Mature fuck gay twink movie Popping Party

Mature fuck gay twink movie Popping Party
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MARIA'S Story IV Maria was so happy! They had just gotten word that her sister had found out what her baby was going to be. The sound of a little one that she could baby-sit and play with and do all of that baby stuff with filled her imagination. Her sister was seven months pregnant and had been having complications that had limited her to almost complete bed rest for the last two months. Today, she had been to her doctor for a checkup on the baby and now she was coming by her mom's to show her and Maria the pictures of the baby from the ultrasound, and they now knew the sex!

They were here now! Maria ran to greet them at the door. Her sister Victoria and husband Juan and their baby, oh boy!

All the women were crying, Juan could only get his eyes full of Maria who looked so hot he was ready to cry for lack of gatito (pussy) and the impossible dream of having this thirteen year-old taking his cock deep inside her orifices.

She was dressed in khaki shorts that were so tight every curve of her ass was displayed on every swing as she walked. He had watched her zancada since she was eleven, but now, something was different.

The fucking she had been doing with men had caused her incredible body to fill out in the ass and the breast-feeding the men had done was making her grow more than a mouthful now. When she walked your eyes were drawn to her crotch and her rear like bees to honey! Her walk just made you want to zambullida (dive in) and get it all over you. He had heard some things about her but he was very hesitant and wanted to see proof before he got himself in trouble with his wife's little sister!

They sat in the living room and laughed and looked at the pictures of the baby trying to see some details.


The baby would be a girl: they now knew that for sure. Victoria and her mom finally went to her mom's bedroom where they were planning a baby shower now that they knew the sex of the child. When Maria rose to go to her bedroom at the other end of the house, Juan saw the proof of what he had heard.

The ankle bracelet that signified she was indeed the new family sex slave! It was incredible, the girl he had thought about often for two years and now, she would have to serve herself to him with love and passion. UNBELIEVABLE! Juan soon followed down the hallway to Maria's bedroom after checking in on his wife and finding her deep into planning with her mom.

He heard the hip-hop rap music that all the kids were listening to now coming from the stereo in her room. The door was barely open as he peered through to see her dancing and whipping her delicious ass to the beat of the music.

She was dancing for her stuffed animals on her bed showing them all the moves she had copied from the videos on B.E.T. plus some whips and steps she had made up herself.

She loved showing off for her stuffed animals that seemed to enjoy everything she did. She just didn't know that someone else was also enjoying her body moving to the point of sexual arousal. Juan slipped into her room and gently closed the door.

He slipped up behind her and put his arms around her bare waist. Maria nearly jumped out of her skin asking him what he was doing as she tried to pull away.


It was no use though. He had her secure as he held her with one arm around her neck holding her in a vice as his other hand played with her ass and crotch. "Juan wants some of your hot pussy baby girl", he whispered in her ear. He further explained that he knew she was the new sex toy now and he intended to get his share of her body too. She was afraid of him but also secretly aroused at being told he wanted her. He was so strong and muscular plus a sexy man at twenty-three years old.

She had never been with a man that young. He forced her down to her knees and turned her to face him. Juan bent her arm up behind her back and applied pressure till she showed her pain. He then instructed her to go ahead and take his cock out and start sucking him off. He grabbed a fistful of her long hair and made her unzip his pants, reach inside his boxers and pull his cock free. Maria gently rubbed his un-circumcised cock across her full lips and then opened them to allow Juan to insert his cock into her mouth for servicing from this young vixen.

She began to slowly slide her lips up and down his shaft as her wet lips glistened around her meal of manhood. Her eyes, large and brown looked up at her (cunado) brother-in-law who was forcing her to do this deed for him. His cock had an almost sweet and salty flavor to it and she was actually enjoying his flavor as she sucked. She slurped and smacked on his cock over and over.

She couldn't help moaning her approval of the meal warming in her microwave-like mouth. It was great to suck on and she wondered how it would feel buried inside of her sex. She wrapped her long slender fingers around his shaft and pumped a few strokes with her fist whenever she paused at the mushroom top to use her tongue as a vice around it trying to milk his cum from his balls.

Maria could feel his shaft swelling and throbbing in her mouth. She just knew he was about to coat her throat with his thick, gooey cum and she wanted to taste his. Juan heard his wife call for him and instantly pushed Maria off of his cock and down into the floor on her back. He quickly told her to meet him down at the corner of her house by the street at eleven PM tonight. You can expect to provide your pussy to me so dress real sexy honey.

With that said, he turned and left Maria still in the floor having sucked on his cock for him but not being fed a reward.

Maria worried and fretted all that afternoon about whether or not she should meet Juan and give him what he wanted so badly, her pussy! She remembered the taste of his cock in her mouth and throat, how she had actually enjoyed its salty flavor almost like a mild beef-jerky which she loved to eat. Most of all she remembered how he had forced her to suck his cock which brought back the same feeling as when Ms. Nina had delivered that hard, stinging slap to her face and broken her resistance to Nina's devilish lust for her young pussy to use in various sex acts for her depraved pleasures in a wanton night of teaching her the carnal pleasures her body could deliver and receive.

