Megan Fox amp_ Amanda Seyfried Lesben Kiss Jennifers Body

Megan Fox amp_ Amanda Seyfried Lesben Kiss Jennifers Body
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So high again, Higher than I've been in a really long time; on some of the finest shit it's been my privivledged to imbibe. So I'm getting high and I notice body changes, my penis shrinks into my pubes, and my anus lights up, wanting something hot and hard, up my hershey highway. And therein lies my Fantasy.

Let's imagine that T. felt the same way about me as I do him; I wanted to stick my face between his legs at the crotch, and start mouthing his meat thru the jeans. I'd be drooling and reaching for his zipper to pull it down with my teeth, stick my nose into the gap and take a deep sniff. Then I reach up with both hands and unbutton his pants and pull the flaps away from his belly, He raises up and slides his pants down to his knees then one leg off. Now I've got my face in his fur, smelling, licking, tasting, and I wrap my lips around the head and suck him down my throat, he's not hard yet, but he will be, I bounce his softness against the back of my throat and his hips rise into my face, and I rub my nose in his pubes.

He is getting harder, almost hard enuf to poke my hot horny hole. I grab his hemp oil and rub it all over the cheeks of my ass, as I 'm stil sucking his hardening member. The thing got longer and thicker, almost 2"dia. with a perfect mushroom head with a long pee slit, which I licked and stuck my tongue down in there and wiggled it, tasting his pee.

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He was real close to cumming, his cock head colored a raging red, the veins on the sides of his now impressive 8" with a big rubbery head that is about 2-1/2" rim dia. I took the hemp oil and oiled his beautiful member all the way to his anus. I gently rubbed his balls and coated them with the hemp oil and I stroked his massive 10 lb cock to slickness. I pulled away and climbed out of the car.

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I went around to his side of the car, opened the door and had him swing his legs out the side of the seat. I backed down onto his lap, and slid the crack of my ass up and down the length of him, until the tip of his penis touched the rim of my slot, I cocked my hips, and tried to capture his cock with my hole, I had fun trying, but he grabbed his hardtool and lined it to my waiting butt. I wanted that cock in my body, I wanted to slam down on that fucker like there was no tomorrow, I wanted to wail in pain and pleasure as his masssive man meat shoved it lovely way inside me.

And I did, after I got used to the feel of it, I slid allllll the way dowwwwn, on that wonderful heat, filling me so full !!!!!


I have never gone this far up my ass before, and it's not hurting any more, so I slide up then back down, it feels better and better, when I pull up I get a delicious emptiness, and when I slide down I can hardly breathe.

I pulled away, letting his cock drop free, while I got lost in the sensation of his cock sliding out of me like a hard turd.


My cock just about goes nuts with feeling as that happens. This time I pull away and turn around my legs spread on either side of him and in front of me and my sucking lips, I bend over and kiss the end of his cock just putting the head in my mouth, and licking my tongue around the hot prepuce.

I rise and kiss him on the lips, while I stand up and tilt my hips toward the top of his cock, until his cockhead lines up with my now relaxed hole, and I slide my body down his slick, hot, hardness.

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He fills me until I can hardly breathe, I take my time, knowing I want to cum with my partner, and I wanted him to fuck me for a while. I slid up and down his slick pole, my prostate is going nuts, my nuts are tight and so are his, I feel his cock swell, and get even hotter if possible, and he begins to throb, the thick creamy cum I have been waiting for erupts from his pee hole, flooding my ass, fuck!!!ing me, filling me with his white spunk:)- His throbbing cock continued to pump about 8 times, and me, I came so fucking hard I shot cum over my head, twice on his and my chin and face.

I wiggled my hips on his softening cock, and I told him I was going to sit there until he peeed and washed out my sore anus. I kissed and licked my cum off his body and he did the same to me. We kissed, out tongues lashing at each other, pushing into his mouth, he tastes soooo good. I told him to push his bladder, and the pee would travel down faster and I could feel is pee moving down and back up the length, he started to wet and I told him to relax and it would feel better.

His pee started to leak out around his cock, so I pulled away and turned my face to his peeing cock and surrounding the head, I drank the rest of his pee.While I pushed on my ass, and ejected a gob of T.s cum that I licked from my hand, and wiped the rest around my cock.

We both did the Meth, so his pee had a lot init and I got high again.

So T. said let me try that, so I stuck my penis in his face, he took me in his mouth, and sucked, until I started peeing too. He drank all I had, and said "Man that's giving me another rush." He then asked me for the hemp oil, and I put some on our hands and started stroking each other between the legs, back and forth, along the area behind the nutsand around our anuses, giving finger rim jobs, he tightened up and I said, "Just take a deep breath, and relax as you let it out".

He did so, and I pushed my oily finger into his now slick hole, he tried to move away from the initial penetration. I grabbed his penis with my other hand, and pushed him back down on my finger.

