Amateur BBW Wife Becomes A Black Cock Slut

Amateur BBW Wife Becomes A Black Cock Slut
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Suyin stared at her daughter, laid out on the floor, "well did you enjoy it?" Nok looked at her mom and slowly nodded. Suyin laughed lightly, "I bet you did. Look at that, your cunt is still gaping from Derreck's dick." I got off of the bed to gather my clothes. "Where do you think you're going?" Suyin asked me, almost scowling.

I turned to look at her, "I need to get home before my wife does, or she'll suspect something." Suyin looked at me sternly, "ok, but you had better be here tomorrow." I nodded as I proceeded to get dressed. The next day my wife was off of work as well, making it difficult for me to get out and go next door. In the middle of the afternoon the doorbell rang, "Derreck you have company," my wife yelled. I walked into the front room and Nok was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a baby blue, tube top, and a matching mini-skirt.

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Her outfit hugged her tiny body tightly, her tiny nipples poking at top. My dick twinged as I looked at her up and down, "hi Nok, what's up?" She smiled, "my mom needs your help moving stuff around in the house." I looked at my wife, who in turn looked at Nok, "how long will he be?" She asked Nok.

Nok shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know Mrs. Banks." My wife crossed her arms and looked at me, "don't be to long sweetheart." I nodded and kissed her on the lips as I followed Nok out of the house. As we walked into her house, Suyin was in the living room lounging on the couch. She sat up as we walked in and smiled, "glad you could join us today Derreck." I nodded as I looked at her. She was almost naked already, only wearing a matching black bra and panties.

I thought about saying something, but bit my tongue in silence. "Have a seat," Suyin said, patting a spot next to her. I did as she asked as she turned towards me, "I know your wife is home today, so we won't keep you to long today." I nodded listening to her as she continued, "I talked to my daughter last night, and we both agreed that we want you to breed her." I looked at her in shock, wanting to get up and run out right away, but knew that wouldn't help.

Suyin saw my look and giggled, "no reason to be scared, I just want another baby, but can no longer get pregnant." I nodded, still in shock. "I will be in the room with you guys," Suyin continued. I didn't care for that, but knew I couldn't protest it, since she could get me arrested. Suyin grabbed my hand and lead me back to her bedroom, with her daughter right behind us.


My dick was already hard, from thinking about getting to fuck Nok's tight pussy again, straining against my shorts. Suyin told me to undress, while she had Nok strip down and sit on the foot of the bed.

Once Nok was completely naked, I could see her nipples were fully erect, and her young slit glistening in the light. Suyin laid her daughter back as she looked at me with a lusty look in her eyes. After I took my shirt off, looking at Suyin, I froze in place.


Suyin grinned at me devilishly as she stuck her tongue out and spread her daughter's legs. I watched in awe as Suyin lightly ran her tongue across Nok's slit. My dick throbbed in my shorts, as Nok moaned in pleasure. I pushed my shorts down, my erection springing free as I didn't take my eyes off of them.

Suyin ran the tip of her tongue between her daughter's labia, until she reached her clit. Suyin flicked her tongue quickly across Nok's budding clitoris. Nok responded by grabbing her mom's head and lifting her hips into her mom. I stood there, slowly stroking my dick. Suyin started running her tongue up and down Nok's pussy, from her clit to her hole, dipping her tongue into Nok's entrance each time.

Nok's body was trembling in pleasure as her moans got louder, as she pushed her pussy into her mom's tongue and face harder. Suyin stopped moving her tongue and looked back at me, "have her get you all wet for her." I nodded and moved onto the bed next Nok's head. Nok looked up at me, breathing heavily, with a wanting look. I ran the shaft of my dick across her lips as she held her lips closed. I remembered what she had said yesterday about having my dick in her mouth, as I looked at Suyin.

Suyin smiled as she lowered her face back between her daughter's legs, burying her face into Nok's pussy. Nok opened her mouth in a gasp, allowing me push the head of my dick into her mouth.

She tried to pull away as her young mouth could barely fit around my girth. I groaned in pleasure as her tongue tried to push me out, but bringing me great pleasure in return. Suyin was moving her head around as I guessed she was tongue-fucking her daughter.

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Nok moaned with my dick in her mouth as I tried to push more into her. She continued to try pulling away as I felt her shaking the bed. I decided to stop pushing further and pulled away from her. Once Nok's mouth was empty she started moaning loudly, "oh my god, I'm gonna cum." I started fondling her tiny tits as I whispered to her, "that's it, come all over your mom's face, cum for her Nok." Nok arched her back, pushing her tits into my hand.

Suyin had her thumb on Nok's clit, rubbing it vigorously, as she moved her tongue in and out of her daughter's pussy quickly. Nok moans got louder as her body trembled harder.

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Nok's body suddenly froze as she yelled out, "oh my god." I watched as juices flew out of Nok, splashing against her mom's face and running down Suyin's chin. Nok's body shuddered as her orgasm went through her, as more juices shot out of her.

