Pluse one 8 with teacher

Pluse one 8 with teacher
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Victoria; ----------- Vicky is Red, White and Blue, as American as apple pie. She's a married woman of the Islamic faith whom I have, to put it politely targeted for seduction, or putting it less politely; I wanna taste that sweet ass of hers and fuck her brains out. I work with her and that affords me the opportunity to converse with her every day.

Vicky is middle management, has a staff of ten; three men and seven women. I am the youngest male and second youngest overall. Vicky is 28 or 29. I am 24. As for me, I am over six feet tall, naturally blonde hair thanks to my Scandinavian ancestry.

I am low on the totem pole here at work so I do most of the grunt work. This is fortuitous because it puts me in close proximity to Vicky several times a week at work. Without this opportunity to be close to her I would stand no chance at all. One must always seek an edge in these man-woman things. Grunt work; by this I mean moving office furniture, carrying office supplies, and general lifting.

I am the biggest and strongest person under Vicky so it is natural for her to ask me to help. The rest of the time I am on my computer working on projects given to me by Vicky.

I partied hard until I met Vicky two years back; she captured my interest. Up until then I was fucking Rave chicks, or any bitch I could find. I slowly weaned myself off that scene.

Although., I did bring one of my favourite Rave buddies to my first Christmas party, Sara something. There was a lot of talk about us for awhile. To my surprise Vicky thought we were 'cool', a word I didn't expect to hear from her. Six months ago I started to make my move. I knew it would be a long slow process getting Vicky.

I made it my number one priority to lick her pussy, to fuck her; to get her to fall in love with me. I started off easy with nice talk.the usual bull, and with the occasional touch, accidental of course. [SMILE] The very first time I made contact with the object of my lust was when we were in the storage room. Vicky had her back to me, I waited until I knew she would have to take a step backwards, I bent to pick up a box thrusting my arm out so she would back into my arm My forearm pressed against her ass as she stepped back.

I stood and walked away without saying a thing. My mind focused on the imprinted feeling of her ass against my arm. I carried on like nothing had happened. When I returned to the storage room I said; "Hey Vic, what's next"?

I looked into her eyes with a straight face. She looked at me and I could see wonder in her eyes. I often wondered if that was the first time any man other than her husband had ever made contact with her precious body; especially that ass of hers. If ever there was a woman who should be fucked from behind it was Vicky. If the rating system was higher than 10 Vicky would qualify for the highest number.

Honest her 'ass' is that fantastic. I waited about another month before I touched her again. Same storage room, we had just put some stock away when fortune smiled on me. Vicky stepped on a piece of wrapping and slipped. I grabbed her upper arm with my left hand and placed my right hand on her waist; ---- "Whoa there Vic, watch your step there.

[Pause] Care to dance"? I said tongue in cheek. She righted herself with my gentlemanly help. Once she was steady on her feet I let go of her, making sure my right hand upon her waist slid just a little as I let her go; feeling her skin through her thin blouse.

She smiled. I looked into her eyes. I could see the wonder in her eyes again. I winked at her; "A thank you handsome would be appropriate Vic". I said with my usual flippancy.

"Thank you Dan". I smiled at her. Vicky had that look of wonder in her eyes, and I with lust in my blood played it cool. Boy I wanted to fuck her badly. I have fucked allot of woman and the feeling of my cock entering a woman is my far.

I could feel my cock driving into that tight opening between Vicky's legs. I had to turn away.for those feelings, fantasy as they were, must be showing on my face. Vicky turned to walk by when she slipped again.

She maintained her balance this time but I offered her my hand anyways. At first she said no, but, upon reflection I guess, and after she looked past me at the floor, she extended her hand which I gladly took. I steered Vicky past the clutter to the end to the aisle.

"Your nails look beautiful Vicky". I said. Vicky had white tips on her finger and toe nails. They look fantastic against the pink under her nails and her light brown skin color. She frequently wore open toed shoes. Her white tipped toe nails peeking though her hose made for a very attractive look.

Damn she was hot! I stooped to pick up the clutter using my peripheral vision to watch Vicky leave the storage room. She looked at her nails as the door was closing behind her, a smile crossed her face. I stood, I was semi-erect. I closed mine eyes. I could imagine myself enter her tight smooth pussy. The thought made me so hard. Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, I wanna fuck you Vicky.

