Me lleve a mi secretaria a casa

Me lleve a mi secretaria a casa
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Sissy the Redhead: Running the Show Pt V After I finished quivering, Charlotte, Jim and I dove into their pool to rinse off the sweat and dried up cum. The two grown-ups caressed me as we floated there, and kissed my tight young body.

I felt like a little goddess. I could make these people--who were experts on sex and making each other cum--get off like they never dreamed was possible.

The best part, was that I was having better sex than 99% of the people on the planet, and I was only a little thirteen year old girl. As I lay back in the pool, and let their hands roam all over my tight boobs and rock hard nipples, run their fingers up my slightly sore and swollen slit, and probe my sweat young mouth with their tongues, probe my tiny ass with their cupped palms, I wondered where we would all go next.

I mean, at the tender age of thirteen, I had been having incestuous lesbian sex with my own mother for a year now, I'd been de-flowered by my neighbor and his bigger-than-porn-star-cock, all the while playing the submissive slut to his high-class wife.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't about to's just, what was the next forbidden ground I was going to break? I dried off and got dressed. "My mom should be home with my brother by now," I said.

"I should get home." They understood, but made me promise to come back as soon as I could. They offered a number of different lies I could give my mother as to why I might return to them.for the night, the week-end, even for an hour.

I had them wrapped around my finger, and I was smart enough to know it. What they didn't know, was that my mother wouldn't mind me coming over and fucking them every day. That she might even join in, once I filled her in on the details.details like Jim's huge, thick cock (and even bigger loads of cum), and Charlotte's dominant streak.

Mamma would love that. She liked to dominate me, but that's cause I'm a little girl. When it comes to adults, I know she likes to be abused like a filthy whore. I used to get myself off all the time watching her when she brought men home after a night a the bar.

I know she would let Charlotte take control of her.

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I also know I would cum buckets to see her get slapped in the face, like Charlotte did to me. Time for that later, I thought. Right now, my mom was back, and I had missed her. Even though I just drained myself of any cum I might have had left inside me, I was getting wet again thinking of having her between my legs. after all, she's the one who taught me how to cum. Her touch will always get me off, no matter how big a cock I get used to having inside me, and no matter what hot, classy woman is drinking my cum, and slapping me for each sexual misstep.

"Mom? Luke?" I called out as I walked in the door. No answer. Out of habit, I went first to my mother's room to see if she was there. I stopped dead in my tracks. SHe was there all right, laying her head on my sixteen year old brother's hard stomach, and she had her lips wrapped around his cock.

They were both sound asleep. I stared at them both for a minute or two. They looked so sweet. So content. I could only assume that whatever had happened between them, it was the first time. I know because mamma and I had talked about Luke before.

We had discussed whether or not to include him in our fun. I wanted to, and so did she, but she said i should wait until I was older before I started getting fucked by boys. She said that was how she wound up pregnant with Luke so young, at fifteen, because she couldn't keep a cock out of her pussy, and she didn't want me to make the dame mistakes. Oh, well, I thought, too late now! Then I started to get a little jealous.

How come she got to have him first, without talking to me about it. I mean, it's not like we were a couple.exactly.but we kind of were, too. That's when I devised a new plan. One where she wasn't wasn't involved.

That night, after a nice family dinner, I snuck into Luke's room. "Luke," I whispered into the darkness. I heard the sound of a blanket being whipped up. "Sissy? What do you want?" he hissed. I walked over to the side of his bed and sat down. "We need to talk," I said. My hand was very close to his crotch, and I could feel the way his blanket rose up where his hard-on was.

He must have been jerking off when I came in. "What the fuck do you want?" he sounded pissed, but who could blame him. No one wants his little sister walking in on him when he's about to cum, thinking about fucking his mother. "I know what you and mom were doing today." I decided to be as foreword as possible. "What are you talking about?" He sounded nervous, like I was going to call the cops or something.

To ease his mind, I grabbed his hard cock through the blanket. "You know what I'm talking about," I said, squeezing hard. "Ooohh." he said, then he came to his senses. "Sissy! C'mon, you're way to young for this!" I laughed at him. "Luke, I'm no virgin," I said. he didn't need to know that I had only been able to say that less than 48 hours. "And just so you know, Mom and I have been eating each other out for over a year now." "Really?" he sounded shocked.

But you're only a little kid." "You're only sixteen, big brother. There's not much difference," I said. By now I was rubbing up and down on on his shaft and all he could do was moan at me for an answer. Besides, he really had no argument. "So for now," I began, "tonight, I'm going to suck a nice, sweat load of cum out of your cock." He moaned extra loud when I said that. "And tomorrow," I continued, "You and I are going to plan a surprise for our neighbor, Charlotte." "You mean that hot blond across the street?

What kind of surprise?" He was panting with lust now. "You just follow my lead, and treat her like a whore. Can you do that?" By now I had his blanket pulled down and was stroking his shaft. Not as big as Jim's, but it felt great in my little hand. "Oh, fuck.yes. Mom taught me about treating women like whores," he said. "I figured she might have," I said, then I lowered my mouth onto his cock. It only took about three minutes of his little redheaded sister throat fucking him like a professional hooker before he started to blast a thick load of cum into my mouth.

