BBW milf latina shows her body

BBW milf latina shows her body
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Nickki and Grace Introduction: Things become easier for the girls as everyone learns the rules and new boundaries. Chapter 3 Christine woke in her chaise lounge on the back deck it had been a long day. Today her two young daughters decided that they wanted to play with their father and satisfy some of their teenage desires. Grace earlier in the day played her cards just right and after two years of trying to seduce her father, finally lost her virginity.

Nikki who just turned 13 not more than a week ago was finally allowed to taste her father's sperm for the first time, as was the rule of the house. Christine was proud of both of her young daughters they set out with goals and they both achieved them.

Now, it was time to get the suntan lotion off of her skin and take a nice warm shower. Christine had a smile on her face as the warm water bounced off of her body as she was humming to herself. She was so proud of herself knowing that she manipulated her husband to take her 15-year-olds virginity. She wanted it to be special for Grace and not rushed like when she lost hers. Christine became startled as the shower the door slid opened behind her but there was a nice surprise waiting for her.

It was 7" long and standing at attention for her. Christine grabbed her husband's (Paul) hard cock and allowed him to step into the shower with her. Paul soaked in the nakedness of his very tan wife.

Standing behind his wife Paul's cock pushed forward spreading her ass cheeks apart. As his manhood slipped downward between her inner thighs he could feel the warmth of his wife's vagina on his shaft. Paul kissed his wife on the neck as he caressed her breasts then gave some attention to her pussy with his fingers. Christine loved the way her husband touched her and caressed her body.

He always made her feel special every time they made love but today was a little different as she allowed her husband to get a blow job from her youngest and fuck her oldest daughter but now was her time to shine and take care of her man.

Paul said, "So, what do you think about Grace losing her virginity today?" Christine turned around freeing her husband's cock from between her thighs and faced her husband; looking deep into his eyes her hands met his hot throbbing cock. She began to stroke him in a loving manner and said, "I am so glad it was you. I knew that you would be reluctant at first to fuck her it is incest after all. It's one thing to allow your daughter to suck your cock but to fuck her well that is something completely different.

I knew it was hard for you to take her virginity but I knew that you would be loving, kind and gentle and take care of our daughter.

Thank you so much. I also think that she is going to be a problem and try to fuck you as much as possible now. Nikki is going to get jealous rather quickly wanting to be just like her sister. So you are going to have to find a way of not fucking her until she turns 15.


Good luck with Nikki but you still need to take care of your primary husbandly duties and fuck me." "Well, honey that is why I am here." Paul and Christine spent the next 30 minutes in the shower cleaning each other and making love to one another.

For some reason their love making that day in the shower seemed to be extra special. The next morning the girls came bouncing into their parent's bedroom and woke them Grace said, "Are we going to church this morning?" Christine said, "Yes, we are going and you guys are going to go to confession first and ask the priest to for forgiveness for having premarital sex and you darling for adultery. Okay let's go. If you don't ask for forgiveness today mommy is not going to let daddy continue with the story." Both girls spoke together, "Yes mommy." Once church was over Christine and Paul went up to their room to get changed.

Paul was standing in the bathroom taking care of business when his daughters came storming in on him. As Paul stood there in front of the toilet the girls became impatient, as they were excited to continue on with the story. Nikki grabbed her father's penis and led him by the hand to the bed where her mother was sitting getting changed from her Sunday best dress. Christine was sitting on the edge of their bed giggling as she watched as her two daughters were pushing their father onto the bed.

She noticed the girl's bare pussies as they were on their hands and both were very excited about what today may bring. Grace noticed that they were only paying attention to their father and of course mommy needed to be included as well and said, "Mommy will you stay with us today? I want you to stay besides you look very sexy in your thong. We need your side of the story too.

