Two hot studs are sucking cock by doctors order

Two hot studs are sucking cock by doctors order
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In my sophomore year of college I started dating one of the hottest girls on campus. We had met in my History of the Roman Empire class and hit off right from the start. It took me almost a whole semester for me to work up the courage to ask her out. When her reply was, "I've been waiting for you to say something." I almost creamed myself. Let me explain.

I am pretty average about 5' 6" and around 125lb. I have light brown hair and light blue/gray eyes and need glasses to see 2' in front of me. Catherine on the other hand was drop dead gorgeous standing 5' 10" in her stocking feet. She had long black hair that fell to her ass and framed her beautiful hart shaped face with deep green eyes. All that was part of a rockin awesome body with an ass to die for and two DD breasts that defied gravity.

On top of that she was smart, funny, and empathetic. She even liked Sci-fi and Fantasy books. I was in heaven. We had been dating for about two months when after a night out I finally made my move and kissed her. I was surprised by how passionate her response was. We started making out hot and heavy our hands roaming all over our bodies.

When my hand started to wander down towards her pussy she pushed me away and started to cry. "Cat what's wrong I'm sorry if I've offended you." I said. That just made her cry even more. "It's not you Keith. You could never do that it's me. I've been keeping something from you." I was shocked, "Are you seeing someone else?" I asked. She sobbed some more stopped then looked at me.

"No you are wonderful and I could never cheat on you. It's something else. Do you promise not to get mad at me if I show you?' "Of course Cat you're special and I honestly think I am falling for you hard." More tears flooded out of her eyes and she sobbed some more.

Then she stood up from the couch and walked into the middle of the apartments living room. She then started to strip off her cloths with her back to me. In a few minutes she was naked except for her stockings with her back still to me. She then turned around. I noticed her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

I hen glanced down and saw what she had meant by keeping something from me. Between her legs was the largest cock I had ever seen.

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It was semi erect and even then it made my 6-½ inches seem tiny. It must have been at least 9 ½ inches just like that. "Wow that's pretty impressive." Was my response. "You're not mad at me?" She asked showing a timid smile. I just shook my head. "No, I still think you're awesome and you are just too nice to me mad at. By the way who knows about this?" I asked thinking about my rep at school. "No one only my family," was her reply. "Well I'm impressed you certainly put me to shame." Her face lit up with a smile and my heart melted.

"Keith I love you so much that's why I couldn't hide this from you any longer. Can you forgive me?" "Do you have to ask?" Cat squealed with joy and rushed toward me flinging herself onto couch. Her tits pressed into my chest as she wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me passionately.

As I responded to her kisses her cock started to get harder as it pressed against my pants and my own rock hard cock. We continued to kiss passionately and my hand slowly moved touching her hard cock. She gasped and pulled away again. I looked into her eyes and all I could say was. "Can I touch it?" Another big smile lit up her face and her reply was.

"Of course dear but first lets see you with out your cloths." I nodded and stood up. She dropped to her knees and started to take my pants off while I took off my shirt. Soon we were both naked with raging hard cocks.

Cat then took my hand and led me towards her bedroom. Her room was dominated by a massive four post king sized bed with a canopy. She pulled me pulled me onto the bed where she laid with me kneeling beside her. I reached down and started to caress her massive cock. I noticed it was very smooth and uncut. I just keep moving my hands up and down her beautiful member.

Just how big are you?" I asked. 11 ½ inches," was her reply. "It's pretty thick to I noticed." Cat just smiled.

I continued to play with it alternating my hands and pulling the foreskin back from her massive head. As I did this I noticed precum seeping from the slit. My free hand moved to play with her balls when I got my second surprise of the night.

"You have a vagina," I exclaimed. Cat had started gasping and moaning as I continued stroking her cock. But when I found her pussy and started to run my finger up and down it she went crazy. "Yes Keith I have a pussy now don't stop stroking me please." She hissed and gasped. I kept up me jacking motion on her cock and used my other hand to work her pussy playing with her lips and the walls of the now moist snatch.

"Oh my god don't stop please don't stop." Was all Cat could say. With that encouragement I started to increase my pace. Cat started to squirm then suddenly she arched her back and cum started to fly from her cock. Let me tell you she could put any porn star to shame. Spurt after spurt of thick creamy white cum poured out of her cock. It flew at least two feet up coming down on her stomach and chest.

After fifteen spurts it kind of flowed out covering my hand. When she finally stopped cumming I was amazed at the sheer amount of cum.

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I smelled it and it had a kinda sweet musky sent. "Keith there should be a towel on the chair by the bed. Can you be a dear and bring it to me please." I got up off the bed and brought her the towel. She took it and started to clean herself up. "Oh dear that's was wonderful you have very skilled hands." She said smiling at me.

