Fucking my homie mom she orgasam on my dick while riding me

Fucking my homie mom she orgasam on my dick while riding me
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I wrote these shortly after they happened in a notebook. I never told Becky. We now live together and when we moved to the house we now live in I found this note book and showed her.

We liked re living the memories and since we are now 18 we decided to change all the names and fix the grammar and post them somewhere. These are all true stories only the names have been changed. We got permission to write about the people who have sex or appear naked in these stories. Some of the newer ones where we are 17 and 18 we wrote together and therefore are more point of view.

This is the story of how my girlfriend and I met and our first time. The following is a true story; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The beginning is a bit long so bare with me. this is the first story we wrote, we have improved our grammar, and comments are always welcome CH1 SCUBA LESSONS My mom said I had to do something this summer so I chose to do something that no one I knew did; I decided I wanted to learn to scuba dive. To Scuba dive you need to get certified so for a week over the summer I rode my bike to Steve & Tom's Dive shop In New Jersey, to take a group class with people that were similar to my age.

I got there and met my instructor, Tom who was training to be a navy SEAL but he was rejected during his final week of training because of a broken leg. I guess now I should describe myself, well my 14 year old self anyway.


My name is Josh I was about 5' 11" to 6' tall and weighed about 160 with medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. I had a 4-pack at the time. Anyway, back to the story, I walked into the classroom and I was one of the first people there but after a few minutes the rest of the students were seated.

I was one of 10 in the class. The first thing Tom, our instructor said was that we needed to pick partners. The way we accomplished this was kind of like speed dating. Tom put us in groups of two and we talked for a few minutes and then moved to the next person until we had met every one. This is how I met many people that I am still close friends with today. Although most were a year or two older than I there were two 13 year olds and one other 14 year old, the only girl in the class. I met her and learned her name was Becky and she had an older brother in the class who was 17.

Becky was tall, about 5' 9" with long brown hair and green eyes. You could tell she worked out being that she was not skinny and flat chested like most girls in my grade. Although, as she is sitting and writing this with me she wants me to add she was by no means fat. The time came to pick partners and the two 13 year olds picked themselves then Becky got to chose and she chose me.

Later she told me it was at first it was because she was afraid the older guys would try to get in her pants. But we soon realized we liked the same things, mainly hiking and water sports like sailing and kayaking, and our friendship grew.

I soon realized why she was afraid of this, because when it was time to get in the water and she was in her blue and black striped black Victoria Secret Bikini, all eyes, even Tom's, our instructors were on her she was stunning with her B cup breasts and toned stomach, but her greatest assets were her, very long, legs.

Although, because every guy was staring at her this was the first and last time she wore that Bikini. Over the following week we dove, talked about music and our favorite activities. I also learned that she lived in Pennsylvania and she was just at her summerhouse on vacation that they rented to college students for the remainder of the year.

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They would stay for a month on the jersey shore. After this she would return to Pennsylvania to go back to school.

The good thing was after her summerhouse was about 10 minutes of a walk from my house so when the house was rented out I would go to make sure that nothing had been damaged.

I would go over about once a week while they were around to go hang out with her and her brother Rick. CH2 HIKING IN PENNSYLVANIA About two weeks after she had left to go back to Pennsylvania she called me, this was weird because she would normally only text me, and asked if I wanted to come over and go hiking with her, her brother, and his girlfriend. My parents said okay so they drove me to their house in Pennsylvania.

When I got there I was amazed at the size of the land they owned. Becky said they owned 5,120 acres (8 square miles) of land. Of that 7 square miles was a Christmas tree farm the rest was woods that had a trail through it that went out to a small lake.

We planned to be gone for three days, one day out, one day there, one day back. At first I was amazed to learn that her parents would let her go out there with no adults but then I learned that her dad could be out to the lake in 45 minutes on an ATV if there was a problem. The weather forecast looked good so we took an extra 2 days worth of food incase we wanted to stay out longer.

The four of us started hiking and at first all four of us started hiking in together on the wide ATV trail but after about an hour of hiking we split into our respective groups, Becky and I leading the group and Rick and his girlfriend Sarah Following. Becky and I hiked and talked, and after another 3-4 hours we arrived at the lakeside campsite. Sarah, who was short blonde and had blue eyes, and Becky, went to go get firewood, While Rick and I set up the tents.