Will you please stay and help us play with daddy today?" Christine looked at her daughter, "Well, I do want to get about an hour or two of sun but once I am finished I promise to come right up and join in okay?" Grace smiled, "That sounds great mommy." Grace hugged her mother and to her mother's surprise Grace kissed her mom on the lips.

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Then Grace pushed the situation a little more by French kissing her mother. Christine surprised by her daughter's forwardness got a tingly feeling between her legs when Grace kissed her. She never had girl kiss her before Grace made her feel confused. Not knowing what to say or do she left her two daughters to try and seduce their poor father out of all of the semen he had left over from yesterday.

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Nikki took advantage of the fact that her mom and Grace were kissing each other and pushed her father down on the bed then straddled his waist. With her father still wearing his underwear Nikki's bald prepubescent pussy straddling her father's girth she began to writhe forwards and backwards on her father's manhood. Grace was not to be outdone once again by her younger sister again. Grace wasted no time and decided to get the better end of the stick.

She decided to sit on her father's face and allowed her father to tongue fuck her pussy. Just yesterday it was a virgin pussy. A virgin pussy, her father had deflowered. After several minutes of the girls writhing on their father Nikki actually had an orgasm on her father's cock and when she arose she left a nice wet spot on his underwear.

Then Grace reintroduced her father to the taste of her strawberry flavored cum. Once the girls recovered from having orgasms Grace said, "Okay daddy tell us about you and mommy and how you lost your virginities." "Okay, does anyone know where we had left off?" Nikki said, "Yes, mommy was in the Rectory with Father Jack and he had just finished eating her pussy." Paul looked at his two girls. "Okay, ladies shirts off, I want you naked just like yesterday.

Grace you come over here on my right and Nikki you to my left." The girls did as they were told. Grace and Nikki both pulled their t-shirts off standing on the side of the bed. Grace smiled at her father as her hands went to her breasts, "Daddy, do you like the new woman of the house? Do you like my teen breasts or do you prefer my tight pussy instead?" Paul gazed at his 15 year-old daughter as her fingers were separating her thin pussy lips apart showing him her hymen was gone for good "Yes, you are the new woman of the house and I hope you are going to let daddy fuck you today.

I hope your tiny vagina isn't sore from yesterday?" Nikki jumped on the bed and faced her father spreading her legs open and she too spread her vagina open to reveal that she still had her hymen in tact and said, "Do you like mine too daddy?

Will you please make me a new woman of the house too? Please daddy I want to feel you inside of me just like Grace got to do yesterday?" Paul surveyed his youngest daughter's pussy he felt conflicted, as he wanted to gape her tight slit then said, "Nikki the rules of the house are that I cannot take your virginity until you are at least 15 but that doesn't mean I can't kiss it, use my tongue or my fingers.

Besides mommy said you are now allowed to give daddy blowjobs. Let's work on you being able to swallow all of daddy's manhood first before we move on. Grace had to go through the same indoctrination, as you are about to embark on.

So be patient honey and commit yourself to the sex lessons at hand okay! Before you know it you and daddy will be having as much sex as you want for the rest of your life.

Now, ladies you need to help me with my underwear." Once the underwear was off the girls took their positions and lay next to their father. Spreading their legs open like yesterday in the hammock each took one of their father's hands and helped him to start fingering their already wet cum filled pussies. Paul then recovered his memory and began telling his story from where he had left off yesterday. "So, while mommy was in the Rectory sitting on a chair she had Father Jack's tongue inside of her virgin pussy.

At the same time a knock came on the door in the retreat house. As I opened the door there stood Father Nicholas taking role call. As I peered across the hall I saw Elaine, Tammy and Tiffany but mother was not in the room. I had asked Father Nicholas where mommy was and Father Nicholas let us all know that she was being disciplined for her earlier actions.

Later that evening I could not sleep I was worried about mommy and about three in the morning I snuck out of my room and made my way across the hallway into the girl's room. There I saw mommy sleeping peacefully, as I crept in I put my hand over mommy's mouth when she woke she was startled and scared. Once mommy recognized me she began to cry and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She began to whisper to me all the things that Father Jack did to her so fast I could not understand her, so I led us out of the room.

