Milf kendra lust sucks cock of boyfriend

Milf kendra lust sucks cock of boyfriend
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The Party‏ After the break-up of the man who had given me 3 years of ultimate pleasure, my friends suggested I go to the "Party of the Century". After all I had been through, I was very against it.

I didn't think I was ready to face the prospect of a chance meeting with a well meaning man.


But after some well put arguments from my friends, I caved and agreed to go. After I had showered, I sat on the bed, and contimplated what I should wear.

I finally decided on a short backless black dress, that accented my long legs.

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I figured if I was going to go this party, I may as well look like I wanted to be there. As my friends and I walked in, my heart dropped as I saw most of the men there with really hot girls.I was reminded for the thousandth time, that I was now alone. As we made our way through the crowd, an absolutely drop dead gorgeous man turned around and smiled in such a sultry way, that I blushed and looked away.

He turned back to his friends, and continued to talk and laugh with them. I tried to have fun, as I sat sipping my drink, but just couldn't shake my mood.

Suddenly, the man who had smiled at me, asked if I would like to go to a quieter place to talk, as the music was so loud. The twinkle in his eyes made me say yes, but my heart was screaming no. As we walked through the house, we came to a long hallway that was lined on both sides with doors. we came to the second door, and he turned the handle and we walked in.

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Fear gripped me as i saw the four poster bed, and the tray with champagne and 2 glasses. He must have felt me tense, because he turned and looked at me said not to worry.he was a gentlemen until asked to be otherwise. She smiled cautiously, and sat on the bed. He sat next to her and gave her a glass of champagne.

She sipped it thoughtfully. After several glasses, she began to loosen up. He took a chance and kissed her; slow at first, but then taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately. She seemed to be really warming up to him. He then began massaging her breasts through her dress.

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She took her hand and layed it on his thigh.then as if it had a mind of its own, it started moving toward his dick. In no time she was rubbing it through his pants. At that moment he stopped what he was doing long enough to pull it out of his pants. She immediately grabbed ahold of it, and began caressing it. He then took off her panties, without a word of protest from her, and took his finger and began exploring her pussy. He pushed his finger inside, enjoying the feel of her velvety smoothness.

He then worked his finger in and out a few times, slowly and gently.waiting to see how she took it. She began moving her hips in rhythm with his finger, so he felt he was on the right track.

He pulled his finger out and started to rub her clit in small slow circles. When she began responding to that, he increased the pressure a bit and started to rub faster. She started moaning, clearly enjoying what was happenening to her. After a pleasure filled few minutes, she arched her back and came.

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He smiled and removed his finger. Recovering quickly, she gently pushed him back on the bed, and knelt beside him and bent down to take his shaft in her mouth. She took the whole length into her mouth and used her tongue to lick the sides all the while suck and moving up and down. While she did this her free hand was caressing and gently squeezing his balls.

She stopped and opened her mouth to lick and suck on his balls, which made him groan and moan with desire. After several minutes of this, he flipped her over on her back. He put his head between her legs, and used his tongue to tease and tickle the lips of her pussy.


He then parted her lips, and put his tongue inside, tasting her juices and loving it. He greedily licked and sucked the juices, then flicked his tongue on hir clit so many times, that she was thrashing all over the bed.

He sensed she was on the verge of orgasm so he told her to get on her knees. She obediently obeyed him. He kneeled behind her, and pulled her bottom up a little higher. He then grabbed her hips, and pushed his cock inside her. she let out such a low and sultry moan, that he had trouble keeping it together for a few moments. But he recovered quickly and began fucking her slow at first, then a little faster.

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He licked his finger and placed it at the opening of her ass. She started to protest, but he quickly calmed her fears, and told her not to worry.she would love it.

Being so drunk she stopped protesting and moved back and forth in time to his thrusting. he massaged the hole and placed the tip of his finger inside. She immediately clenched her bottom and started to pull away. he stopped moving his finger and fucked her a few minutes more, little by little he got his finger in and then started slow pulling ou and pushing it back in.

She began to relax, and actually enjoy it. After awhile he added another finger, and continued. she was getting hotter and hotter,moaning and nearly screaming. After what he judged was a sufficient amount of time, he pulled his dick out of her pussy, and replaced the fingers in her ass with his cock. She really gave a terrified yelp, but he brought his fingers under her and played with her pussy. Mere seconds later she was gasping and screaming his name, begging him to come inside her. He fucked her as long as he could, but had to finally realease his gooey load deep inside her ass.

They both collapsed onto the bend, the passion they had shared spent.

After they had cleaned up and finished dressing they exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other. She found her friends and went home smiling all the way. She now knew why they said."Bottoms up" at parties.