I shyly smiled back, "That was fun." I caught a glint in her eye. "Want to eat my pussy?" She asked. "Your bet." I quickly replied. Her cock was now no longer rock hard just drooping at half-mast in a half moon curve. Cat gestured for me to come back to bed and I climbed back up.

She scooted back till she was reclined with pillows propping her up. She then spread her legs and moved her cock out of the way to give me access to her pussy. "Go for it Tiger." I didn't need any more engorgement and crawled up between her legs and started to slowly lick the length of her pussy. I knew I was doing something right because she started to gasp and squirm. I kept it up and found her clit, which was nestled up at the base of her ball sack. When I started to work on her clit Cat started to writhe on the bed and then put both hands on my head to make sure I did not stop.

"Oh god baby don't stop please don't stop." She begged between gasps. This fueled my desire to please her so I sped up my tempo. I kept this up for what seemed like hours as Cat arched her back and writhed even more from side to side. She kept her hands firmly on my head pushing my face even deeper into her pussy. Oh god I'm going to cum." She squealed when suddenly she started to shudder and her balls started to writhe to.

Suddenly her back arched high making it hard for me to keep my mouth and tongue in contact with her clit. Then she screamed, "I'm cumming." Her cock, which had gotten hard, again started spewing cum and she clamped her legs around my head to hold me in place so I could lick her even more.

She started cumming and flooded my mouth with her pussy juice. It was sweet like nectar. She kept on shuddering and cumming with her creaming all over the back of my head and back. She slowly settled down breathing hard but still kept her legs clamped around my head.

Her cum started to run down her cock and into her pussy. I was still licking her pussy and could not help but lick up some of her cum.

I could smell her sweet musky sent and the taste was sweet and salty at the "same time. At that point there was not turning back so continued to lick her pussy making sure I cleaned all the cum that had run down her cock.

She finally let go of my head and I lifted it taking a deep breath. I had a huge grin on my face. "That was fun." "Oh my god that was the best orgasm I have had ever. You can lick pussy like there is not tomorrow." Cat moved to where she could kiss me and we made out for what seemed like hours but was probable only a few minutes.

We finally broke our embrace and she stared into my eyes. Thank you Keith for the first time ever you made me feel like a woman. "Glad to be of service." I said with a smile. "Wanna fuck me?" "Only if you want me to," I replied. "Oh yes you just layback," she told me. She then quickly got up and straddled my hard cock and lowered her self down on to it. She gasped as it sank all they way into her dripping wet pussy.

"It's perfect, nice and thick but not to long. It is literally stretching the walls of my pussy." Then she started to move up and down in a slow rhythm. Her pussy was silky smooth and grabbed my cock massaging it with every move she made. Soon she was lifting herself all the way off my cock then plunging it back into her snatch. Her cock, which had been soft, just a few minutes ago started to harden and was now slapping my stomach with each down ward thrust.

Cat saw my eyes widen and with one hand started to stroke her cock while I held her hips to steady her. At his point I knew I would not last very long. "Cat I can't hold out much longer I'm sorry I'm gonna cum soon." She smiled and started to pause on the down stroke letting my cock sit buried in her snatch and started to stroke her cock a little faster. "That's ok dear this feels great so just let it go and cum when you are ready" Again I saw a glint in her eyes. I was sure it felt good for her and a dry orgasm I knew from experience feels good.

Suddenly she started to ride me hard and fast and I closed my eyes trying to hold off. I felt my load well up from my balls. "I'm gonna cum," I cried out and started to dump what felt like the largest load of my life into her pussy. Then suddenly she cried, "I'm cumming." I felt her body shudder as her pussy started to pulse and milk my cock.

I had closed my eyes when I felt shot after shot of thick cum hit my face and shot into my open mouth. I was caught completely by surprise and at least four spurts shot into my mouth before I closed it. I swallowed by reflex again tasting her cum. She again shot probably 15 good jets before it turned into a dribble. She stopped fucking me and with my cock still buried in her snatch leaned down and kissed me then started to lick her cum off of my face.

She then started to kiss me some more and shared her cum with me. "You are fucking awesome Keith. I think we should do this again." I smiled," I don't see why not." She then got up.


My cock flopped out of her drenched snatch with a wet sloppy sound. She then moved to straddle my face and pushed her pussy with my cum in it unto my face so I could lick it out and clean her pussy.

"Lick my ball please baby." I then started to lick her balls and I could hear her gasp again. My hands of their own violation started to play with her soft cock.

Cat started panting and after a few minutes moved off of my face and presented her soft cock to my mouth to suck. "Please," she said in a plaintive voice. I thought, 'what the fuck in for penny in for a dollar,' and let her push her cock into my open mouth. I then started to use my tongue to play with her head and swirl it all around. Again she gasped in delight and held my head as I started to let her push more and more of it into my mouth.

