Me masturbating over my ex

Me masturbating over my ex
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At nine o'clock on Sunday morning, Judith awoke in her bed. The brunette law student's bedroom reflected her sensible personality; neat, tidy and well-organized.

A Van Gogh print hung above her bed, her desk was clear except for a single notebook with a fountain pen laying across it, and her shelves were stocked with academic books in alphabetical order. Laying there with the summer sun shining through the thin pink curtains, Judith stretched out and yawned. She was naked under the white covers. Her mind drifted to the events of yesterday, of her two twin eleven-year-old brothers, Mark and Aaron, coming round to try and talk Karen - Judith's housemate and best-friend - into buying them a porn magazine.

Judith had objected. Judith had also objected when the rather top-heavy Karen had decided to show Mark and Aaron her tits. However, one thing had lead to another, and Karen and Judith had ended up stripping, kissing their two pre-teen guests, sucking them off, teaching them how to eat pussy, how to french-kiss and how to give a rim-job.

Judith had drawn the line at actual sex, but she had eventually been won round to Karen's idea that anal-sex wasn't proper sex, and so Aaron had buggered Karen and Mark had done likewise to Judith. After some watersports bought the sordid afternoon to a close, Judith and her housemate had invited Mark and Aaron to come round the next day. That had not been the end of the lewdness. After their horny guests had gone, Judith and Karen had indulged in a bit of mutual masturbation together whilst discussing the days events.

They had impulsively kissed but otherwise contented themselves with frigging their own pussies. After they'd dressed and had supper, the two of them had gone about their normal activities in the evening - Judith doing some of her college work, Karen watching TV - but with a buzz of sexual tension in the air.

At nine o'clock Karen had invited Judith up to her room for "a bit of a muck about." Judith had gone along of course, and a "muck about" involved them both getting naked on Karen's bed and, at Karen's suggestion, kissing each other and fingering one another's cunts. Their tentative kisses had soon turned to passionate snogging, and soon they'd flung what inhibitions they'd had left aside and began sucking and fingering one another's cunts and arseholes.

Light headed on strawberry wine, the two students had sixty-nined, used various sex-toys on one another, tongued every slick, winking orifice that came within licking distance and generally worked up a good sweat as they'd moaned, panted and giggled their way to multiple orgasms each. They had gone to their seperate rooms afterwards so Judith was alone as she woke up this following morning. She rubbed her eyes and pushed the duvet aside, exposing her slender nude body to the room.

Judith swung her long legs round and got out of bed. The twenty-one-year-old was tall at five-foot-nine, slim with toned limbs, a flat stomach and pert juicy tits.

She was tanned with lovely bronzed flesh. Her cunt was completely shaved and beautifully smooth and her sweet buttocks perfectly cleft. She stood in front of the full-length mirror and admired her body.

Judith had always been confident about her body but she, although not a prude, she did not really feel comfortable with blatantly satisfying her high sex-drive. She'd relied on a vibrator since coming to University, deciding that relationships may effect her studies. Now, as she admired her beautiful slim body, the pretty brunette decided that yesterday's events - the lewd antics with her little brothers, then with Karen in the evening - had broken a damn of inhibitions inside her and let loose a torrent of eagerness to get down and dirty!

She had not had sex with that many guys in her life and, whilst the guys had appreciated her, they certainly hadn't worshipped her like Mark and Aaron had done. Those horny little brothers of hers had treated her body like that of a Goddess. Judith had not had anal sex until yesterday and had regarded her nether hole as merely a place to defecate from. However, Mark and Aaron had worshipped Judith (and Karen's) anuses as they had done with every other part of their bodies.

Judith could easily summon up the wonderful sensations of tongues sweeping over - and into - her anus, as Mark, Aaron and Karen's tongues had all done yesterday at one time or another.

Judith ran her hands over her body and gave a sexy pout to the mirror. She put her hands on her hips and smiled as she thought "I fucked my little brothers yesterday, and Karen!" To her delight she not only failed to feel guilty at the sordidness indulged in yesterday but she actually felt empowered. She also felt horny. She wanted to go and have sex with someone! Luckily, Karen would be getting up soon. And Mark and Aaron would coming over later too.

Stark naked, Judith left the bedroom and strolled elegantly down the hall to the bathroom, her firm bronzed bottom wiggling sexily as she did so.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karen woke up at the same time in her room down the hallway. The room matched her personality; disorganized and whacky. She had posters on the walls depicting various hunks, from Brad Pitt to Russell Crowe.

The stereo sitting on her desk was surrounded by CDs, most of them out of their cases. One of her 38DD sized bras - which looked like two small parachutes strapped together - hung over the back of a chair and on the seat lay a thong and a single sock. Her wardrobe was open, revealing her clothes. Her everyday garmants - battered jeans, fading Nirvana T-shirts, a long black coat - were like a typical students, whilst the gear she wore on night's out - stockings, tiny mini-skirts, boob-tubes, even a fish-net top - would have looked immodest on a prostitute.

Sitting up in bed, Karen yawned and ran her hand through her wild frizzy blonde hair. She blinked her narrow enigmatic eyes and smiled as the thoughts of all of yesterday's naughtiness came to her. Rolling rather ungracefully out of her bed and onto her feet, she got up to welcome a new day. Karen was average in height and build, curvaceous with pale flesh and lugging around on her chest a pair of huge juicy tits that would have given her back problems had they been any larger. At twenty-three she was a couple of years older than Judith, but more immature.

She was also a student, studying Sociology, although her lecture attendance was rather patchy to say the least. Karen's aim was to enjoy her wild student days as wildly as possible. Yesterday's antics with Judith and Judith's little brothers, however, had been the most wanton and naughty activities she'd indulged in so far, even more wanton than the gang-bang she'd had last year with five guys, and more naughty than the time last week when she'd spent a night in the cells after a night out that ended when two policemen caught her squatting drunkenly in a shop doorway, skirt hiked up and knickers round her ankles whilst she'd emptied her bladder of the ten rum-and-cokes she'd guzzled that evening.

Karen went to leave her room but as she did so she slipped up on something. "Fuck," Karen exclaimed on the way down. She fell on her arse, her heavy tits jiggling as she lay sprawled on the floor, feeling somewhat silly. She knelt up, stroking her sore bottom, and saw that she'd slipped on a rather sticky dildo that had been put to good use last night. It was nine-inches in length and bright pink.

Karen picked it up, sniffed it and inhaled her own and Judith's musky cunt aromas on the rude toy. Karen giggled and tossed the dildo aside. It rolled amusingly across the floor and came to rest near some anal-beads, which had also been put to good use last night, as was clear by the way those white plastic spheres of fun were soiled with drying streaks of Vaseline and shit.

Karen got back to her feet. She then strolled across the room to the door whilst yawning loudly and scratching her crotch, her long fingernails going scritch-scritch through the curly golden hair around her cunt. Karen was not the most classy of ladies, but - as Mark, Aaron and Judith could all confirm - she was damn good fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karen strolled down the hallway, smiling to herself as she saw that the bathroom door was slightly ajar and from the room emerged the sound of water running.

Karen opened the door and saw, facing away from her, Judith. Her housemate was standing at the sink, washing her hands. "Hi dearie," grinned Karen. "Hiya," smiled Judith, not needing to turn around as she could see Karen in the mirror. Karen sauntered sexily across to Judith and stood directly behind her. She gently ran her hands up Judith's side then stepped up even closer so that her cunt hair bristled against Judith's bum and the stubby red nipples atop her massive tits poked her friend's upper-back.

"Mmmm," Judith smiled to herself, rinsing off her hands. Karen's touch felt very pleasant. "Did you enjoy all of yesterday's fun?" Karen asked, gently nibbling her friend's earlobe.

"Yeah," Judith replied, softly. "I thought you might have a guilt-attack." "Me too. But I'm cool with everything. Which is as it should be. What we did was fun." "It sure was honey," Karen agreed, gently licking Judith's neck. Judith unplugged the sink and the soapy water gurgled down the plughole. She shook her hands, flicking drips off of her fingers. She then turned around to face Karen. They reached out and tentatively placed their hands on each other's hips. "Are we luscious lesbians now?" Judith smirked, "or just bisexual babes?" "Oh, you," Karen tutted, rather camply, "Sexuality is way too wild and complicated for classification.

I told you yesterday Judith, you analyse and intellectualise stuff too much. Just go with the flow. Do what's fun and don't bother stopping to classify your behaviour.

You silly slapper." Judith giggled. She leaned forwards and gave Karen a long and loving kiss. Their tongues slid into one another's mouths and their tits squashed together, nipple-to-nipple. "Mmmmm," Karen smiled a moment later, pulling her lips from Judith's, "You are one frisky animal Judith. And to think I always thought you were a bit of a prude." "Did you now?" Judith smirked, "Well, I'm not a prude. Not anymore anyway, thanks to your corruption." "Hey, I didn't corrupt you," retorted Karen, "I just unleased the rampant fuck beast in you." "True," Judith smiled.

She gave Karen another hot french kiss. Karen's hand reached down and tickled Judith's shaved twat. "Do you know what I want for breakfast?" Karen then asked "What?" asked Judith. "Your beautiful vagina," Karen purred, sliding her forefinger in the orifice in question. "Mmmm," sighed Judith, feeling her friend's digit push up into her womb, "It's all yours!" "Right this way m'dear," Karen said, holding Judith's hand and leading her out of the bathroom and into Judith's bedroom. Neither had indulged in sex with another woman before, until last night, but Karen's sexual activity in the heterosexual realm had been rather more prolific than Judith's, and so even though Judith was normally the dominant one of the two, it was Karen who took the upper-hand in leading herself and her friend down the sumptuous path to lesbian bliss.

They hopped onto Judith's bed and knelt across from each other. They leaned forwards and their lips met. With a mixture of passion and girly amusment, they kissed lovingly, easing their tongues into one another's mouths. They still weren't entirely sure of their motives, whether they were merely taking their friendship to a physical level, indulging in a bit of hardcore mutual masturbation, experimenting with lesbianism, working off their high libidos on each other.but the good thing was neither gave a damn about their motives.

Judith had managed to adopt Karen's mindset of just doing whatever was fun and enjoyable and not giving a fuck about the reasons why they found it fun and enjoyable. They moaned as they snogged like the passionate sluts they were.

They explored one another's mouths with their tongues. "I want your pussy you lesbian bitch," Karen grinned after a moment. Judith smiled. She was both amused and aroused by this wanton profanity from her best friend.

She lay back and spread her long beautiful legs. "Eat it," she begged, "eat my cunt Karen." "Your cunt looks so beautiful," simpered Karen, kneeling between Judith's thighs and admiring her friend's shaved snatch, "Absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to feast on it and drink up all the juices." She leaned in and began running her hot wet tongue up and down over Judith's glistening vagina.

"Ooooh, mmmm," Judith sighed, her whole body tingling with pleasure, getting off not just on the physical sensations of Karen's tongue but the sheer lewdness and depravity of someone of her own sex lapping at her pussy. "Lick it Karen, lick my hot cunt." She closed her eyes and drifted away.

The feeling was utterly beautiful, and she smiled even more when she recalled that her adorable horny little brothers would be round later.

"Delicious," panted Karen during a brief break in her cunt lapping. She worked her tongue up into Judith's snatch, wriggling it into her tight snatch. Judith sighed once more, her body alternately relaxing and tensing as Karen's tongue did it's work. Karen moaned with lust as she buried her tongue far into her friend's womb. As she did so she finger her own pussy, pushing two digits deep into that dripping furry slit. Without interruping her cunt lapping duties, Karen then took her fingers from her cunt and pushed the slippery digits into Judith's rectum.

Karen slobbered and slurped away between Judith's legs, pumping her tongue in and out of her pussy whilst finger-fucking her arse. "Oh GOD I'm gonna cum," spluttered Judith eventually, "Oh fuck, fuck, I'm cumming.

I'm cumming, yeah! YEAH!" Her whole body shook and quivered as she orgasmed, Karen slurping and fingering away even more enthusiastically, prolonging her comrade's ecstasy. "Did you like that?" Karen asked, needlessly, when she raised her head a moment later. Her face was flustered and shiny with juices.

"Mmmm, it was lovely," Judith smiled, "You eat pussy well. And your fingers felt so nice in my bum. Want me to lick you out now?" "Sure, but do it the other way round," Karen said, "Lick out my arse whilst fingering my pussy." "Okay." Judith moved aside and Karen got on her knees and elbows, her lovely rump raised in the air.

