BBC and BBW creamy encounter

BBC and BBW creamy encounter
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In my previous story I told you about my first experience with incest with my aunt Beth. In that story I took advantage of my drunken aunt and had by far the roughest sex of my life, and made her gag and puke on my cock. However, afterwards she thought she had puked from the alcohol and believed she gave me a disgusting sexual experience. Because of this my aunt Beth decided that she would have sex with me just one more time in order to make things right. Of course I knew the truth, which was that the first time was probably the single greatest sexual experience I ever had, and now she wanted to have sex again to make it up to me which shocked the hell out of me.

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After aunt Beth called me while I was back at college and explained the situation grew increasingly horny and immediately planned my next trip home. I looked up the firehouse calendar online, and found that my uncle wasn't scheduled on a Friday or Saturday for two weeks. Therefore I had to wait two whole weeks to fuck my aunt again which was next to unbearable.

During the wait I thought about the things that I wanted to do with her. I wanted to fuck her up the ass, maybe even have another rough blowjob, and I wanted to cum on her face. I even stopped jerking off so that when the time came I could drop a huge load all over her face. When the two weeks passed I informed my mom that I would be coming home which always made her happy so she didn't even question my reasoning.


This particular weekend my uncle Tom was working a 24 hour shift on Saturday, so Friday I stayed out all night so that I wouldn't be tempted to jerk off. When Saturday finally came I woke up around noon feeling extremely nervous about everything. I had come all the way home without even informing her. She could have had plans, or possibly even decided against this whole thing.

After all it was two weeks since she had agreed to "make it up to me." All afternoon I sat looking at my phone trying to figure out what I should say. Its not every day that you call your own aunt up for a booty call, and everything seemed so awkward. Eventually I decided to man up and call her and when I did there was no answer. I called both the house and her cell, and aunt Beth didn't answer either of them.

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I was crushed, I had made these plans to come home and fuck her and they were all falling apart. I waited all afternoon for her to call me back, but she didn't. I decided to go out with some friends later that night, and while we were getting some food my aunt FINALLY called me back. "Hello," I answered. "Hey Matt did you call?" She knew damn well I called.

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"Uh yeah.but I'm a little busy right now. Can I call you back in a few minutes?" I replied "Yeah that's fine I'll be at home." I had driven a few friends to the hamburger joint we were at and asked if they could get a ride in my other friend's car.

I told them I had some family stuff to take care of, and they were confused but agreed.

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I didn't even finish my food, I hopped in my car and called my aunt Beth back. "Hello," she answered. "Hey aunt Beth, it's Matt," I replied "Oh hey, what did you need earlier Matt?" She was gonna make this difficult on me.

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"Well aunt Beth, you remember that convo we had a couple weeks ago?" I asked. "Yeah." she replied. "Well, I was just wondering if maybe we could do what you said." "Oh.I don't know honey. I mean it's so wrong, I don't even know if I can." "Wait! You said you would before.

Come on aunt Beth please." "I don't know," was all she said, and then there was a long pause. "You owe me. Remember.?" I said "Okay Matt, you win.

Just come over, but this IS IT. Never again." She sounded very defeated and forced into the whole thing and she was very serious about the fact that this would be the last time. I didn't care though, the entire drive to her house I was all smiles and I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. I was driving as fast as I could and very impatiently, but eventually I arrived at her house and raced up to the door to find that it was wide open.

I decided to just walk inside and I called for aunt Beth to find out where she was (hoping that she would be in the bedroom). She answered from the TV room in the back of the house. Immediately I began fantasizing about her being naked, or dressed in sexy lingerie waiting for me to screw her brains out.

However, when I walked in to the TV room I found aunt Beth in maroon sweatpants, slippers, and a loose old t-shirt. This was not the sexy ensemble I was hoping for, but she said hi and told me to sit down. She was watching the Blackhawk's game and I sat next to her on the couch.

I was feeling very awkward and started out sitting at the opposite end, but decided that this was childish so I moved closer to her. I didn't know exactly how to put the moves on my own aunt so I started talking hockey with her instead even though I was hornier than I'd ever been. When I got brave enough I started rubbing her thigh, and she looked away.

It didn't appear that she was enjoying it, but I was so I continued. I moved in closer and started kissing her neck and licked her ear while she squirmed. I moved my hand from her thigh up to her breasts and started massaging them gently. I found that aunt Beth wasn't wearing a bra which was the sexiest part of her wardrobe thus far.

When I attempted to kiss her on the lips she turned her head, and then I stopped. "Aunt Beth, I know you think this is wrong but if you just let yourself go I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Otherwise I won't even enjoy it, and you do owe me," I said to her. She did loosen up a little bit, she allowed me to kiss her but she didn't really kiss me back. Next, I grabbed her by the shoulders and moved her down on the couch and laid her flat on her back, then I parted her legs and climbed on top of her.

I started kissing aunt Beth again and this time she was much more receptive. She allowed me to slide my tongue into her mouth, and kissed me passionately back.