It's funny, I figured all cum must have tasted the same, but his was sweeter than Jim's. It tasted.fresher, somehow. Maybe that's why so many adults seem to prefer us kids. The next morning, I told mom that we were going for a walk in the woods. But the night before, I had called Charlotte and told her I had a surprise for her.

I told her to pull her hair back into that ponytail she wore the other night, and to put on those glasses, a pair of white cotton panties like she had me wear, and a tight halter top.

"What's this all about, sweetie?' she asked. "Just trust me, Charlotte. You're going to live what I have in mind." I knew her sexual curiosity would win out, and it did. She told me she'd be ready. Before we left, I went into mom's "special" drawer, and stole a pair of handcuffs she liked to use on me from time to time, and some satin ties, then me and Luke walked out into the woods, circled around, and came out down the road form our house, snuck into the woods across the street, and came out in Charlotte and Jim's back yard.

"Hey, nice pool!" Jim said. "Maybe we can go for a swim." "Pay attention, you idiot," I said. "That should be the last thing on your mind." "Sorry," he said.

"And don't say 'sorry', like that. You need to get in a dominant frame of mind." "Sorry." I just rolled my eyes, and hoped he'd rise to the occasion. Luke followed me up stairs to where Charlotte was sure to be touching herself in the bedroom. I opened her door and she was laying on the bed, her hand in her underwear, and a porn on the TV.

It was a young girl getting rammed by an older man. It must have been an illegal video, because she looked even younger than me. "Charlotte? I brought you a present." "Hi, Sissy." She paused.

"Well, who's you're friend?" She was eyeing my brother up and down with an evil look on her face. I knew from past experience that she was thinking about training him.

A nice, young boy like that must have really turned her on. What she didn't know, was that my Mom had gotten a hold of him first, and turned him into a slave-driver. And if she didn't like the idea, well, that's why I brought the handcuffs and leg ties. "Charlotte, this is my brother, Luke." Her eyes lit up with lust at those words. I knew they would. "And if you ever want to taste my pussy again, you will do exactly what he tells you to do, understand?" She looked stunned.

I don't think even her husband ever talked to her like that, and here I was, a thirteen year old, petite little girl, telling her that my sixteen year old brother was to have his way with her.

"Sissy, I'm not sure about this.why don't we all just have a good time?" "Well," I said. I had anticipated her not going along with this plan, the spoiled rich bitch. "If you want, I can go to the cops and tell them all about how you and your husband raped me." It was a bluff, but I figured that she couldn't take the chance on calling me on it.

"You wouldn't!" "Not if you do what you're told," I said. "Now, lie back on the bed and let me tie you up. Oh, and for tonight, you are to call me ma'am, understood?" At first she looked scared, then, as I cuffed her wrists to the iron head board of her bed, lust showed behind those black rimmed glasses she wore. "Yes, Ma'am," she said. Her voice was already husky. "Mmmm, that's better.


Do you like the idea of a young boy being your master for the night?" She closed her eyes and began moving her hips in little circles, unconsciously. "God, yes." I was waiting for this.

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I reached out and slapped her on the face. "Yes, what?" "Yes ma'am!" When she looked up at me, I saw that this game had the same effect on her as it had me. Her eyes told me how hot that slap had made her. By now she was looking over my shoulder at my brother.

I turned and saw that he already had his clothes off, and was stroking his cock, watching as I tied up what he must have seen as a goddess. Charlotte was REALLY hot. After her wrists and legs were secure, I said, "Now, you slut, do you want ot watch me suck my brother's cock? Watch me jam my own flesh and blood down my throat?" "Fuck.Yes! Ma'am!" I got in my knees--I was wearing a short white cotton skirt and no underwear, and my favorite super-tight-baby-tee with the picture of the owl and a tootsie-pop that said, "Lick Me" on it.

I even had my hair up in pigtails again. I knew she loved it, even though she said it was her husband who did. I turned Luke so that I could look her in the eyes as I sucked on him. The harder I shoved my face down on him, the hotter she became. I loved having this control over a grown woman. Let alone my older brother, but I quickly realized that he would do anything i told him to do, as long as he got to fuck something.stupid boys.

After a while, I got up and climbed on the bed. I straddled Charlotte's face, leaving my skirt hanging over her head, and said, "Lick that little pussy, whore. You dirty slut, wanting to fuck two children like us, and a brother and sister!" I was really playing up the part now.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" But she wasn't. She doubled her efforts on my clit, and I came in a flood into her eager mouth. When I got off her, she was panting, my little girl juice running down her chin, and her panties were soaked.

I walked over to my brother and whispered in his ear as he stroked his cock. Then he got up on the bed and straddled Charlotte, his cock dangling in front of her lips. "I'm going to fuck your mouth, bitch," he said.

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"Open up!" She looked at him through her glasses, almost defiantly, but she opened her mouth wide anyway, like a challenge to do his best. He looked over at me and smiled wickedly.

