Michael was so nice to me and so cute. He had a wonderful since of humor and . " "I understand mom. You fell in love and nature took its course." "That's right Robert," she was feeling better about herself, and said, "Sometimes three times a night." "I really don't need all of the details mom." "Well you asked." "Yes, about my sister." "She is in Colorado at a Catholic school and she is very happy there." "Why did you send her away?" "When she was about eight, she began to play with herself .

down there .

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you know, her private parts. "She was masturbating?" "Don't say that word Robert, it's just nasty." "It's just a word mom. Most people do it." "I don't want to hear that talk from you. Please stop it." "OK. So you little eight year old daughter, right of the blue began to play with her pus ." "Robert," his mother stopped him from saying the word.

"Mom, I've seen cases like this. Little girls don't begin doing it on their own. Someone molested her mom." "Are you crazy?" Nobody did that. She started it on her own. That's all there is to it." "Is it? Did she ever do anything like that before you married Earl?" "No." his mother refused to look him in the eyes. It was now clear to Robert. He remembered the dream; it was no dream at all. When Robert went down to the basement to get his dad, he saw the girl tied to a chair.

His dad was in front of her, but he couldn't see what was going on. Earl yelled at him to "get the fuck out", so he did. "Your father was drunk and Katie was always coming on to him." "She came on to him at eight years old? Is that why he tied her up?" "He was drunk." She began crying. "That's no excuse. Where is she now?" "In Colorado." "Exactly where in Colorado.

She looked in the back pocket of the book and handed him a piece of paper. "OK thanks mom. I know it was difficult for you . but, I had to know. And mom I don't think less of you, and I still love you." "Robert you must understand," she sobbed," I had two little boys and a new baby.

I couldn't handle it alone." "No mater what happened, it wasn't right for dad to do that." Robert went into the back yard, just to think. He had a sister five years older than him. He just couldn't believe it. He wondered how she looked, how she talked. Why didn't he remember her around the house when he was little? His head was swimming.

Should he call the police? The statute of limitations for child molestation ran out years ago, and Earl was almost seventy. What would be the point? It just wasn't right though. Somebody should have shot him. Everything Earl had put his mother through; Robert had never hated his father more. Eric came out staring at his hand and his extend middle finger. "I don't understand Bro. Why does my finger sticking up like that mean for someone to go fuck themselves?" "It doesn't really Eric, do you know anything about the battle of Agincourt?

"No!" I didn't do well in Political Science." "History little brother. Well during the battle, in 1415, the French, believed they would win a victory over the English, and several of there generals decided that whenever they captured an English longbow soldier they were going to cut off his middle finger, as without the finger it would be almost impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and they wouldn't be able to fight in the future either." "Yah and so .?" "The English longbow was made of the English Yew tree.

The act of drawing the longbow was known as "Plucking the Yew", or pluck yew. Well the English defeated the French; and stood on the top of a hill above Agincourt, waiving their middle fingers at the defeated French, yelling see we can still pluck yew. Over time "pluck yew" was changed into "Fuck You" and is often used with the single finger waive. 'Flipping the bird' came from the fact that pheasant feathers were used on the ends of the arrows. That's about it." "How did you get so smart Bro?" "You know those books that you carry from class to class?" "Yah!" "I read them." "Ohhhh.

Robert do you think you can teach me something?" "I don't know. What little Brother?" "e's mails." "You mean e-mail?" "Yah I guess." "Why Eric?" "Well at school, three or four girls have stopped me in the hallway and in class, and asked me why I haven't answered their e-mails. So I thought maybe 'cause you are so smart you could teach me." "I guess I could try, come on." The brothers went into the house, where their father was sleeping in his chair, waiting for a game to come on.

Their mother was running what looked to be a pre second world war Hoover vacuum cleaner, which was as loud as any Second World War bomber. Robert asked his mother, "Mom would you mind?" "What Robert," she asked cupping her ear.

