Mia KHALIFA stepSister fucks and sucks Little Caprice and Marcello

Mia KHALIFA stepSister fucks and sucks Little Caprice and Marcello
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Hi. My name is Cindy and I want to share some of my earliest and fondest memories with you. Most kids are sexually curious; I know I was. By the time I was five I had noticed the difference between my mom and my stepdad. My mom Clarice had long, flowing hair, and my stepdad Adam had shorter hair and a moustache. Mom had nice breasts, and Adam was muscular. I used to get bathed by mommy, but now that I was growing up we usually just showered together. Mom had a patch of furry-looking hair between her legs that she kept short, or sometimes shaved off.

I asked her why she grew hair there and she said, "One day you will too…when you're older". Adam was nothing like my real father, Brad. My real father was mean to me. I couldn't do anything right in his eyes. One time when I had been playing outside, I had to pee really badly, so I ran into the house and into the unlocked bathroom.

Someone was in the shower, and I didn't know it was Brad until he stepped out. He had a patch of hair between his legs that looked a lot like Mommy's, except there was this thing hanging down from the hairy spot.

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I was curious about it, but said nothing. Brad spanked me for running in on him.

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Like I said, he was mean. Brad would spank my bare bottom for no reason until I cried. It was weird. I noticed that every time he spanked me, he had a lump running down his pants leg from where his thing was. Adam on the other hand was sweet and kind. He spent lots of time with me, played with me, held mine and mommy's hand when we went places, kissed me good-night every night, and always told me he loved me. I looked for the lump in his pants at times, and only saw it after he had been kissing mommy, but it was there, and it looked bigger than Brad's.

I was curious what Adam's pee-pee looked like. Would it look the same? One day a while back when mommy and Brad were still together, I overheard them arguing about him taking money from his job that wasn't his, and the next day the police came and took him away. Shortly afterwards we moved north to another state and mom divorced him; I haven't seen or heard from him since.

The home we live in now is over two hundred years old, and it's really nice with real wood floors and big, solid wood doors. The doors all have the old style knobs and locks that use skeleton keys, so it's really neat and kind of scary, but it also gets chilly in here because the house is not insulated, so I often sneak into the room and snuggle in the bed between them at night.

Shortly after we moved in, Mom got a job in the city, and soon after that she started dating Adam. Within a year, Mom and Adam married and he moved in with us. My stepdad is always so nice and loving to both mom and I. My best friend is a boy who lives down the dirt road about a mile from us; he comes up to play with me a few times a week.

One day when we were playing in the barn he introduced me to a game called "Doctor" and he showed me the thing between his legs. It was much smaller than Brad's, but it was all stiff. Something between my legs started to tingle, and I felt a little wet, like I had to pee. I really wanted to touch it to see what it felt like, but he wanted me to show him mine first.

I showed him between my legs and he asked where mine was, but before I could answer him, my Mom called me to come in because it was getting dark. After I took a bath we had our evening meal and then Mom and Adam tucked me into bed. I tried to go to sleep, but just couldn't. I kept thinking about the boy's stiff little thing and how much I wished he had let me at least touch it. After I'd been squirming in bed for a little while, I heard talking and funny sounds coming from Mom and Adam's bedroom.

I slid out of my bed and crept quietly across the floor, hoping the boards wouldn't creak, but with the noise they were making I don't think they'd have heard me anyways.

The light was on inside their room, but the rest of the house was dark. As I neared their door my only plan was to listen, but as I approached the door I noticed a beam of light shining through the keyhole.

When I looked in, I was amazed! Mom and Adam were both naked, and Adam was standing there pulling his hand back and forth on his thing, which was long and stiff. I guessed it was maybe seven inches long; much bigger than the boy's thing I saw earlier. Mom kneeled in front of him, looked up into his eyes and said, "Would you like me to suck your big, fat cock, baby?" "Oh yeah!" Adam said with a big smile. Mom took hold of his "cock", held it vertical, and began to lick up and down the bottom of it like it was a candy cane.

Adam said nothing, but ran his fingers through her hair approvingly. I could tell from the look on his face that it felt really good.

Mom wrapped her hand around the base next, and took his cock in her mouth, and began bobbing her head up and down on it, slowly at first. "That feels so good" he moaned. When his knees began shaking, he almost fell backwards. Adam's cock swung wildly in the air as he and Mom moved onto the bed, and Adam lay down with Mom straddling him, facing towards his feet.

As she continued bobbing up and down on his shaft I could hear her making sucking and slurping sounds, all the while Adam kept encouraging her to suck on it.


Adam grabbed Mom's hips and she lowered her hips over his face. I could see Adam's tongue licking her between her legs, and the sounds Mom made let me know she was enjoying it. Mom moved her mouth off his cock and said, "That's it baby…that's the spot!" She started jerking her hand back and forth on his cock like he had done earlier, only much faster.

Adam, with his face still buried between Mom's legs, began grunting, and suddenly his whole body stiffened and jerked.