We were making our way down the hallway looking for a quite place to talk when we heard Father Nicholas and Sister Maryanne coming from the opposite direction down the hallway. I opened the nearest door to us and did not realize that we just entered the outer room to Father Jack's office.

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As we heard them pass by we also heard some noise coming from the other room. We cracked the door just a bit and peered in. There was Sister Karen with her skirt above her waist and her legs spread wide revealing her bald pussy and her tiny asshole.

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She smiled at Father Jack and said, 'so, is Christine's pussy nice as mine Father? Father Jack was completely naked he walked in front Sister Karen and then slipped his cock inside of her pussy and said, Not nearly as nice as yours my dear Sister.'" Grace interrupted her father and said, "Daddy did you like seeing Sister Karen naked?

I mean earlier in the day she spanked your penis with a ruler and hurt you." "I have to admit for a nun she was a pretty woman.

If I was Father Jack and Sister Karen was willing to let me fuck her I would too. Anyway, Sister Karen looked up at Father Jack and spoke, 'Father forgive me take away my sins and my lustful nature. I so wanted to fuck those boys with their young hard cocks today.

I wanted them to penetrate me just as you do now. Please Lord forgive me and keep me from becoming a sexual deviant.' Mommy turned to me and whispered in my ear, 'Father Jack is going to cleanse her of all of her sins.

He needs for Sister Karen to cum and that will take away all of her sins. It is supposed to take away the desire of getting fucked. The only problem is that he made me cum earlier today. Now all I want you to do is have you fuck me. Fuck me Paul nice and hard I want you now more than ever. Paul, please I want you to take me right here, right now.' I turned to your mother kissed her passionately on the lips and said, 'we can't fuck here.

Please not here we will get in so much trouble.' Your mommy smiled at me, 'don't be crazy Sister Karen and Father Jack aren't supposed to be fucking Paul, if they catch us what are they going to do?' Daddy began to take mommy's panties off and mommy didn't waste and time herself and removed her top and then my underwear. Mommy knelt before me and gazed at my penis seeing that it was still red from the beating it took from Sister Karen earlier in the day.

Mommy was really sweet to me as she massaged my penis.


It began to grow and then as I watched Father Jack fucking Sister Karen who was so damn hot that I began to fantasize that it was Sister Karen on her knees. I couldn't believe that she wanted my cock inside of her." Grace took her father's penis in her hand and began to stroke it up and down and felt that it was still moist from her sister's orgasm.

Then her father's blood rushed in his shaft making it quite stiff. Nikki decided to help as well as just like yesterday. Now that she was 13 she was now allowed to offer blowjobs to her father, just like Grace was when she was her age. Nikki removed her father's finger from her vagina rolled over and opened her mouth then let the head of her father's cock slip inside of her teenage mouth.

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Paul continued as he realized that his girls were now just following the cues that he was putting out. "Mommy began to suck daddy's cock and I wanted to pleasure mommy as well. I lay on the floor I grabbed mommy's hips and put her sweet vagina over my face." Nikki came off of her father's penis and said, "Daddy, I know you can't fuck me but you said you were allowed to use your tongue.


Will you let me suck on you while I sit on your face just like mommy did?" Paul looked at Grace worried that Nikki was getting all the attention and said, "Honey let her sit on my face for just a bit and I will let you take care of daddy later." The story had a pause for several minutes but the depravity that crept up from the deeps of his daughter Grace began to come to the surface.

As Paul's tongue lapped his daughter's13 year-old-pussy her older sister took it upon herself to add a new twist to the story as she began to put her tongue inside her sister's asshole. She worked feverishly as did her father and working together less than a couple of minutes later Nikki exploded over her father's face.