Whilst Judith's arse was - like the rest of her body - firm, pert and tanned, Karen's bottom was slightly fleshier, her cheeks round and pale. Her anus, which - unlike her cunt - was hairless, winked sweetly from between her plump cheeks.


Her cunt hung below it, furry and wet. Her massive tits swung beneath her body. "Ah, such a nice bottom," purred Judith, kneeling behind Karen and running her hands over her buttocks, "You have a beautiful arse Karen, it's lovely and round, really mouthwatering.

Your anus is beautiful too, I can't wait to lick it. I think I shall shove my tongue so far up your digestive tract that my tongue will be able to lick your tonsils!" "If your tongue is that long you should see a doctor," Karen giggled. "Well, I'll do my best," Judith smiled. She then dived in, placing her face between Karen's cheeks.

She began lapping at Karen's anus, slurping all round the puckered hole whilst pushing two fingers into Karen's slick pussy. Then she began to push her tongue into her friend's rectum, easing it past her rubbery sphincter. "Mmmmmmm," Karen sighed, closing her eyes with her head resting on the pillow, "That's nice." She could feel Judith's tongue burrowing into her bowels and her fingers pumping her cunt.

Judith tongued Karen's anus and fingered her pussy for several minutes until Karen climaxed, yelping and squealing profanities as she orgasmed. "Uuuh, yeah," Karen cried, gripping the duvet in her fists, "I'm cumming Judith, I'm fucking cumming! Oh yes, ooooh, lick my arse. Tongue my fucking arse you horny bitch, lick it, eat it! Uh.

Uuuuh!" Karen shuddered at the apogee of her climax, pushing her bottom back onto Judith's probing tongue. She could feel her housemate's fingers burrowing away up her cunt. Finally, Judith raised her head and removed her fingers from her friend's vagina. "That was beautiful," Karen said, turning round and giving Judith a kiss, "Your tongue feels so nice when it's up my arse." "I wouldn't mind an arse-licking too," Judith said, "Would you care to oblige my dear friend." "Naturally," smiled Karen, putting on a silly upper-class accent, "Perhaps m'lady my care to insert a big plastic phallus into my vagina during the course of these upcoming activities." "I am your humble servent," smirked Judith, "you silly slapper." They giggled and kissed.

Then they got into position. Karen lay on her back, legs apart. Judith took the pink nine-inch dildo and squatted over Karen's face, lowering herself until Karen could tongue her anus. Whilst receiving a deep anal licking, Judith leaned forwards and worked the long dildo into Karen's cunt. They kept these antics up for half-an-hour, enduring two shuddering climaxes each.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An hour later, Mark and Aaron hurried up the garden path and rang the doorbell. The eleven-year-old twins were hyperactive with excitement. They were identical, although Mark's short blonde hair was spikey whilst Aaron's was neatly combed. Mark was the slightly more domant one. They wore jeans and T-shirts and their pre-teen willies had been semi-hard in their pants during the whole walk to their sister's house.

Twenty-seconds after ringing the doorbell, the boys still had no answer. They cast a worried glance at each other. "Are they in?" Aaron asked his twin in a worried voice.

"Their car is there," Mark replied, "I hope they're not ignoring us." "Ring the bell again." "No, they might be in and might think we're impatient." "We are impatient dude." "Yeah ring it." "No, you ring it Mark." "You ring it." "You ring it." "Okay," Mark tutted. He went to push the doorbell again but before his little finger could reach it, the door abruptly opened. "Good morning gentlemen," Karen smiled, standing in the doorway.

She wore just a skimpy thong, pink with white lace trim, and also a matching bra which threatened to snap and fly off at any second thanks to the size of her immense tits. Aside from her thong and bra, the only other thing the frizzy haired blonde wore were a pair of knee-length high-heeled boots which were bright red and which added a couple of inches to her five-foot-four-inch height.

She towered over the two horny pre-teen boys standing on the doorstep. "Hi Karen," the twins said in unison, eyes flicking across the gorgeous woman's body. "In you come," Karen said, turning and strolling down the hallway. Mark and Aaron almost got stuck in the doorway as they barged in simultaneously.

They shut the door behind them and followed their kind host down the hall. "You're not looking at my bottom are you?" Karen asked. "Yeah," Mark and Aaron replied, walking behind her with their eyes fixed to her bum-cheeks.

The thong she wore was very skimpy and the dental-floss-thin material at the back ran right up her arse-crack. Her mouthwaterly shapely buttocks were fully on display. "Look at Karen's bum, isn't it cool?" Mark declared. "It sure is," Aaron replied. "It's great." "That bum is fantastic!" "Yeah, the way it wiggles and stuff when she walks, it's great." Karen supressed a giggle, delighted at the candid honesty of the two children's compliments.

She lead the boys into the living room. Judith was lounging on the sofa wearing just a pair of white cotton knickers and a tight lime-green T-shirt with no bra underneath.

Her stiff nipples threatened to tear through the material of her T-shirt. "Hi dudes," Judith waved merrily from the sofa, sitting up. "Hi sis," Mark smiled, and he scampered over to his beautiful big sister. "Can I kiss you? Y'know, a kiss hello?" "Of course my darling. Come and give big sister a kiss!" Mark leaned over, placing his hands on Judith's shoulders to support himself. "Can I use my tongue?" he asked. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't!" Mark grinned then placed his lips to Judith's.

They snogged happily, their tongues slipping and sliding into each other's mouths. After a short while Mark stepped back, idly wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "Cool," he grinned.

His prick was fully stiff in his jeans. "Lemme have a kiss," Aaron said, stepping up to Judith. He leaned down and pressed his lips to his sister's and gave her a lewd snog. He stepped back a moment later, grinning. Judith giggled like a giddy schoolgirl, scarcely able to believe that she'd just lewdly frenched her little brothers, especially as this was mere foreplay compared to what was planned for later. "You naughty boys haven't given me a kiss," Karen pouted as she stood nearby, "I'm all left out!" Aaron eagerly hurried over to his sister's housemate.

Karen leaned down, hands on her knees, and pouted her sexy red lips. Aaron gave Karen a lovely big kiss, slipping his tongue into her hot mouth. He then stepped aside and Mark gave Karen a lovely snog. "Such affectionate darlings," Karen smiled, ruffling both boy's hair. "What are you watching?" Aaron asked, turning and looking at the television.

On the screen a dark-haired eighteen-year-old girl was dancing naked on a bed and rubbing her big tits. "Porn," was Judith's casual reply, "It's one of Karen's." "Cool!" Mark and Aaron gasped in unison. They sat down on the sofa. Karen sat on the end of the sofa, so that she and Judith were like scantily clad book-ends with Mark and Aaron in between them.

The two little boys gawped at the screen. The girl on the television was pouting at the camera as she ran her hands over her jiggling tits then began fingering her cunt. The camera zoomed in on a close-up of her slick digits easing back and forth into her hairy twat. "How come you've got this Karen?" asked Mark, eyes glued to the busty slut masturbating on the television.

"One of my older brothers left it here when he came to stay here once," Karen replied, "He must bought it with him and jacked off over it when he had the house to himself. Then he forget to take it when he went back home and is obviously too embarrassed to ask for it back." "It's cool," Mark observed, eyes glued to the television. "Not much plot though," Judith smirked, "it's just several scenes featuring girls dancing, stripping and then frigging themselves." The twin boys stared happily at the porn movie.

"She is very pretty isn't she?" Judith said to her baby brothers, referring to the busty slut on the television, who was now on her hands and knees and reaching round to push a couple of fingers deep into her anus.

"Yeah, she's hot," Aaron agreed. "I'd like to fuck her," Karen declared, "I'd like to lick that slut all over and eat her pussy out." Mark and Aaron turned to look at Karen. "Are you a lesbian or somethin'?" asked Aaron. "Well, I was last night," Karen said, "when me and your sister had a nice snog." Mark and Aaron sniggered even more.

They glanced at their sister. "So and and Karen kissed and stuff?" Mark asked her. "Yeah," shrugged Judith, unconcerned, "we were still horny after all our antics with you two. We got naked and lick it each other's cunts and bums." Mark and Aaron glanced back and forth between Judith and Karen, trying to imagine the two ladies fucking.

Their willies got stiffer in their pants. They then lost interest when they saw that, on the television, the busty porn star had greased up a long white dildo which she then inserted into her anus to a depth of eight-inches. She took it out of her arse a moment later, sucked on it, then shoved it back into her rectum. "Cool," the horny twins smirked. "I don't believe you two," gasped Judith with mock indignation, "You've got two beautiful ladies sitting with you on the sofa and you're just staring at one on the television." "Yeah, but the lady on telly is naked," Mark sniffed, rather snootily for an eleven-year-old, "you and Karen are still wearing stuff.

Girls wearing clothes are not as interesting as ones not wearing them." "Well," Karen sighed, standing up, "if getting nekked is the only way to get these little rascal's attention, then that's what we'll have to do." She unhooked her bra and slipped it off, her massive jiggling breasts almost seeming to expand once free of the restrictive garment. After slinging the bra to the floor, Karen slid her thong off along with her boots so that she was totally nude.

Judith then stood up and removed her green T-shirt, revealing her juicy tits. Her dark nipples were stiff and stubby. With her brother's eyes glued to her, the gorgeous brunette slipped off her white cotton knickers, rendering herself stark naked.

"Wow, you're just as hot as you were yesterday," Aaron gasped as he eyed up his naked big sister. "What, you thought I'd turn all fat and ugly overnight?" asked Judith. Her brothers sniggered. "Would you like to see me and your sister kiss?" Karen asked the twins as she elegantly stepped up to Judith and put an arm round her housemate.

Judith responded by putting an arm around Karen. "Yeah, kiss her," responded Mark. "Kiss her!" added Aaron. The eleven-year-old scamps may not have been all that bothered previously about fantasies of lesbians, but now they certainly found themselves transfixed on the idea of seeing naked girls kissing!

"Mmmm, gimme a kiss you hot beauty," Karen purred as she turned to Judith. She placed her lips to Judith's and the two naked young ladies frenched one another, their tongues squirming around in the other's mouths. "Cor!" gasped Mark and Aaron as they watched this display of girl-to-girl affection. Judith and Karen broke up a moment later, smiling lovingly at each other before the cast their glances at their horny pre-teen audience. The twins were wide-eyed with awe. "Would you two like to get naked now?" Karen asked them.

The boys nodded and stood up. The began to hurridly undoe their jeans, tug off their socks and fling their T-shirts aside. Their underpants (Aaron wore Superman ones, Mark's had an army camoflauge pattern on them) we soon tugged down their pale little legs and kicked off. Finally, the adorable eleven-year-old blonde twins stood there nude, their peckers standing to attention, sticking straight up from their smooth hairless groins.

"Mmmmm, it looks like you're all ready for a day of fun my sweethearts," Karen purred, stepping up to Aaron and ruffling his hair. She bent down and gave him a kiss, reaching down and gently encircling the boy's erection and masturbating him. Aaron moaned softly into Karen's mouth as her tongue slipped into his. Judith stood in front of Mark and gave him a deep and loving kiss. Then she stood up straight, and being five-foot-nine, a full ten-inches taller that the boy, she towered over him, her firm breasts pretty much level with his face.

"You have such gorgeous tits sis," the boy told her with characteristic lack of subtlety. "Would you like to suck and kiss them?" his big sister asked. Mark nodded, then leaned in and took Judith's left nipple into his hot mouth. He began sucking on the stiff nipple and Judith sighed, happily, reaching round and running her hands up and down the boy's back.

Mark then worked on Judith's other breasts, sucking deeply, his small erection brushing against her thigh as he did so. "Do you want to lick and suck any parts of me darling?" Karen asked Aaron. "Yeah," the boy replied, "Which bits?" "Any bits you like!" Aaron licked his lips as he eyed up Karen's beautiful body; her massive jiggling tits, her pale belly, her blonde-furred cunt and her mouthwatering thighs.

He had a hungry and indecisive look in his eyes, like someone who hadn't eaten in a week and found themselves faced with an enormous banquet.


He didn't know what to tuck into first. "Your cunt looks really pretty, I think I'll lick that," Aaron eventually decided, kneeling down. He placed his little hands onto Karen's thighs as he admired her twat.

The woman parted her legs a bit, a feet about twelve-inches apart, so that her pre-teen admirer had easy access to her vagina. Her cunt lips were wet, pink and glistening, her clitoris extended and shiny.

