Kylie Kalvetti Fucks For Finances

Kylie Kalvetti Fucks For Finances
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This is the third of the Brooke trilogy (young - teen - now), written at the request of a fan who sent me pics and sexy ideas to work from. This story is loosely based on detailed information from a reader who enjoys my writing and requested that I write a story about her.

She sent suggestions based on things she enjoys along with some hot pictures of her and a couple of her friends in some very sexy poses. I wish that they would let me post a picture of Brooke with the story. You would all really enjoy seeing her. Brooke, I hope you like this and keep in touch. Kisses. po469 _____________________________________________________ Brooke gets blackmailed The brand new black, sixty thousand dollar, 2011 Cadillac DTS pulled into the dealership in Redding, California.

Brooke had taken it for a test drive. She was expected to just take it around the block a couple of times but she had been gone for almost two hours because she had taken it to show it off to some of her friends.

She had put almost 60 miles on it. A few blocks before she got back to the dealer, she had miscalculated a turn and struck a post. The expensive Cadillac now had a large dent that ran all the way from the middle of the driver's door to the rear bumper. Brooke, a beautiful 23-year-old black woman exited the car and turned to look at the side.

Her mouth fell open and she put her hand over it. Her salesman rushed up. Oh my God ! What happened? She looked at his nametag. "I'm so sorry Dave. It was an accident." "I have to call the general manager" Dave replied. "Mr. Dewey please come to the new car sales lot right away" the PA system blared. Within a minute Mr. Dewey, a 50-year-old, short, chubby and balding white man, came out into the lot. "What is it, Dave?" he asked.

The salesman pointed at the car. This woman took the DTS for a test drive. She was gone almost two hours and when she got back, this had happened to it, Mr. Dewey." Frank looked and saw the damage. "Calm down Dave, I'm sure that her insurance will take care of it." Brooke looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I don't have insurance. I sold my old car a couple months ago so I don't have insurance right now." The nametag pinned to his shirt said, Frank Dewey - General Manager. "Mr. Dewey, my so sorry but it was an accident." "I'm sorry young lady but you are responsible for the damages.

Come with me to my office and let's see what we have to do to get this taken care of." Brooke was pretty sure that the dealership had insurance to take care of this kind of problem but she followed him into his office to see what he was going to say. "That looks to be about five thousand dollars worth of damage.

How do you plan to take care of it?" Frank asked. "I don't know. Doesn't your company have insurance?" Frank stood in front of the black beauty. She was almost two inches taller than him. He was having trouble looking into her eyes as his eyes kept being drawn to her cleavage. Brooke was dressed very sexy.

She always dressed very sexy. She found that it gave her an advantage with almost every man and a good number of women too. Brooke was five foot seven and only weighed 128 pounds. She worked hard to keep her body athletically fit. Her black hair was straightened and a little longer than shoulder length. Her skin was blemish free and the color of the finest milk chocolate.

Brook was a beauty and she knew it and used it to her advantage and pleasure. Today she was wearing a thin white blouse with a plunging front cut and a short red skirt with matching red three-inch heels. Underneath, she had on a dainty white bra she bought from Fredrick's of Hollywood that kept her 36-D's pushed together and allowed a wonderful amount of cleavage to show in her low cut blouse.

The contrast between her skin color and the pure white blouse set her tits off like an artists masterpiece. The bra had bumps in the front so even if her nipples were not hard; it looked like they always were. Under her skirt was a tiny red thong that wasn't much more than a string as it went up into her ass crack.

Brooke, as always, was dressed to kill. The general manager's office was quite large and well furnished.

He had a large solid wood desk and a rug on the floor. There were also a couple matching wood file cabinets, two leather chairs and a leather couch. It had two windows, one to the outside and one into the hall that went to the back from the sales room. "You are responsible to the damage to our car. How to you think that we should solve this problem?" Frank said while staring straight at Brooke's tits.

"Why don't you have a seat on the couch and we will figure this out." Brooke sat on the couch. Her skirt was about mid thigh and her legs were slightly parted. She looked and saw a bulge growing in Frank's pants as he stood in front of her. When he saw her looking, he put his hand to his crotch and started rubbing himself. Brooke knew what was going to happen. Mr. Dewey was going to blackmail her into letting him fuck her and then he was going to have the company's insurance cover the damage.

Any minute now he would suggest that they go some place more private to talk about a solution to her problem. She was almost right. "I think I know a way to get this problem to go away if you were to show me how thankful you would be if I can." In her sexiest voice, Brooke asked, "And what could I do to show you how thankful I would be?" As Frank unzipped his pants he said, "Well young lady, you could start by sucking my cock." He didn't ask her to go someplace private but wanted to do it right there and right then.

Brooke noticed that there were no curtains on the windows. Frank didn't realize that Brooke really got turned on by being coerced or blackmailed into fucking strangers, especially older men, or women and that she enjoyed fucking in public.