He would be sharing a tent with Sarah and I would be sharing a tent with Becky. He told me while winking at me that he wanted to set the tents up far away, for obvious reasons.

All four of us knew that Rick and Sarah would be going at it tonight. When the girls returned Rick and I were sitting on a log listening to and discussing the new Metallica album on his Ipod.

The girls put the wood next to the fire pit and we rolled out our sleeping bags in our tents. After everything was setup there was still 2 hours of sunlight left so Becky and I went out on the canoe they kept by the lake while Rick and Sarah got the fire going and started cooking dinner. We came back in on the canoe and enjoyed a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with apple cobbler for desert. Becky and I cleaned the dishes and joined Rick and Sarah who were sitting together in a large camp chair.

Becky and I sat on a log directly across from them and we all talked about random stuff and quizzed each other on movie trivia.

At about 11 PM Rick whispered something in Sarah's ear, she smiled, laughed and then they said goodnight and walked to their tent, which was a couple hundred yards away from the fire.

(I would later learn that he told her "lets Give these two some privacy") After they left Becky got up and sat on the seat that her brother had been sitting in and motioned for me to do the same.

It was more like snuggling and not sitting because although Rick and I were the same size Sarah was a lot smaller than Becky, so it was a tight fit. We sat like this for about an hour and just watched the fire and not talking until she said one word in my ear "tent" and just like that we both got up, stretched, and walked a couple hundred yards in the opposite direction of Rick's tent to ours. When we got in I realized that there was a tear streaming down her cheek and I asked her what was wrong.

She explained that at her school no one would date her because she was not the typical fat redneck girl that most guys looked for in her school, and that was the closest she had ever been to a guy. The next question she asked me I was certainly not ready for.

"Would you date me?" she asked. After the shock wore off I said, "yes I would and I will" then I went and hugged her. Then we heard a scream of pleasure come from the direction of the other tent and we started laughing hysterically. As we were lying there spooning she stopped crying and I leaned in and kissed her, on the cheek at first but then she turned her head and we started French kissing. After a while we stopped and she said that she had to change into her pajamas, which I knew from when I walked over one morning while she was at the shore house and she was still asleep, consisted of panties and a large t-shirt.

I turned away to give her privacy while she changed her shirt her shirt because I knew she was not wearing a bra underneath. As soon as she saw this she turned my head around back towards her and she said "we are dating now, remember, you can look." And with that she took off her shirt and shorts and was just in her panties now. She put her large t-shirt on. Then she did something un-excepted though and she took off her panties, her shirt was just long enough to cover her womanhood though so I just got a brief glimpse.

Then I took off my shirt and shorts and I was just in my boxers. She then un-zipped her sleeping bag and told me to come up on her air mattress and sleep under her sleeping bag with her. I took her up on her offer and crawled up to her air mattress and we fell asleep spooned together.

CH3 THE MORNING AFTER When we woke up we were both still together and my hand was on one of her breasts so I started rubbing her nipple through the fabric of her shirt. Soon her nipples became hard and she began rubbing my cock through my boxers with her hand. We were both awake and just enjoying the moment but then we heard something fall outside, at first we thought it was a bear but I regretfully got up and looked out the window of the tent and saw Sarah in a running bra and very short shorts coming back from a morning jog.

She had accidentally dropped a pot on the ground while looking for something. We got dressed and went outside and everyone was awake but Rick who was still asleep. Sarah had changed and was now making pancakes for everyone and I started making coffee.

"So how was your sleep last night?" asked Sarah. Becky looked at each other and said "good" while trying to suppress a smile. Sarah laughed and said, "we had fu…, err, and we slept good too." At which point we all were laughing very hard. We were well into cleaning up after breakfast when Rick came out of his tent.

We offered him the remaining pancakes and coffee but he declined both and just said "Sarah and I are going to hike to the Appalachian trail midpoint today, you guys can come with us if you want." We turned down his offer instead opting to take the canoe out to the small island in the middle of the lake and have a picnic of ramen noodles and Gatorade.