She smiled as she remembered the feelings that Ms. Nina's hurricane tongue had brought to her, totally blowing her pussy away. None of her other many lovers had eaten like that! She wished all her lovers could make the sex as good as it was that night with Nina and her husband. Unfortunately, some of the men fucking her were getting what they wanted (good, hot and juicy, young pussy) but for Maria she found herself with her legs spread for them and giving up all the pussy they craved without getting her own cookies creamed every time she spread.

Maybe it was the feeling of being dominated, forced to have sex with a stranger. When Nina had eaten her out and then fucked her pussy like a drummer marching in the Rose Bowl parade…IEEEEE. Oh My God Maria had enjoyed Ms. Nina totally devouring her body. Now with Juan those feelings were kind of re-born.

She shouldn't see him or even think of having sex with him because she loved her sister so much and Juan was her husband. But still, that feeling of need she had as well as wanting to make another man happy, how could she refuse him? It just wouldn't be right either. Her mother had told her to satisfy any man that wanted her. Well, Juan wanted her!

What was she supposed to do, tell him NO? Maybe she could have sex with him just one time, just one time spreading her legs for him, that should be OK she thought. That way she would know how his cock would feel inside of her and she would have fulfilled her responsibility of satisfying his needs also.

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Maria bathed her young and delectably, delicious body in a hot sudsy bubble bath of a skin-softening fragrance of roses. She bathed each body part and slipped deep into the tub full of bubbles imagining she was floating on clouds as she closed her eyes.

She dreamed of what it must be like to feel Juan's strong hands forcing her to be his wanton slave and to totally submit to his lustful desires. She imagined his rippling muscles in her soft hands as he ravaged her love nest and drilled her over and over.

Oh my God, she thought, when she used her hands to trace the curves and pleasure palaces where his would soon travel across her breasts, belly, hips, thighs and her pussy. What sex acts did he have in mind for her to perform with him?

How would he want her to service his lustful needs? This was just too much to soak into her young brain! She couldn't rationalize it or even endure the torture of having to wait to feel his hands on her body. She felt she was totally and completely losing control of her own desires because she wanted her own cunado fucking her now, doing her deep and making her perform to his command.

She knew it was so very wrong to screw her sister's husband and engage in every filthy, degrading and oh so delicious sex act he might want her to perform with him. The young slave did not yet understand why she felt the need to be owned and forced to have sex with men, why it turned her incredibly hot body on so much when men left her no choice and occasionally even hurt her mildly until she submitted to their insatiable lusts for her body.


Maria wanted him to fuck her now, she didn't care who knew, and she needed his cock plowing through her sex, ripping her apart and planting love seed everywhere. She stepped from the tub and looked at her 13 year old body in the mirror, the body that had been enjoyed so much by Pierre who took her first, and then Carlos and his wife, Ms. Nina and then other men enjoyed her tasty delights after that first weekend of sex. She had been the family screw toy for less than three weeks and she already had enjoyed hot, raw sex with more men than she could count on her fingers.

Maria was in high demand because of her looks and sexy body as well as her age. What man or even a bisexual woman wouldn't want to partake of the delightful charms of this thirteen year-old! Maria dried her body off and then slipped into a very low hung, white g-string panty with red lips on it. She then found a low-cut, black spaghetti-strap Ambercrombie top that clearly showed her budding cleavage. Her thin, 32B cup bra's shoulder straps showed around the spaghetti straps of her black top.

The lower edge of her top left her belly completely exposed as well as the top of her hips that weren't covered by her pants. She hoped Juan would look her over in it and approve of it especially since her nipples and areolas were plainly visible and would entice him to seduce her. She had slipped her long, creamy legs into some blue jeans with a 4-inch rise in the front that had the material edging up into her slit. The rear of the pants fit her ass like a latex glove and would give any man a reason to pull his latex-wares from his billfold if he was in the least way worried about causing young Maria to swell in her belly with a baby resulting from fertile seeds they would want to plant deep inside of her.

But there was no need, she was on birth control pills supplied by her mom and she took her cocks the natural way. She completed her dress for the evening with a peach eye liner that set off her bedroom brown eyes.

No man could resist Maria the way she looked tonight nor would any man dare try. Everything about her said "Fuck me baby, please!" She topped off with French perfume and sex bracelets. She had on a black one and a purple one around her neck to signify she enjoyed fucking and giving blowjobs.

On her wrist were a blue for teasing men and red for being passionate with her men in bed! She fought with the internal demon inside of her that craved what Juan could offer her and the absolute thrills his lusting desire would produce in her young body as waves of passion would sweep through her. Still, he was married to her sister and it was so morally wrong for her to fall into that deep carnal embrace with her brother in-law.

She kept telling herself she wasn't going to do this with him as she sneaked down the hallway to listen at her parent's bedroom door. There was almost no sound except for the soft snoring of father. She crept back to her bedroom and locked the door. Her mom respected her privacy and would never come into her room when the door was locked.

After all, her mom had been the family sex slave in her young teen years too. She knew privacy was important for her daughter to talk and plan her sex rendezvous with her many lovers.

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The sex-crazed girl slipped out her window still telling herself she would not sleep with him, she wouldn't! Oh how she wanted it though. She walked down to the corner of her street looking for her date. Where was he? She was a couple of minutes late yes, but he wouldn't leave without her. She knew he wanted her, there was no doubt. She kept telling herself over and over, "I'm not going to screw him; I'm not going to screw him". At the same time thinking that she had to play lil' Miss Innocent.