The whole beautiful vagina was framed with curly golden pubic hair. After drinking in the sights of Karen's sex, Aaron began to lick it.

He ran his tongue up and down her slit, making Karen shudder with pleasure. Then he began to work his tongue into Karen's body, pushing it past her lips and wriggling up her cunt channel. "Oh Aaron, the feels nice," Karen purred, running her hands through the boy's hair, "Mmmmmm." Nearby, Mark was still happily working on Judith's tits, kissing his sister's juicy round breasts all over. Then he knelt down before her in order to indulge in the same cunt-noshing fun as his brother.

Judith parted her thighs as she stood there, her little brother kneeling before her as if her cunt was an altar to be worshipped. Judith's cunt was shaved and waxed, so smooth that not even stubble remained. Her whole pubic area, cunt and anus were all devoid of hair. Aaron admired his sister's beautiful vagina, the way the lack of hair gave him a perfect view of every glistening detail.

He then leaned in and began licking round her cunt, kissing her shaved pubic area and thighs. The he got to her actual cunt and slurped on the lips before pushing his tongue into her womb.

Standing side-by-side, Karen and Judith both softly gasped and moaned with pleasure as each had their cunts eaten out by the twins. "Oh yeah, that's beautiful," Judith moaned, grinding her hot cunt into Mark's face, "Uuuuh, eat me Mark. Eat big sister's pussy. Mmmm. Oh yeah." "Tongue my cunt, get it right up there," Karen was panting to Aaron, "Tongue fuck me darling. Mmmm." The two boys were making obscene slurping noises as they feasted on their hosts' beautiful pussies.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum," Karen gasped a moment later, "Yes! Yes, eat me Aaron, eat my pussy!" She put her hands on the back of the small boy's head and helped push his face into her streaming crotch.

She could feel his tongue wriggling into the depths of her womb. "Oh FUCK! Aaron, Aaron, I'm cumming. Uuuuh. Tongue fuck me sweetheart, lick me. Lick me!! UUUH!" Aaron slurped Karen's cunt dry, his mouth lips pressed to her vaginal ones, his tongue far into her body. He breathed hard through his nose which was buried in the dense pubic hair of his ladyfriend.

"I'm cumming too Mark," Judith spluttered, feeling a rising wave of pleasure from her well-slurped pussy, "Mmmm! Oh God, oh fuck, yes! YES!" Her long tanned legs quivered as she came on her brother's tongue.

Mark dug his tongue far into his sister's beautiful vagina, reaching round to grip her firm clenched bum-cheeks as he ate her out. "Uuuuuuuh," sighed Judith, her orgasm dying away after a moment. The boys shuffled back, breathing hard and grinning. Their lips and chins were slick with vaginal juices. "Did we do well?" Mark asked, getting to his feet. "You did beautiful honey," Judith simpered, leaning over and giving the boy a delicious kiss. She tasted her own twat sauce on his tongue.

Aaron also got to his feet and was rewarded with a big kiss from Karen. "Now it's time for us to return the favour," Judith said, "You two boys sit on the sofa. Me and Karen will suck your pricks." "Then can we fuck?" Mark asked as he and his brother sat down on the sofa. They had all pretty much forgotten about the porn movie, which was still running and now showed a petite Chinese woman fisting her own cunt.

"Yes, we can fuck," Judith smiled, "but only in the bum though. Is that okay?" "Sure," Aaron replied. "Yeah, up the bum is good enough," Mark agreed, "After all, when you're invited into a beautiful house, who cares if you're only allowed to enter through the backdoor?" Judith and Karen laughed at Mark's delightful little analogy.

Judith had said yesterday that the boys could only fuck her and Karen up the arse, not the vagina, because she was not on the pill and feared pregnancy, in addition to the fact that she though that vaginal intercourse was going too far.

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She agreed with Karen that anal-sex wasn't proper sex. Karen, who was on the pill, would have been happy to let the boys fuck her pussy, but she accepted Judith's restrictions and in any case she liked being fucked in the bum as much as in the cunt so it was all the same to her. As for Mark and Aaron, yesterday their sole mission had been to acquire a porn magazine. Being able to see naked ladies in the flesh, as well as to indulge in kissing and oral sex, was far more than they had ever imagined they would get to do at their tender age.

To go one stage further and get to stick their dicks into Karen and Judith was so mind-blowingly fantastic that they didn't care on bit that they could only 'enter by the backdoor.' "Right then," Karen said, kneeling in front of the sofa between Mark's parted thighs, "Lemme taste this beautiful cock." Judith knelt in front of Aaron. The two ladies leaned over and slipped their warm lips over the twin's erections. The boys sighed with joy.

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Their dicks were hairless and about the length and girth of an adult's forefinger. However, they were incredibly stiff and certainly very capable of being put to good use. The two of them sat back on the sofa, smiling serenely as Karen and Judith's heads bobbed in their laps. Karen sucked deeply on Mark's prick whilst fondling his tight hairless nut-sac. Judith took Aaron's little scrotum in her mouth and pushed the small balls around in her mouth, all the while jacking off his dick.

Then she got back to sucking on his erection, her hands running up and down the boy's thighs. Those two beautiful ladies slurped on the little boy's pricks for several minutes before they raised their heads, licking their lips. The erections they'd just orally worshipped stood up stiffly, glistening with saliva. They visibly pulsed. "Can I fuck you in the bum Judith?" Aaron asked his sister, "I did Karen in the bum yesterday, I want to do you now." "Sure sweetie," Judith replied as she and Karen got to their feet, "Mark?

You get Karen's rectum." "You boys can get reacquainted with our bottoms first though sweeties," Karen said, "Sit on the sofa." Mark and Aaron sat down next to each other on the sofa. Judith stood in front of Aaron, turned round and bent over, feet apart and her hands on her knees. Karen adopted the same posture in front of Mark. "Wow!" the twins gasped, eyes wide and bright with awe as they admired the beautiful bare bottoms wiggling just inches before their faces.

The peckers sticking upright from their hairless groins pulsed even stiffer, little throbbing salute to the delicious arses presented for their approval. Mark placed his hands to Karen's fleshy pale cheeks and Aaron clapped his hands to Judith's pert tanned buttocks.

The boys fondled and stroked those lady's buttocks. They licked their lips as they admired Karen and Judith's arseholes, those tight orifices being like brand new toys, all theirs to play with and enjoy for the day! "Do you like our arseholes?" Karen asked. "Yeah, they're cool," Mark replied. "Brilliant!" Aaron added, "They look so cool." "Give it a kiss," Judith told Aaron, "Give your sister's bottom a nice big snog!" Aaron giggled then leaned forwards, planting a nice kiss on Judith's shaved arsehole.

Mark emulated his brother and gave Karen's arsehole a kiss. He then flicked out his tongue and ran it up Karen's arse-crack, making the busty blonde shiver with excitement.

Mark then began running his tongue round in circles around Karen's anus, and Aaron did likewise with Judith's arsehole. The ladies softly murmered with pleasure, their tits jiggling under them as they remained bent over with their pre-teen admirers lapping at their anuses.

"Oooh, that's good," Judith gasped a moment later when Aaron squirmed his tongue up past her well-licked sphincter and into her rectum, "Mmmm, your tongue feels so wonderful up my arse." Mark heard this and decided to copy his brother. He pushed his tongue into Karen's rectum and made the young lady squirm and squeal with delight. The boys were enthusiastic arse-lickers, happily sitting there with their faces pushed between Karen and Judith's buttocks and their tongues working into those naked slut's bowels.

"Uuuh, uuh, fuck," Judith groaned, her body quivering as her little brother's tongue tickled her colon. "That's soooo good," purred Karen, as Mark's tongue likewise explored her bowels. The two women had certainly enjoyed licking one another's arseholes last night and that morning, but it was somehow even more pleasurable to have these two randy little eleven-year-olds boy carry out such an operation upon their backdoors. It felt so wild and kinky, so naughty to be arse-tongued by such sweet little boys!

Judith, of course, had the extra kinky pleasure of incest thrown in too! Those two twins tongued their hosts rectums for several minutes, but soon their erections were throbbing insistently, eager to replace their tongues in the slick grip of Judith and Karen's sphincters.

"Can we bum-fuck you two now?" Mark asked. "Can we?" "Sure," Judith said, standing up straight, "Let's get to it!" "My anus is itchin' for a fuckin'" giggled Karen. The two women got down on their hands and knees on the floor, alongside each other, shoulder-to-shoulder.

With their saliva-slathered erections sticking upwards from their hairless groins, Mark and Aaron got behind the women.

Mark knelt behind Karen and Aaron knelt behind Judith. They examined the beautiful bottoms they were about to fuck. "Arseholes are so sexy," Mark commented as he admired Karen's lovely bare rump. He masturbated his little prick with one hand and used the other to gently finger-fuck Karen's anus, easing the tip of the his forefinger into her rectum. "Mmmm," sighed Karen, happily. Aaron clapped his hands to Judith's cheeks and bent down to kiss his big sister's sphincter.

He then ran his tongue up and down her arse-crack, making the beautiful brunette shiver pleasurably. Then he knelt up straight and pushed his forefinger all the way up into her arse. "Ooh, yeah, finger my shitter," Judith encouraged her little brother, "That's so nice Aaron. Be sure to stick your beautiful cock up there in a minute." "I will," the boy promised.

Meanwhile, Mark was merrily sliding his finger back and forth in Karen's anus, making the busty blonde purr with pleasure. Then the horny eleven-year-old removed his digit and prepared to replace it with his cock. He shuffled up and guided the head of his stiff penis to Karen's twitching anus. He pushed, grunted and, soon enough, met with a succesfull entry.

"Yeah, there it is!" he grinned, triumphantly, pushing his whole erection into Karen's rectum, her anus clasping tightly round the base of his hairless prick. "Well done darling," Karen murmered, her pierced anus sending ripples of pleasure all along her buxom body, "Mmmm. I can feel your dick in my arse. Come on now honey, fuck me. Fuck my arse." Mark held onto Karen's hips as he began to run his dick to and fro in her anus. With a look of concentration on his face he buggered the beautiful anal bitch with his proud little cock.

Aaron was ready to embugger his sister at that point. He placed his cockhead to Judith's saliva-slick anus and pushed. "UUUUH!" Judith groaned, feeling her little brother slide into her bowels. His cock was not all that thick, but a beautifully proportioned slender tool and ensured Judith felt all the pleasure but none of the discomfort of anal penetration. Aaron held his sister's hips as he began to thrust back and forth in her arse. He and Mark glanced across at each other and exchanged cheeky grins as they buggered their beautiful hosts.

Karen and Judith moaned with pleasure as Mark and Aaron buggered them. Those horny blonde twins merrily buggered the two slutty ladies with their pulsing erections, a look of sincere concentration and lust upon their beautiful childish faces as they fucked their cocks back and forth in the arses presented to them.

"Fuck me, fuck me," Karen urged Mark, "Uuuuh, fuck my arse Mark, fuck me." "Yeah, yeah," Mark grunted, pounding Karen's shitter enthuisiastically, "Oh fuck, oh yeah!" "Fuck it haaaaard!" purred Karen. Judith, who was in the meantime being sodomized by Aaron, found herself inspired by Karen's hot language. Karen had a habit of swearing in front of the twins, which usually bought tuts and complaints from Judith, who didn't like her innocent little baby brothers exposed to such naughty language.

However, Judith realised the arousing effect filthy language was having on the boys. The dirtier Karen's language, the harder Mark fucked her. She decided to get in on the act. "Fuck me Aaron," Judith moaned, urging her little brother on, "Fuck my arse." "Uh, uh, uh," Aaron grunted as he thrust his cock back and forth into Judith's rectum.

"Fuck me," Judith gasped, her head beginning to spin from the sheer ectasy her little brother's dick was giving her, "Fuck me! Come on, fuck your sister's arse. Fuck my arse." She realised that such filthy language was turning her on too! "Yeah, that's it Aaron, my horny little brother, fuck me, fuck my bum. Cream my turds you horny little bastard. Uuuugh!" "I'm shagging you up the bum Judith," Aaron needlessly pointed out, "Right in the bum! Oh yeah.