That thought reverberated in my head. Taking a deep breath I went about my business. Standing alone in the storage room I can think of nothing else but the feeling of entering her; so tight, so warm, so smooth, my imagination is in full control. I drip cum in my pants. - - - - I love my deviant behavior; all those poor bastards towing the line.fuck it.

Deviance has so many rewards. Like me having a small orgasm in the storage room at work after touching someone else's wife, I love it. Grrrrrrrr, I want her! I rode a wave of optimism for the rest of the work week.

Vicky was gone to meetings the following week. I was still high off my engineered accidental touching in the storage room.

The announcement: Monday morning, Vicky had been promoted. She was moving up the corporate ladder, from the fourth floor to the seventh floor. In this company that is a huge jump up the ladder. I was happy for her and said so; I was also disappointed as this would greatly impede my chances of getting her body. I would be patient, as if I had any other choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OVER the next two weeks one of the males quit, one of the females moved to a different department.

Vicky's old stomping ground was being cannibalized. When I read the memo I smiled at the term cannibalized. It described pretty much what I wanted to do to Vicky, minus the injuries. By the end of the month Vicky had taken her two best people with her upstairs. That left two males and four females. Roger, the other male, who was sort of a geek, left. He had stayed with this company because he had a thing for one of the girls who worked under Vicky, Emily I believe.

Roger left for a new job after Vicky's promotion. Roger and I talked one coffee break and he'd mentioned Emily. Emily had moved on but it seemed he had a thing for Vicky also.

go figure. It was getting pretty boring around the office. A great band was playing in town so I decided to go.


I thought that with Vicky out of sight I was not going to get a chance any time soon so I might as well fuck crack bitches. I picked up one of those skanky whores at the concert and fucked her; on someone's front lawn behind some shrubs. She told me it was the worst piece of ass she'd had and punched me in the face. I swung at her and missed, on purpose. I left it at that. I knew I had a strong thing for Vicky going so I really didn't give a fuck.

The up side of all this was that those skanky bitches did not bother with me much anymore, even though they thought I was good looking. Girls talk, a blessing at times.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - - - SUMMER came and I was very popular for about two months, until the money ran out. Recreational chemicals aside, I had a blast with my old friends raving the night away.

My friends, mostly druggies, where very happy that good old Dan was back. Oh, right, I probably should mention I lost my job, absenteeism they said. hell if I know I was never there. - - - July 4th; actually July 5th in the early morning, about 3:00am I would guess. Five of us gathered that night and slept on a sloped section lawn in a park in the city's downtown.

I had been doing this for over three weeks by this time. [Unemployment has its ups and downs] I awoke to voices, one in particular, a female voice yelling. Sitting up I observed three men hassling a young woman. She looked like a waitress or something on her way home from work. One dude was particularly crude, I thought; and that is something coming from me.

I ambled over and suckered the little bastard, knocking him old cold. I was out of money and in a bad mood. The fight was on. Of the two remaining, one took flight after I kicked him in the leg. The other guy, well I was not so lucky with him.

He and I went at it. We drew a small crowd as we battled it out. He was good, no doubt about it. Soon enough the emergency bars were close at hand. We kept battling until the cops jumped in; I took a swing at a cop, like I said I was in a bad mood. I think I connected but I don't remember. CONCIOUSNESS: - - - I could feel an ache in my head. The lights shining in my face seemed extremely bright. I noticed a shadow. "Ohhhhh" or something I muttered.

Thank God for the shadow I thought. My eyes hurt. I think it was my eyes that hurt. I seemed to have pain from various parts of my body. I guess that means I'm alive I thought. They were slow to adjust the lights.I felt weird.

The shadow moved and the lights were bright again. [I squint.] I cannot see a fucking thing. I don't say a mouth I lay there waiting for the light to go away., but it does not. - - - Aahhhhh, the shadow again. I squint to see what or who it is that is bringing me this relief.

Someone is standing looking down at me. I cannot see who it is., but I am thank full anyways. "Hello Dan". "Vicky, is that you"? [My words sound off to me] "Yes it is Dan". [A pause of several seconds] "Were. . ? [Again, a pause of several seconds] "You are in the hospital Dan, St. Agnes to be precise. It is in the inner city Dan". [Jeez . I must have lost the fight worse than I thought. . .] "You look like hell Dan.