She didn't want him to know that she had already been laid by several different men and two women. Juan watched the young (ramera)slut waiting for him under the large tree as he sat around the corner. He admired from a view how sexy she was and he used his binoculars to study her awesome ass. He made a series of phone calls to set the events of the evening in motion. He had plans for Maria that he knew would send spasms of pleasure chills up her spine not to mention what it would do for others who might be included in a sampling of her bodily charms.

His cock was destined to plunge the depths of this young girl's pussy tonight thus gaining the release of pinned up sperm that were making his balls ache to be freed inside of a sexy girl. Unknown to his waiting victim though, was the fact that there were other men who hoped to feast upon her silky flesh tonight in an orgy where she would be the only focus of many horny males lusting to ravage her sexually. Maybe like a pin-up centerfold walking into a desert camp with a platoon of Desert Storm troops who had battled for days and not seen a woman in months.

Finding herself surrounded and out-numbered, there would be choice but to surrender and screw her way out of the situation. Oh, the plan was truly sweet for this delicious babe. But what truly happens can never be decided until the moment arrives. Now that the party was in motion and the unsuspecting entertainment was waiting, Juan started his car and pulled up to her. Maria trotted down to his door which had the window down. She stood by him leaning on the car door.

He placed his left arm around her waist and played with that sexy bare belly a moment then slipped his hand down onto the target of opportunity, an ass to die for! She leaned into his car and their lips melted together enjoying a lengthy tongue wrestle as he played.

She informed him that she could only be gone a few minutes but that if he wanted to she would go somewhere and kiss with him for a little while but that was all she was going to do. He gripped her ass and asked if she was going to give him a piece of her sweet pussy before they came back.

She replied, "She couldn't do that with him, she wasn't like that and besides, he was her sister's husband. It just wouldn't be cool and hoped he understood." His hand now slid in between her legs from the rear and played with the slash covered by her tight pants and even up to her pleasure mound as her legs spread open for him to fondle her there. He said he understood if she didn't want to fuck tonight but that he really needed her pussy and wanted her to think about them fucking for a little while when they were kissing.

He wouldn't make her do anything she didn't truly want to do all night. Juan opened his door and got out to let his date in his side so she could sit up beside him close. She was what every man dreamed of being with, very young, very, very sexy and oh so ready to fuck written all over her body and face.

Juan drove away from the young slave's home taking her to new pleasures and thrills, both hers and the men that were waiting to meet her tonight! She sat close to her man of the present evening, laying on his shoulder wondering what he would ask her or make her do with him tonight. The excitement of the loving and fucking to come with the stud she planned to give herself to was making her dripping wet, forcing her to wiggle in her seat to quench the desire momentarily.

She looked at her man and leaned over to kiss his cheek and neck before nibbling his ear and biting his neck off and on. Maria wanted to tease and excite him so he wouldn't listen to her nonsense about them not fucking and make her take her panties off and fuck him silly!

Juan could swear he could smell pussy in the air. He took her arm behind her back and bent it upward pressing enough to cause some pain but not hurt her. He told his slave she needed to finish what she had started earlier that day in her bedroom. She knew what he wanted and she wanted to taste it again and to finish with the flavor of his cock-juice in her mouth but she couldn't give herself away so quickly so she told him she wasn't doing that tonight.

He bent her arm up harder as she whimpered and laid her head down in his lap while using her free hand to open his pants and then she reached inside them. Her soft hand found the large hunk of sausage and she gripped it with all her might.

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She pulled it free of his boxers and pants and admired the work of art that was her brother in-law's cock. Oh my God, she wanted that in every hole tonight! He pushed the arm tighter drawing the desired response form his little slut as her tongue flicked out like a serpent's. Her neck bowed and drew back like a boa constrictor about to pounce upon its prey and devour it.

Maria licked the full length of her meal-to-be, up and down several times, always stopping at the top of the tree trunk to admire its artistic shape before supplying soft, succulent kisses to it. She loved to read many of the classic books and authors. Seeing Juan's magnificent cock, especially the large shielded head, reminded her of the armor King Arthur's knights wore to cover their heads.

It was romantic to think of how they protected and rescued fair maidens from suffering. Now her knight and his mighty shielded sword would relieve her from the longing she felt deep between her legs. The suffering that only a good fucking could temporarily quench. She kissed the cock head, lips to lips, then parted her pouty lips and took the entire mushroom top into her mouth closing her lips around the bottom of the crown.

She softly sucked and licked him as she rolled her mouth and tongue around and down on it. She heard Juan moan his pleasure softly as he drove. She opened her mouth and held half the diameter of his large cock between her soft lips along the side of it while she flicked and wrapped her tongue around the rest. She could feel the large muscular contractions of the shaft and the swollen glands curving around the length of this marvelous creature she was lusting for.

She suckled and kissed his cock along its length then went back up to its apex, opened her mouth wide to accept her meal, then plunged it deep into her throat. She was a natural cock-sucker too. Just like the art of fucking, sucking cock was bred into her genetically from her ancestoral whores. Juan's cock was already swollen and sensitive due to his complete lack of getting any pussy lately.

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This young vixen was heating up rapidly, her cunt already moist in anticipation. His need for pussy would soon be satisfied between this sexy thirteen year-old's, creamy, spread open-legs. With her oral taste for cock fully awakened, Maria was doomed to end up fucking her sister's husband hard and complete, anytime he wanted her! He would have her young pussy and there was nothing she could do to stop it now. When she opened her mouth and swallowed his cock, she committed to being his little fuck-toy and oh so much more!