Wow, it's so cool." Meanwhile, Mark was giving Karen a good sodomizing with his slender yet steel-hard penis. "Oh God Karen, you're arse is brilliant," he exlaimed, humping away, his pelvis going CLAP-CLAP-CLAP as it slapped against Karen's fleshy pale buttocks. "Uh, nnnnng, oh yeah!" "Harder sweetheart, harder," Karen urged the boy as she grinned sluttishly.

Her heavy dangling boobs swung back and forth beneath her, sometimes slapping her on the chin. Mark gripped Karen's pelvis as he tried to fuck her even harder, ramming his pecker into the slut's tight hairless anus.

His small nutsac slapped against Karen's furry twat with every forward thrust. "Aaaah, such energetic little brothers you have," Karen purred to Judith. On their knees and elbows alongside each other, the horny college students looked at each other.

They exchanged lewd grins. From behind them came the sounds of their horny little guests grunting and humping away. "This feels soooo good," Judith insisted to her friend, "Aaron's cock feels so good up my arse.

Uuuuuh. Oh yeah. " "And Mark's cock feels fantastic up my arse," Karen exclaimed. "We're gonna have to party with these brothers of mine a lot more!" "How are you boys doing back there?" Karen asked, glancing over her shoulder a moment later.

"Fine," the boys responded together, thrusting away. "I'm getting a bit tired," Aaron commented, arse-fucking his sister a little slower. "Well pull out and give your sister your dick," Karen instructed him, "she can have a nice suck on it whilst you get your breath back. Mark? When you get a bit tired, pull your dick out of my bum and stick it in my mouth." Aaron giggled as he pulled his pulsing erection from Judith's anus. The idea of his sister sucking his dick after it had been up her arse sounded funny.

"It might taste of pooh a bit because it has been up your bottom," he snickered as he shuffled round to the front of his sister, who remained down on all fours. "That doesn't matter," Judith purred, so horny that she didn't care that her brother's delicious little erection was indeed slightly soiled with a few brown streaks.

She slipped her lips over the boy's tool and sucked down deep. "Mmmmmm," she moaned, slurping noisily. "That's it Judith, suck your shit off your brother's dick," Karen panted, truly awed and also thrilled at her previously rather prudish friend's corruption and willingless to indulge in so much sordidness! "Suck it, suck him off Judith! Oh yeah, it's so sweet to see you sucking your own shit off of your little brother's cock. You whore! You beautiful nasty cunt!

Aaron? Aaron, sweetheart, call your sister a whore." "No, she'll get mad," Aaron insisted. "No she won't," Karen panted, still being energetically arse-fucked by Mark, "Go on, call her a nasty whore and a bitch. It'll turn her on!" "Bitch," Aaron giggled as he knelt there, looking down at Judith who, on all fours with her bum raised in the air, sucked deeply on his prick.

Judith moaned happily, not sure why it turned her on to be insulted by her little brother and not caring either; it turned her on and that was all that mattered. "Nasty whore," Aaron exclaimed, and after a giggle he added "You're a slut Judith." It felt great to call his sister such nasty words! He felt quite powerful too. Normally, if he called Judith a nasty name during some sibling argument or other, she would go mad.

Now he was - with Karen's encouragement and Judith's evident delight - able to call her all sorts of nasty things and get away with it!

Besides, his sister was a nasty filthy whore!

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At least at the moment as she sucked on his dick. "Suck my willie Judith you bitch," he sniggered as his sister deep-throated his three-inch erection with ease, "UUUH!

Oh Judith, that's good, so good you bitch." A moment later, Mark pulled his cock from Karen's rectum. He shuffled round knelt in front of her to offer her his soiled erection.

Karen took the cock in her mouth and sucked away with obvious skill. She could also taste her own shit on the boy's prick and it made her feel so damn horny!

Her anus gaped and tingled, fresh from its recent fucking and anticipating another one shortly. "Karen is a nasty whore and a bitch too," Mark grinned to his brother, "Look, she's sucking my willie and it has just been up the hole where she poohs from! What a slag!" Mark was the slightly more dominant of the twins, and a lot braver too. "Both these ladies are bitches." "They're our bitches," giggled Aaron, his cock still tickling his sister's tonsils.

"And you two," Karen grinned, briefly taking Mark's penis from out of her mouth, "are my bitches!" She resumed sucking Mark's dick, although not before adding "Oh, and Judith's too of course." The two ladies, nasty whores and bitches that they were, made lewd slurping and smacking noises as they continued to give the two eleven-year-old boys truly fantastic blow-jobs.

"Uh, oh wow, it feels so good being sucked off," Aaron gasped. "It's not quite as good as bum-fucking though," Mark said, "I like doing them in the bum more than being sucked off. But being sucked off is still cool. Look, all of my willie is in Karen's mouth and I can feel her tongue rolling over my dickhead! It feels so cool." "Our sister is a good at sucking cocks too," Aaron said, beginning to thrust his hips a little, lightly fucking Judith's hot slurpy mouth, "She is a great cocksucker.

I'm going to do her up the bum again soon but before I eventually blow my balls I'm going to have her suck my dick again." "I'm going to do that too," Mark said, "I'm going to do Karen up her bum some more then have her suck my dick, and I will hopefully get more shit on my dick too so she can suck it off.

I'll make sure I cum in her arse though." "That's my plan as well. Judith is a great cocksucker but I want to cum in her arse rather than in her mouth. At least for now. I might cum in her mouth later as I'm going to cum loads today." "Me too. Hopefully I'll get to cum on Karen's boobs later too as they're so big and cool!

Damn, these bitches are brilliant!" "Yeah," Aaron giggled, "They're brilliant! I love Judith and Karen, they are the best and hottest chicks in the world!" Mark began gently thrusting into Karen's mouth, face-fucking her, his tiny hairless balls tapping against her chin.

Karen and Judith were turned on at listening to the twin's chatter, at the way they referred to them as 'bitches' and spoke about all the horny things they were going to do, as if Karen and Judith were just objects.

Just fuck-toys. That, of course, is pretty much what they had temporarily become - naked sexy toys for Mark and Aaron to play with. Mark eventually pulled his prick from Karen's mouth. His dick was raging hard and slick with saliva.

"Fuck it up my arse!" Karen ordered the boy, "Put that cock in my you filthy little boy!" Mark didn't need to be told twice! He hopped back round, knelt behind Karen and slid his hard little penis into her rectum. "Mmmmmmm!" Karen groaned, "Oh yeah, that's good darling!" She had loved tasting the boy's dick but she had missed having it up her bum. She was now getting the anal attention she wanted. Mark soon resumed his previous pace, humping away. Aaron took his dick from his sister's mouth, shuffled round behind her and then skewered her shaved anus on his hard slender tool, making his big sister squeal with delight.

"Uuuuuuh, fuck me, fuck my arse Aaron," Judith urged her brother, "Deep and hard in the arse motherfucker! Nnng!" The room was soon filled with the CLAP-CLAP-CLAP sounds of the boy's pelvises whacking the women's bum-cheeks, as well as the grunts, groans and yelps of pleasure as the boys made thorough and lewd use of the bottoms that were presented for their delights. "Ooooh, that's so sweet," Karen groaned, "Mmmm, fuck me. Fuck me Mark. I want your cock right up my arse.

Remember to do what you said you would do and let me suck on your cock before you eventually cum." "You too Aaron," Judith added, "Fuck me good and hard in the bum then give me your dick to suck on some more.

Fuck me really deep in my rectum so that your cock is nice and fudgey when you are ready to put it in my mouth." "Sure sis," Aaron replied, humping away.

His sister's anus was hot and tight round the base of his pumping erection. The randy children buggered their hosts for five more minutes before they tired a little and decided to make use of a different orifice. Mark removed his tool from Karen's anus and Aaron pulled out of Judith's. They began to shuffle back round, their hard soiled erections wobbling in the air.

"Let's swap mouths," Mark said to his twin, "I'll put my dick in Judith's mouth and you can put your dick in Karen's." Aaron liked this idea.

The ladies did too! "Yes, that sounds like a fine thing to do," Judith said, "Mark? You put your cock in my mouth, there's a good little boy. I want to taste Karen's shit on your dick." "And I want to taste Judith's shit," Karen declared, lewdly, "Put your dick in my mouth Aaron. It has been up your sister's rectum and I can see that it has some of her shit on it.

I want to taste that whore's shit, so please put your cock in my mouth darling and I will suck it clean." Mark knelt in front of his sister, who opened up her mouth.

The boy slid his soiled pecker past his sister's warm wet lips and into her hot mouth. Aaron did likewise with Karen. "Oh yeah," Aaron gasped as Karen began slurping deeply on his dick. "Uuuh, our sister is such a good cocksucker," Mark meanwhile observed, his dick buried in Judith's mouth, "Judith is sucking me off really wonderfully, and she is enjoying it too." The two women slurped each other's traces of excrement from the stiff pre-teen pricks that were in their hot mouths.

They moaned and groaned with muffled pleasure. Mark and Aaron gently thrust away, fucking the bitch's faces. "Suck me Judith, suck me," Mark urged his sister, "Oh yeah. You cocksucker. That feels so good you cocksucker. I will return the favour later and lick your cunt, or I will lick your arsehole, whatever you prefer." "Lick my dick clean," Aaron told Karen, fucking her mouth whilst her ran his small hands through her frizzy blonde hair, "Suck it, lick it.

Wow. Oh wow, that feels good Karen. You're a brilliant cocksucker. I bet you have sucked lots and lots of dicks before!" "Uuuuh," groaned Mark, his sister sucking deeply on his erection.

"Oh sis, that's it, suck it. Suck my dick!" The boys were in heaven, as were the ladies. However, the women's anuses were soon feeling lonely and eager for more fucking, and fortunately Aaron and Mark soon felt their orgasms on the horizon and they wanted to get back to some buggery action.

The twins took their dicks from Judith and Karen's mouths and got back behind those two anal sluts. They took up their original posts, Mark sticking his dick into Karen's anus and Judith sticking his dick into Judith's. They merrily bum-fucked the women, feeling their sperm begin to rumble up from their little balls. "Oooh, I sense someone is about to cum," Karen grinned, excitedly, feeling Mark fuck her arse harder whilst his moans of pleasure became more urgent, "Are you about to shoot all your sperm into my arse Mark sweetie?" "I am, I am," the eleven-year-old replied, humping faster, hands clapped to Karen's round bum-cheeks, "Oh wow, it's gonna be a good cum!

I'm gonna shoot a gallon of cum up your bottom Karen." "I'm about to blow too," panted Aaron, frantically sawing his erection to and fro in the grip of his sister's sphincter, "Oh yeah. Shit. Yeah! UUUUUH!" The boy rammed his slender prick into his sister's rectal passage one last time and let loose an explosion of pre-teen jizz up her shitter.

"FUCK!" "Uuuuuh, I can feel it," Judith moaned, tightening her anus round her brother's pumping prick, feeling the warm wetness of his sperm fill her arse-guts, "Cum up my arse Aaron, oh yeah!

Cum in my arse you little fucker!" "Here it is!" Mark announced with a strangled cry as he begin ejaculating into Karen's bum, "Aaaaah, shit!" He slotted his erection into Karen's arse to the hilt and began emptying his nuts into her. "Yes, yes, that's it," Karen urged him, shivering with pleasure as she felt her rectum flooded with boy-juice, "OOOOOH! Oh yeah, that's so sweet! Mmmmm." "I'm cumming, I'm cumming up your arse," Mark spluttered, "Oh yeah!

YEAH! It feels so good Karen, it feels fantastic cumming in your arse." "Shoot it up me you horny cunt," Karen urged him, "Come on you little stud, that's it, shoot it all up my arse.

I want your cum in my bowels!" "Uh, uh, uuuh," gasped Aaron in the meantime, shooting the sixth and final spurt of cum into his sister's beautiful body via her backdoor, "Oh wow!" He felt tired out and drained.

He hunched over his sister, his prick wilting in her spermy anus, his hands flat on her upper-back to support himself. Mark finished ejaculating too, finally spurting the last of his cream into Karen's bowels. He let out a satisfied sigh before her slipped his softening cock from her anus. He knelt back, breathing hard and grinning from ear to ear. Aaron then pulled out of Judith's bum and knelt next to his twin, both of them having thoroughly enjoyed the activities so far that morning!

"Now that," Karen exclaimed as she got to her feet, "was a damn fine bum-fucking! Thanks boys." "You're welcome," the twins smirked in unison. Judith lay down and rolled over, sprawled on her back on the floor, feeling tired but happy. "That was great," she commented, "Wow! I feel so horny! I really liked that good long buggering but my arse is eager for more.

