Glamorous babes with strapon in luxury

Glamorous babes with strapon in luxury
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The date was April 17th 2006 and the time was 3:30. I was just about to exit the school when my I remembered that I left my jacket in my algebra class. I walked down the corridor and pushed open the door. I entered and saw my teacher, Ms. Kandie Luxx sitting there behind her desk. I could tell that I had interrupted her cause she jumped nearly out of chair.

I did not know that she was busy playing with her pussy before I had come in. She asked why I was there, I replied with I had forgot my jacket. She said well I am very busy with grading tests but since you are here, I'd like to talk to you about your grades. You have not been doing well on your studies and are failing.

I'd hate to see you fail this class and have to take it over again. Ms. Luxx, I said; I am trying, its just I have some problems with the work. She replied with maybe you need a tutor or perhaps you could stay after school and I could help you bring up your grade.

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Which do you prefer? she asked. Well, I could stay after school if you don't mind helping me. Not at all she replied.


I looked behind her and noticed a piece of clothing on the file cabinet, it was her panties. I stared, shocked to believe that a teacher would leave her undies out and about and in fact if they were there, then she would possibly not be wearing any panties. As I kept looking on, she said well then since we got that worked out, how about we get to work. I jumped and knocked off some pencils, I went to pick them up off the floor, one had went under the desk, I went to retrieve and saw her amazing pussy.

I stared for like a minute (though it felt like forever). She said something that made me bump my head.

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When I stood back up, I could tell that she knew that I knew and that I had saw her pussy. Still thinking of it, I got very hard. I tried to conceal the best I could as I went to sit down at a desk.


I grew harder and harder, I was about to rip out of my tight pants. I knew she could tell that I had an erection. She stood up and fixed her skirt, I watched her as she came closer to me.

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She then handed me my work, then went to the chalkboard and started scribbling on it. I watched her and wondered how amazing it would be to fuck her. I knew it was wrong but I wanted it. She turned around and told me to do my best and if I needed help, she would help.

She started walking to her desk, noticed some papers in the floor. When she picked them up, her pussy showed, then she realized that it was showing and that I could see it. She jumped up and then looked at me. I turned my head really fast so it would look like I didn't see but she knew. She then came over and leaned on my desk. Let me explain something to which you saw she said.

I am exposed cause I was pleasuring myself before you came in. I looked at her and replied, I know, I kind of figured when I saw your panties and when I bent down to pick up the pencils, I saw your pussy then and just now when you bent over. She then said, it is very unprofessional of me, I know it is wrong but I could not help myself.

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I just needed to relieve myself. I bet you have an erection hiding underneath there. Umm I said. Let me see, as she leaned over to peak under the desk, she saw my bulge.

Wow, you do. You liked seeing my pussy, it got you hard. You want to fuck my hot pussy, dont you? I replied, yes I do, you are so hot. She then stood back up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She leaned into me and felt my bulge, then she kissed me.

I started to caress her breasts, she then removed her shirt and bra. I stood in awe, her breast were amazing.

I bent down and started suck and licking them. She started to rub her pussy, I then removed my shirt and pants, then my boxers, exposing my huge 12 inch cock. She got on her knees, grabbed my cock and started licking it. Went down the shaft, licked my balls and sucked them, then worked her back up and took my whole cock in her mouth.

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Oh wow I said as she sucked me off. She then stood up, took off her skirt and laid on her desk, spreaded her legs. i bent over and started to eat our her pussy. As I did, I caressed her breasts. After that, I entered my throbbing cock into her pussy and fucked her good. She screamed my name, louder and louder. I continued to rub her tits and starting kissing her. Then she got on all fours and I fucked her doggy style while grabbing her boobs.

I plowed her pussy till we both came. Fuck my ass she said. I entered my cock into her tight asshole and started fucking hard. She screamed in so much pleasure. She played with her pussy while I fucked her. I cummed again, and then she sucked me off while i ate her pussy again.

I fingered her ass while I did so. When we were dome, we kissed and cuddled. I fucked her one last time, we got dressed and left school.

After that, we made a point to fuck every day after school.

Even though I've graduated, we still make a point to try to fuck, and just this past month, I proposed to her and we plan to get married April 17th, 2013, the 7th anniversary of when we first made love and continued to do so.