Maria was now sucking and slurping on Juan's meat like a kid who just stopped the ice cream truck in the summertime as it wound it's way through the neigborhood.

Having spent her money, the treat was to be fully enjoyed now even if that meant getting it all over you. Hell that just meant you had enjoyed what you had eaten! This thirteen year-old was definitely enjoying her "man-sicle"! She nearly pulled it out by the roots several times as she tried to draw the pinned-up sperm from her brother-in laws testicles.

That slightly salty taste drew a deep yearning from its life-long hiding spot in her sex-controlled brain. She wanted his cock and all it held within, in her mouth, in her belly, in her ass and in her pussy! Juan felt the first sensations of his balls readying to erupt their reproductive seed to a new and young recipient. He tried to pull her up off of his cock but she was staying with the suction like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, trying to get every crumb of delight from it.

Juan had to pull over to the side of the road, slam his car into park and use both hands to pull Maria's mouth from its death-lock on his large cock. She fought it only giving up with a loud pop as her suction released.

She cussed him at being taken from her meal before she was finished. He had her use her soft hand to hold what she could with it and stroke his cock up and down with her face directly in the line of fire of the pending explosion. He wanted to see his sperm shoot across her beautiful young face. It didn't take long! Four massive spurts of cock-juice splattered Maria's cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead with the end of the sperm strands dripping and oozing down into her lovely brown hair where it would form into a sticky wet mat.

He let her lick him clean, getting every little morsel of male juice but refused to let her wipe or lick any from her face or hair. He wanted everyone to see what his little slut had been doing for him. She would have to wear his sperm on her face and in her hair so all the men would know what a whore she could be. She put his beefstake away and closed the lid before returning to lay her head on his shoulder.

He asked her again if he was going to get to fuck her pussy tonight. To which she responded, "Maybe". They soon pulled up into a driveway where there were several cars parked. Maria recognized the house immediately and asked, "Why are we at Mr. Carlos' house?" "And how do you know Carlos baby?", snickering to himself because he already knew what she did here before.

Carlos had told him about her being the new family sex slave and how him and his wife both fucked her brains out that night. "Oh, I don't really remember. We met before though," she repiled. Thus thinking she had lied her way out of that situation. At least she thought that. Juan opened his door and stood holding her hand as she climbed out of the car. He pushed the door to and pulled her into his strong arms.

He had a handful of her tight ass which he longed to sink his cock into and he kissed her neck and ear. He told her that they were going inside to use a bedroom where she could lay down while they were fucking. He further instructed his slave that he was going to introduce her to everyone and she would greet each of them and tell them they were going to the bedroom so her sister's husband could get some pussy from her.

"But I told you I couldn't do that with you Juan," Maria exalted back. He promptly slapped her and pulled her arm up behind her back. "Oh yes you will slut! And you will also tell them your going to give me some pussy so they all know what kind of young girl you really are bitch." He pulled the arm up and made her cry out in pain.

"eso se comprende senorita," he shouted. "Se, Se, I understand," Maria cried back. He released her arm and held her hand as they walked into the house where she would be serving her family again as the instrument of the men's sexual lusts for her as she received much more education tonight.

Her little titties and nipples were on clear display from her state of excitement and her ass was whipping like a bitch dog going down the road to meet her stud.

She was horny at being told what to do before she even took off any clothes. She inwardly couldn't wait to be alone with Juan and have him humping her straving cunt! They walked into Carlos' house where Maria had been taught some valuable and intense sexual lessons from Ms. Nina and Carlos a few weeks ago. They walked into the den with Juan's arm draped around her bare waist and his hand in her front pocket playing with the edges of her love triangle.

The others looked up when they walked in. Two of the men nearly shit on themselves at the sight of such a young fox. They knew what she was there for, she only thought she knew!

Juan made the introductions as each of them seduced her mentally. She was about to play the lady bankteller and these horny men were thinking about an opportunity to make multiple, large-cum deposits in her tonight! She was about to get her first valuable lesson in being a "party whore" at the ripe old age of thirteen.

There was not a sound except for the heavy breathing the very sight of her sexy body produced in the men. Their was Carlos, whom Maria knew already (her third lover) and his son (Nico, 15) who she knew from school.

His bubblegum popped on his face which caused her to snicker and smile. Their were also three older men, at least in their fifties, which she couldn't re-call ever having met. They were Petey, Presca and Sammie. Juan had her go to each and hug them.

She didn't flinch as each man accepted her warm hug in their arms and they each played wih her tight ass. Presca was especially taken by this little thirteen year-old's sexy look. He pulled her into his chest, stole a short lip kiss from her and got a handful of her between her legs. She squirmed to pull from his grasp as he whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her very soon. To which the young girl replied, "You can only wish!" She returned to Juan's protective arms as quickly as she could.

Almost immediately he pulled her arm up behind her back in that controlled grip he had for her. She knew he wanted something now and readied herself for his request.

"Tell them what you've been learning tonight baby and what that is on your face and in your hair," Juan commanded. Maria knew she had to tell them.