Her body shaking and thrashing around on the bed. I was in awe, having never seen that before. Nok's body collapsed onto to the bed as her orgasm slowly faded, breathing heavily. I looked at Suyin and smiled, Suyin had Nok's juices covering her face, running down her chest, "that was incredible." She smiled at me, "I guess she's turned on for you now." Her cleavage glistened from her daughter's fluids. I nodded as I got off of the bed and moved to the foot of the bed.

Suyin got up and grabbed Nok's legs, lifting them up in the air, giving me a good view of Nok's inflamed pussy. I squatted down so my dick was in line with Nok's pussy and I slowly began to push into her tiny hole. Suyin encouraged me, "that's it Derreck, fuck her good." My dick sank into Nok a lot easier than yesterday, but she was still extremely tight.

Nok moaned as I pushed into her, Suyin watching intently as her daughter's pussy was stretched to the max.

I pushed until I reached Nok's cervix, still with almost 2" not in her. Suyin looked at me and moaned, "can't get it all in?" I shook my head as I slowly began to withdraw from Nok's sucking hole. I pulled back until I still had my head in her, I grabbed Nok's legs and looked at Suyin. "Knock her up for me Derreck, give me a baby," Suyin said as she moved back. I looked back at Nok, and with one swift push I sank back into her.

Nok's eyes rolled back and closed as she opened her mouth in a gasp. I started moving in and out of her slowly, as her pussy sucked my dick each time I pulled back, and made squishing noises as I sank into her.

I closed my own eyes in pleasure, as I enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around my dick. I was jolted back to reality when I felt the bed shake. I opened my eyes to see Suyin on the bed. She had her panties off, straddling Nok's head as she moved to her knees over her daughter.

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I continued pumping into Nok as Suyin started rubbing her hairy pussy into Nok's face. "You wanted him to fuck you, so you have to make me cum too," Suyin said as she ground harder into Nok's face.

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I saw Nok's tongue come out and disappear into her mom's hairy gash. I fucked Nok's pussy harder as I watched the scene in front of me. "That's a good girl," Suyin cooed as she started rubbing her own clit.

Suyin slowly moved her hips up and down, riding her daughter's tongue. I moved in and out of Nok as hard I could, as I started rubbing her clit with my thumb. Nok's legs trembled and jumped as I buried my dick in her, stopping there and focussing on her clit. Suyin looked at me, with her mouth wide open in pleasure, "yes that's it, make mommy cum sweetheart," she moaned as she rubbed her clit harder, and moved her hips faster.

All of a sudden she froze, planting her pussy on Nok's face, she yelled out, "oh yes, mommy's cumming, oh yes." I watched as Suyin's body thrashed on top of her daughter. I felt Nok's pussy squeeze my dick hard, as a rush of fluid came out around my dick, coating my ball sack. Nok's body was trembling as Suyin's body trembled as well. Both of them were cumming at the same time as I continued rubbing Nok's clit through her orgasm.

As Suyin's orgasm passed she collapsed on her daughter, her hairy pussy still covering Nok's face. Nok's pussy squeezed and released my dick as her own orgasm slowly subsided. I could feel my balls tightening up, ready for release.

Suyin finally caught her breath and moved off of Nok, "did you fill her up yet?" I shook my head, "but I'm close." Suyin got off of the bed and walked up behind me, "ok baby, breed my daughter, fill her up with your seed." I started pumping in and out of Nok's pussy, hard and fast. Suyin reached between my legs and started fondling my ball sack as I fucked her daughter hard.

"Yeah that's Derreck, make a baby in her, give her a black baby," Suyin yelled, still fondling my balls. "I'm gonna cum," I groaned out as I felt my cum beginning to move up my shaft. Suyin let go of my balls and moved next to me, "come on Derreck, fill her pussy up with that hot load, breed my daughter." I yelled out as I sank deep into Nok's pussy, my dick throbbed hard as it shot against her cervix.

"Oh yeah, that's it shoot it deep in her," Suyin said gleefully. My dick throbbed again, shooting more cum into Nok. "Oh my god momma it feels like he's peeing in me, it's so hot," Nok announced as my dick throbbed, shooting more into her. My dick throbbed one more time, completely draining me. I fell on top of Nok, my dick still lightly twitching in her.

Nok wrapped her arms around me, lightly rubbing my back as I recovered. I slowly regained my strength and pushed myself off of Nok. Suyin was kneeling beside my legs as I slowly began to pull out of daughter. As my deflating dick slipped out of Nok's, now gaping, pussy, a large amount of cum leaked out, running down her ass crack.


Suyin caught the leaking cum with hand and scooped up what was still leaking from her daughter's gaping hole. I watched as Suyin covered her daughter's leaking pussy with her cum filled hand, trying push it back in and stop it from leaking more.

Suyin looked at me and smiled, "I guess you really filled her up." I gave her a half smile and I started collecting my clothes.

"We'll see you tomorrow then," Suyin said as I got dressed. I shrugged my shoulders as I exited the room. What do you think? Let me know please. Constructive criticism please.