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Paul collected himself and Nikki ran to the bathroom and ran a washrag under warm water and came out and cleaned her father's face then her pussy. Once everyone's heart rate had calmed down to a normal pace Paul picked the story back up.

"Like I was saying mommy was sucking on daddy's penis she was very gentle knowing how sore it was. Then just as mommy was about to cum in daddy's mouth she quickly spun around on top of daddy and tried to push my cock inside of her virgin pussy and break her hymen.

The pain took over and mommy became unsure as whether or not it was a good idea to put daddy's big penis in her very tiny pussy. I on the other hand could not wait any longer and as mommy tried to push down on me I helped her a little and thrusting upwards then mommy's hymen broke over the head of daddies penis. Mommy was very tight and daddy was so sore from Sister Karen smacking his penis with that ruler of hers. We were both hurting but we looked into each other's eyes and mommy told me that she loved me.

Grace stroking her father's penis straddled her father, "You mean like this daddy." Grace slipped her father inside of her vagina and with both hands caressed her father's face, "Daddy I love you, make love to me just like you did to mommy all those years ago." Paul cupped his daughter's ass and spread her cheeks apart. Looking at his younger daughter said, "Nikki, I want you to return the favor and lick you sister's asshole just like she did for you.

Then Paul went on with the story. "Daddy's cock was throbbing inside of mommy and your mother very gingerly moved up and down on daddy. Daddy did not last very long and within just a few minutes daddy filled mommy with sperm.

Grace you were conceived that very night." Just then Christine entered the bedroom gazing down at her two daughters nakedness and her very handsome husband. Christine broke in on the conversation by saying, "That's right your father and I both lost or virginities that night. You're father not knowing how much he was hurting me as he pushed his thick penis inside of my very tight pussy. I knew that his poor penis was so very sore but we both wanted each other terribly." Grace was slowly bouncing up and down on her father and kissed him.

"You mean after you were both punished for having a sexual dalliance in the back of the school bus earlier in the day the next time you two were together mommy made love to you daddy and I was conceived." "Yes honey.

Daddy had no condoms but it just wasn't sex we made love to one another right honey." Paul looked at his wife and then his daughter's, "That's right it was more than just sex your mommy made sure that I was going to be hers for the rest of her life. We've been together ever since." Grace overwhelmed with love for her mother and father by sharing their story went to the core of her being.

Grace couldn't help herself she had permission to suck her father's cock for the past two years but after yesterday she was now given permission by her mother to fuck her father and let him cum inside of her whenever she wanted.

Grace still had some pain from yesterday; her father's cock was very large in size and girth for her tight and tiny pussy. Besides this was only the second time her pussy had a man inside it.

Grace very lovingly rode her father and leaned down to kiss him. Grace could taste the pussy juices from her pussy as well as her sister's cum on her father's tongue. Paul could taste Nikki's asshole on Grace's tongue it truly was a beautiful moment for both of them. Nikki said, "Come on mommy you keep telling the story okay. I need to return the favor and lick Grace's asshole like she did for me. I want her to cum as much as she made me cum." Christine said, "Okay, let's do this just like we did it for the first time.

Grace you get down on all fours and Paul you fuck her from behind. Nikki if you want to you can rest your head on your sister's ass while daddy spreads her ass cheeks apart and then you can get your tongue inside her ass." So, While Father Jack and Sister Karen were still fucking one another we were able to watch them.

Daddy tried to match Father Jack but it was his first time and it only lasted about five minutes and daddy filled my vagina with his cum. When daddy pulled out he did something that I never thought he would do. He stood over top of me and made me suck the rest of the semen that was in the shaft of his penis.

After daddy had his fun we then got dressed. We then opened the door and watched a priest and a nun having sex together. They were so into it they had no idea that we were standing there." Grace said, "Mommy is it okay that daddy cum inside of my vagina?" "No honey, I think it best that when daddy is ready to finish that he cum inside of Nikki's mouth." Nikki kissed her father on the lips and said; "You know I haven't gotten my period so daddy can cum inside of my vagina." Grace looked back and said, "No way, that isn't fair you have to wait like I did.