I couldn't believe how good it felt, almost natural. She pulled her cock out of my mouth and put some pillows under my head so I could look behind. She then kneeled behind me and inserted her cock back into my open mouth and started to slowly face fuck me.

That's when I noticed her cock was hard again. Cat started to force more and more of her monster cock into my mouth until I started to gag. She would then pull out to let me catch my breath. Even though my eyes had started to tear up and my jaw was sore I did not want her to stop. I looked up and saw a look of pure lust in her eyes. I knew there was only one way this was going to end and that was with her fucking my face and cumming in my mouth.

I had one consolation in that at this point it would only be a dribble after all the loads she had thrown earlier.


She continued to fuck my face and slowly my gag reflex started to subside and she could get more and more of her massive cock down my throat. After few minutes she was eventually able to sheath the full length of her meat down my throat. Her balls were bouncing off my eyes. Her foreskin grabbed the walls of my throat and allow her head to go even deeper. Suddenly I felt her balls contract and her cock swell locking itself deep in my throat.

I'm cumming," she screamed. Quickly she unloaded another massive load, this time down my throat and into my stomach. She slowly pulled her cock from my throat and filled my mouth with her cum. She kept cumming and I kept swallowing trying to keep up the flood spewing from her slit until it stopped.

I was honestly stuffed at that point, as this was the biggest load yet. Cat pulled out and let her cock dribble some more cum into my mouth and onto my face. When she stopped cumming completely she moved over to kiss me and share some of her cum.

We kissed for a little bit then broke our embrace. Cat sat up in bed as scooted back against the headboard propping herself up with pillows. Her cock now limp and shrunk to only a few inches. Her tits though still stood out proudly at attention. She noticed my staring and smiled. I sat up facing her sitting cross-legged with my face all covered in drying cum and pussy juice.

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I wiped a little bit out of my eyes, which were stinging a bit, then waited for Cat to say something. "Your probably wondering what that was all about?" I just nodded my head. "Well, as I am sure you noticed a fully functioning hermorphadite.

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I am not able to have children as my eggs are sterile but I still have my period every month. As for how many time and how much I cum, well I have a rare medical disorder. My body is constantly produces a lot of semen around the clock.

I can't stop it and I have to masturbate three to four times every ten to twelve hours. " My eyes widened at that bit of information, "Really," was all I could muster. "Yes really every morning and every evening ad sometimes I have to jack off every so often during the idle of the day when I get excited." "Wow, how do you handle that? Do you cum that much every time?" "Pretty much but this time was more than usual. You got me pretty wound up and I must have been storing extra and did not notice." I just looked inter eyes, smiled and said, "that's not such a bad thing." Cat gasped at my reply and teared up.

Then I noticed her cock has started to grow again. She noticed it too. "Oh no this is not supposed to happen Keith. I need you to fuck my ass but good." With that request she scooted so she was flat on her back and lifted her legs in the air and presented me her perfect rose bud ass hole to me.

I couldn't resist my cock started to harden so I knelt and started to give her a rim job. I quickly was overwhelmed by her scent and began to stick my tongue in as deep as I could get it. Cat gasped, "Just fuck me dammit ram it in now." I quickly got up and used some of the cum from my face to lube my cock and her ass. I then without any hesitation shoved my cock into her ass and buried it balls deep.

She hissed at the intrusion then sighed as I started to rhythmically fuck her ass. At this point her cock was rock hard again and she started to stroke in rhythm with my fucking. "Faster and harder dammit fuck me harder." I tried to oblige her by speeding up my pace. Then I started to pull out all the way and then slam my cock hard back into her ass.

She continued to jack her cock increasing the pace to match mine. "Fuck, fuck yes don't stop you fucker don't stop." We ere both locked in a fuck frenzy at that point. Since I had cum before I knew it would be a few minutes before I could blow a load, so I made sure I fucked her good.

A few minutes later she started to writhe again. She then leaned up grasped the back of my head and pulled my mouth unto her cock.

I simply opened my mouth to accommodate it. I was able to get about three inches in before she lifted her hips a little and was able to get another two in. She used one hand to keep my head in place and the other to jack her meat into my mouth as I continued to try and fuck her ass. "I'm cumming," she cried and she thrust hard pulling her ass off my cock and getting another two inches into my mouth.

She started to dump another massive load into my mouth at this point. Caught by surprise I started eagerly swallowing her cum while still trying to fuck the shit out of her ass. Swallowing her cum set me off and I started to dump a load into her ass.

She came so much I couldn't keep up with her cock and some of it started to seep from around my lips and down her cock. After a minute she stopped cumming and her cock started to shrink.

I still had a huge wad in my mouth, which I showed her before swallowing it.