It really got her turned on. Brooke reached out and fished Frank's manhood out of his pants. She leaned forward, taking his half hard shaft between her large pouty lips and running her tongue lightly around the head and licking his piss hole which was already leaking per-cum. Frank's cock jumped and hardened further. He wasn't long, maybe not even six inches but he was nice and thick. Brooke's mouth had to stretch slightly to get it in.

Frank grabbed her hair and started firmly mouth fucking her with his now fully hard man meat. After about two minutes of this, he pulled out. "Stand up, turn around and put your tits on the cushions." As Brooke was following his orders, she saw that there were three people, two men and a woman, standing in the hall, looking in the window.

David was also watching from outside.

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Brooke's pussy got even wetter. When she was in place, Frank dropped his pants to the floor, pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her thong to the side. He reached for her pussy. "Damn girl, you sure are wet. You must not mind this too much." Frank stepped forward and lined himself up with her brown opening.

His white cock slid in with no resistance but she was still nice and tight around him. He held her hips and slammed deep and hard into her opening. The thickness of his manhood felt just right inside Brooke's cunt and she started getting into it and thrusting back at him. He lasted about another three minutes before he started to groan. He pulled out. "Turn around quick." She spun around just as his cock exploded.

His thick white cum shot out and splashed on her face. Brooke opened her mouth and managed to catch one shot but most of it went on her face. One string started in her hair and ran across her forehead. Another puddled in her left eye, and one ran from her nose down her cheek. Frank put himself back in her mouth to have the last little bit sucked from his cock. Frank stepped back and pulled up his pants. Brooke looked at the windows and everyone was gone. "Well, I think I can solve our problem if I report this just right to our insurance company.

Why don't you come back tomorrow and I'll let you know it your problem is going to go away. By the way, there is a restroom just a few feet down the hall.

I think you might want to get straightened out." Brooke went down the hall. She cleaned the cum off of her face, eating more of it, and straightened her clothes. She called her friend on her cell phone to come get her. As much as she loved having her face splashed with cum and swallowing a man's load, she was unhappy that Mr. Dewey had not lasted long enough to bring her to an orgasm, but Brooke definitely planned to come back again tomorrow.

Brooke walked around the lot as she waited for her ride. About ten minutes later Alice arrived. Alice was her best friend and roommate. She had met Alice when she caught her step-father in bed with her. It was the first time she had seen him fucking anyone except her mother or her. Alice is a five three white female with a trim body and B cup tits. She also has black hair. As Brooke entered the car, Alice leaned over and they shared a deep kiss.

On the way home, Brooke told the story about her accident and the sexual encounter that followed. She went into great detail.

Alice reached over and played with Brooke's left tit as she drove and listened to the story unfold. When Brooke told her how disappointed she was that she had not been brought to a climax, Alice said that she know how to fix that.

When they entered their apartment, Alice took Brooke's hand and led her to their bedroom. Alice was also bi-sexual but if she were given a choice, she would most often choose to be with another woman.

The second bedroom was never used unless one of them had company and they were not in the mood for a threesome. Standing behind her, Alice cupped Brooke's tits and kissed her on the neck.

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They both sat on the bed and kissed, long and hard with their tongues playing with each other. Within a couple of minutes they had both undressed each other and lay on the bed in the sixty-nine position with Alice on top. She kissed all around Brooke's smoothly shaven mound and then slipped her tongue into her slit while pushing herself down onto Brooke's face and feeling Brooke's tongue doing the same to her neatly trimmed pussy.

Tongues and fingers played with each other's fuck holes. Clits were licked, sucked and bit. Brooke worked her finger fully up into Alice's ass hole. She had to be careful as she had long fingernails. When she pulled it out she reached it back down to where Alice could suck on it.

She did this several times. Brooke was the first to climax and Alice sucked and licked at the nectar that erupted from Brooke's insides. Shortly after, Alice exploded and her juices poured into Brooke's mouth, and were happily swallowed. They slowly continued to lick each other as their passion cooled.

"Thanks, Alice. That really helped.

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I was so horny after he didn't bother to satisfy my needs after he had shot his wad." After supper they watched some TV. Desperate Housewives was one of their favorites. Brooke went to her closet and selected what she wanted to wear to the car dealership the next day. She picked out a black vinyl skirt that came just below her crotch.

No panties this time. Next she searched and picked out a bright yellow tube top and matching yellow heels. The top was made of a mesh fabric that was about fifty percent see thru.

The only parts that were solid material were the small spots that covered her nipples. She placed them on the nightstand.

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She and Alice undressed again and went to bed. Brooke cuddled up to Alice's back, pushing her tits against her and reaching her hand over Alice's side and cupping her tit as she drifted off to sleep thinking about what was going to happen in Mr. Dewey's office the next day. She was going to get off this time even if she had to grab him by the hair and make him eat her cum filled pussy till she climaxed with their audience looking in the windows. She was going to get hers ! At 11am Brooke walked into the dealership showroom and walked straight to Frank Dawson's office.