She didn't want to, but if she didn't he would pull her arm tighter and make it hurt so bad. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and then told them she had been learning how to suck his cock for him and that he had shot his "stuff" on her face and in her hair. The other men cringed in wishful thoughts at the sight of this sexy thirteen year old girl and how it must feel for her swallow their own hard cocks.

Juan again led her next sentence by instructing her to tell them what she was about to do back in the bedroom with him.

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She looked at him and silently begged not to but he pulled the arm a little tighter and she had to spit out his command of her. " I am going to give Juan.(silence as she looked down), I'm going to give Juan.(she struggled still to say it, to publicly admit to him and the world that she loved sex and would do it with men when they wanted her)," she felt her arm pulled tighter and she had to tell them! "I am going to give Juan some of my pussy back in the bedroom." She had done it and they all knew she was a slut now.

All of the men smiled and rubbed their own cocks as they stared at her tight pants wondering what it was like to ball this little beauty.

Carlos knew! He had drilled her one time already. He spoke up introducing his son. "Maria, this is my son Nico. He is fifteen now and he needs his first piece of ass. I would like it very much if you gave him a piece of your pussy tonight.

I think he would like fucking a young whore like you who is so sexually appealing and can teach him about fucking.

I know a lot of men have fucked you already and you would be a good one to break him in," Carlos told her. It was all part of the planned evening for the young sex slave.

She had been so set up for a sex party tonight and she would be the pussy to entertain and satisfy so many cocks! Juan smiled as another step in her party was made evident. He pulled up on her arm and she knew without his command what she had to say.

She winced in moderate pain as she asked, " Nico, would you ummm, like to have my pussy for your first piece tonight too? It would make me feel good to be the first girl you fucked." Nico's eyes were bugling out of socket at the offer just extended to him to fuck this really hot thirteen year-old babe.

He had seen her so many times at school over the last year and had wanted to ram his cock down in her then and there as he watched her tight ass whipping down the hall and at break when she cut up and ran around with her friends. He had stroked his cock many a time at school in the bathroom after watching her and at night thinking of how great that tail would be to hump on.

Now, she had offered him her pussy, offered it to him! It was apparent that she was an easy girl to fuck from the way she dressed herself lately and now, seeing the way she talked to these old men and let them put their hands all over her body as they wished. The creme de mint was the streak of sperm across her face and the place where a big squirt of cock-juice was dryed and matted in her hair beside her left ear.

"Hell yes I want to fuck you bitch," he shouted! Juan wrapped an arm around her back and bare hip on one side with his hand resting on her ass.

Nico was on the other side with his hand in her back pocket groping her ass as they walked down the hallway to the bedroom where Maria would soon have her legs spread trying to satisfy both Juan and Nico's need for pussy. Presca hollered that he wanted to put his big fat cock in her sweet, little ass too!

To which the young babe replied, " Sor.r.y. Not tonight you won't!" The bedroom door now closed and locked, she turned to her men and felt them devour her body with their eyes first. She had never been with two men before at the same time, this was new and she was nervous about them sharing her body in the intense sex she sensed would be required of her in order to make them both pleased with her sexual treasures.

They were both so virile looking and sexy to her. She could see their muscles ripple with each move they made so she knew they would handle her firmly in bed and make her perform for them. She couldn't help noticing the large projectile that was pointing at her from inside of each of their pants. They both had what looked like a Saturn booster rocket on the pad ready to blast off in her cunt. God help this thirteen year old, but she actually wanted them both to fuck her now!

She was tingling in her panties just thinking of each of them driving their long, hard cocks into her hungry vagina. To first split her labia major and then her inner labia minor and fuck her silly!

The slut in her came forward as she stepped up to her men and rubbed her long soft fingers over each of their cocks as they strained to break free of their individual confinement. She smiled at their faces as she palmed their cocks and asked them, "are these because of something I did?" She followed with, " I hope I can make you boys happy tonight. I'd hate for you to have carry this problem you seem to have with you another day." She closed her fist around their cocks as best she could with them still in their pants.

"Do you boys think lil' ol' Maria can help make these hard things you have go away for a couple of days?" Juan swung around behind her and began to kiss her neck and ears while Nico stepped up to start kissing her full pouty lips. Maria loved kissing and it made her so frigging hot when guys got her to kissing a lot. Juan held her 32 inch breasts through her thin top as he licked and tongued her neck and shoulders.

The first soft moans of approval were escaping her lips now. Nico's hands were squeezing and groping her ass getting a feel of her firm but oh so squeezable rear target area.Target practice for both men would soon be in full swing with two full cargo-bays of male cream waiting to splatter tonight's target, a sexy thirteen year-old fuck-toy! Juan whispered in the young girl's ear telling her to ask Nico to take her clothes off now.

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She only moaned softly with Nico kissing her, tongue on tongue. Then she broke their kiss and said it, " Nico. Take my clothes off for me baby, please." Nico smiled at her and found the bottom edge of her top on both sides.

His fingers felt her creamy flesh on the side of her hips. This was new territory for this virgin boy. Nervously he gripped the thin material on each side with his fist and lifted her top up and over her head before tossing it onto the floor. Juan unhooked her bra behind her back as Nico pulled the straps from her shoulders and dropped her bra with her spaghetti-top.