"I'm…I'm coming!" he yelled and a big spurt of white stuff shot out of his cock and all over her face and hair, but she didn't seem to mind.in fact from the look on her face it was what she wanted. "Give me all of it, my love" she growled in a deep, husky tone I had never heard before, as she kept jerking hard on his cock, and more streams of the stuff shot out.

When she sat up, Mom had strings of this white, gooey stuff dripping from her hair and face.


Some of it she rubbed onto her breasts and nipples, and the rest she licked hungrily from her fingers like it was the most delicious candy. "You taste so great" she purred. Adam's cock drooped down as he rolled Mom onto her back, and for the next several minutes he stayed between her legs. Mom moaned as he licked her and stuck a finger inside her, moving it in and out. I reached beneath my panties and did my best to copy the finger motions that Adam was doing.

The sensations were incredible! As Mom moaned loudly that she was going to cum, I noticed that Adam's cock, which looked like it had deflated and become soft only minutes earlier, was starting to get longer and stiff again.

Mom bucked like a wild animal, and pulled the back of Adam's head tightly against her as she shook for the better part of a minute. When she quit shaking, she got back on top of Adam and began sucking his cock again. In no time at all it was as long and thick as it had been earlier. I was still rubbing the inside of my little hairless pussy. Adam pulled a pink thing that looked like his cock but longer, out of Mom's drawer. He lay Mom on her back, put it inside her pussy and began moving it in and out; slowly and gently at first, gradually progressing to really ramming it in and out hard and fast.

Mom bucked a lot, and I heard her beg him to make her cum. Brad shoved the entire length of the fake cock in and out hard and fast as Mom's face contorted, and she clinched the sheets tightly in her fists. She went "Ohhhh!" loudly, bucked hard a few times, and then collapsed as if she had melted into the bed.

Adam waited a few minutes and then said, "Give me what I want, baby". Mom sat up, and straddling Brad, leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest as he took his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy.

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For the next several minutes she bounced up and down on him, making his cock disappear. Since the bed was sideways to the door, I could see everything, and what I liked most is that both of them looked so happy.

"Are you ready to finish?" she asked him. "Yes, baby" he smiled. Mom bounced up and down on him, hard and fast, and then both of them got a grimaced, almost painful look in their face as Mom cried, "Oh yesssss!" and both of their bodies jerked simultaneously. Mom slowed her pace, and then slumped over onto Adam's chest. Afraid they might hear me now that it was quiet, and my private show was over, I crept back across the floor boards to my room. I quietly climbed onto my bed, but now I was more awake than ever, and I couldn't keep my fingers away from my pussy.

This new sensation was wonderful, and I didn't want it to stop. Exactly how long I played with myself, I'm not sure.

All I know was it felt really, really good and I did it until I fell asleep. When Mom woke me for school the next day my first thought was to see the boy down the road, and to get to play with his cock.

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You can imagine how disappointed I was when he didn't show up at the bus stop. The day seemed to go by especially slow, and I couldn't seem to keep my mind on my school work, but somehow managed to finish the assignments on time. When I got off the bus, the first snow of winter was beginning to fall and it was cold outside. I walked to the boy's house and asked if he could come out and play. His Mom told me he had gone to visit his Dad for winter vacation and wouldn't be back for weeks, and that I should hurry home out of the cold or I'd catch the death.

I was devastated. Winter vacation started on Thursday, but he had left early. My little pussy yearned to be touched, and I wanted to see what a cock felt like in my hands. For the next two evenings I followed the same routine. I would go to bed, wait until my parents were in their room, then sneak out and watch them enjoy each other's bodies.

On Thursday we had early release and I got home hours before Mom and Adam. Letting myself in with my key, it wasn't long before I was lying in my bed with my fingers probing my insides. Oh how much I wanted to hold a cock in my hands! How much I wondered how it felt to have it inside me!

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And then it struck me… I checked the clock on the wall and saw that I had at least three, maybe four whole hours before anyone else would arrive home, and then I raced into their bedroom and opened the drawer. There before me was this big, fake cock. It looked real. I trembled as I wrapped my tiny hand around it and pulled it from the drawer. I peeked out the door, and raced to my room with my prize, locking the door behind me. At first I just touched it. It felt like real skin. Next, I licked it like Mom had done.

Finally, I placed my mouth over it and sucked on it, moving it in and out of my mouth. I felt wet between my legs and all tingly. I rubbed myself, and there was a little nub on the outside that sent sparks through my brain every time I touched it.

I pulled the big toy out of my mouth. It looked like it had made mommy feel really good, so I had to try it. I lay back on the bed and pressed the big head against my little pussy lips. It seemed impossibly large. Would it even fit, I wondered?

I had to find out. I positioned it at my entrance, which was very slippery and pulled a little. The very tip of it pushed against my body, but it didn't go in. Even though the snow was falling heavily now outside, the room seemed incredibly hot. The more I pulled on my new toy, the better it felt on my pussy lips.