. You never lost your sense of humour though. You put me down as next of kin. . Mom never said Dan". I smile some, it hurts to smile, but I smiled again: "Yeah., I missed out on that tan though. Mom always liked you best". [Again my words sound off, but at least I could understand what I said this time, I hoped Vicky could.] I heard Vicky laugh.

The nurse comes in and gives me a shot of some kind., just what I need more drugs. Vicky hangs for bit. I do not know how long. Not long enough though. She bids me adieu.

"Hey sis, you going to give me a heals you know". [Vicky later told me the nurse gave her a questioning look.] Vicky gave me nice hug. I was happy about that; my first hug from her. [I later told her it was worth getting beaten up just for the hug] -------------------------------------------------------------------- HOSPITALIZED for a week, nothing broken just beat up.

They were treating me for drug use also.can ya fuck'n believe that. The day I was released I received a message with an address. I had no other place to go so I checked it out. I arrived half an hour or so later at said address. It is an apartment building. I met the caretaker who took me to suite 417.

I have no clue as to why I am here.

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I do not think I know anyone who lives here, but then again, I have been on a tear lately so anything is possible.

I get the keys without any further information. I must have a guardian Angel I thought, which is great since I have nowhere else to go. It is a furnished suite.

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I fall asleep on the sofa. It is all good. AWAKENING: The sound of a door closing; heels clicking, and the smell of a woman's fragrance., ah Vicky. I would recognize her scent anywhere. I open my eyes to see my brown Goddess. I watched Vicky walk towards me; a confident smile shaped her beautiful lips. Her long sloped nose held the glasses perched there on, and hazel brown eyes looking at me. I am in love. Vicky's thick black hair streaked with rust-brown hi-lights acting as background for her heart shaped face.

Her squared shoulders holding up a white blouse, no frills, and no pockets; buttoned to the neck. Vicky's near perfect hands clutching her purse, and some keys.

Her arms moving in synchronistic rhythm as she walks. Her feet pointed straight ahead; her strong legs carry her confidently across the floor with little sway, to sit opposite were I lay.

AS she sits I look at her knees, and past her hem., catching a glimpse of her inner thighs. A brief sighting of white underwear. - - - "Sigh". "Is it worth offending me Dan, looking up my skirt"? "No, Vic ., ah., yes! You are unbelievable". "How is that Dan"? "Your beauty, your intelligence, your very presence drowns my senses". Vicky smiles; "Drowns your senses Dan, is that not a little over the top". "Perhaps Vic., but not by very much, and I thought it was pretty good".

[I give her a wink.] Vicky looks at me questioningly; "Are you trying to seduce me Dan"? - - "Yes". [I am not noted for my subtlety; no filter on my mouth either.a bad combination.] - - "Dan, I am a married woman and my faith does not allow for what you want".

- - "You are that mysterious gift that needs to be opened Vicky". - - "DAN., if you were a child I would spank you good and hard". She should not have said that, being one cocky bastard with a checkered past I stand and drop my sweats and underwear.

I stand butt naked in front of Vicky., bending over for her. To my surprise, Vicky slaps my ass a good one, and another good one, and another.

She stands, grabs my T shirt to hold me as she switches hands and slaps my ass again. - - "OUCH"! - - "If I am to be your Guardian Dan, I want some respect Dan". [Having said that, Vicky threw some forms at me.] "Here, sign these in front of a notary." Vicky picks up her purse and heads for the door; "Dan, be at work on time on Monday. I went to some effort to land you that job at Sherman's". She reaches the door, opening the door Vicky turns to me; - - "Nice ass Dan"! She winks at me and shuts the door behind her as she leaves.

"YES!" I yell, all be it a hushed yell; and I give it the pump.on my knees, doing it in fine style. I'm in, I just know it. I listen to Vicky' footsteps as she walks away. I am certain I heard her laugh. Since I am on my knees, I place my hands in the praying position; "Oh God, please, I want to fuck that woman"?

[I am not above asking the Lord for help in debauchery. it has worked in the past, I think.] . Perhaps not the thing one should pray for but after all, I am a man, and a man is defenceless against pussy. So., whatever it takes. MONDAY MORNING: Monday morning I walk into my new place of employment, ""Sherman's"", wearing my I Pod listening to the Rascals, 'It's a beautiful morning'. When asked about my battered face I answered with one word all men understand in May; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "HOCKEY"!