He stopped to admire her firm but still small budding breasts. He was having some trouble swallowing right now and almost hyper-ventilating as his eyeballs were nearly out of their sockets! Each of breasts were perfectly round with a large cherry-sized nipple topping off the forming cones. Juan massaged the bare breasts in his large hands as Maria moaned her approval and Nico watched her breast-meat ripple and conform to the various shapes Juan worked them into with his hands.

These were the first real breasts Nico had ever seen in person, except for his mama of course. He had an intense desire to fall back into mama's arms and suckle her breasts but Maria's would have to do and they held a much deeper attraction for him now. Nico flicked a nipple with his tongue and then encased her left breast mound in his mouth as he began to suck. His sexy victim gasped as he sucked and Juan fondled, all gaining pleasure from the breast action.

Juan again whispered in the young girl's ear as he nibbled on her earlobe, telling her to seduce and fuck the virgin boy while he watched her take the boy's cherry! He told her to make it a piece of pussy the boy never forgets. She moaned softly with her eyes closed as Juan released her breasts from his manipulations for now.

He stepped back to watch this hot, thirteen year-old vixen do her work on the virgin boy who was two years her elder. Maria softly told Nico to take her pants off for her. Her pussy had already been plundered by more men than you could count on both your hands.

Tonight, it would exceed that limitational count. The virgin was just so overwhelmed by this girl he was having trouble responding to her commands. She called his name again as she pushed his mouth away and pulled her breast from his constant sucking. Her entire breast-mound was red from his hungry feeding. She held his hand and led him towards the bed where she aimed to pluck her little boy's cherry.

She stopped and turned to face him as she stood beside the bed. He had a handful of her delicious ass as she looked him in the eye and told him to take her pants off for her if he wanted some pussy. He fumbled with her button on her pants for a minute before she lightly held his hand calming him down.

She told him, " Slow down baby. Don't be so nervous Nico. I promise, I'm going to give you some pussy baby." She smiled as she helped him unfastened her pants now and then slowly slid her zipper down as he watched her tiny kiss thong appear in full view. "Slide them all the way off please Nico," she ordered. He dropped them to her ankles and she placed her hands on his shoulders as she stepped out of her pants on the floor.

Maria now stood in front of him as she asked him if he wanted to play in her panty for a little while. He looked like a little boy on Christmas morning when he sees his newest toy and gets permission to play and wrestle with it for the first time. This child could never have dreamed of a better present for any occassion than having this sexy thirteen year-old invite him to play in her little thong!

She could see his lip and hands trembling at the thought of being so close to real pussy. She smiled and reached out to gently guide his hand to front of her low-rise thong. She instructed him to just softly rub her there and down between her legs too.

He began a slow circular motion over the small cloth covering her crotch as she moaned weakly. "Mmmm.that's nice baby. I like that," Maria said. He continued to rub her female sex through her silky-smooth, thin white thong while being totally mesmerized by her.

She now guided his hand inside of her thong to her clitoris asking him to rub her there and then put his finger in her cunt. She grunted and moaned when he massaged her swollen clit. He fumbled around in her kissy thong trying to find where to stick his finger in her at. She ran her own hand down in her panties and pulled his middle finger to her dripping pussy hole.

"I need it there baby, right there," she moaned as his finger slid inside her. He moved it in and out some but was so clumsy and awkward that he let his finger slip out of her hole several times. She finally grew tired of his incompetant effort and she pulled his hand out of her thong telling him it was OK, he would get better. She dropped to her knees in front of him and unsnapped his jeans, then dropped them to his ankles.

She reached inside the front of his checkered boxers with her long slender fingers and pulled out a hard and surprising to her, six-inch boy cock. Nico was actually trembling as the sexy, baby-vixen wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as her lips parted and her serpent-like flicking tongue darted forth to tantalize his cock-head.

The boy moaned and jerked as she ran her tongue all the way down his shaft to his balls and licked them all over before returning back up the elevator shaft to the crowned head on top. He looked down into her eyes as she opened her mouth to take his cock into her warm orificio and heard her moan, "Ummmmm." She was just a beginner cock-sucker but she loved the taste of a man in her mouth already!

She began to bob her head back and forth as she sucked his cock with passion for over a minute before she felt him pulsate in her mouth. She quickly broke her suction and let his now reddened cock plop from her mouth. The hungry little whore now yanked his boxers all the way down to his toes. She stood and used one hand in the middle of his chest to push the awe-struck boy back across the bed onto his back. Maria quickly dropped her thong to the floor and stepped from it.

The boy barely had time to see her still bald, but well-used pussy before she was astraddle his hips with her legs spread. It was quite apparent she knew what she was doing and what she wanted. She had learned well from her many lovers how to get after a man's sex!

She smiled and asked him, "Do you want to fuck my pussy Nico baby?" She quickly followed with, " Maria needs your big thing in her so bad. Are you going to give little old Maria what she needs baby?" "She needs a good, hard fucking Nico baby." All he could do was swallow hard and say, " Uh, uh huh." This fifteen year old boy was so outclassed by a thirteen year old vixen who wanted and needed to fuck so badly.

She had reached the point where she had to fuck before she went home and she didn't care who she fucked with! Her hips were raised and her right hand under her grasping the boy's cock with her thumb and index finger as she guided it to where she required satisfaction from a man. She unfortunately was just dealing with a boy though. Whatever the reason, maybe the excitement of the first time to see a young naked girl or joy of having a real "hottie" who wanted to fuck him, perhaps the playing he had already gotten to do with her body or the sucking she had done on him, maybe her fingers on his cock, whatever the reason, his cock sudddenly spewed his first load of cum intended for a girl all over her belly and hand.