I wiggled the index finger around inside and soon inserted my middle finger, and I started moving them back and forth, rubbing his prostate, with the fingers sliding back and forth in his passage. His cock was restiffining and so was mine. I wiggled my index finger in deeper, pushing up to his prostate gland and stroked the tip of my finger across the bulge of the gland, I stroked my finger in and out of his warming hole as I stroked his cock, I leaned in and started kissing his man meat with my lips and sliding my mouth up and down the outside of his length.

I licked it like a cat licks its paw. I suckled his balls, one at a time, then both, I rolled them around in my mouth, gently, and stroked my teeth on the skin of his scrotum, pulling a bit, and holding finally with my lips, I let go, raise up and ask T.

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to raise and spread his legs, he's been hunching against my fingers for a while now, so I figure he's ready for my 7"X 1-3/4" hot man meat missle love. He raises and spreads his legs opening his hot, ready, slick hole for me and my love. I start slow, I push the head of my cock aginst the lips of his anal opening, and it slides in a little, not to the rim but the rim is against his nether lips, he gasped a little, so I stroked back and forth a little bit for about 5 times, on the 5 stroke I pushed the head into his sexy hole, he hissed again, took a deep breath and let it out with an open mouth, I pushed further, about 1/2" and then withdrew until the rim of the head was outside.

Again, I pushed back in, a little further this time, and repeated a couple of strokes at this depth.

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He starts to hunch back at me, so I push in further, stroking my way in deeper each stroke, until I reach the base of my cock against his brown, spread lips and my pubes and his twisting and brushing each other. his balls dangle to my bush, and my balls are tightening against me, his asshole feels so soft smoooth, and hot, I feel his heat, I am fucking him in and out, I feel my balls tighten, my cock swells and I start to grunt and lunge, my cock throbbing a nd pulsing with the hot cum shooting out, I pull my cuming cock from his asshole, and shoot the rest over his belly rising before me, he is hard now, and I bend over, and start to suck his beauty, while doing so, I reach around grab T.'s hand and pull it down to my horny asshole, so he can finger fuck me while I suck his cock.

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He slides his long middle finger up my hole, as I my lips slide down his pole, until I am gagging. I decide to fuck him again, so I climb back up his frame until his hot hardon lines up with my wanting hole, I slide down again, to the joy of having that hard man meat is giving me temperature, I close my eyes and see purple against my eyelids, pulsing as I slide up and down his hot hardness.

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I fuck him till he cumms again, sho-shoo-shoooting up my hungry hole. I couldn't get enuf. I went back to sucking him, this time swallowing his soft length all the way down my throat, and back.

pulling the rest of his cum out of his cock. My cock wants some lip attention by this time. So I suggest to T. that we smoke a little more, so we did. BOY OH BOY!!!!!! WHAT A RUSH:::))))----!!!!

This time, all on his own, he started making love to me, he kissed my mouth, and stuck his tongue as deep as he could and wrapped it around mine and stroked me he tried pushing to my tonsils, he trailed his tongue down my chest, he stopped and sucked on my nipples until they were on fire with the tingle of sex.

He licked his way down my belly, until he was on his knees and was staring my erection, right in the eye of my penis.

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He started to lick the end, and extended his tongue until he could coat my hole head with his spit, and he opened his mouth and sucked me in, all the way to my hair, and his hands reached around my ass and his fingers found my slick anus, I sat up and pushed down on his hand, and said let's lay down, head to cock 69 style.

With us in a 69, we could suck each other off and play with anuses also. He lay down first, on his back, and I went around the car and climbed in over his head. As I did I let my lips lick and kiss him and suckle on his man teats until he pulled away, and he's licking me, I lick my way to his belly button, and stroke in and around with my tongue, and he's doing the same to me. I reach the head of his cock and lick it, I slide further down, I take his soft warmness into my wanting mouth, and a roll it around with my tongue, side to side., and he is sucking gently on my warm softness, sliding his lips up and down my growing lenght, until I am hard again, and he sucks harder, licking the gather spot under the head, and he is gettling larger too, growing, swelling, I have to draw back to keep from gagging just yet, because I know it will make him cum.

But I squeeze my lips around his hot hardness, drawing back past the rim of that gorgeous head, making a popping sound as it come from my mouth. We are in rythym now; his head bobbing up and down my hardness, me on his, driving him into my throat now, rubbing his head against my glottis until I feel him swell again, as am I. We gag on each other, trying to swallow the balls also, and we erupt at the same time, groaning and grunting, we're so high we don't stop sucking until there is nothing left.

He had three fingers sliding in and out of my ass, while he was sucking me, I pushed his fingers out when I camed down his throat, and I had two fingers in his ass and I was walking them back and forth across the bulge of his man juice gland, and when I felt i start to pulse I pushed on it and he gushed into my mouth so much jizz (I love the sound of that word, jizz,jizz,jizz) I could'nt swallow it all and it ran down his cock, where I licked up the mess I'd made.

We turned around cock to cock, and kissed and swapped a little spit. We talked, and found out what kind of sleeping gear he had, turns out we didn't have any sleeping gear, so we decided to get dressed and get a room where we could play the night away. The room is another story