I won't be satisfied until I've been fucked up the arse a few more times today, and I want to do some more cocksucking too. I like sucking my little brother's cocks, they are very tasty, especially when they have been up our arseholes. I can't wait until by baby brothers have hard-ons again Karen, so that they can fuck us two sluts in the mouth and arse some more.

With the exception of fucking our cunts, you can do what you want with us boys. Our mouths, cunts and boobs are yours to play with. Will you be ready for more kids?" Her brothers eagely nodded.

"Yeah, just give us a while," Mark said, "We'll soon have boners again and we can do you two up the bum some more." "Stay there Judith," Karen said to her friend. As Judith remained laying on her back, Karen stood astride her, facing her feet. She then slowly squatted down. Judith looked up as Karen's bum descended down, coming closer and closer. She could see her friend's anus gaping slightly, a trickle of cum running from it and dangling down, an obscene white ooze of slimey spunk hanging from her anus.

Judith hadn't known what to expect but she certainly knew now that Karen had almost touched down on her face! Karen then stopped, her arse about a foot above Judith's face. The dangling glob of Mark's sperm hung down from Karen's anus and it threatened to detach at any moment. Judith opened her mouth and, knowing her brothers were watching, she caught the oozing spunk as it fell from Karen's anus.

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Judith caught it on her tongue and she swallowed it eagerly. "Wow!" Mark and Aaron replied, watching this obscene display. Karen wasn't finished yet. She lowered herself further until her anus came into contact with Judith's mouth. Squatting there, reaching out to place her hands on Judith's stomach to support herself, Karen had her arse right on Judith's face.

Judith sealed her lips to Karen's anus, suddenly thirsty for more boy-juice. She pushed her tongue past Karen's rubbery sphincter and into her hot spermy rectal passage. "Ooooh, that's nice," Karen smiled at the twins as she squatted over their sister's face. She could feel Judith's tongue wriggle up into her guts and heard her friend make obscene slurping noises as she felched her own brother's spunk from Karen's anus.

"Is she drinking cum from your bottom?" Aaron asked as he and his brother watched this as they knelt there, nude and playing with their flaccid willies.

"Mmmm, she is," Karen confirmed, "She's slurping it all out and drinking it down. Oh yeah, what a fucking whore!" "What a slut," Aaron giggled. Judith spent a good minute sucking and licking the cum from Karen's anus. She lapped at Karen's rectal walls to get every drop of spunk from her friend's body and into her own. Finally, Karen stood up and stepped aside.

"That was great," Judith smiled, sitting up and smacking her lips, scarcely able to believe the sheer depravity she was merrily indulging in, "Let me suck Aaron's sperm from your rectum Karen." "Sure. Move aside." Judith got out the way and Karen lay down on her back. Judith then squatted down over Karen's face so that her friend could felch the cum from her anus.

Karen did a thorough job, eating out Judith's arse and slurping Aaron's sperm from that beautiful behind. Once the ladies had finished, they got up. "That was ace to watch!" Mark told them, "You two are such sluts." "Why thank you," Judith smarmed, leaning down and giving Mark a lewd kiss, "Now what would you like us two sluts to do next?

Me and Karen will do anything you want, so long as it'll get your dicks nice and hard again." The eleven-year-old twins were lost for words. They had two beautiful grown women prepared to do anything with each other! Where to begin? "I know," Mark said after a moment of dredging through the naughty fantasies he had in his mind, "why don't you have one of them sixty-nine things? You know, where you lick each other's vaginas." "Sounds like a good idea to me," Judith said to Karen. The two ladies kissed then got into position.

Judith lay on her back, legs apart, and Karen got on top of her, lowering her head between Judith's legs whilst placing her own juicy cunt over Judith's mouth. The two babes began to noisily lap at one another's cunts, moaning and slurping away. Mark and Aaron, whilst stroking their stiffening dicks, shuffled around, watching intently, their eyes drinking up the wonderful sight of their sister and Karen having a sixty-nine.

The two naked women were not just putting on a show; they really enjoyed eating each other's cunts out. They did a thorough job, running their tongues into each other's juicy vaginas, moaning delightfully as they did so. After five-minutes, Karen an Judith moved apart, their lips and chins shiny with cunt sauce.

Mark took his sister by surprise by clamping his lips to her's, giving her a lovely snog, dipping his tongue down her throat. Aaron did likewise to Karen and those two darling little boys french-kissed the two women to show their appreciation for them. They were all kneeling on the floor, naked and slightly sweaty. After a moment, Karen took her lips from Aaron's and reached down to stroke his erection.

"It looks like this little soldier is standing to attention," she smiled to Judith. Judith stopped kissing Mark and looked down and saw that the boy's dick was also erection. "So's this little soldier," she grinned, "Ready for more bum-fun boys?" Mark and Aaron nodded.

"Yeah, let's have some more bum-fucking!" Aaron grinned. "I want to fuck our sister this time," Mark said. "I tell you what," Karen said, "why don't you two boys both fuck your sister in the arse.

At the same time." "At the same time?" Aaron quizzed, "Will it work? Can we do that?" "Sure, you'll both fit up her arse together," Karen said, and she gave Judith a sly grin, "Think you can manage it Judith?" "I think so," Judith replied, feeling excited at this new sordid suggestion. "It'll be fine," Karen said, "I've done it before. I had a gang-bang with five guys once and at one point I had two of them fucking my arse at the same time.

They were big adult-sized dicks and they both fit up my bum." "Wow," Mark smiled, in awe at Karen's sluttish antics, "You had five guys at once?" Karen nodded, proud. "If two guys were fucking your arse," Aaron began, "where were the other three?" "I was sucking off a third and wanking off the remaining two," Karen casually replied. Mark, Aaron and Judith all tried to imagine Karen with two dicks in her arse, another dick in her mouth and one more in each fist at the same time.

Given Karen's evident depravity and lack of modesty, it wasn't a sight that was hard to picture. "Let's get to it," Karen then declared, "Mark? Lay down sweetie." Mark lay on the floor on his back, his small hairless dick pulsing stiffly across his lower belly. Karen then had Judith kneel astride Mark, facing him with her tits over his face. Karen held Mark's cock at the base and made it stick up so that Judith could lower her arse back onto her brother's prick.

She easily slid her anus down over Mark's dick, making the youngster moan with pleasure. "Now come and stick your cock in your sister's arse Aaron," Karen told the other twin. Aaron knelt astride Mark's legs behind his sister, looking at his Judith's spread cheeks and the anus between them that was clamped round the base of Mark's cock. With Karen guiding him, Aaron pushed his prick to the junction at where his twin's cock was buried up Judith's arsehole, and after a moment his cock joined his brother's in the divine hole.

"Uuuuuh," Judith moaned, shuddering as she knelt astride Mark, feeling Aaron's cock push into her already-fucked anus. "Oh wow," Aaron gasped, feeling his dick squashed against his brother's in the hot grip of their sister's rectum. "That's so cool," Mark commented, laying on his back, "It feels so tight sharing Judith's bumhole with Aaron." "Fuck that's good!" Judith stammered, "Oh yeah!

This is such a great idea Karen, double-anal! Yeah. Oh yeah." "Now fuck her boys," Karen ordered the boys, "Fuck her good 'n hard." Aaron held Judith's hips and began to run his cock to and fro in Judith's anus, then Mark began to thrust upwards from below. "Oh, uuuuuh, fuck.yeah.uh," Judith spluttered, the twenty-one-year-old brunette feeling her body ripple with pleasure.

Having both her brother's peckers up her arse obviously meant that her arsehole was forced open wider than when she just had one fucking her arse, but it wasn't just the way her sphincter was stretched more that made this double-anal session so ecstatic, it was also the alternate rhythm her brothers had settld into.

Aaron would thrust into Judith's shitter whilst Mark pulled back, and when Aaron pulled his cock back Mark would thrust in. Judith could feel the boy's erections running in-and-out and out-and-in, her anus burning with pleasure. She felt so whorish, so damn slutty, and above all so damn fucking horny! "That's it boys, fuck your sister" Karen purred, kneeling next to the three compact siblings whilst fingering her sopping furry cunt with three fingers, "fuck her arse.

Mmmmm. You're doing good, she's obviously loving it. Oh yeah. Sodomize that slutty big sister of yours, right in her guts. Get your sister's shit on your dicks you horny fuckers." "This feels so good, so good," Judith moaned, feeling an orgasm rising from her pleasure-wracked body, "Oh FUCK I'm gonna cum.gonna.cum.UUUUUH!" Her naked sweaty body writhed as she shuddered and moaned with a powerful climax, her baby brothers both humping her harder, grunting as they double-buggered Judith throughout her orgasm.

They were having damn good fun themselves of course, but being dutiful little brothers they were keen on making their sister feel good too. "Aaaaah, yeah," Judith moaned as her climax died down after a moment, "God that was good!" "My turn now," Karen declared. Judith rose up, her brother's dicks sliding out of her gaping arsehole. She moved aside, feeling satisfied but not yet tired. She watched as Karen then took her place. "Hold your brother's cocks together," Karen instructed her friend whilst she knelt astride Mark.

Judith wrapped her thumb and forefinger round her brother's dicks, holding them together so that they formed a compact, dual-headed twin-cock. Karen eased herself back, her anus soon slipping over the boy's cockheads.

Judith let go of her brother's pricks so that Karen, with a long groan of pleasure, could fuck her arse back until she was fully impaled. Mark and Aaron groaned as, once again, their cocks were sharing a single arsehole. Karen shivered with joy then began moaning when the boys started to fuck her arse.

They did what they'd done with Judith, one fucking into Karen's rectum whilst the other was pulling back in alternate thrusts. "Yeah, uuuh, fuck me," Karen stammered, feeling the boy's dicks running in and out of her shit-chute, "Oh yeah!" Mark had Karen's huge juicy tits hanging in his face and he was unable to resist fixing his lips to one of her nipples and sucking gleefully on it.

Aaron, meanwhile, had the palms of his hands flat on Karen's lower back and a look of concentration on his face as he joined his brother in dishing out anal delights to the frizzy haired blonde slut sandwiched between their naked pre-teen bodies. "Oh yes, yes, that's it boys, you're making me feel so good," Karen purred, knowing that complimenting the boy's performance would massage their egos and encourage them to fuck her even more thoroughly, "Mmmmm, that's so sweet!

You're only eleven-years-old and you know how to satisfy grown women with your lovely hard dicks. Oh yes, you feel so good in my arse.

Uuuuh." "It feels great Judith, it feels great," Aaron panted to his sister whilst he busily humped Karen. "You sure look as if you're enjoying yourself as much a Karen," Judith smiled, kneeling next to the three fuckers. She leaned forwards and clamped her lips to Aaron's, deeply frenching her adorable little brother and drinking down his sighs of pleasure.

She reached round with one of her hands and cupped his tight buns. "Mmmph," Aaron moaned, feeling his sister's tongue glide across his and into his throat. He kept one hand on Karen's lower back but with the other he groped down between his sister's quivering thighs, found her shaved cunt and then pushed two fingers into that warm wet slit.

"Mmmmm," purred Judith, feeling her brother's fingers probe her womb whilst her tongue probed his mouth. "Suck my tits, that's it," Karen was moaning as she pushed her heavy jugs to Mark's sucking mouth as the horny boy lay beneath her, "Suck on 'em you horny little cunt. Yeah. Suck the left nipple now. Mmmmm. Suck my tits whilst you and your brother fuck me in the arse." Mark slobbered noisly on Karen's left boob, rolling the stubby red nipple around in his sucking mouth whilst he continued lifting his arse off the floor to fuck his cock into her rectum.

The sensation of fucking Karen's arse was even better for Mark and Aaron as it was heightened by the sensation of their hard little-boy cocks rubbing together. Judith took her lips from Aaron's after a moment and looked down, licking her lips at the sight of her brother's cocks both squashed together and fucking in and out of Karen's arse. "Judith, finger my fucking cunt," Karen begged her friend, her voice quivering with heated lust and urgency, "I want your fingers in my twat.

Finger me, please! Finger my cunt whilst your brother's dicks are up my shit-hole you horny fucking bitch. I want my cunt-juices on your fingers and my shit on your brother's dicks." Judith was more than happy to comply. She reached amidst the compact mass of squirming flesh before her and found Karen's cunt. Into that furry moist hole she pushed three of her fingers and pumped them back and forth.