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I then pulled my soft cock from her ass. Cat then pushed my head down toward her well-fucked ass. Knowing what she wanted I used my tongue to clean her up. I licked the cum mixed with her ass juice out of her hole and she pushed it all out for me and I ate it all up.

When I was done I sat back up and looked at what could only be described as a goddess. "That's never happened before you must be very special Keith.

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I have never had a night like this." "Ditto, who would have believed I would end up licking to suck cock" "Well I am exhausted lets take a shower and get cleaned up. After that I'll fix us something to eat." "Sounds good to me," I replied. We both got out of the bed. Cat grasped my cock and pulled me towards the bathroom.

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It was huge with a massive walk in shower that had multiple showerheads. She turned on the water and when it was the right temperature we stepped in. She washed my back and hair first her hands exploring my body and getting me hard again. Then with a wicked smile, squatted down in front of me and started to give me head.

I decided to just face fuck her like she did me and started to piston my cock in and out of her willing mouth. Her tongue and throat were magic and in a few moments I was shooting a load into her mouth. When I was done she stood up and gave my cum back to me in a lingering kiss making sure I swallowed every drop.

I then helped Cat wash her back and hair standing behind her. I also let my hands roam her body and messaged her shoulders, back, and scalp.

"My god Keith your hands are magical." After rinsing her hair I soaped her back and ass some more and she sighed in pleasure. I stood closer and with my soapy hands reached around to wash her tits. My hands roamed across her chest soaping her beautiful Double D's. She gasped as I played with her nipples and she started to wiggle her ass against my cock. I moved my hands down her stomach and eventfully to her soft cock.

As I started to soap it and play with her cock it amazingly started to harden. I felt her tense and gasp as my hands moved up and down her meat to wash it.

She started to quiver as I washed her head and played with it even more. "As I continued to minister to her member it continued to harden. She quickly turned around and pushed me down so I was squatting down in front of her cock. Knowing what she wanted I rinsed off her cock opened my mouth and started to suck on her beautiful cock. Cat gave a slight gasp and then without warning rammed her cock down my throat. I was not rock hard at that point but more like a flexible stiff hose.

She then used my mouth and throat as a cum receptacle and proceeded to fuck the shit out of it. I could hear her, "Yes fuck yes take my shit you fucker eat my cock." She kept this up for what seemed like an hour always giving be breaks to catch my breath.

Then she suddenly stiffened. "Oh my fucking god her it cums you little cum bitch whore. Now eat my cum." She immediately got rock hard in my throat and unloaded another epic load of cum into my stomach. This time though she left her cock balls deep down my throat and proceeded to fill my stomach. "Take every drop bitch," was all I could hear. After a minute she pulled her softening cock from my mouth and pulled me up to give me a great big kiss.

"My god six times I can't believe it." Gasping I replied, "I hope your done I'm done fore and my stomach is full. We looked down and my stomach was actually distended from all the cum I had eaten. "Oh gosh I so sorry I don't know what got into me." "Cat it was plain old fashioned lust. When was the last time you had any sex except masturbation?" "Three years give or take," was her reply. "Well there you go.

Lets finish getting washed up, I'm about to drop." We leisurely finished our shower when went into the living room, me in a towel and Cat in a plush bathrobe. "Keith you go sit on the couch while I get us some cheese and crackers to eat." I was so tired I didn't try to argue with her and just flopped down on the couch with a sigh and relaxed.

I glanced up at the clock and saw it was only 11PM. 'My god,' I thought only two hours had passed. "Your were amazing, I have never cummed that much in such a short time. I hope we can do this again?" Cat said while getting out snack ready. My reply was, "I don't see why not you are an incredible woman and I could never refuse a request from you." I heard her gasp and a plate it the floor and shatter. I quickly turned to Cat to see what had happened. She was crying again.

I quickly got up and rushed to her, my towel left on the couch. "Whets wrong Cat?" Sobbing she replied, "That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me before." "What you're an incredible woman? Any one with half a brain can see that. So what if you have a huge cock that cums buckets, that's a plus in my eyes.

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You are still a sexy, beautiful, and intelligent woman. On top of that you love Sci-fi and Fantasy novels what more can a guy ask for?" Gulping back her sobs she asked, "So you mean we can still go out and date?" "You bet your 11 ½ cock we are still dating.

I think I'm falling in love with you." She started sobbing even more and threw her arms around me nestling her face into my chest. "Oh can it be true?" She whispered into my chest, "Have I found the one?" I let her sob some more till she had worked it out of her system. Then suggested we get the mess in the kitchen cleaned up and go eat our snack in bed and watch some anime. She looked up at me with her red puffy eyes and smiled, "Ok." So together we mad a light meal and went off to the bedroom where we sat side-by-side eating our cheese and crackers and eventually fell asleep watching Kenichi The Greatest D