Robert pulled the electric cord out of the wall, and there was a dead silence. His father woke up and asked, "Is the game on?" "No Earl," said Marge, "I'll wake you in about forty-five minutes." "And bring me a beer." "Yes Earl, and none of that damned light beer either," she said. "Right." Said Earl as he fell back to sleep.

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Robert pushed the button on the front of the steal gray DELL, then pushed the on button for the monitor. The computer began to whir and the screen turned a bright blue. Several seconds later the word welcome was displayed toward the top of the monitor. "What did you do Robert?" Eric said obviously impressed.

"I turned it on Eric." "Ooohh! So what's next?" "You will see." The tick, tick, tick of an old Westclox, wall clock was clicking the time away, reminding Robert how long it would be until Jennifer would be home. Robert only hoped he could pound the rudiments of the e-mail into Eric's head by that time.

Sitting behind Eric and off to his left he pointed out the start button and explained its purpose. As Eric placed the arrow key over the button a small sign in a yellow box came up and displayed, "Click here to begin." "Thanks Bro that wasn't too hard." "We're not quite done yet Eric." "There's more?

Eric asked, with a frown, "Aw man." "You want to read your mail, or not?


Ok . click on the start button." A list of applications came up, on a gray background. Robert pointed to the icon that showed, E-Mail, Outlook Express, and told his little brother to click on it. Four boxes of various sizes displayed filling the whole screen. The inbox was dark blue and had the number forty-six next to it in blue parentheses.

"You have forty-six e-mail messages." "Forty-six. Shit that will take a hundred years ta' read." "There not book length Eric. Some of them are only one or two sentences long. Click on that one." An e-mail identified as Shelley Davis came up. It read, "Eric, I'm metaphorically throwing my panties at you through Cyber space." "What's that word Robert? "Metaphorically?" asked Robert, "It means generally a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, making an implicit comparison." "What the fuck did you just say?" "Uh .

it means she wants you to fuck her Eric." "Well why didn't she just say that?" "It has something to do with college." "I'll click on the next one." "Who is Linda Edwards, Eric?" "She is my English teacher, probably wants to tell me about my English assignment." The e-male read, "Eric, my loins grow cold without the warmth of your massive phallus probing their depths." Eric looked at his brother with a question on his face.

Robert said, "She wants you to fuck her." "Oh yah, I guess it has been a couple of weeks." Robert now saw his little brother in a new light. He was like "Johnny Applesead", but instead of spreading seeds all over, he was spreading sperm.

They went on to check the inbox, and except for one advertisement for electronic equipment, all the messages were from girls.

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Robert thought, this was a Cornucopia of women all wanting to fuck him, how was Eric ever going to keep up? The one that really got their attention was from Susan James; it read, I just creamed my panties thinking about you Eric.

I need to go to bed and rub on my happy spot, which is throbbing for attention right now. Wish you were here sucking my clit at the same time you were finger fucking my pussy with two fingers at once; maybe even three.

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Uum. I could cum all over your face and hand. I would suck your cock to help with your sexual relief too--then you could cum on my titties, ok!! "Who is this Susan James, Eric?" "Don't know. Never met her. She writes good though." The time was up and so was their dad. With a beer in one hand and the remote in the other, he was yelling at a bunch of guys on TV playing basketball. "OK brother, now comes the hard part.

Answering your mail." Robert went through all of the fine points of "Reply" showing Eric how it worked, then told him to start writing back.


Eric began by looking for the key marked "D" on the keyboard. He typed, D . e . a . r . S . u . s .a . n, "Hey Robert this isn't bad.

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I can answer these letters." Robert thought Eric was kidding when he said a hundred years, but now understood it was a ballpark figure. He thought about Eric's dilemma for a few moments then said, "Common little Brother we are going to the Electronic Supermarket." Upon there return to the house Robert got the package out and plugged it into the back of the computer.

He then placed a CD application disk into the slot and waited. The screen came up with an install window, and began to ask questions. When it was all done ten minutes later it said, Program Installed. "Ok Eric, now we have to run a voice recognition program, so the computer will recognize your voice when you talk.