"Yeah, you fucking slapper," grinned Judith, working her three fingers deep into Karen's sopping cunt-channel, "Here's my fingers in your cunt." "Oh YES!" cried Karen, "UUUUH!

Skinny Black Ex Girlfriend Doggystyle Fucking And Riding Dick

Finger my cunt! Fuck my arse! Suck my tits! You motherfuckers! Uuuh, you're gonna make me cum you motherfuckers. Oh fuck, I'll be cumming soon! Yeah." Judith kept her fingers burrowing away in her friend's twat whilst leaning over and snogging Karen lustfully. She squirmed her tongue into Karen's throat and gave her a sordid lesbian kiss.

"Mmmm, mmmmm," Karen groaned, feeling her body wracked with pleasure as it was worked over by these three hot siblings; Mark and Aaron's cocks were pumping away in her anus, Judith's fingers were in her cunt, Mark was sucking her tits and, finally, Judith was kissing her deeply. Suddenly, Karen began climaxing, her powerful orgasm rushing up from her orifices.

She shuddered and squirmed, her head spinning as her cunt leaked hot sauce over Judith's busy fingers and her anus spasmed round the two small erections that tirelessly sawed away up there.

"Oh yeah," Judith smiled, pulling her lips from Karen's after sensing her friend's orgasm was fading out, "You had a hell of a good cum there you slapper!" "I sure did," panted Karen, feeling fatigued by her orgasm, "That was great." She looked down at Mark, who was still merrily sucking on her left nipple with such passion it was if he was trying to suck her whole mammoth melon into his mouth.

"Your brother's are such good little studs. They have plenty of energy and their dicks are very hard and beautiful. It felt wonderful having them both fuck me up the shitter at the same time.

Having one cock in the rectum is nice but having two in the rectum is utter heaven. It's time to end this little session though." She pulled herself up, taking her tit from Mark's mouth and raising her arse so that the twin's cocks plopped out of her yawning anus. Karen moved aside and Mark and Aaron shuffled back, wanking their hard peckers and eyeing up their naked real-life sex-toys with hungry looks in their bright eyes.

"I wanna cum now," Mark announced, "I'm ready to blow." "Me too," Aaron said, "I wanna cum on your tits Karen. Can I? Can I cum on your tits? They're so big and juicy looking, I'd love to shoot my stuff on them." "Can I cum on 'em too," Mark added.

"Sure," Karen smiled, "You can both do it. Aaron, you cum on my right tit. Mark? You cum on my left tit." She grabbed her big melons in her hands and squeezed them. "Both of you can spurt your cum all over my jugs, you horny rascals. You fucked your sister's shitter for a good while, and then you fucked my shitter, all without spurting your loads.

This means your sperm levels should be nice and high. Those beautiful little balls of yours must be swollen with sperm that is eager to come flying out all over the place, and you ought to be able to give my tits an impressive whitewash. You two horny little motherfuckers will wank over my tits together and then your sister can lick them clean, because your sister is a dirty bisexual cunt who will no doubt enjoy licking my sperm-drenched boobs!" Judith smiled and licked her lips at this suggestion.

"I would love to lick your tits," she declared to her housemate, "and I'd especially love to lick them once my horny little brothers have coated them in their cream! You heard Karen boys! Sperm her tits!" Karen knelt up straight, her huge tits wobbling in anticipation of the coating of boy-juice they were about to receive. Her nipples ached with stiffness.

Mark and Aaron stood in front of Karen, side-by-side, the former wanking his prick so that his cockhead aimed at Karen's left boob whilst the latter wanked his prick at her right boob.

Those horny kids eagerly pumped their wonderful toys in their fists, eager to splatter Karen's gorgeous big hooters with their sauce. "Uh, uh, uuuuh, here it comes," Mark gasped a moment later, furiously pumping his cock in his small fist, "UUUUUUH YEAH!" He began spurting his pure white boy-cum over Karen's left tit, lashing that big jiggling breast with his sauce. "Nnnng, here's mine," whimpered Aaron, legs quivering with the strength of his sudden orgasm, "AAAH!" He jerked himself off frantically and began shooting his cum over Karen's right tit.

Judith stood up, licking her lips repeatedly as she watched Mark and Aaron simultaneously paste Karen's tits with their sperm. The cum was white and sparkly as it rained across Karen's jiggling 38DD melons in thick stringy globs. "Yeah, drench my big titties," Karen gleefully encouraged the two eleven-year-olds, "Cover them in cum you motherfuckers, drench them!" Mark and Aaron gasped as they continued to pump their spurting little dicks, spraying Karen's melons with a sticky shower.

"Oh yeah, these tits.these fucking big tits," Aaron stammered, seemingly delirious with pleasure as he jerked off, "I'm cumming on your big tits! UUUH!" Judith fingered her pussy as she watched this display.

She liked watching her brothers masturbate. When she'd first had sex three-years ago, at the age of eighteen, her then-boyfriend didn't have any condoms. To prevent pregnancy, the guy had pulled out at the last minute at Judith's insistence and cummed on her belly.

It had excited Judith to see the guy shoot his load, but she'd felt embarrassed at feeling excited at such a sight, and her blushing in turn had embarrassed her boyfriend! So he'd blushed whilst pumped his white fuck-sauce across her flat teen belly and apologized afterwards for the mess he'd made.

It was not, to say the least, a terribly satisfying event. In contrast, Judith noted, Mark and Aaron showed no shame or modesty as they merrily masturbated and sent their beautiful jizz flying all over Karen's tits. They were evidently proud of the spunky mess they made of those heavy jugs and Karen encouraged them, moaning "Ooooh yeah, keep cumming on them, lemme see that fucking sperm flow you horny scamps!" The two children, finally, finished emptying their nutsacs. Their flow had indeed been healthy.

As they stepped back, still holding their softening pricks, they saw that Karen's breasts were heavily splattered with cum. No boy - or, indeed, grown man - could hope to totally drench Karen's enormous pendulous boobs with a single load, but in pooling their resources, Mark and Aaron had given those juicy melons a generous coating. Their sperm glistened wetly as it lay splattered and dotted across Karen's pale flesh. "Move aside kids," Judith said to her brothers, playfully slapping their pale little bottoms, "I'm going to lick up all that beautiful spunk you've just squirted over Karen's tits." Mark and Aaron stepped to one side and watched as, whilst Karen remained kneeling on the floor, their sister got down on all fours and pushed her face greedily into Karen's deep cleavage.

Judith made loud slurping and smacking noises as she slobbered away between Karen's heaving melons. "Yeah Judith, slurp it all up you whore," Karen lewdly moaned, running her hands through Judith's long silky brown hair, "Lick your brother's cum off of my fucking tits. Uuuh, yeah. You bitch, you fucking lesbian bitch! Mmmmm." After slobbering noisily between Karen's huge boobs for a few moments, Judith then pulled her spermy face from that deep flesh-valley and began running her warm red tongue up and down Karen's boobs, lapping up and swallowing all the cum.

She sucked on Karen's nipples, finding them as stiff as granite. "Yeah, suck those tits," Mark urged his big sister, watching from the sidelines, "Suck on those big boobs sis!" "Feed me that cum," Karen moaned to Judith, seductively, "give me that boy-juice you bitch." Judith obediently saved up a healthy load of freshly-lapped sperm in her mouth and then spat it onto Karen's outstretched tongue. The two gorgeous young ladies french-kissed as they swapped sperm back and forth, mixing it with one another's saliva before swallowing a good load of bodily fluids each.

At one point Judith moaned with extra pleasure as she felt a warm wet object wriggle up her arse; it was her thoughtful little brother, Mark, giving her anus a thorough tonguing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A moment later, they had all broken up and were sitting up on the floor, naked and sweaty. Karen and Judith licked their lips, tasting spunk and one another's saliva as they did so.

Mark tasted his sister's shit on his tongue. "So," Karen asked the two boys, sweeping her blonde hair from her damp forehead, "who is the biggest slut? Me or Judith." Mark and Aaron glanced back and forth between the naked ladies. They were well aware that Karen meant "slut" as a compliment. "You're both fucking sluts," giggled Mark. Aaron sniggered as well, as did their ladyfriends.

"And you're both studs," Judith said, leaning over and giving each boy a peck on the lips. "I'm tired," yawned Aaron. "I'm hungry," Mark added, before yawning as well. "And tired too." "You're all hot and sweaty as well," Judith said, "Come upstairs you rascals and I'll shower with you. Karen can cook us all lunch." "Can I?" Karen frowned.

Asking Karen to cook was like asking her to go a week without sex; it bought frowns of confusion and hysterical cries of refusal. "Yes," Judith said, ushering her naked little brothers out the room, "you'll cook us lunch Karen." Karen sulked as she knelt there naked, contemplating the idea of hunting through the fridge and seeing what was easiest to cook.

She had no culinary skills at all and required written instructions on how to boil an egg, but she had to admit, cooking for four was certainly a tiny price to pay for all the fun the day was offering. Upstairs, Judith ran the shower then squeezed in along with her two brothers. She scrubbed the two boys clean before they returned the favour and soaped her down with their bare hands.

The whole thing was, despite their obvious nakedness, actually quite innocent as they giggled away in the hot soapy shower together. In fairness, that was only because the two boys were, at least for the moment, too drained to even get a hard-on in the presence of their naked sister.

However, their cocks were already twitching with life once again when their beautiful big sister got them out the shower and towelled them dry. She paid particular attention to their groins, gently rubbing the fluffy red towel across their penises and then giving them each a kiss. "Such beautiful cocks," she sincerely lauded the adorable little boys, "So beautiful." The three of them soon came downstairs, stark naked and sparkling clean, eager to see what Karen had cooked up for them.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Where's lunch?" tutted Judith as she entered the living room with her brothers, finding Karen sitting on the sofa but no sign or aroma of any food. Karen was wearing the white-and-pink lacy thong and matching bra she'd worn earlier when she'd first greeted Mark and Aaron.

"Lunch?" Karen asked, feigning confusion. There was the DING-DONG of the doorbell. "Ah, that lunch," smirked Karen. She got up. "You ordered take-away?" complained Judith, "We had take-away yesterday! We're students, Karen, we're not made of money." "I'll get it for free, don't worry," Karen said, before encouraging the naked trio of siblings before her into the dining room which was next to the living room, "Hurry, hurry, get into the dining room.

I'll leave the door open a crack and, my dear students in depravity, you shall find out how to get away without paying for food." Judith and her brothers were somewhat confused, but on hearing the doorbell ring again, they followed instructions and went into the dining room.

The door linking the living room and dining room was a pair of double-doors, and Karen left them not-quite-closed, leaving an inch gap. In the dining room, sensing the mischief about to be witnessed, Mark knelt down and put his eyes to the gap, and Aaron stood astride him, his eyes also to the gap. They could see perfectly into the living room without their spying being obvious. Judith grinned and decided to join in the mischief. She stood next to her naked brothers and leaned across to watch through the slightly-parted doors.

The siblings three pairs of eyes blinked as they gazed into the dining room, which was, temporarily, empty, as Karen had gone into the hallway. Karen merrily swung open the door. "Hi," smiled the pizza delivery boy. "Er." he adde, noting that the busty blonde babe who had opened the door was wearing stunningly little. Karen's tits threatened to pop out of the lacy pink-and-white bra. Her thong barely concealed her nether-regions. She hadn't showered since ending the sordid anal session with the others and so she still carried the musky aroma of sweat and cunt-juice.

Quite simply, she was lust and the promise of sex personified in the form of a scantily clad twenty-three-year-old woman with fucking huge tits. "Hi," Karen smiled. "Um," the pizza delivery boy began. He was a rather spotty schoolboy, sixteen-years-old with short, scruffy black hair and thick glasses. He had a trim figure that was clad in rather unflattering brown trousers and a red polo-shirt with his employer's logo on it; a stupid smiling face hovering above the words 'Paulo's Pizzas'.

"Oooh, is that my twelve-incher?" Karen asked, nodding at the big square box the boy carried. "Cool." She took it from him, then glanced at the badge the boy wore.

It said 'Hi, my name is: Gary.' "That's, er, ten, erm, quid," the boy stammered, trying to tear his eyes from Karen's enormous tits as they all but popped out from her bra. "Sure Gary," Karen said, "Come inside.

I don't have any cash on me. I appear to have forgotten to wear anything with pockets." She turned and strolled down the hallway, then into the living room. She put the box containing the pizza onto the coffee table and cast a sly glance at the double-doors leading into the dining room.

