Cum Bitch Jess in Gang Bang Action

Cum Bitch Jess in Gang Bang Action
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THE NEXT DAY school was a drag. so when the bell rang at the end of the day, I was out of there. but before I left, I passed by the courts where the basketball practise was being held. I saw dez and a whole bunch of boys tearing up the courts and sweating it out. the thought of their sweaty smells made my pussy run dripping wet and butterflies in my tummy made me feel goosebumpy.

as I was heading home, dez and his group are taking a break. "FUCKIN HELL!!!" exclaimed one of the boys as dez and his friends from last night related the events at my house.

"SHIT! did she suck your dicks?" asked one. "fuck yea!" answered rick. " she was lapping it like a lollipop. that slut was so horny for our dicks." "and she let us do other stuffs to her too." said one.

" for me that was the bomb." "think she'll drink our piss too?" "she'd better!" said dez. "she lapped up our shoes and feet too." "LET'S DO MORE GROSS THINGS WITH THAT SLUT!!" said rick. and at the end of the practise, they left school on the way to my house talking about all the gross things they were planning to do to me. at that moment I was preparing myself for the boys. I showered so I smell good espescially down there, made myself up a bit just to appear bedroom slutty sexy, and put on a japanese-school-girl uniform.

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with nuthin underneath. as I was putting a cd of lewd raps, I heard a group of boys voices.

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I peered out and dez and his group are making their way around my corner. I have pinned a note outside my door telling them to come right in, so I reclined on the sofa with my knee-highed stockinged feet dangling atop an armrest, and with my skirt being so short, you can already sneak a peek at my pussy. any second now. they were at the door. "hey look!" I don't know who said that. but obviously they saw the note.

"let's go in." "no dude. we should knock first." "fuck that man. it said 'CUM RIGHT IN' so let's go in!" my door opened. I pulled my head back and closed my eyes, to let them admire what they can fuck and defile. "SHIT!" one of them said as they saw me.


"told ya she's a slut." "A HORNY PIECE OF SHIT!" I heard some of them gasping. I looked at them and was shocked to see not just 9 now, but 15.

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15 OF THE HOTTEST CUTEST LITTLE BOYS IN MY SCHOOL OGLING AT ME AND TAKING A PEEK AT MY SNATCH! some have superior smiles on their faces like dez and rick, and some of them who were here last night.

the new ones have nervous smiles, or just plain dumbstruck. with eyes bugging out of their sockets. I don't think that's because they've never seen a pussy before. bet they all have porn mags under their beds. but because this is the first time a hot sexy slutty 16 year old is almost naked in front of them and offering much more than just a free fuck. "hey slut." greeted dez. "told you we'd come back. I told some of my friends what we did here and they want IN too" I smiled at dez. "you're really gonna let us fuck you?" asked one of the new ones.

I think his name is michael. he's 11 and an absolute cutie. "what do you think?" I answered. then I got up, went over to the bar counter. . and with my back to them, I hiked up my right leg on one of the stools, and bent all the way over the counter top. exposing my naked ass and pussy with the short skirt hiked up. "OH FUCK!!!!!" said the boys. "DAMN SHE'S NAKED!!! LOOK AT HER PUSSY!!!!" they were laughing now and I can feel them coming closer. one hand slapped my bare ass hard.

I looked over and it was dez.

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rick came next with a slap then he rubbed his crotch area to my pussy. I felt his small hard-on under his basketball jersey. "take off your clothes and show us your boobs!" I took off all my clothes leaving my knee-high stockings.

and rick kissed me first.

he was clumsily lapping my mouth in a french kiss attempt. with his hands all over me. then he squeezed my boobs. kinda hurt. the others saw that as an opening because next thing I know, almost all of them are carressing and kneading a naked part of me. I bent over a bit while another boy took rick's place and tounged my mouth, so their hands can have free access to my ass and pussy.

I felt a number of fingers inserted deep into my pussy at the same time. deeply probing my cunt, I felt them squirm inside me, like little explorers exploring what it feels like inside a girl's pussy.

"wow." I heard one of them lustily whispered. "fuck." said another. and after that, I resumed my position on top of the bar counter. rick lowered his basketball shorts to his knees, together with his briefs, exposing his hard-on.

its like a middle finger with his bell end tip showing at the tip. it was glistening and pinkish. his foreskin stretched out. he positioned himself behind me and I felt him insert his dick into my already dripping pussy.

it was warm and hard. kinda skinny though but still deliscious.

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he started moving in and out faster and faster with the other boys cheering him on. "FUCK THAT SLUT!!!" "SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH FUCK!!"said rick. "dude she's squeezing me!!!" the others laughed and cheered him on more, calling me dirty names.

with just a few more short sharp stabs, he squirted inside me. the next boy came on. he squeezed my boobs and used that as a handle while he quickly fucked me. he came quickly too as all of them were too excited to be with a real naked girl.

the third boy came closer but said "suck my dick like you did last night." I knelt on the cold floor in front of him and he lowered his shorts and briefs. I took his hard little dick in my mouth and gave him a hardcore blowjob.

he grabbed my hair and held me steady as he fucked my face fast. another boy came close with his dick already exposed.


and they alternately took turns fucking my mouth. each time I swallowed their dicks to the balls then slowly and tightly withdrew them so they feel every inch of their dicks sliding out of my lips.

and they all lined up requesting either a fuck or a blowjob. each time they squirted sweet amounts of boy milk into me. I swallowed every drop and I loved the taste and smell of their sweaty dicks and balls. I love licking their balls and tickling them then swallow their dicks whole and they make a sound like their falling. after all of them managed to cum either in my mouth or pussy, rick told me to crawl to the bathroom like a dog.


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GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES AND CRAWL TO THE BATHROOM" "YEA!!" said some of the boys. "oh cool! like she's our slave" "a really sexy hot horny slutty slave!" I did as I was told while the boys are behind me watching my ass and pussy. laughing, pointing. one of them rubbed the sole of his basketball rubber shoes on my pussy.

it was hard and dirty. and they all laughed at that. to be continued.