"Sounds good he said, we'll see you at dinner." We loaded up the canoe with the stuff for our picnic and paddled over to the island. When we got to the island I set up the stove and started boiling the water for the noodles while Becky Sat in a chair and watched. We ate in silence but after that we started talking. At first about random things but then it drifted towards our relation-ship, particularly if we should tell Rick and Sarah that we were dating.

We agreed that we should tell them but not our parents and swear them to secrecy. We then talked about more useless stuff and then we started kissing on the camp chair. Shortly after we were done we packed up our stuff and headed back to the campsite. We pulled up on the beach of the main land and Rick and Sarah were nowhere to be seen.

But we could hear moaning in their tent so we made lots of noise so they would hear us and know we were back. They came out of their tent a little later looking a little faced but we just ignored it and went on as usual, and started making dinner. "How was your picnic?" they asked. "Good" we said, "How was your hike?" we asked. "Good" was their reply. We had just finished making dinner when Becky got a text that said that her dad was coming to eat dinner with us and take back any garbage we had.

He had sent that while on his way and got to the campsite ten minutes after carrying a box of cookies. He sat down on a log while Sarah got him a hotdog roasting stick. We ate dinner and told jokes around the campfire and ate cookies for a while but it was starting to get dark so rick and Becky's dad put his helmet on and headed down the trail on his quad. We listened to Sarah tell us about their hike and the deer they saw on the way back. Then Rick added that since we were not back yet he thought it would be time to squeeze in a quickie.

While laughing Sarah said, "I guess we weren't fast enough. At which point we all burst into laughter. After we had settled down a little bit a strange silence, as well as darkness, fell on the campsite.

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I looked at Becky and she nodded back at me. At which point I moved closer to her and said, "We have an announcement to make. I looked at Becky for a second and then said "we are dating, but we don't want to spread the word around too much yet so don't tell the parents." Rick said, "About time, you guys have been hanging out together forever." Sarah asked "when did this happen?" and Becky said, "last night, after you guys went to "sleep," making the quote signs with her hands.

Again every one started laughing. We stayed up for another hour until about 11:30 and then Becky and I decided we were going to head in and Sarah and Rick said they were going to, too so we put out the fire and headed our separate ways.

In the tent we both got changed in to our pajamas and I joined her on the air mattress and we just talked and kissed. After a little kissing she asked me, "Do you want to go for it?" I said, "I don't have a cond…" She cut me off "it's ok I'm on the pill, I have bad periods sometimes" I said, "ok only if your ready" "I'm ready," she said.

"Ok lets ease into it" I said "let me take off your shirt" with that she sat up and put her arms in the air. I slid her shirt off and kissed her while playing with her nipples she was moaning and I pulled away and started sucking on her nipples. I started rubbing her clit and she hit orgasm with a scream she was in total bliss.

After just laying there for a few minutes she said in a light tone "take off your shorts" I obliged and she started playing with my cock but after a minute she had a definite stroking motion and it felt amazing. After a few minutes I told her to stop because I didn't want to blow just yet.

We went back to kissing and she said "What next?" "You want to try 69?" "What's that?" she said. "It's a sex position where we both give each other oral at the same time" I explained "I'm game to try it if you are, but I've never sucked dick before so I might not be very good." "You'll do fine, don't worry, besides I've never eaten pussy before so were on the same page." So I lay down and she lay down on top of me and we went at it. It felt really good and before long I was close to cuming and I told Becky but she just kept going.

I could tell she was close too because of her moaning and she was really wet and her pussy was soaked. Now I was really close to blowing by load and I warned her again and her response was to deep throat my cock and then she swallowed my load. I was impressed she was very good at sucking cock. I continued eating her and now I realized how good she smelled, and tasted for that matter. My friends had told me eating pussy was nasty but I loved it.

She came really hard and screamed in pleasure her juices flowing onto my face. I drank all of her juices as she calmed down after her orgasm. She climbed off of me and we went back to kissing but we ended up talking "you were amazing, I didn't expect you to swallow" "well" she said, "you didn't do so bad yourself that was amazing." We sat there on the air mattress just hugging.