Robert began with "Alice in Wonderland." Eric read the words as they displayed on the monitor. Then they went to "The three pigs" to which Eric stated, "I like that one." After two hours of drilling the process, in the middle of their dad's basketball game, into Eric's head, Robert saw that he finally got it, and was able to talk to the computer like anyone else.

Now whenever you and mom want to send me an e-mail, all you have to do is talk into the computer and send it. Eric was thrilled and got down to answering his fan mail. Robert wished teaching Eric everything else was as easy. It was now almost five o'clock so he told his mother to wake him later around eight. He wanted to take a shower and be ready for Jennifer.

Robert step outside into the back yard, at ten thirty. He was pleased that it wasn't really cold, it was an almost warm balmy night and Robert had brought a blanket just in case. He ducked through the opening in the hurricane fence that he had made when he began going with Jennifer, and crawled through. When he arrived at the apple tree, Robert spread out the blanket and lay down. As he lay there thinking of their earlier times together, he smelled the aromas of all the various trees.

He recalled when his mother would pack him a lunch and place an apple inside; he would on occasion get a hard on just smelling it. Hearing a noise of someone walking toward him, he looked up and saw Jennifer.

She was wearing her old Catholic School uniform. She looked much younger than she actually was, maybe sixteen he thought. Jennifer sat down on the blanket and kissed him. "What's wrong Jenn?" "I miss my children. If I don't see them every day, I get a knot in my stomach." "I think I know how you feel." "Robert, when you move back home; are you going to stay here with your folks or get an apartment." "I have no plans to move back.

I was hoping after the divorce we could get together in California. We could bring your kids out and maybe even have one of our own." "Divorce?" "Yah, you said that you were going to get a divorce." "I said that we were kind of separated. I never mentioned divorce. If I split with Dan, he would never forgive me and maybe even take the kids away from me. I know that he would never allow me to take them to California.

I thought you could get an apartment out here and we could meet two or three days a week. Wouldn't that be enough for you?" "No! It's not enough. I love you and I always have. You said you loved me also. "I do Robert, but I love my children more. I'm sorry if you are hurt." "No I'm ok. I guess I'm better off than if I hadn't seen you." "So Robert? We're in the orchard.

Does that suggest something to you?" "Fruit?" "Come on Robert. We shouldn't let all this spoil a wonderful evening." "Jessica, the evening is already spoiled, just like some of this fruit." Robert, kissed her very passionately then stood up.

When she stood up he took the blanket. Then turned toward the hole in the fence and said, "Goodnight". "Robert, someday you will look back on this and remember it as a terrible mistake." "I already do Jessica. Goodbye." The next morning, Robert got out of bed and told Eric that he was the only person who knew where Robert lived, so if Jessica called he was not to tell her anything.


Just play dumb. "That comes easy to me Bro." "Eric what are you doing today?" "I got a class at two." "Can you take me to the Airport?" "Sure. You wanna' watch the airplanes?" "No I'm going to Colorado." "What is over there." "Mom's daughter." "Mom doesn't have a daughter.

Just us three guys. I think I would have seen a girl walkin' around here." "It was before you were born. Ask mom." "When do you wanna' go?" "Right after I say goodbye to mom." His mother came out of the bedroom, followed by his father. "You little son of a bitch." Said Earl.

"You should know." "I don't ever want you in this house again." "You aren't hurting my feelings . Earl." "You call me Mr. English." "Funny that's my name . until I have it legally changed." "Get the fuck out of my house." "But . why are you going Robert?" "Are you kidding me mom?" Robert asked shaking his head. "I'll talk to you later mom." "Not on my telephone. You little asshole." "Airport?" "Thanks Eric. Are you and mom going to be ok?" "Yah .

if he gives a bad time I'll squash him like a pea." They talked on the way to the airport, however he didn't tell his little brother about their dad being a child molester.

Eric again helped him with his bags into the terminal. Robert told Eric, to tell Jim what happened. They boys gave each other a hug then Eric left to go to school. To Be Continued .