I panted as I spread my legs further apart and pulled the toy hard against me.

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I was determined to make this thing work! I got off the bed, placed the toy between my feet, aimed the head at my crotch, and sat on it, like Mom did Adam's cock. I had been bouncing up and down on it for maybe a minute, trying as hard as I could to get it inside me, when suddenly the rubbery head of the toy disappeared inside my pussy! There a sharp, piercing pain at first, but there was also a feeling of pleasure that was indescribable! When I looked down, I almost screamed… The toy had broken something!

I was bleeding. I yanked the toy out of me and ran to the bathroom, praying it would stop. Thankfully, within only a few minutes it did stop. I walked back to the bedroom, picked up the toy, washed it off in the bathroom, and returned it to my Mom's drawer.

Next, I went on the internet and searched until I found a subject on girl's bleeding from their pussy. I learned that it was my hymen that had broken, that it was normal, and natural, and safe.

That night I watched my parents again, and although I was a little sore, that desire to touch myself again took over. What amazed me that night was, as I watched through the keyhole, Adam screwed the bottom off the big toy, and placed batteries in it. When he screwed the bottom on again I could hear a buzzing sound, and Mom really, really appeared to be enjoying it this time, yelling several times that she was cumming, and not to stop.

When I woke up the next morning, my hand was still in my panties. Adam would start his Christmas vacation tomorrow, and Mom's didn't start until a week later, but they both figured I was safe to stay home by myself with the doors locked; after all, I did have a cell phone that I could use in case of emergency. After we had all eaten breakfast, they left for work. I watched cartoons for a while, but it was all re-runs I'd seen many times before. My thoughts began turning to that toy again that was in Mom's drawer.

I was especially curious as to what that buzzing sound it made was all about. Before I knew it, I was back in my room, door locked, toy in hand. I turned the screw on the bottom, and the toy vibrated in my hand.

I turned it back off, still not sure what to think of the buzzing and vibrating. I stripped off my panties, placed the toy on the floor between my legs, and pressed my pussy against it again.

The soreness had gone away, and I couldn't resist trying it again. After all, even with the pain, it had felt good when I tried it the first time. I began squatting down on the head of the toy, and the head of the toy wouldn't go in again. As I began bouncing on it, I began rotating my hips in a circle trying to find anything that would make it go in.

I wanted it to go in so bad! As I moved my hips around, it turned the toy on the floor, and it turned on, vibrating against my pussy. I almost leapt off of it, then sensation was so unusual, but oh my goodness, did it feel wonderful! The lips of my pussy became very slick, and as I pressed down again, suddenly the head of the ten-inch toy slowly slid inside my pussy.

Fireworks went off in my head! Pleasure swept over me such as I had never even dreamt possible! I just stood with the head of the toy inside me and my little pussy clutched onto this newfound joy like it was the best thing ever. To me it was! I looked down. The vibrating made a sound that was loud on the wood floor.

Reluctantly I pulled it from me and looked it over. There was no blood. For me now there was no pain, just pure pleasure. Turning the screw, I found that it was barely on. I turned it wide open until it vibrated hard in my hand. I moved over onto my carpet to silence the noise of the toy and placed it between my lips again.

This time, perhaps because of the strong vibrations, it seemed to enter me much easier. For the next several minutes I worked this big toy in further and further. The vibrations were making my pussy drool, and pure pleasure ran through every fiber of my body. The more I shoved it in, the tighter my pussy clamped down on it, and the stronger the vibrations ran through my tight little box.

I began moving up and down on it like I had seen mom do for Adam, and it just made my pussy tingle even more. When I had gotten about half of the toy inside me, I felt a funny, but marvelous feeling welling up in my belly.

My pussy seemed to have a mind of its own as it clamped, released, and then clamped down again and again on the toy. I fell forward onto my knees as the toy, now freed from between my feet, vibrated madly between my legs as it hung there, swinging in the air like Adam's cock. I began to think of Adam; how much he loved me, and how much I loved him, as I experienced my first orgasm.

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The toy didn't seem to care what I was thinking, as naturally a toy can't. It just kept humming and vibrating until at last, when my orgasm had fully subsided, I pulled it from my body with an audible pop. I turned the toy off, cleaned it, and put it back in Mom's dresser drawer. Later that night, as I watched my parent's normal nightly play, I couldn't help but muffle a laugh when I heard Mom complain that the toy was going dead.

After they had both wore each other out sexually, they turned off their light. I quietly crept back to my room, waited a few minutes in the darkness, and then loudly trod across the floor and knocked on their door. Mom put on her nightgown and opened the door.

I crawled into bed between mom and Brad and snuggled under the covers with them. Brad pulled a layer of the covers down between them, so I assumed he was naked. Mom had dropped off her night gown, and she definitely was. As I drifted off to sleep, exhausted from my day of play, all I could think of was how close I was sleeping to a real cock, and wondering what that would feel like.

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