There had been no penetration of her sex or even touching of cock to pussy lips. He just lost his load all over her front. "NO, NO!" Maria shouted at the boy. I need it in me. You can't do this to me dammit! Her temper was exploding at the premature ejaculation of her virgin boy so close to his first piece of pussy. Now he had wasted his juice on her belly, hand and hip. She was upset as his now spent cock shrunk to total softness with no hope of rapid recovery.

She had frigthened the boy when she screamed at his early release of cock-juice. It would take a lot of time and work from her to get him back to fucking form and she knew it. At was at that moment she was yanked from on top of the boy and physically thrown onto her back across the bed coming to rest near the scared and embarassed boy. Juan dropped to his knees as her ass rested on the edge of the bed.

He forceably spread her legs and did a head first muff dive into her dripping cunt. His tongue spread her labia majora open wide and then wormed its way between her labia minora. His mouth engulfed her pussy like a vacuum cleaner and rolled it around inside his cheeks as he lapped her vaginal canal.

He literally sucked and tongued her sizzling cunt as if he was eating the meat off of a fried chicken wing. Her long sexy legs were laid across his back as the fingers on one of her hands ran through her hair as she grunted and moaned under Juan's licking. She used her other hand to massage his head and encourage him to gobble her aching, hot little cunny!

Nico was in amazement as he saw his sexy dream girl being eaten alive and loving every second of it. He saw her head tossing from side to side and heard her moaning Juan's name over and over.

He could also hear Juan moaning his approval of the taste of Maria's young cunt and see him forcing more and more of her sex into his mouth to devour her. Suddenly Juan withdrew from between her legs as she begged him to return and finish his meal of her young pussy. Juan smiled and told Nico to watch him fuck Maria and remember how so you can give it to a sexy little slut like her next time. They have to be fucked hard and deep Nico so they know they are owned by you and never deny you their pussy whenever you want them.

He peeled his polo shirt over his head as she admired his firm abdomen and muscular shoulders, arms and chest that just rippled with muscles!

When he dropped his jeans to the floor she could see the large bulge in his boxers and she remembered how yummy it had tasted when she had sucked him this afternoon and also earlier tonight as they drove here. She could tell even through his boxers that his erection for her was huge, larger than what she had sucked off! Her eyes were glued upon her prey like a hungry eagle eyeing its prey, watching every twitch of what she was to join in intercourse with.

"God, you are so fine Juan! I want you to fuck me so bad. I'll do anything you want me to just please let me feel you inside of me now Juan, don't make me wait!" Maria was dying for a good fucking.

She was about to get her delivery and more. He slipped his boxers to the floor as she reached out to hold her desire. It was indeed throbbing and enormously hard. The head was a deep purple mushroom mounted on a creamy, long shaft that had these swollen lines of deep green and purple running all around it.

She thought how beautiful, large and even artistic it was, and it was all for her! He turned Maria into the middle of the bed, long-ways, and crawled between her legs, so creamy, tanned and sexy. Her big, brown eyes looked up at him so longing, anticipating the fulfullment of her needs as she satisfied his also.

He held the back of her knees, one in each hand as his large swollen cock touched her clitoris. Sparks literally flew as her pussy met his cock for the first time, her body jerking with electrical shock waves. She glanced down to see his nine inches of throbbing manhood poised at her pussy hole.

She heard Juan tell Nico to watch our young slut take my cock. She smiled because that is exactly what she was and that was exactly what she wanted, to take his cock deep inside of her where she needed it more than she had ever needed anything in her life. Juan's hips rose in the air and then plunged downward in a fast, hard thrust as his man-cock jammed deep into her cunt.

Maria's voice could be heard throughout the house as she voiced her pleasure, "Oh, God yes. I need it baby, yes! It's soooooo good Juan. Oh baby yes!" He kept a steady stroke of cock to pussy forcing her hips down into the mattress with each stroke that she accepted inside of her. Juan loved seeing his big cock driving into his thirteen year-old sister in-law's bald pussy and his large hairy balls slapping her baby-smooth ass with every stroke. He had noticed her cute little ass when she was eleven and watched her, thought about the possibility of fucking a young slut like her ever since then.

When he found out she was the new family sex-slave and saw the proof of it for himself this afternoon, he knew he had to have her and would have her!

It had been two years since he watched her tail wiggle for the first time. Now he was watching her take his cock inside of her. He was a little surprised at the ease at which she took cock so deep. Carlos had told him she was getting fucked by several people and he could tell she was no-where near a virgin anymore. She had lost her cherry to Pierre weeks ago. But it was definitely first-class pussy!

He let her legs go and bent down to kiss her while he fucked her. Her tongue wrestled with his as she gave her sister's husband the pussy he had been wanting. He broke their kissing and began to breast feed on her like a hungry animal as her legs wrapped around his back just above his hips with her feet locked together to help her to hang on to the horny stud riding her. She worked hard to push her pussy to him as he drove down into her so they could get maximum penetration, something one of her oldest lovers (in his late fifties) had taught her during sex with him.