The eyes of all the people in the showroom followed her. She sat in the chair in front of his desk with her legs spref wide. Brooke could feel wetness starting to moisten her thighs. "Well?" she snapped at Frank. "I talked to the owner of the company about turning your accident in to our insurance company and he said that he could do it but he wants you to make it worth his while the way you did for me.

He told me that when you got here I should bring you to his office." Frank got up and walked out of his office. Brooke followed him. They climbed the stairs, walked past the secretary sitting at her desk and entered the owner's office.

It was big, very big and elegantly furnished. On the walls were cases full of racing trophies. Brooke looked at the man behind the desk and at the name plaque on the desk. It read James Holloway. "Hello Jim, Frank tells me that you want to see that my problems about the accident go away." "You will call me Sir and only Sir.

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Do you understand? Frank, take her clothes off." Frank walked over to Brooke and reached out, taking her tube top in his hands and pulling up.

Brooke raised her arms. Her tits bounced as they came free from her top. Next Brooke reached back and unzipped her skirt and Mr. Dawson pulled it down. Brooke stepped out of it and stood there naked except for her shoes.

Mr. Holloway stepped out from behind his desk. "Get your ass over here and take my clothes off and get my cock in your mouth, now." "Yes Sir." Brooke approached the owner, reached out and started unbuttoning his shirt. When Brooke had him naked she knelt in front of him and without using her hands, she took his cock in her mouth.

He was longer that Frank but not as thick. He was probably seven inches and his prick curved downward. The head was wider than the shaft. It reminded her a lot of her step-father's cock.

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She looked at Frank and he had stripped out of his clothes also. Brooke cupped Mr. Holloway's balls in her hand as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft.


Frank came up behind her and started to play with Brooke's tits but James motioned him away. "You'll get your turn.

Well young lady, do you like my cock?" Brooke pulled off his cock,"Yes Sir." Then she went right back to her chore. After several minutes, Mr. Holloway started to moan. He took Brooke by the hair and pulled her off of his manhood. "Not yet Honey, Not yet. Frank, sit on the couch." He promptly did as he was told. "Now get your mouth to work on Frank's cock and put on a good show for me." "Yes Sir." Frank was getting a good cock sucking and Jim was enjoying the show.

Finally he told Brooke to lean forward over the couch arm and to keep giving Frank a blowjob. He got behind her, spread her ass cheeks and pushed himself fully into Brooke's dripping wet cunt in one stroke. He pounded her pussy deep and hard for several minutes. Brooke continued sucking Frank while he did. Frank was the first to come. He held Brooke's head tight to him while he fired shot after shot down her throat, almost gagging her, but she never spilled a drop.

Mr. Holloway was next. He held her hips and buried himself as deep in her pussy as he could while he blasted his seed into her cavern. When his cum stopped, he pulled and walked to her face. Knowing what he wanted, Brooke sucked his cum covered cock clean.

They stepped away from her. "OK Slut. I'll see that you are not held responsible for the damages. You can go now." Brooke still had not been brought to an orgasm and she had told herself that today she would get as good as she gave. Brooke stood up. "No. You guys have had your fun but you have left me hanging. One of you bastards is going to eat my pussy till I splash cum all over your face." "Who do you think you are talking to, Slut.

Now get your clothes and get out of here." Brooke stood her ground. "Fuck you. You've filled my fuckin cunt with DNA. If I go to the hospital and get a rape kit done, they can tell just who's shit is inside of me and if I holler rape, the cops will be here in a minute. I also think that your wives might be interested in what you have been doing. Now one of you is going to eat me out till I can't take it any more." Jim Holloway looked at Frank.


"She's got us over a barrel. Give her what she wants Frank." Frank looked at him but decided that he didn't have any choice. In addition to Brooke telling the police and his wife finding out, he had his job to think about if he said no. Brooke looked him in the eye. "Get on your back on the floor." Frank did as she said.

Jim sat on the couch to watch and stroked his softening meat. Brooke put one leg on either side of Frank's shoulders and squatted down onto his face. "Eat my cunt and make me come hard." Frank started licking away at her snatch and clit while she rocked her pussy back and forth over his face.

Mr. Holloway's cum dripped into his mouth. It took almost five minutes, but Brooke finally felt an orgasm approaching. Brooke grabbed her own tits and squeezed them hard, pinching her nipples. She dropped down onto her knees, putting even more pressure on Frank's face. "Oh fuck yes, I'm coming. Fuuuuck!!! Eat my cunt, you son of a bitch. Eat it" Brooke exploded, filling Frank's mouth and covering his face with cum from her and Mr.

Holloway's climaxes. When she got up, Frank was choking and gagging and gasping for air from having his mouth and nose tightly covered by Brooke's pussy and having his mouth filled with cum. Jim smiled at her. "I enjoyed that Brooke. You've got spunk. You're welcome to come back and test drive any of my cars any time you want as long as you test drive us after." Brooke walked over to him and gave him a big kiss.

"I may just take you up on that, Jim." 811