The next three weeks went by without a hitch. I never saw Vicky which surprised me because she was suppose to keep close tabs on me, brawler that I am.

I had signed the forms as per instructions. I received my first pay check and made instalment number one against my fine. Saturday morning, about eleven I guess. I couldn't see the clock in my bedroom.a tad messy. I was still in bed just lying there thinking about Vicky when I heard the door open and a man's voice. I was slow to respond, trying to figure out whose voice that was. Vicky's husband's face appeared in my bedroom door way and he 'TOLD' me to come into the other room.

I wondered why he was here; then it occurred to me that Vicky might have been injured. I leapt out of bed rushing into the other room of my apartment.

Wearing my boxer shorts and covered with a sheet torn from my bed in haste. Rashid, which is Vicky's husband's name, told me in his fuck'n Paki accent to listen. I stood there and listened to this little prick, for that is what he is; and all that he had I am sure.

I listened to him talk about a woman I adored. - - - At first I thought of beating him half to death. But as he went on I found myself thinking on his ideas. It took about five minutes for Raz. to explain himself. When he finished he said; "I am her boss, she is my wife and I own her. remember that Dan". He left with a swagger. What a fuck'n asshole. His ideas would humiliate Vicky; I suspected that is what he wanted to do to her.

OR at the very least have me think he would do that shit to her. Time Passes: - - - I sat up like I'd been shot. I had fallen asleep on my sofa only to wake up to a dream of Vicky being face fucked in front of me.

The thought of which created a very respectable hard on for me. For a good fifteen minutes I sat there before I made myself a coffee.

My mind roamed from enjoying what I had just dreamt to anger at not killing that little bastard Raz. What an intense dream. - - - Raz works at the University; he's some kind of academic weasel.

I finished my coffee and went to bed. Laying there I pulled my bottoms off and watched my cock grow. The pre-cum started to leak out as I thought of Vicky.

I knew I was going to fuck Raz.something or others wife. Strange fucking names those Paki's. More Time Passes: - - - Man these drugs are really having an effect upon my mind. I hate the guy. I love is wife. God what a nice ass she has on her. I wonder if she will let me fuck her in the ass. I laugh. I am really swimming here I say to myself.and lay back. - - - Oh yeah, it was just a dream.fuck'n Med's are fuck'n me up.more than my regular shit. I think! - - - Zzzzzzzz!

Much more Time Passes: More than three weeks had pasted since I had seen Vicky. I was worried but confident she would eventually come to see me, after all she is my guardian. The best move I made so far was the fight, and I don't remember much of it. I smile, very much me I thought.

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Thursday, it's been three and a half weeks since I've seen Vicky. I hear a knock on the door, automatically I look at the clock; it is 6:12pm. I wonder who the hell would be here at this time of the night. The door opens; - - - - - - - - - - - - "VICKY!" "Hi", she says quietly and walks into my apartment. Her head is bowed, she seems down. I watch her walk toward the sofa; she stops, just standing there.

Vicky is wearing a knee length skirt with a white blouse buttoned to the neck. I recognize the skirt as part of a suit she wears to work. She is wearing mid-height heels with her usual dark hose. Vicky places her purse on my coffee table, removing her glasses.

She rubs her eyes with her free hand; "How are you doing Dan"? "Ok Vic". [Pause]. .


. . "Worried about you though". "How are you Vicky, you seem a little down"? I shut the door dead bolting it.

If Raz. is here today I will beat him senseless. "I am feeling beaten Dan. Raz has forbidden me to visit you even though I am your guardian. Not only that Dan, but I was called upstairs today. They feel they made a mistake in promoting me. I explained about Raz. being jealous of my success. They have given me one month to straighten out my personnel life". "Well, you're standing in my apartment Vicky, which says something about my woman".

She turns to look at me giving me a week smile. "I had better go Dan, I am happy you're ok". I had inched closer to Vicky as we spoke. I intercepted her arm as she reached for her glasses. She looked at me, her face expressionless. "Leave your glasses on the table Vic; I have something I want you to see". "I see better with my glasses on Dan".

Vicky re-placed her glasses. I took hold of her hand leading her into my bedroom. She followed without question. "Dan, even without my glasses I can see that your bedroom is a mess. You better not let go of me, you will never find me in here". "OH. Funny lady.I did not know you had a sense of humour Vic." "Of course I do Dan. I thought it was obvious, I hired you didn't I".