We laid there heavily breathing, after what had just happened we were very worn out. "Baby, are you ready?" I asked her but she just didn't respond she just slid off of me and laid next to me. It had been dark the last time I would have been able to se here naked but now our eyes had adjusted. Her body and its curves fascinated me, her breasts witch were a 32 b at the time (they got bigger in the next few years) were beautiful.

They were firm and a nice handful with quarter sized areolas and pencil eraser nipples. Her virgin pussy was shaved, she told me she did this just before I showed up at her house in hopes of having sex on this trip. Then there was my cock was at the time about 6" and pretty thick for my age I asked again "baby, are you ready?" she nodded her head and said mmmhm in a low tone.

Then you should probably go on top for our first time so you can control the speed of witch we take things. She said ok and I got off the mattress and laid on my pad so she would have a few more inches of headroom in the tent.

She stood up and lined my now hard again cock with her pussy I said "this could hurt a little are you sure you want to do this?" her reply was "yes I'm ready I just need to go slow and I will be fine." With that she slid down on to one inch of my cock, it felt amazing and she was really tight I felt really bad for her knowing that she was in pain.

I'm proud of her though because she didn't show it even though I knew the worst was to come. Just like that she slid down another inch or two and broke through her hymen. She let out a small scream but quickly quieted even though the only other people for miles around were Rick and Sarah. Who we could hear the whole time. After another minute she slid down completely and rocked back and forth on my cock. She was used to it and she started to slide up and down my dick while she moaned softly.

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She was super tight and she was really wet as well only a little of it was blood the rest was our natural lube. Soon we changed positions and got back on the air mattress I laid down and she put my dick back in her sweet love hole and laid down on me so we could kiss and fuck at the same time. By this time she was feeling no pain and all pleasure and I ducked her hard and fast while we kissed and talked.

I was close to cumming and I told her and she yelled in the climax of her own orgasm "cum in me!" and I shot my load in her, we fell asleep on our sides facing each other with me still in her. I woke up the. Next morning with Becky sliding up and down on my cock. It felt amazing and I reached my neck over and kissed her on the forehead "time for a quickie?" I asked her "I don't know" she said, "Rick and Sarah are up and they will hear us." "They don't care," I said " don't you hear how loud they go at it" "good point let's do it!" she said.

With that we hot into the same position we were in last night so we could kiss and fuck. (Over the years this has been our favorite position) at one point she sat up a bit and I watched her breasts bounce so then I played with her nipple and she screamed in pleasure, were sure Rick and Sarah have heard us at this point but we don't care, she orgasmed and collapsed for a second but then she got up and told me to cum in her mouth and not her pussy so she didn't have to wash to much cum out.

So I did as told and she swallowed all of it. We got dressed and Becky put a tampon in to keep my cum from coming out of her pussy before she could get time to wash it out. With that we walked outside and saw Rick but no Sarah. (Authors' note, Becky is sitting here with me and the next part of the story is told from her point of view so I will let her take over for a while.) CH4 BECKY'S POINT OF VIEW Jason and I walked out of our camp and to the main area of the camp I had a tampon in me to keep Jason's cum in but this wasn't working as planned so I said hello to My brother Rick (oddly not to Sarah, she was MIA) and ran to the area we used for the bathroom in the woods to find Sarah sitting on the toilet seat douching.

I tried to hide but she saw me. "Becky" she said, "what are you doing here?" "Well actually I was planning on doing the same thing you are but I was just going to use water because I don't have any douche." "Well I'm done and you can use mine, just between us girls, if he cummed in you are on the pill correct?" I nodded my head and Sarah handed me the bottle and walking away. I read the bottle and it said it was sex-orientated, strawberry flavored douche. I cleaned out my pussy and walked back to the sight.

(THE STORY IS NOW IN JASON'S POINT OF VIEW AGAIN) Sarah had been back for a few minutes when Becky came out of the woods. She tossed Sarah a pink bottle and Sarah jumped up and caught it with one hand. As Sarah walked to the tent with her pink bottle I realized what they had been up to. We made eggs and bacon with coffee for breakfast and a we decided we would stay the extra days so Becky called her dad to let him know and then she called one of her friends and Asked her her to go in to her room and grab "the box" from her room and bring it out on an ATV.