You take it in the mouth and this time you share it with me.

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I'm not doing all this for nothing." Christine looked at Nikki, "You young lady get back doing your job and lick your sister's ass like you promised. So let me finish the story. As daddy and I stood there watching in amazement of how tight Sister Karen's pussy was and how big Father Jack was turned mommy on even more. I wished that Father Jack fucked me instead of just eating my pussy until I came.

" Paul kissed his wife and said, "I love you honey but do you remember that we were both shocked at what Father Jack said?" Grace said, "Daddy you and Nikki are going to make me cum." Nikki said, "Come on sis come all over daddy's big cock." Paul then looked at his wife, "Do you remember that Father Jack revealed that your pussy tasted better than Sister Karen's.

Then Father Jack kissed Sister Karen and said 'its time for me to cleanse you my child. Sister Karen dropped to her knees and looked up at Father Jack and said, 'Cleanse me with you cum Father wash me with your white cum and take the dark sin from my heart.' Then Father Jack unleashed a large amount of cum on Sister Karen's face. Just as Sister Karen and Father Jack were in a position to be compromised mommy and daddy ran into the room and mommy said, 'Well, well, well I guess it is okay for the Priests and Nuns to be sexual deviants and commit sin as much as they want as long as a priest forgives you of your sins." Grace said, "Daddy I can't take anymore you are just too big, I'm sorry." Christine said, "Okay young lady you always finish what you start.

Get down on your knees and suck your father's cock until he cums. Nikki you lay on your back and Grace you straddle her face. Nikki I want you to lick your sister's pussy clean of all her cum." Nikki did as she was told she lay down on the bed and her older sister had a smile on her face as she finally had her daddy all to herself and was going to get to taste his cum first this time.

Grace straddled her face and Nikki got busy with her tongue. Grace then began to lick her father's penis from his balls to his head and then took as much as she could into her mouth. Christine smiled at her husband and kissed him then looked at her two young teenage daughters and said, "Damn baby after all these years you've still got it. You make me so damn jealous even though it's our girls.

This makes me want you even more." Paul looked down at his 15 year-old daughters sucking his cock and his 13 year-old daughters eating her sister's pussy became too much for him. "Come on Grace keep sucking daddy wants to give you his special semen. Paul then exploded a huge load into his daughter's mouth. With his cum in her mouth and some dripping out of the corners Christine did her part and licked her daughter's lips and then pushed her tongue inside of her mouth.

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Christine said, "Grace put daddy's cum into my mouth." "Okay mommy." Grace opened her mouth and her mom was under her chin and she did the best she could and drained as much into her mother's mouth. She then got off of Nikki's face. When Nikki was free from her sister's thighs she was like a hungry baby bird looking for food.

She first started with Grace and put her tongue in her mouth and got a small taste. It was not enough for her then she attacked her mother and found the mother load.

The next 20 minutes or so Paul's girls made out with each other swapping his cum between their mouths until they all swallowed his cum. Nikki and Grace looked at their father and said, "Daddy you tell the best stories. Maybe next weekend you can tell us another story." Paul said, "Sure girls. Go get cleaned up and let mommy and daddy talk for a while." The girls bounced off the bed with tons of energy and said, "Okay daddy don't fuck mommy for too long we might have to come back up here and help mommy finish.

Paul kissed his wife and tasted his cum that was in her mouth and both of them smiled at each other and he said, "Honey you're the best thing that ever happened to me, you will always be number one in my life but you also gave me two great gifts with our daughters." Christine smiled at him and had little tears in the corner of her eyes and said, "Lay back mister because I'm going to fuck your brains out for the rest of the night. I am not sharing your cock with the girls until next weekend, okay?" "Sure I will do anything you want me to."