I smiled at Vicky. Surprised as I was at this fortunate turn in her demeanour brought on by my house keeping skills, or lack thereof, she squeezes my hand. "You need a woman Dan". "I found the one I want Vic".

Winking, I give her a warm smile. "I cannot Dan, you know this". We pause in our conversation; "Che sera sera" ., I say. Vicky looks at me; "Are you sure Dan"? "Yes. Very much so. whatever is fated to happen will happen". "I know what it means Dan.And us"? I was about to answer when the expression on her face stopped me. I saw fear in Vicky's eyes for the first time in the nearly three years I have known her. Or maybe it was desperation, I am not sure.

But it caught me by surprise. Through all this Vicky and I held hands. I moved to her bringing my hands to her waist, hugging Vicky. She did not protest or say; I cannot Dan.

I stood in my messy bedroom holding onto a woman I wanted to possess in every way possible. Basically, fuck her brains out. Those feelings did not manifest themselves at this moment, but were replaced by different feelings. Vicky's head came to rest on my shoulder; she'd curled her arms about my neck, holding me. I held her tighter. Vicky sagged a little; putting her trust in this man who's holding her. I could feel the presence of her small breasts against my chest.

She kept her stomach and pubic bone away from me.

She must be arching her back but I gave that only a passing thought. The fragrance of Vicky's hair caught my attention sending my mind tumbling back to reality. I experienced an ever deepening feeling for this woman. I held Vicky, but even more important Vicky was holding onto me. She was putting her trust in me, Dan the Rave party dude who fucked skanky bitches, or used too.

Now I was in the arms of a real woman. The euphoria put me in a place where I had seldom been, and never before like this. Suddenly I understood the concept of Heaven. - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Vicky I love you". "I know Dan. I would not be here if I you didn't". [Pause.] "I know I can trust you., well mostly". Vicky continued, smiling;" Except for that which is between my waist and my knees", she added.

"Ah, Vic.That's not fair, don't forget your breasts, and I would love to suck on your beautiful toes". "I guess I had better extend my area of concern". She said as she pulled back. We both laughed a little, breaking the solemn mood. "Vic., may I kiss you"? "Is that not a little formal for you Dan"? "Yes, ridiculously so". I know a kiss is just a kiss, but sometimes it is so much more.

This kiss was so much more. It was our first kiss; everything seemed to take on heightened feelings. The softness of her mouth, her warmth, the scent of her breath, the way her lips fluttered as we kissed, and the swirling affect this kiss had on my head, beyond the drugs. Vicky pulled back and looked into my eyes. She pulled herself up kissing me. A short sweet kiss you could label it. She pulled away this time breaking our embrace. Vicky looked into my eyes., studying., moving from eye to eye., and questioning me without questioning.

Vicky spoke; "Perhaps you are worth taking a chance on Dan". My heart jumped, which must have shown because she smiled; "You would never regret it Vic". [Pause] "Vicky, would consider marrying me"? Vicky looked straight into mine eyes. I could see she was thinking.wondering about the good looking blonde dude with Scandinavian ancestry standing in front of her. Most women do that with me. [I tell them a small white lie and presto, their pants are off.] "I do not know Dan, your pretty least for me".

[My heart sank.] "Dan" [Silence again], show me how much you love me"? Now I am not the smartest guy in the world but that had TRAP written all over it, in capital letters. I am a ballsy sort of guy when it comes to chicks. I have a lot of experience with these games they like to play. Being me I was not going to nickel and dime my way to a touchdown.

I was going long. I smiled at her .pulling Vicky to me, kissing her the way we kissed before. She snaked her arms up about my neck and standing on her tip toes she kissed me back. Savouring her sweet lips, my hands moved up her arms slowly to her shoulders; then stealth fully dropping from there to her waist. I felt her jump as my hands found her waist, caressing her, tracing small circles thru her shirt above her hips. Moving my hands slowly along the waist band of Vicky's skirt.stopping when I reach her spine.feeling her spine.sliding a finger tip up her back.tracing a line from her waist to her bra clasp.stopping and retreating slowly moving along the muscles on either side of her spine until I reached her waist.

over too her hip bones. Slowly, oh so slowly, navigating up past her waist to her ribs, stopping just before I reached her beasts. I pulled back and looked directly into Vic's eyes. I was smiling, trying so desperately not to grin. I knew she was new to this action. My hands made their way to her waist.I could sense that she was nervous.I could see she was excited, if only a little.

