Incredible cock riding with beauteous cutie hardcore and blowjob

Incredible cock riding with beauteous cutie hardcore and blowjob
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We came back through Johnos'door after surfing all morning. Johno put his bodyboard up against the kitchen bench,leaning towards my board in my hand he says 'Want me to take your board Jed?', Stunned by the whites of his eyes contrasted by his caramel skin I took a few moments to reply 'Thanks'.Every time he bent over my eyes were cemented to his tight small ass in his wet boardshorts.

His wet blue rash vest always seemed to turn me on as it revealed his nice chest and slim waist. I had seen Johno's dick a couple of times before but that was back when we were both 7 or 8 so I'd never seen his hairy balls and always wondered what colour his knob was. Johno knowticed as I rubbed sand off from behindmy ear and in my hair ,saying 'I hate it how it gets everywhere.

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I always have a shower after surfing, cant stand the sand, do you wanna take one too?'. My stomach dropped, I'd taken showers with other guys before but not since I'd gone through puberty, I was so embarissed to show my tanned dick and balls to another guy, although I had this desperation and drive to see Johno naked. We walked into his bathroom where he immediately turned on the shower then took off his rashvest.

His well definned pecs caramel with chocolate nipples sent me into sweats.

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He seem ed to have no modesty as he swiftly threw away his rashie and unbuttoned his shorts. Undoing his shorts he swept them onto the floor revealing his tight black speedos which led my eyes to his tight ass and modest bulge in his speedos where his beautiful black boy dick lay behind.

After pulling off my rashie and shorts I knowticed that Johno was already in the shower but still in his speedos.


An saddened relief fell over me to know that I didn't have to show my dick yet I wouldn't see Johnos. I got in the shower where I knowticed how hot Johno looked with water pulsing down his light manly jawline decending towards his muscely neck then down his back over his curvacous petite ass and finally down his black legs. I felt my speedos get tighter as I was getting a boner.Johno among lathering himself knowticed.

Not saying anything Johno continued to wash his body. He then turned away from me and said 'Don't look I'm going to wash my dick.' He pulled down his speedos just so that the front was down but his ass was still covered.

As he stood with his back to me I could see his speedos come down a bit at his waist as he washed his dick.

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This revealed just below his waist line where his back finished and his ass started to jut out. I couldn't resist it any more, Johno was too hot and I was too horny. As Johno washed his dick with his back to me I reached around his waist and grabbed for his dick.

I felt his soft hands on his dick then got a slight touch of his flaccid shaft before he moved away from me. 'What are you doing?' Johno said, I didn't say anything, all I did was stare at his gorgous manly jawline as he looked at me with raised eyebrows among pulling up his speedos.

'Are you gay?' he said, I just lent forward and kissed him on his soft cheek. Amazingly he didn't react like before he just looked like he was contemplating as I moved back and he store at the floor.

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With his face still pointing towards the floor but his eyes looking up at me he said 'Would you ever suck another guys dick?', my stomack jumped and I smiled, 'Ok' I said. I moved towards him and touched his stomach, he jolted back slightly but seemed to like it.

I rubbed down from his stomack past his belly button and down to his smooth skin just above his speedos. Johno lent back resting his ass on the wall and began to pull down his speedos.

First I saw his smooth skin of his waistline, then his black pubes, then among the hair I saw the base of his soft light brown boy dick. He kept pulling them down revealing his large black dick with his foreskin still covering his knob.

It looked soft and was a light brown [but darker than the rest of his body], it was longer than my index finger and I could tell he was getting a boner by the thickness of it. I touched it with my hand and felt it's soft skin but taught muscle. I picked it up in my hand, brushing past the hairs on his scrotum which looked a light brown with dark hairs on it and hung just higher than his dick.

As I squeezed it in my hand his foreskin started to come back and he got harder. For the 1st time I saw a bit of his knob, it was large and a darker colour than his dick. His foreskin receeded further, it was beautiful as his light brown foreskin contrasted his slightly darker knob. He was fully up now and he was breathing heavily.

I moved towards his knob and kissed below his peehole.

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It was so soft yet taught at the same time, he jolted back as I kissed it again and let out a moan. Grabbing the base of his dick in one hand and rubbing his upper thigh/waistline with the other I wrapped my lips around his knob. I could tell Johno hadn't got head before because of how he reacted when I put my mouth on his dick.

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He breathed heavily as I began to rub my tongue around his knob and move down his shaft. He seemed to love it when I rubbed his waistline above his thighs while I moved back and forth along his shaft with my mouth. I started to go faster and felt his knob flex, as it did it touched to top of my mouth, then he breathed faster and faster, I could tell he was close so I moved my tongue to below his peehole where his knob meets his shaft and rubbed it.

His pelvis jerked and he let out a moan and breathed heavily. His knob shot hot sticky cum into my mouth, jerking once, twice, then tree times among breathing heavily. Then his dick stopped twitching although I didn't take my mouth off him until I had licked up all of the cum out of his dick. By that time he was less hard but his knob was still inflamed. I took my mouth off him and looked up at him.

He was leaning against the wall naked with his diaphram moving in and out with his fast breathing. He looked at me with his manly face and gave me a cheeky smile showing the dimples and creases of his face near his jawline.


He said 'Now your turn'!!