Six eyes blinked at her. "What's she doing?" whispered Mark, watching intently, as were his siblings. "Ssssh," responded Judith and Aaron. Gary then strolled into the living room. There was no chance of him looking towards the doors from which Judith, Mark and Aaron were looking through. His eyes were only on Karen as the busty, scantily-clad blonde turned to face him.

"I don't have any cash at all," Karen admitted, "Er.have you seen any porn movies?" "What?" Gary asked, "" The poor boy wasn't sure what the fuck was going on. Actually, to be fair, he sort of did figure out what was about to happen, but he wasn't able to believe it was real. Since he'd taken this weekend job a couple of months ago, the sixteen-year-old had fantastized a great deal about the various hot looking ladies he'd delivered pizza to.

He'd jerked off over the hottest looking ones and imagined them complaining that they had no cash and instead invited Gary in for a fuck to pay him off. That had never happened before of course, and he didn't honestly think it really would. Now that it was happening he was too shocked to do anything. His cock knew what to do though. It saluted Karen's near-nakedness by getting very big and hard in Gary's pants.

"Well," Karen purred, reaching behind herself and unsnapping her bra, "if you'd watched a porn movie, you'd know that hot, but penniless, college girls like me have a way of paying handsome young delivery boys like in a manner that, ahem, doesn't involve cash." She whipped her bra off, freeing her enormous tits.

"My name is Karen by the way." "Ummm," Gary stammered. He'd never seen tits in real life, except or that time last summer on holiday and he'd seen a woman sunbathing topless from a distance, a sight that had fueled his masturbatory fantasies for a few months.

He licked his lips, his cock grew harder, but he wasn't sure what to say. He was, to say the least, not very good with girls. Especially ones with their naked tits wobbling at him. "If you have a spare ten-pounds Gary," Karen continued, slipping her thong off, "I'll give you something worth about a tenner." She stepped out of her thong, completely naked.

Gary licked his lips, barely able to speak. Karen strolled up to the teenager, knelt down, and unzipped his pants. Gary didn't do anything to stop her. He just looked down as Karen reached into his flies and pulled out his cock. "Oh my," Karen gasped with genuine surprise and delight, "What a big 'un!" Gary's prick was a respectable eight-inches in length, quite thick and very, very hard.

"My, my, this is beautiful." Karen opened her mouth and ran her lips over and down the boy's cock. Gary bit his lip to stifle a whimper. He felt that he should do what he'd imagined himself doing in the fantasies he'd recently had of this very situation; take control, fling the babe to the sofa and give her the fucking of a life-time.

However, the poor boy was just so shocked by the intensely wonderful and novel sensation of a woman sucking his dick that he just stood there, gasping softly. "Mmmmm, mmmmm," Karen moaned as she gave the boy a blow-job to a boy she instinctively knew was a virgin.

She deep-throated him and savoured his lovely rock-hard dick. Mark and Aaron's pricks were obviously beautiful in their own pubescent right, but Karen had to admit, it was nice to briefly get reacquainted with a full-sized cock. Throughout all this, Judith, Mark and Aaron were watching from the dining room, breathing as quietly as possible.

Judith figured that Gary would probably have a heart-attack if the poor nervous lad knew he was being watched. Karen shortly sensed Gary's cock pulse harder as it approached orgasm, so she took her lips from it and stood up.

"Do you want to fuck me up the arse?" she asked the boy in a lewd whisper. Gary nodded. Deciding to be a bit more decisive sounding, he cleared his throat. "Yeah," he added. Karen smiled and turned round. She bent over, legs straight and feet apart, with her hands flat on the coffee-table.


She could have offered her cunt to the boy but she figured that it was a day of anal-delights, and in any case, despite the sodomizings she had received from Mark and Aaron all morning she was still hungry for more arse-fucking. She was insatiable! Briefly, Gary panicked at the realization he didn't have much of an idea as to what to do. But he kept his cool and figured it seemed easy enough.

Karen was bent over in front of him, her arse spread and level with his cock, and her anus was visible and ready for penetration. Gary stepped up with his big teen dick jutting out of his flies and he pushed his cock-head, which was slick with saliva, to Karen's anus. "Uuuuuh," he groaned as he felt his dick squeeze into Karen's bum. Karen pushed herself back, forcing her anus down the shaft of the pizza boy's dick. "Nnnng," Karen gasped, feeling the thick erection fill her rectum.

"Fucking hell," stammered Gary, scarcely able to believe that he was actually doing it! Okay, it wasn't normal sex, - he wasn't fucking a woman in the pussy - but he was fucking a woman - a real naked woman - up the arse, and that was good enough for him. He looked down and watched as, with a final shove, he sunk the remainder of his shaft into Karen's arse.

He was buried right up her rectum. "Oooh, Gary, that's nice," Karen purred, her big tits jiggling beneath her as she remained bent over the coffee table, getting fucked up the arse by a complete stranger like the slut she so proudly was, "That's so nice. Your cock is sooo big and hard. Fuck me, fuck my arse." "Oh yeah, oh God," Gary panted as he began to thrust away, holding Karen's hips and sodomizing her with lustful thrusts.

He wanted to hold back but he couldn't summon the willpower to slow down his urgent thrusting. It was almost as if he figured he may be having a wet-dream and wanted to cum before he woke up. "Uh, uh, uh, oh fuck!" He rammed his dick back and forth in the tight grip of Karen's sphincter, making the woman yelp with pleasure. He wondered if he could tell his mates at school about this. He didn't think so. They'd think he was bullshitting them. Still, as long as it was really happening, that was the main thing.

"Fuck me, yeah, fuck me," Karen urged the boy, feeling his long erection tickle her colon with every hard thrust, "Oooh, yeah, your big dick feels so good up my shitter. Cum right in my arse you horny stud." "Oh yeah, aaah, fuck yeah," Gary gasped, his sperm boiling up from his heavy balls. He'd jacked off that morning to the fantasy of screwing the hot brunette in his class at school, yet he felt so horny it was as if he'd not ejaculated in a month!

He fucked this beautiful stranger deep and hard in her tight arse. "You're arse so beautiful. Uuuh, so hot, so tight. What an arse!" "Mmmmm, harder baby, fuck me harder," Karen urged her adolescent fucker, "Your cock is so big and thick and wonderful, it feels so good up my shit-hole.

Yeah, oooh yeah, I love being fucked up the arse. Fuck me harder babe, fuck me harder, sodomize me deep in my fucking shit-tunnel motherfucker!" "UUUUUUH!" Gary suddenly cried, his orgasm rising up and taking hold of his whole body. Karen's tight anus and hot words flung him over the edge. He shoved his cock to the root into Karen's rectum and began spurting his hot load. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck. Nnnng!" His cock pounded and pulsed as it disgorged hot creamy fuck-sauce into Karen's bowels.

His legs almost gave way beneath him as Karen tightened her sphincter round the base of his spunk-disgorging cock. "Mmmm, fill my guts with cum," she moaned, "Oh yeah motherfucker, cum in my arse, uuuh!!" Finally, Gary finished shooting his cum.

The teenager got his breath back then peeled his softening dick from Karen's anus. "Wow, that was so cool," he blushed. "It sure was," Karen smiled, standing up straight and turning round, "So, you'll let me off the bill then?" Gary eagerly nodded. "Sure, no charge." He knew he'd have to put a tenner in for the pizza from his own pocket, but that didn't matter. Fucking this hot blonde up the shitter and losing his cherry in the process was worth £10 for sure!

Hell, it was worth a £100! Gary put his cock away and zipped himself up, feeling himself glow with confidence and sheer joy at what he'd just done. Karen didn't bother putting her underwear on again, she just strolled nude into the hallway with Gary following her, his eyes fixed to her bum.

She showed him out the door. "Goodbye, er, Karen," Gary said, backing down the garden path, getting one last look at the naked big-titted blonde. "Goodbye Gary," smiled Karen, "Thanks for the pizza." "Yeah. And thanks for the, er." Gary began, "thanks for the sex." He winced, feeling it sounded a rather silly and lewd thing to say, but Karen merely smiled at him.

"Don't mention it," the busty blonde chirped as she stood in the doorway, "Oh, and Gary? Get some new glasses, those ones looks geeky, and straighten your hair out as well. Use some gel or something. Get some aftershave and stop stammering so much with nervousness when you talk to girls. You're a good looking lad and you've got a lovely big dick. Don't let it go to waste by being so nervous with girls that they'll never go out with you." With a final grin and a wave, Karen closed the door.

Gary cleared his throat as he turned and walked towards his small scooter that sat at the side of the road. The last statement Karen had made to him burned into his mind. The fact that a woman regarded him as 'good looking' with 'a lovely big dick' filled him with confidence, and he got some new glasses the following weekend, sorted out his hair and stopped being so nervous with girls.

Within the space of a month he got a date with - and then got laid by - the hot brunette in his class who he'd had a crush on for the last three-years but hadn't previously had the courage to speak to. Which was nice. Meanwhile, back in the house, Karen strolled into the living room and opened up the pizza box that lay on the coffee table. Judith, Mark and Aaron opened the doors from the dining room and strolled into the living room, wearing nothing but rather shocked and awed faces.

"Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?" Karen asked, before picking up a thin slice of ham-and-pinapple pizza and stuffing it rather unceremoniously into her mouth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The four of them ate naked in the living room, stuffing their faces with pizza, whilst Karen delighted them with further tales of her sluttish antics, including more details of her gang-bang with five men last year.

Afterwards, Mark and Aaron slumped onto the sofa, feeling a little tired. Their hosts were not about to let them retire just yet though. Karen sat up next to Aaron and frenched him lewdly whilst playing with his dick, and Judith did likewise with Mark. Soon those boys were back in business, their peckers stiffening rapidly under the fluttering fingers of the two women.

"I wanna bum-fuck you again," Mark told his big sister. "Well," Judith told him, staring into his big beautiful blue eyes whilst ruffling his hair with one hand and stroking his erection with the other, "my arse is open for business if your cock is!" "Shall we go upstairs?" Karen said.

"Yeah, let's do it on a bed," Aaron grinned, taking his lips from Karen's left nipple, "That'd be cool." "Everybody upstairs," Karen declared, hopping off the sofa and taking Aaron's hand, hauling the naked child up, "C'mon.

It's time for a naked exodus into parts unknown." The nude foursome, with erect willies and wet cunts where appropriate, scampered upstairs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They went into Karen's bedroom. It wasn't very tidy, relative to Judith's, but somehow it just seemed appropriate to employ the busty slut's room for the second half of their depraved antics. Karen tidied up the bedcovers first, leaning over the bed as she plumped up the pillows and straightened out the bright pink duvet.

Mark and Aaron stood behind Karen, eyes fixed to the blonde woman's big juicy arse. Despite all the lewdness of the day so far, the two blonde eleven-year-old twins still found it to be an incredible novelty to be able to gaze at a bare naked lady's bottom in the flesh. Judith stood next to the boys, smiling to herself as she watched them in turn watch Karen. Judith kept waiting for a surge of guilt to assail her mind for indulging in all this anal naughtiness with her own little brothers, but it never came.

Instead, she just felt happiness and sexual pleasure from the day's antics, not to mention a feeling of utter love and devotion to her beautiful little brothers. "There we are," Karen declared, having tidied up her bed, "Hop on boys.

You two have done plenty of work this morning, so me and your sister will take over for a while. You just lie back and Judith and me will get on top of you and ride your cocks!" Mark and Aaron scrambled onto the double-bed, laying on their backs with their pulsing pre-teen peckers throbbing away. Karen got onto the bed and knelt astride Mark's crotch, facing him. She reached down and held the boy's prick upright then impaled her arse onto it. "Oooh, up we go," she chirped as she slid her anus down onto the boy's cock.

"Uuuuh," Mark groaned, laying beneath the busty blonde, "Oh wow, it feels so good." Karen settled down, grinding her arse into the pre-teen boy's crotch and taking his stiff little penis right up her arse.

Judith then got onto the bed and knelt astride Aaron. She emulated her friend by impaled her anus on Aaron's pulsing prick. Both women then began to gently ride the boys, humping up and down. The two ladies were able to see the look of sheer pleasure on the children's faces.