I knew she wouldn't be standing here if she didn't like what I was doing to her. But her eyes told me another story. They showed want, a need for love; mixed in with that I would call concern, and perhaps even fading hope. Moving my face to her neck and starting beside her ear, I slid my lips along her skin to the base of her neck.

Kissing her there; tasting her skin. I could feel Vicky shiver; I could sense her tensing as I touched her body. Her arms seemed reluctant to move, and yet they gave away her pensive state of mind.

Pinching her blouse between my thumb and fingers., I pulled at it gently.slowly her blouse slipped up and out from under the belted waist of her skirt.The back first, then the sides as my hands worked in unison., and finally the front eased out from her skirt, tickling her as it moved., she gasp.

I smiled at her. . enjoying my reign. She looked up at me, her face giving away her lost hope. I kissed her softly; "What did I just do honey"? "You undressed me., and felt me up Dan". [Disappointment in every syllable.] "I guess that is one way to look at it". I paused. "Remember I said I wanted you to see something". She looked at me; "Yes, and I saw it, a messy room". A very large smile crossed my face.

Vicky looked at me, her face emotionless, yet I could see the emergence of wonder in her eyes. I loved this moment.

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"I freed your blouse from the constraints placed upon it, in this case your belted skirt. I want to free you from your constraints Vic. Dump Rashid and marry me Vicky. I will guarantee you a life free from those kinds of constraints. [Pause]. and lots of Ssssssex".


. Fourteen months, fourteen fucking months she made me wait to prove my worth. I became very fit, playing hockey, slow pitch., some baseball; played indoor soccer and ball hockey. I took up jogging. Joined a gym; anything to distract me, to tire me.

My cock could have sued me for neglect. We arrive at my place; I had moved into a newer building. We were celebrating my 26th birthday and Vicky wanted to see how my cleaning was, we joked about my home maintenance skills often. We walked in and Vicky laughed. There were dishes pilled high in the sink, at least I had cleared the table. She turned and threw her handbag at me, which I caught. Vic. headed into my bedroom.

I stayed back waiting. I heard her laughing. You guessed it, messy. I waited another minute, more or less. Her head peeked around the corner and she beckoned me with her finger. I went to her of course, expecting some comment or joke about my cleaning. Vicky turned and looked straight into my eyes she said; "You've done everything I asked Dan. If you want we can marry Saturday at the justice of the peace". "Justice of the Peace. are you sure Vic". "Yes. No sense creating problems.

I am Islamic and you are ., well for lack of a better term.a hockey player". [She paused for a long moment] "I feel comfortable with you Dan; safe too. I never felt that with Raz". Vicky took another minute to compose her thoughts: "Raz did not treat me well Dan. My marriage to him was not conventional, weird actually.

I am more than a little nervous getting involved again with a man. The last one didn't turn out so good for me". I went to speak and she placed a finger on my lips shushing me, I loved her fingers and very sexy hands.

[I had dreamt of her hands covered in cum.Drenched actually. I never told her that though. I love surprises] "It was cruel of me to ask of you the things I did but I wanted to be certain you meant what you said. So I asked you to go against the very nature of yourself". "I asked you to be celibate for more than a year and you complied, you did everything in your power to show me you cared about me.

So many times I wanted to stop it and go to bed with you Dan, but I had to be sure". "Jeez Vic you should have followed your gut instincts.

By now you'd be an old married lady". "Old"?

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She said with a smile and a wink. "What about love Vicky. Do you love me? Ya know.Dan the man". Vicky smiled at me: "Dan, I loved you the day I hired you". Vicky laughed, and laughed really hard. The reason she laughed was my reaction to her statement about loving me from the git-go.

For one of the few times my life I was floored by something someone said. While the computer I call my brain froze, she explained: "You were so good looking I found it hard not to run away with you, but you're so wild I knew I would last about as long as a can of pop. So I hired you". [She winked at me, again] "I noticed a change in you which encouraged me. I made a special effort to put myself alone with you at least once a week wondering what if anything you'd do.