I slid my hand under her shirt to fondle her bare breasts and pinched her sexy nipples. I also started to thrust my hips grinding my extremely hard dick against her to which she responded "oh my." Next, I pulled off her shirt and began kissing her tits. I licked and bit all around her small brown nipples while I humped her through our clothes.

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By now my dick was in need of some real stimulation so I sat up, and aunt Beth followed me. Then with one hand I started undoing my belt, and with the other I started pushing her head down towards my cock signaling it was time for her to suck me.

She fought against me, but I just started to push her head with more force. "I don't like it!" she blurted out. "What?" I asked. "I don't like going down on guys, I've only done it a couple times in my whole life," she answered "Please aunt Beth, it will just be for a little while.

I REALLY need it," I said back to her Aunt Beth obliged and moved off the couch and on to her knees directly in from of me. She unzipped my jeans and removed them along with my boxers, and my cock sprang to attention she remarked how thick I was.

She grabbed my cock by the base and started stroking me up and down then leaned over me and took my cock into her mouth.


She stopped for a moment and said "don't you dare cum in my mouth." I nodded my head and she continued the blowjob at first aunt Beth just sucked the tip, but I pushed her head down a little trying to get her to take me a little deeper. She got the hint and began taking me about halfway into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down, slurping while she sucked. It was good but not great, I enjoyed watching my aunt suck my dick, and I liked the way her curly hair felt in my hand.

Part of me wanted to wait, and cum in her mouth but I never got the chance. Just as I was getting into it she stopped and said "that's enough," and I looked at her with the most confused face ever. Aunt Beth got up and started wiggling out of her maroon sweatpants. She looked really sexy wiggling her hips so I didn't complain that she stopped going down on me.

When she was completely naked she asked me if I had a condom. I lied and told her no, and she warned me to not cum inside her. "Whatever you do don't cum inside me," she warned. "Can I cum on your face then?" I asked "Absolutely not, what kind of whore do you take me for?" "Okay I promise." Then aunt Beth climbed on top of me and positioned my dick underneath the entrance to her pussy then slid all the way down taking my entire length completely inside her.

It felt euphoric to have her bounce up and down on my cock. I was mesmerized by her big tits as they moved with her, I buried my face in them and everything seemed to good to be true. I enjoyed watching aunt Beth fuck me, making herself feel good. She had a look of pure ecstasy on her face and it looked very sexy. She was driving me wild and I just wanted to pound her pussy, so I wrapped my arms around her and tried to hump upwards towards her but it just interfered with what she was doing.

I decided to pick her up and bend her over the couch so that I would be able to take control. It took her by surprise but I could tell she enjoyed it by the sexy "ooooooh" she let out.


When I slid myself back inside of her I immediately began pounding into her. The soft noises she made while she was on top were now turning into loud yells. When I started to run out of gas she begged me not to stop so I was forced to dig deep and continue my assault on my aunt's pussy. When I felt her muscles tighten from her orgasm I almost lost it, I thought for sure that my cock was going to explode inside her.

I saved it though and removed my cock from her now super wet pussy. Again she begged me to put it back in, and I tried telling her I needed a break but this time I was the one being forced onto the floor. She pinned me down on the floor and climbed on top of me. I was so shocked by the whole thing that I didn't bother to moved a muscle. Aunt Beth wasted no time getting my thick cock back into her pussy, and this time she started riding me with a vengeance.

It was probably the single greatest feeling of my life, and I knew that I would be cumming in just a few seconds.

But when I tried to speak I couldn't. When I opened my mouth all I could get out was "aunt Beth, aunt Beth, aunt Beth." She moaned and said that she felt good too, and to let her know when I was going to cum.

By that time I was already on the brink of orgasm and was now shooting my massive load deep into her pussy. I had quit masturbating with the intention of dropping my super huge load on her face, and now without warning I was releasing it inside my aunt's pussy.

Again all I could muster was "NOW!" and when she realized what had just happened the deed was done. She jumped off of me and stood straight up while my cum poured from her pussy and still shot out of my cock. "What the fuck Matt! I told you not to!" she screamed. "I tried to tell you but I couldn't talk." I tried to explain.

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"What do you mean you couldn't talk? You're talking just fine now," she was still pretty pissed.

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"You were going crazy on top of me and it felt so good and I just couldn't say anything." "You're such an asshole." she shook her head. "I'm sorry" "It was amazing though," she admitted, to my surprise "What?" I said, very confused "I haven't had sex like that in a long time Matt, and I actually felt young again." "So would you want to do it again?" I asked "It's only a matter of time before we get caught Matt, this NEEDS to stop. But I think I can give you the rest of the night." These words were music to my ears, and we spent the rest of the night fucking each other's brains out.

It was a great night in my young life, but when I left she was very adamant that it would never happen again. However, that wouldn't be the case because we would have a few more encounters in the coming months and we shared a pretty special sexual connection.

This is the end to the second installment of our sexual encounter please let me know if you would like to hear more. Feel free to offer and comments on how I could improve my writing, thank you.