Lucky Boy fickt Mutter und ihre Tochter nicht

Lucky Boy fickt Mutter und ihre Tochter nicht
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Bitch Power My story begins with me just enjoying my Sunday afternoon sitting in my lawn chair beneath a almond tree I planted in my backyard 7 years ago.My yard is fenced but you can barely see across my back neighbor's yard.As the afternoon went by I can clearly hear my neighbor's kids playing with their dog which is a Golden Retriever.I could not help overhearing Tom telling his son Jimmy, "Stop poking the Dog's tingy, she does not like that".

So I continued to relax myself.

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About 1 hr. later no more kids playing and I was alone but got a little curious.Strangely I did not want to take a peep into my neighbor's yard to see anything but to take a look at the dog that was being poked.

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I peeped through a small hole and noticed a Beautiful, clean female Golden Retriever.I said to myself "that's a cute Bitch". I had thought about fucking a dog a few times but never got that opportunity since I do not even have a dog.

Two weeks later I was doing some landscaping when Tom shouted me over his fence and we had a nice chat about stuff, when finally he got to the point of asking me a do him a huge favor.Out of my good self I said "sure".Tom and his family were going on a 2 weeks vacation in Alaska and he wants me, yes me to take care of his dog Ginger.

I was excited but remained calm and try to look as if I had to think a bit.I then asked Tom, "so what about your house" he said "oh, my little brother will stay in for me but he is not too fond of dogs". I said OK i will help you out, knowing fully well I am actually helping myself. You must know that I live with my wife and 2 kids but they went to spend a week at my In-laws (yuck).so me staying home was a good decision.My family understands that since I once punched my Father-in-law in his face for joking about my Father.

Next morning Tom came across with Ginger and a large doggy bag which was filled with doggy stuff (food, brush, shampoo etc). Now Ginger was a friendly dog who is no stranger to me so I did not have to worry about she not liking me.I fed her and went to take a shower.Now it was that moment when I started to put a plan together.So I went online to get a few tips and got lots.

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The next day Ginger was so relaxed as if she was mine and lived here all along. I took a shower and then i fed her and then I started to groom her and play with and she was loving every moment.I rubbed her head, back, belly, nipples, legs and no I did not go for gold yet.As I rubbed and played with her I was beginning to get aroused because all along while I was playing with her my eyes were fixed on her most inviting and thick looking vagina.It looked delicious.I continued to rub her and she was laying on the floor of my sitting room.

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Surprisingly as I played with Ginger I noticed she was very relaxed and was breathing a bit faster and I also noticed that her pussy seemed to be a bit wet so I had to investigate and boy was I correct, she was wet and slimy.When I touched the lips of her now wet pussy she was enjoying it a lot.So I wanted to test her, so I stopped and got up and went to my bedroom and waited to see if she'll follow.After 2 minutes she arrived and walked next to me and and turned around for me to continue.

That was my green light to begin. I stripped of my clothes and got out the KY I bought and I started to play with her more and now I was rubbing that pussy and it was warm and very slippery.My 7 1/2" cock was raging with pain and wanted to fuck real bad but I was not ready yet.As I played with her she kept backing into my hand and it was obvious that Ginger was aroused and wanted to be fucked.

I took the KY and started to massage her pussy lips and then move more to her inside.It felt soft and warm but she was not that tight as I expected. I lubed her up well and then placed some on my cock as well. I moved up behind her and I was amazed at how Ginger was so relaxed and she just stood there.As I placed my cock head at the entrance of he cunt I could not believe that I am now going to fuck this bitch and I was just over powered with passion and had to continue.When my cock made contact with Ginger's pussy it was amazing.She was so so hot and wet and I was so horny.I pushed the head in and oh my gosh, did it feel awesome.I had to push some more and I can fell her pussy walls open up and it was actually clamping on my cock.I was enjoying this and Ginger was too from the way she was breathing and kept pushing back into my thrusts.I was now fully inside her and was stroking that cunt, inout, in, out, inout and it felt really good.AS I fucked her pussy I could feel her body heat and the actual thought of having sex with a dog was just mind blowing.I was loving it.


After minutes of screwing Ginger I felt my body starting to tremble and I started to fuck her faster and Ginger was loving it too. Then I came with a force that was beyond anything that I have ever experienced in sex.The walls of her pussy was hot and holding my cock with every push and with every pull.I was enjoying this fuck.

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I shot my sperm right up her cunt and I could not control myself and let out a loud "awwwwwwwwww" and fell over on her back. As my cock softened I pulled out, Ginger turned around and licked the mixed juices oozing out her pussy and then went straight for my cock and gave it a good few licks and it was too much for me to handle.


I just layed back and she cleaned me up and then left the room.I fell asleep and got up 2 hrs. later just to find Ginger sleeping on my sofa. I made love with Ginger for the next 2 weeks and it was such a pleasure of finding a new hobby.The next day Tom arrived and came across to pick up Ginger.

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He thanked me and walked off with Ginger, and her bag when Tom turned around, and what he said next almost made me a had a Heart attack. Tom asked " Did you enjoy her?"