The casual touching in the storage room was cute Dan, silly and respectful all at the same time. I knew you were just trying to turn my head". "When you brought your friend to the Xmas party Dan I was enthralled. I was so jealous of you, but even more so of your lady friend. Too be that free, to express yourself openly like she did.

Not that I would be exactly like her but just to be free to manage one's own life". Vicky hesitated and looked at me; "And now I am there Dan, a free woman. Hopefully I can set an example so some others can follow., both men and woman." I stood there listening to her spiel. Digesting everything she said. As I looked at her I thought to myself; I just wanted to marry the woman I loved. If that happens to free half a billion woman from an archaic backward society so be it.

Just give me a fuck'n hero cookie and I'll be off. "So"? She said, catching me of guard, again. "So what", I asked.

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"Do you want to marry me silly"? She looked at me. she shrugged her shoulders.finally did that wiggle the head thing black chicks are noted for and said; "Doh!" I just stood there looking at her. "Well ask me Dan"? "Oh. sure.Will you marry me Vicky"? "Yes Dan, I will marry you. that was sure romantic Dan." "Sorry Vicky. I just thought it was a foregone conclusion., us getting married I mean." I stood there looking at her.

so fucking beautiful. she seemed to be waiting for something? "Dan., kiss me please"? She did not have to ask me twice. I kissed Vicky . [Later I was to think this was not my best performance.] . WE GOT MARRIED on the Saturday and headed back to my place for our first time together.

Vicky wanted to stay out of the cross hairs of her Islamic buddies for our wedding day. They had no idea where I lived so back to my place we went. Vicky's clothes were draped over a chair in my room. basically., the only place she could fine to place her clothes neatly. I am a slob. I nearly choked when she crawled onto the bed showing me her ass. It was more beautiful than even I could have imagined. Vicky looked back at me and smiled., she knew.

Like many women Vicky has strong looking legs. HER upper body is slight, with cute little breasts brandishing small light brown nipples. Her brown skin is soft, both to look at and to the touch. She is nearly hairless, only a thin line of pubic hair runs above her clit. Me, I have hair on my chest and enough below. Hairy she likes it seems, I do not know why and never asked.don't' care I suppose.

- - - - - - - I came at her swiftly, she opened her face found her pussy. Her back arched and she gasp as I ate her.or so I thought. She pushed herself backwards away from me as my mouth found her pussy. I crawled after her like some giant insect, her backing away from me and me scurrying after her. Until her head hit the wall by the pillows; hearing the thump I looked up at her face and saw a frightened woman.

"Give me a little time Dan, this is new to me". "Never", I said. She just shook her head in the negative. I slowed my approach; partly out of respect for her, partly to enjoy this lovely near virgin pussy of hers.God she's something.

I kissed her inner thighs starting above her knees and progressing slowly up toward her pussy, darting from one leg to the other. This both eased her stress and got her excited. By the time I reached her pussy her lips were swollen. A more beautiful set of brown-light pinkish lips do not exist; at least in my opinion. I circled her clit with my tongue.licked the furrow between her lips.poked at her opening with quick jabs.

She moved in response to my love making.When I tugged on her lips with my teeth Vicky launched. There was a deep rolling moan; it was good-by Dan, hello moon.

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It was hard to keep from hurting her with her hips bucking like they were, but I managed by holding onto her hips and pressing them into the mattress. Vicky held onto the bedding with both hands. She clinched the bedding, pulling at them like she was holding onto a surf board in waves. I changed from pulling at her lips to sucking her little clit, slipping my tongue under her clit I licked it in an upward motion, pushing at the little thing.

My beautiful wife came unglued. Vicky's orgasm was the strongest I'd ever given a woman. - - - - - - - - We'd cuddled together for a bit when Vicky said: "Your turn Dan".

. "NA, I'll pass Vic. I don't want to ruin the afterglow you're having. [Continuing] I said, "But I'll take rain check on that offer". [Pause]- "I'll come in on a-break-away with my trusted scoring stick, deke you out and tuck it in." "I'll guess I'll have to get used to that talk", She said.

"Hockey Players"! I looked at her:" I love you Vic. Thanks for marry-ing me". "I love you too Dan". Vicky took my face between her hands and kissed me, long and sorta passionately.

Then she began to talk.and talk.several minutes later she finished. Chic's man, but them in a relationship and they get so fuck'n serious.

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