A part of her still couldn't believe she was actually fucking her brother in-law with someone else watching her having really hot sex with him. She didn't really care though. She was just sorry she had waited so long to spread for him and she knew she would fuck him time and again if he wanted her.

She hoped her sister would not be mad if she found out about them screwing but even if she was, she would do him again and again she hoped. He knew how to please her and he was so well built too! Besides, he was part of the family and it was her responsibility to please the men. Why shouldn't she get some pleasure from ones she felt a desire to screw?

Breast-feeding on a foxy young thing like Maria was all any man could want. Fucking her was the ultimate! Juan drove into her hard each time as the bed began to squeak and bounce with the motions of the lovers it supported. Their intense and passionate fucking was causing the bed to rock back and forth. The headboard pounded the wall of the bedroom everytime their bodies met in their incestuous greed for sexual satisfaction. Deeper and deeper his cock drove into her.

He broke from his breast feeding to look at the perfect face of this young vixen. Maria wore nothing but her ankle bracelet, rubber sex bracelets, toe ring and a smile. A BIG SMILE as she got the cock she needed so badly. She could feel the large swollen veins on the shaft of Juan's cock as it made every stroke deep inside of her starving vagina.

Her hole was a bottomless pit seeking to swallow, consume and digest her prey. She suddenly exploded in a massive orgasm oozing her female cream all around the large invader. The unmistakeable sound of young pussy getting fucked, that squishy-squeak, could be heard even through the closed bedroom door as female juice squirted out with each downward cock stroke.

Nico couldn't believe how easily the girl he wanted was fucking her brother in-law. He was a virgin still but he could tell this thirteen year old had taken a lot of cock before. Maria groaned and her toes pointed outward like tiny spears as another orgasm over-took her body. Juan still with-held his load of sperm from her denying her the satisfaction of him emptying his balls into her hot, young cunt.

He gave her a few more strokes and then pulled his manhood from her with a loud "pop". She actually begged him not to stop, to finish himself off in her, fill her with his sizzlin hot jism. Juan stood and put his clothes back on as she laid on the bed still completely nude. It was easy to see the large wet spot on the bedsheet where her female sex juices had oozed from her pussy during and after their fucking. Her bald sex showed her still spread pussy lips glistening with the her female cum because of the intense stimulation of the cock that had been drilling inside her body.

Drilled and filled the way every young girl secretly dreams of being had. She actually now craved cock regularly stroking, exploring and shaping her into a pussy that every man would want. Even though she had enjoyed fucking her sister's husband, a part of her was not satisfied yet. She needed his sperm, some man's sperm, inside of her to make her feel complete. She felt like she had disappointed or let Juan down by not making her pussy good enough to him, thereby drawing the pinned up baby seeds from his balls and having them deposited in her steaming cunt.

He instructed her to get up and get dressed. She softly pleaded for just a little more cock and she would, because she had to go home very soon. She was hoping he would climb back on top of her so she could milk his cream from his cock.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair drawing her up off the bed and to her feet as juice drizzled down her inner thighs. He shoved her to the floor on top of her clothes telling her to put on her top but without her bra, then her thong and jeans. He gave her ten minutes to get dressed and fix her hair back announcing she had to go dance for all the men. I want to see you shaking your tail and popping your ass for all of them Maria. "I am not done with you yet tonight Maria. Make every one of those men want to have sex with you if you intend to even half way please your master"Juan instructed.

" I want you to dance your ass off for them and show them your body." Juan closed the bedroom door as he left her to prepare herself for the other men. He went to the dining room where high fives were given from all the men who had heard the slave girl being fucked by him.

Everyone was smiling and anxious for the next event as they removed the table and arranged their chairs into a tight circle surrounding the middle of the room where Maria would dance for them.

Hot naked guy in his bedroom

Maria did not know it yet but the crowd had grown while she had been busy fucking. There were now ten men, counting Juan and the boy Nico, who were waiting for her. Some of them had fucked her already, most had not known her pleasures!

She reluctantly dressed as he commanded and prepared herself for the men who were waiting for their private dance show from Maria. She could hear them clapping and chatting Maria. Maria. Maria, as they waited for her to step from the bedroom where she had been fucking her brother-in-law only a few minutes before. God why did she feel so warm and excited to do this for all these men? She checked her clothes, hair and face one final time. She wanted to please Juan and see him happy.

It was time now. She opend the door nervously hoping she could perform adequately and that they would like her dancing. She walked up the hallway to her waiting fans who began to whistle and applaud as she stepped into the room. She could not believe what she saw and became more nervous as any thirteen year old girl would be. She was determined to please Juan though and would do whatever she had to so he would be happy.

After-all, that was her role as the slave in her family, pleasing men! Now fans, what should Maria do in her situation?: 1. Dance for them and let them play with her to their hearts content followed by fucking them all in a gang-bang!

2. Dance for them and then take the virgin for another chance at her along with his dad in private. 3. Dance for them and then give blowjobs to everyone watching her dance, but no pussy. 4. Dance and let them play poker for her pussy with two winners getting her in private. Everyone else is left out. 5. Dance for them and take names and make "private dates" with her so she can keep her sex with men kinda private as any sweet young slave should do. Then draw one name to drive her home with a "minor" stop of course!

6. Biggest measured cock in combined total length and girth takes her parking on the way to taking her home. Just the two of them in a real private fucking.

Maria measures each of them after a little sucking on their cock. 7. Your idea.