About 5 minutes later it started to thunder so we covered everything up from rain and made It inside our tents right as the rain was starting.

I asked Becky what was in the box but she wouldn't tell me. As we laid there snuggled together I noticed she was jumpy and I asked her what was wrong and she said she was afraid of thunder.

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I hugged her and told her I'm here for you as We laid there hugging we heard the sound of an ATV so we knew it was her friend dropping off the box. We heard the tent unzip and in walked Becky's friend Kim. I had met Kim once at Becky's summerhouse. She came in and sat down on my pad and held out a small box for Becky to grab wick she took her hand off of the lump in my shorts to grab.

The curiosity was getting to me. Kim was wearing a leather read white and blue riding jacket and jeans. She looked at us and said you two are so cute! Have fun tonight and with that she left. We were still lying there when the storm got worse so I said, "I know how to take your mind off the storm." "How?" she said. As kinds ATV sped away I pulled down her shorts and panties and started to finger her. As far as I know this worked but just to be sure I started eating her as well starting on her outer lips and working in towards her clit.

I avoided her clit and moved my tongue out the way it came in. This made her beg me to touch her clit and after a while I did while tongue fucking her and she had the most powerful orgasm ever she squirted and I drank all of it.

It tasted, you guessed it, like strawberries. We fell asleep and when we woke up an hour later the storm had subsided and everything was calm. The Only problem was that the canoe had been blown in to the lake and was floating in the middle near the island. We had brought extra food but we did not bring more clothes so Instead of just soaking one pair, Sarah, who was training to be an Olympic swimmer said "I'll just do it nude and with that she striped an ran for the water.

No I'm going to add this because Becky says it's ok. Sarah has the biggest tits Becky or I have seen. Not wanting to miss out on the fun Rick jumped in to help but couldn't keep up so he didn't even try.

They got the canoe in and then they went back out and it was pretty obvious from the look on their faces that they were having sex.

So we dot dinner ready More hotdogs and corn cooked in the fire in foil. Sarah and Rick came in and dried off then put clothes on and ate with us.

After dinner we cleaned and then went into Rick and Sarah's tent to Play poker. We all sat on the queen air mattress (we only had a Twin) and played.

At first the conversation was innocent but then Becky asked what sex in the water felt like. They said it was more of a workout and a lot harder to get hard and not worth trying then they asked about what we did in bed and we we told them.

We asked them and they said they fucked like animals and they Tit fucked (something Becky wasn't big enough to do yet, I emphasize the YET) they then said they wanted to try anal but didn't have any lube witch point Becky got up and left and came back with a small Bottle and tossed it to Sarah she then put it on the ground in her Tent. The hand finished and Becky was the winner. Someone I Think it was Sarah, suggested we play strip poker.

We agreed on Condition, that we stayed within our relationships and everyone Was cool with that so we played and Rick lost the first hand so Off went his shirt. Next I lost a round so I lost my shirt. Next Sarah lost two hands in a row so she lost all her clothes because She wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Soon everyone was naked we still weren't tired so we moved on to challenges.

Rick made Sarah and Becky sit with their legs open for the game Sarah Had a nice pussy with just a strip of hair. Sarah had to give Rick a blowjob and I had to eat Becky. Then the serious happened Becky won Against Sarah with trip-aces and she challenged her and Rick to fuck, and they did.

The next hand I lost to Sarah and Becky and I Had to fuck. We decided that tomorrow we would not wear clothes Because all of them were dirty and we were comfortable being nude around each other.

We finished the game and said goodnight. We then walked to the tent. BECKY'S BOX We walked over to our tent and went in. We immediately went in and started to make out, but this wasn't two teens making out for the he'll of it, this was love we were totally meant for each Other. She opened the box and showed me what was in the box.


In it were various different oils, lubes, and warming massage oils. Then she told me what she was going to do. She wanted a massage and I was going to give it to her and in return she was going to oil up her breasts and rub them all over my body so I gave her a massage and paid extra attention to her nipples and her pussy but I actually tried to do a spa quality treatment and I'm pretty sure she liked it.

