Latin Mature 4 Milissa

Latin Mature 4 Milissa
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I walked up the apartment steps, my legs burning and my thoughts racing. I had texted her only five minutes prior to my arrival that I was coming, I hoped to catch her before she realized I was already there.

I made it to her floor and made my way down the hallway to her apartment door. It was unlocked, as it always was. Myself and other men made regular appearances at her apartment throughout the week and she had found it irritating constantly getting up to unlock the door for these many men she serviced.

She had also once told me in secret that she left it unlocked in the hopes that someone, anyone, would come in and rape her in her sleep. But that was another fantasy for another time.

I let the door close behind me and reached her bedroom door before it had clicked shut. I was sure she had heard the door shut but still attempted to discreetly open her bedroom door in silence. I found her on her bed, facing away from me and sitting on her calves. Only wearing her choker and leash on her thin, pale neck. She was admiring herself in the mirror. She was a cute girl with big, ever-pouting lips. Today she had put her hair in pigtails, making herself look more like the little girl I lusted after.

Her face was mature but she could contort it into looking like the little girl she wanted to be. Her tits were full and firm and ended in pink nubs that loved to be sucked and tasted. But my favorite part about this girl was her eyes. She had big blue eyes that conveyed the innocence I wanted and craved for in all of my lovers.

She caught my reflection approaching her and her big blue eyes widened at the sight of me swaggering towards her. I heard her let out a soft whimper. She watched me with those blue childish eyes of hers, as I sat down behind her and tucked her hair back behind her ears. I leaned close into her ear. I watched her shut her eyes, awaiting my instruction.

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"Hello princess" I whispered in her ear She didn't respond but I didn't expect her too, this was her role. "Come with me" I said before standing back up and taking her leash in my hand.

I gave it a short soft tug and she humbly obeyed. She rose off of her bed and immediately began crawling after me on all fours, her ass swaying in the air as she trailed behind me. I led her out of her bedroom and took her through to the living room, where an even bigger bed lay. She must've been playing her little girl role with someone else because her sheets and blankets were already adorned in a soft eggshell pink color. I led her up on to the bed and tied the end of the leash to the top of the bed.


I unwrapped another leather strap from the side of the bed and began tying down her right wrist. Her big blue eyes stared at me as I made my way around her and began tying her other wrist down to the bed. I left her legs hanging free. For now.


I walked around behind her and admired her heart shaped ass. I began to undress right down to my boxers. My dick was already hard and ready to go. I stood back for a minute more before I slowly crawled onto the bed. I was kneeling behind her, her pussy right in front of my hard cock.

I pulled it out and began teasing her pussy lips with it.

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I rubbed it up and down her slit, going slowly along her clit and making her shiver with anticipation. I noticed her head twitch to the left, trying to get a glimpse at me.

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My hand reacted instantly and quickly slapped her ass, making her whimper in reply. "Princess, don't move until I say so okay?" I asked her the same way I would've asked my daughter "Yes Daddy" she replied in a soft, seductive tone.

I continued to rub by cock head up and down her slit, but I could already feel that the time was right. I slipped in at a slow but even pace and earned a shudder from her as my entire length slid into her. I pulled out right to the tip and began fucking her tight pussy with long, hard strokes.

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Giving her the full length of my cock. I heard her moan and heard her arms straining against the strong leather that bound her in this position.

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My pace never altered as I spanked her for the second time. "daddy." she moaned, nearly too quiet to hear. I spanked her again. The sharp sound touching my ears like the sweetest note. My cock sawing in and out of her tight pussy. "Daddy." she moaned again, her face contorting into pain and pleasure. I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and grabbed her ass with my right hand.

I swiftly plunged my cock into her tight asshole and moaned in pleasure as I felt her body reject the sudden intrusion.

"Ow, it hurts Daddy." She pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears. I spanked her ass again and earned another yelp from her. I began sawing faster in and out of her asshole and could feel myself reaching climax.

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I started a rhythm In Spank Out "Daddy!" In Spank Out "Daddy!!" In Spank Out "DADDY!!!" I pulled out and shoved my cock back into her pussy as I started to cum I felt her own orgasm massage my cock as I came deep inside of her She shuddered and moaned I grunted and panted When I had finish cumming inside of her, I untied her hands and undid her leash.

I turned her around so her face was at the same level as my cock and touched it to her lips. She opened them willingly, those big blue eyes staring right up at me.

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I pushed my cock into her mouth and felt her tongue swirling around its head, taking off all of the cum that coated it. I held the back of her head and pushed my cock all the way to the back of her throat. I felt her choking and she tried pulling off my dick, but my hand held her head firm. I was in heaven.

She stopped struggling and looked up at me with those eyes, those gorgeous blue eyes.