He was up for it. He braced his hands against the wall, and thrust himself forward as hard as he could. Charlotte's eyes went wide as his entire shaft fired down her throat. She really was spoiled. Her husband might have had a huge cock, but he loved her, and even when they played rough, he was probably holding back. My brother kept forcing himself into her mouth over and over.

I could see her eyes watering, spit was drooling out of her mouth and she was making the most un-lady like noises, gagging and gurgling.I was rubbing myself like crazy watching it. When I was ready to squirt, I told my brother to move. She gasped for air and coughed as he slid over, and I positioned my cunt over her mouth. Then I came. It was hard, and I dumped a gallon into her mouth. It Squirted everywhere, soaked her hair so she looked like she just took a shower, splattered all over her glasses, filled her mouth.

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"Swallow it, slut!" I yelled at her. She was a good girl, just like I had been, and gulped it all down. "Did you like that?" I asked. "Yes, Ma'am," she said. "Then you'll love this," I said. I got in my hands and knees and flipped my little skirt up over my tiny ass. I lifted up my tee until both of my puffy-nippled, immature little boobs popped out, then I motioned for my brother to come over to me. "Spit on my butthole and shove your cock into me," I said. Charlotte moaned loudly at the concept, and Luke did exactly what he was supposed to do.

He spit, then shoved his finger in for a moment to loosen me up, and without wasting any time, he fucked me right up the ass.

It was the first time I had anything other than a dildo up there, and Charlotte knew that. She was squirming all over, straining against her restraints in passion as she watched me take it up the ass from my own brother.

To drive her over the edge, I started wailing and moaning, making more noises of pleasure than any movie I'd ever seen. It not only drove her crazy, but my brother started to fuck me so violently, it actually began to hurt.

But then, I even enjoyed that! I looked at Charlotte, who had a begging look in her eyes. "Do you want some of this?" "Yes," she hissed through her clenched teeth.

"Please, ma'am, please. Let your brother fuck my ass, too!" "I will," I said, but I promise, it will hurt more that you think." This made my brother pound into me even harder. To be honest, I don't know where he got the stamina. "Whatever! Just let him FUCK ME!" I held back my brother long enough to climb off the bed and walk over next to Charlotte.

Without a word, I slapped her as hard as my little arms could manage. It left a hand print on her cheek, and she drew in a sharp breath that let me know she like it. "Ma'am," was all she said. I yanked her underwear down, then whispered in my brother's ear again. He looked at me with a strange look on his face.disbelief? Excitement? Both?

I just gazed into his eyes, grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times, and nodded. He smiled at me, grabbed the back of my hair as hard as he could, and kissed me harder than I'd ever been kissed.


"You're all mine now, you fucking whore," he said to her. She just smiled. Then he grabbed her by the throat and said, "Open your mouth!" She did as she was told, and he spit into her. God, it was the hottest thing. I took her dildo out of her night stand and started to fuck myself as I watched my brother abuse her. He spit on his hand, and rubbed it on her asshole.

Then he put his dick right up to her opening and pushed. Hard and fast. Again, I could tell her husband had always taken more care than that.

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The look on her face was shock and pain, but after my brother thrust in and out a few times, the looks of fear turned to pleasure and lust. Luke still had his hand around her thin neck as he fucked her ass as hard as he could.

Within seconds she was cumming all over him. She couldn't squirt like I could, but it was leaking out like crazy. As her orgasm increased, she started pushing her throat up against luke's hand, forcing her windpipe closed. He realized what she was doing, and squeezed his fist. He increased his pounding. He was practically launching off her like a trampoline, and slamming back into her like he was riding a bull.

Her face was tuning red with the lack of oxygen, and I started to squirt at the sight of it. It shoot three feet through the air and landed on both of them. Charlotte glanced over at my little girl pussy squirting cum onto her hot tits, then looked back up at my young brother who was practically raping her ass, and chocking the life out of her.

then her eyes rolled back into her head, and she came. For the first time, this rich, spoiled slut of a housewife shot out a full stream of cum. It splattered all over my brother's chest, ran down to his cock, which was still reaming her ass out, and soaked his balls. He released her throat, and she gasped in a long, raspy breath.

The combination of that sound and her hot juice squirting alll over him must have pushed my brother over the edge, because he started a groan that I knew announced a huge load was about to erupt. "In my mouth!" was all i could think to yell at him as I lunged forward just as he pulled out of her ass.

I shove the whole thing in my mouth, tasting her hot ass, then tasting his juicy spurts of jizz coat my tongue. After six giant ropes, my mouth was full. I twisted my body up until I was face to face with our tied up slut, and I smiled, cheeks puffed out with cum, and then spit all over her pretty face.

I sprayed my brother's cum onto her glasses and into her gaping mouth. After she swallowed what she caught in her mouth, I took her glasses off, and had her lick them clean. My brother moaned approvingly over my shoulder at that one. After I untied Charlotte, she thanked us for a whole new way to feel about sex. She had never been a slave before, never been so used, and she loved it. Then we all went for a dip in the pool, and talked about what (and who) we were going to do next.

To be continued.