Then it was my turn she oiled up her tits and rubbed them over my body. It was amazing the best part was when she un-expectedly started sucking my cock. This whole massage thing was just a front for the wildest night I had ever had. First we did 69 then we went right to doggy stile and I fucked her tight pussy fast. We were both enjoying ourselves a lot. She told me to cum in her and I did.

Shortly after we collapsed and fell asleep The next morning woke up and started sucking on her nipples again and she came awake instantly we kissed and walked out with no clothes on like we had agreed last night. Rick and Sarah were awake so Becky went to go clean out her pussy on the chair by the fire pit and Sarah followed.

Then I followed them to help Becky clean out her pussy so she could just relax. A turn out your tongue is better and more fun than douche and soon Rick was helping Sarah clean her pussy out too. This must have felt really good to Becky because she screamed and had a squirting orgasm witch shot a good five feet away from her. Then Rick started to try to make Sarah squirt and Becky said she knew something that might help so she went and got something out of her box.

It was a purple egg that vibrated for Rick to put on her clit while he ate her out. It worked and she squirted into ricks mouth as she screamed with pleasure. Becky and I made breakfast while Sarah and rick fucked again.

Becky said they fuck whenever possible because Sarah lives in Ohio so they don't see each other much. Then I said that we wouldn't see each other much either and I asked what we could do. Well we could have video chat sex she said.

I said lets ask them what they do. While we ate our warm cereal we talked about long distance relationships. They video chatted like crazy, they also texted and called. They also had reminders of each other Sarah had one of ricks shirts and a bottle of his cologne. She used the shirt as a pillowcase and covered it in his scent while Rick had a pair of her panties and her perfume.

They also sent each other things through the mail. They let us in on a secret that they were not telling their parents yet. Since they were 17 now in a year they could buy a house and live together. They said they had been saving up money since they met. Rick also just got his license he could now drive and see her if he had the time to make the drive. As soon as Sarah gets in a car we can both drive half way and get a hotel for the night.

Then Becky asked Rick if they were going to get married and Sarah Showed us a ring on her finger that she said was a "when we are old enough we will get engaged" ring we clapped and they thanked Us. We all decided that we would just make love for the next few hours to get as much together time in as possible.

Becky and I Went in to our tent and just spooned and kissed and talked for awhile, we knew we were madly in love and we didn't know what To do about living so far apart. We decided to stop worrying about it while we were together and just make love. She went down on me and made me cum in a record two minutes. The next thing she did shocked me. She got a blue tube of lube from her box and put it on my cock.

She sad "I want to try anal so Kim got me this it's Slippery anal lube" I said "ok lets do this, but tell me if I'm hurting you" she just said "ok" with that I put some Lube on my cock and on her but hole. At first I met some resistance but then I could slide in easily. I slid out and put more lube on and slowly pushed back in while Building speed. Her face Was pure ecstasy. And this was really tight I was amazed. I came really fast and shot my load on her back.

I offered to use by shirt To clean her off but she said no and looked at her phone and Realized it was time for dinner. We went outside and Sarah and Rick were making pancakes for dinner as we walked over to them and they saw her back and Sarah said "you still have cum on your back you two should go swimming before dinner" so we did We swam back to Shore and I had to pee before dinner so I went to the bathroom.

When I came back Becky and Rick were talking while Sarah was sitting by the fire. We ate dinner and joked around for a while but it was late so Becky and I went to our tent and we laid down and I Put my cock in her while we kissed and I played with her nipples We fell asleep like this again. In the morning we a quickly then we went out And made waffles we ate, and then cleaned then packed up Our stuff and hiked naked until about a half mile from the house We got dressed there and walked back clothed when we got back my mom was all ready there to pick me up so I said bye to everyone and got in the car.

As soon as I was in the car I got a text from Becky that Said what do you want me to send you in the mail I said I don't know, Surprise me. She said she wanted a shirt some cologne and a Dildo. I laughed and said ok.

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We created video chat accounts that were just for us two to use. We opened her mail together when she got my box over video chat and it gave us a good laugh. She used her dildo for me.

My package came a few days later and we opened it together. In it were panties that smelled like her. A bottle of her perfume, a glossy nude photo of her that she said she had taken where our tent was set up taken by Sarah. My favorite gift of all was in the bottom of the box, it was her blue And black striped Victoria secret bikini.