"Yeah, ride me Karen, ride me," Mark urged his busty fucker, thrusting his skinny hips upwards in time with Karen's rhythm. "Do you like me being on top?" Judith asked Aaron as she humped her arse up and down on is prick. "Yeah, it's well cool," Aaron replied, laying back, content to let his big sister do the work. "These boy's dicks are so lovely and stiff," Karen said to Judith as both ladies gently rose up and down on the boys beneath them, "They have blown their nuts twice already today yet their cocks are lovely and hard." "They feel beautiful," Judith simpered, joining in Karen's effective tactic of massaging the boy's egos in order to encourage them, "Aaron's prick feel superb in my arse.

It's so nice and stiff and throbbing. I might even stick my tits in his face in a moment!" "Yeah, do it," Aaron urged his big sister, "I wanna suck your boobies Judith." Judith leaned over and pushed her firm ripe breasts into Aaron's face. The boy grabbed them and began sucking on her left nipple, Judith all the while humping her arse up and down on the boy's dick.

Karen giggled as she leaned over and squashed her huge melons into Mark's face. The boy gave a muffled yelp of pleasure as he squirmed his head around until he found on of Karen's nipples. He slurped on the stiff nipple whilst Karen rode him. "Mmm, suck my tits, that's it," Karen purred, "Suck my titties Mark, you horny little bastard." "Having fun?" Judith asked Aaron in the meantime.

"Yeah," grinned Aaron beneath her, briefly taking her right nipple from his mouth, "Your tits are great Judith. Your nipples are dead stiff. I love 'em!" He then resumed sucking on Judith's right nipple. Karen and Judith glanced across and exchanged wicked grins as they rode the boy's cocks and fed them their tits. For a good fifteen-minutes Karen and Judith rode the two boys, going at a fairly gentle pace. Eventually, Karen took her tits out of Mark's face and lifted herself up, Mark's cock plopping out of her anus.

"That was nice," she smiled at Judith, "It was fun being on top for a while. However, I like having your brothers in control Judith. I like them to be on top. They are horny little bastards with an infinite amount of energy, and even though they're only eleven they know how to use their lovely cocks!

Let's change positions and let these two horny boys take over." "Agreed," Judith declared, rising up until Aaron's cock slipped from her anus, "I quite like to be arse-fucked roughly, and no-one is rougher than these two scamps!" She ruffled her brother's hair with her hands. "Move aside kids," Karen said. Mark and Aaron shifted off of the bed. Karen lay down on her back, hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled her bent legs up to her chest so that her arse was thrust outwards, her hungry anus winking between her plump cheeks.

Judith coped Karen and got into the same position next to her. "Come and fuck our arses boys," Karen urged the twins as she and Judith lay on the bed, naked and with their legs pulled up to their chests, "Give our bottoms a good seeing to with those lovely hard willies!" "Who do you wanna fuck?" Mark asked his brother as they stood there next to the bed, playing with their erections.

"I wanna fuck Karen," Aaron replied, "I've just fucked our sister so I'd like to do Karen in the bum now." "Okay," Mark agreed, "You do Karen's shitter and I'll do our sister's." The boys got onto the bed in front of their respective ladies.

"I think you should kiss our bottoms," Karen said to them, "Come and give our juicy arses a nice big sloppy kiss before you fuck 'em!" Aaron giggled then bent down to give Karen's anus a kiss. He then kissed it again before sealing his lips to that puckered shaved orifice and wriggling his tongue inside it. Mark did the same to Judith, wriggling his tongue into her rectum. "Mmmm, yeah," Judith moaned, "That feels so good having my arse licked out." "Your brothers are such good arse lickers!" sniggered Karen.

Then, with a lewd giggle, she let out a ripping fart. "Karen!" snapped Aaron, raising his head and wafting his hand dramatically in front of his face, "Ewww! You smelly whore, you farted in my face." Mark took his tongue from Judith's anus and laughed at his brother. As if on cue, Judith farted in Mark's face with a long and rather rude parping noise. Mark cringed, but then giggled. "You filthy bloody whores," he exclaimed.

"You love it really," Karen insisted, before letting out a second gust of wind from her bottom. "Now stop getting off on inhaling our farts you kinky little buggers and get those beautiful cocks up our bums." His annoyance at being farted upon forgotten, Aaron knelt up and guided his prick into Karen's arse. The busty slut before him moaned as she lay there, hands still hooked behind her knees with her legs pulled up and parted.

"Ooh yeah, there we are," Aaron grunted, slotting his cock right into Karen's bum and proceeding to thrust merrily away, "Yeah, yeah, I'm shagging your bum Karen! Uuuh." Mark continued licking out Judith's anus but soon he decided that, as much as he liked having his tongue in his big sister's juicy rectum, he wanted to put his penis in there. He knelt up and eagerly pushed his throbbing pre-teen pecker into her arse.

"Aaah, yeah," Judith groaned as Mark began to enthusiastically fuck her in the arse, "That's it darling, that's it. Mmmm." The two boys humped away, pumping Karen and Judith's arses with their pricks whilst those filthy girls lay there and moaned with pleasure.

"Do you boys like this position?" Karen asked after a moment, her big tits jiggling with every thrust of Aaron's stiff prick. "It's great," Aaron declared. "Yeah, it's cool," Mark agreed in between grunts of exertion, "It's especially great doing it in this position because I can see Judith's cunt whilst I fuck her in the bum." He looked down and admired his sister's shaved wet pussy, beneath which his cock was alternately appearing then disappearing up into her anus. "I can see your cunt, Judith, and it looks really wet.

Women's cunts get wet when you get horny don't they?" "They do darling," Judith confirmed, her body gently thrust up the bed a little with every pump of her little brother's dick, "our cunts get all wet and soppy. My cunt is very wet because I am very turned on thanks to your nice dick being in my bum." "Yours is wet too," Aaron told Karen, fucking that busty whore in the arse whilst glancing down at her snatch. Her vaginal lips were pink and glistening, winking wetly from the dense patch of golden pubic hair that framed her cunt, "It's all wet and gooey." "The other cool thing about this position Judith," Mark continued, "is that I can play with your great big hooters!" He emphasised his point by clamping his little hands to Judith's firm juicy tits and fondled them as he pumped her arse.

"Play with my tits," Karen ordered Aaron, who complied by grabbing her breasts and merrily fondling them, "Mmm, that's it. Play with my tits Mark. Cop a good feel of my big fucking titties whilst you fuck my bum. Oh yeah, uuuh." "Pinch my nipples," Judith urged Mark, who did so, clamping the brunette's nipples between his forefinger and thumb and squeezing them, "Uuuh, oh yeah, that feels good. Pinch those nips Mark!

Squeeze 'em hard you fucker. Uuh. Keep fucking my arse darling, keep fucking my arse. Fuck my arse. Your cock feels so good in my shit-hole." The two horny twins thrust in and out of their host's rectums, mashing and groping at their tits as they did so.

"You have beautiful tits Judith," Mark told his sister as he squeezed those firm melons whilst sodomizing her tight arse, "They're really cool!" "Thank you darling," Judith simpered, charmed by the sincerity in her little brother's voice, "Do you like my bum too?" "Yeah," he replied, "Definitely!

Your bum is so hot and tight. Your pooh-hole is clamping my cock really tightly and your shit-chute is really warm and slippery around my willie. It feels so good. I love shagging your bottom sis!" "You like my arse too, don't ya?" Karen asked Aaron with a wink. "Oooh, yeah, it's brilliant!" Aaron gasped, fucking Karen's arse faster, "I'm going to cum in your arse soon Karen.

I'm going to spunk up in your bum." "Yeah, do it, do it motherfucker," Karen urged her pre-teen fucker, "I want your sperm in my bowels. Fuck me harder, yeah, fuck me harder. Harder motherfucker, harder! Nnnng! Your fucking cock feels so good in my shitter you horny motherfucking bastard!

Aaah! Uuuuh!" As Karen anticipated, these hot words spurred Aaron on to double his efforts. As the boy eagerly pounded Karen's shitter with his erection he pinched her nipples tightly, making her squeal with delight. "I'm about to cum too," Mark informed Judith, buggering his big sister at an increasingly frantic pace whilst fondling her tits, "Oh, oh, it is.NNNNG!" He shoved his prick to the hilt in his sister's rectum and began spraying forth his warm salty sperm.

"UUUUH!" "Fill me up darling, fill me up," purred Judith, feeling Mark's spunk flood her bowels, "Mmmmm! Yeah, cum in my arse little brother. Yeah!" "Aaaah, I'm cumming," Aaron abruptly cried, "Fuckin' hell!" He continued thrusting his pecker back and forth in Karen's tight anus as he began to unload his small balls.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm cumming." "Fuck me Aaron, fuck me," Karen encouraged the boy, "Spurt that cum up my arse you motherfucker. Ooooh, yeah, I can feel your cum flood my guts!" "Uh, uuuuh," Aaron spluttered, shoving his prick right into Karen's arse to spurt one final blast of cum into her bowels. He kept his hands clamped to Karen's big melons to support himself as his climax ebbed away.

"Oh wow," Mark gasped in the meantime, finishing off his own climax in Judith's arse, "That was cool. Holy shit!" He felt exhausted but satisfied as he knelt there with his prick wilting in Judith's spermy rectum. He slipped his cock out of her anus and Aaron likewise disengaged from Karen. The boys shuffled back to the end of the bed. Judith and Karen knelt up, grinning happily with their nude bodies glistening with a light sheen of sweat.

"What a good bum-fucking that was," Judith smiled, sweeping her long brown hair from her smiling face. Karen replied by simply leaning across and pushing her lips to Judith's. The two women kissed passionately, snaking their tongues into one another's throats, knowing how much this turned their pre-teen audience on.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It took a while, but eventually Karen and Judith got Mark and Aaron's cocks erect for one more session. The two ladies took turns taking Mark and Aaron's cocks in their arseholes at the same time, double-anal evidently becoming a particular favourite activity for Judith, who truly couldn't get enough of having both her little brother's cocks in her rectum at the same time.

Karen then spent a while having herself spit-roasted, on all fours on the bed whilst Mark fucked her arse and Aaron fucked her mouth.

Judith then took her place. The session was bought to a close with Judith and Karen simply getting on all fours in the traditional doggie-position. Mark stuck his cock Karen's arse, Aaron stuck his cock in Judith's, and those horny boys humped away for almost half-an-hour before they finally emptied their balls.

As was the case yesterday, they ended with a bit of watersports. Karen emptied her bladder over Mark and Judith emptied her's over Aaron. The twins, drenched in piss, then returned the favour and peed over their horny hosts. After that, a rather more conventional shower was in order.

Judith took Aaron to the shower and they soaped and rinsed each other clean. Afterwards Karen and Mark showered together. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh boo, school tomorrow," Mark complained as he and his brother walked towards the front door. "Well, it'll be next weekend before you know it," Judith told her brothers as she and Karen followed them down the hall.

All of them were scrubbed clean and dressed. "Can we come over during the week?" Aaron asked as he opened the front door. It was warm and sunny outside and the sound of birds singing floated into the hallway along with sunlight. "I'd love you to come over during the week," Judith told him, "But I've got a lot of essays and assignments to do.

Also, mum and dad will be a bit suspicious if you're over here all the time. You two just go home, get on with being little boys, and then come round here on Saturday morning.

You two, me and Karen will all have some fun Saturday." "Okay," Aaron said as he and his brother left the house. They were already feeling horny and wanted to bum-fuck Karen and Judith as often as possible. However, they accepted that it would be six long days until they could come over.

They realised, however, that having to wait that long before getting to bum-fuck Karen and Judith would mean it would be all the more pleasurable when they finally got to do so. "Bye kids," Karen waved to the boys as she and Judith stood in the doorway. "See ya," Aaron said, scampering down the garden path with his brother.

"Bye," Mark called over his shoulder, "you dirty whores!" He and Aaron giggled as they hurried away, Karen and Judith tutting at the boy's cheekiness, although accepting that they didn't have much of a defence against accusations of being "dirty whores." That's what they were, after all.

And proud of it. They closed the door and wandered into the living room. "I'll make dinner," Judith said, slipping an arm round Karen's waist, "then how about you and me pop upstairs?" "Sounds like a fine idea," Karen purred, reaching up and groping Judith's left tit through her T-shirt.

She slipped her tongue between Judith's lips. Judith responded by sliding her tongue down Karen's throat. The two of them soon frenched each other passionately. Soon enough they yanked each other's clothes off and, forgetting all about dinner, they fucked like horny sluts on the floor.