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Schwarzer BH Bustin Babys 2 schwarzer Fett Fudge in der Lodge
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An Iceball flew at me and I laughed. "14.15.16." I quickly turned the ball into water then chucked it at Aya. ".20! You're out!" Tao cackled. We were in my Yard and playing 20 seconds with our affinities. Aya tossed the ball at Tao then stood on the side and started counting.

"" Tao lurched another Iceball at me but I sidestepped then caught it. I chased Tao around with a Waterball and she screamed.

"" I managed to hit her in the back but she quickly changed it to ice and threw it back. ".20!" Tao did a little victory dance as I flipped her off. "Guys, I got two minutes!" I called out. "No! Eris, play with us! You'll see him later," Tao pouted. "We're more important and 20 seconds is a game of skill," Aya added. "Sorry. He had me promise," I said. It was Friday and that was the day Dallas was to come back from NYC. We planned to meet in the library at our traditional spot so we could catch up.

Tao and Aya talked me into a few more rounds then I really had to go. "Bye, guys! I'll be back a bit later!" "Bye, hun!" Tao called. "Don't kill him!" Aya added. I sprinted to the library then went to the back circle and plopped down. I had my phone and headphones so I didn't have to suffer without my books.

Dallas and I had been talking every night since I got my affinity a few weeks ago, I'd really been practicing. Now, I controlled which Element I wanted to call and was quite the expert. I was smiling to myself when a deep, sexy voice came up. "Why are you always happy? Life isn't a song," Dallas said.

"Hey. Have fun?" I smiled up at him. "Yeah. I managed to get three new cars for Brice, Lena and Nige." "Cool. Do anything else?" "Other than hunt, eat, sleep and talk to people, nah. I tried an oyster and that shit is disgusting," he said. "Yeah. I threw up the first time I had one," I smiled. Dallas bit his lip as he laughed. I had something to give him and reached in my back pocket. "Here," I said as I handed him his bolt.

"Did you take this? Not really nice," Dallas scowled. "No, it's the one you shot at me after you tried to kill me. Ya know, over the dorm." "Oh! Thanks." Dallas twirled the quarrel in his hand while I watched him. My foot was on top of his and my bare knee was brushing against his pant leg. "So, did anything interesting happen?

Did professor Crey die yet?" "Dallas! And, no," I said. "What? He was an old prick to me and always gave me a bad grade. Don't blame me because you're old and crusty and wrinkly," he scoffed. When I laughed, my hand brushed over his. Dallas laughed with me but slid his hand back toward mine. "Serious. He was just super mean to me," he said.

"Well, he's really nice to me," I chuckled. "Everyone's nice to you because they know you're a smartass." "So is that why you have Verc sucking your dick?" "Actually—" "Please don't," I laughed. Dallas chuckled and moved his hand closer to mine.

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We were touching fingertips with my foot rubbing on his calf. I never thought of him this way but, we were both showing the obvious chemistry we shared. "Did you practice?" Dallas asked. "Yes. I'm pretty good at controlling which one to call," I softly relied. "Okay. Is your Yard finished?" I nodded as our fingers interlocked. Dallas rubbed his thumb on my knuckles whilst I ran my fingernails on the back of his hand.

His eyes met mine and he winked.

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"We really shouldn't be doing this," I said, my voice barely a whisper. "I know.but it's fun," Dallas replied. He rubbed his hand on my thigh under the table. Dallas reached the bottom of my shorts then brushed his fingers under the denim and I sighed.

Our eyes met again and we quickly pulled away from each other. Dallas was about to stand but changed his mind. I walked around the table then headed out to leave. Before leaving, I glanced over my shoulder. "Sorry," I said. I hurried out of the library then toward the dorms. I didn't make it far before Dallas was grabbing my arm from behind. "Dallas," I sighed. "What? It wasn't wrong or anything," he smiled. "Okay. I just." "Nervous?" I nodded and he pulled me closer.

"It's okay. Come to my place," Dallas softly said. "Are you sure? I don't know," I shrugged. Dallas squeezed my arm and I let my brain take over, so I held my tongue.

We walked across campus and to his place at the apartment buildings.


We made it inside and we barely got to breathe before taking over each other's mouths. I wrapped my arms around his neck as Dallas pushed me toward the bedroom.

Our lips didn't leave for one second, not one. Dallas closed the bedroom door and we stood in front of the bed. He picked me up by my ass then laid me down. "Wait, Dallas, I'm—" "I know. I know," Dallas whispered. How did he know I was a virgin?! Whatever. Dallas pushed me higher onto the bed then our lips met again. He caressed me on my boob and I gasped under his touch.

Dallas caressed me in small circles and gave me light squeezes. I felt his hard cock pressing into my lower stomach and gasped again. He felt huge. I wanted to expose myself to him so I pulled my shirt off. Dallas gazed at my small C-cup breasts, at my blue bra. He tossed the shirt off of the bed then started kissing me some more.

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God, I felt like a slut. No, I felt like a slut but it also felt right. Hell, we'd been talking for almost a month and bonded in so many different ways.

Dallas kissed my neck then sat back on his haunches. His shirt came off and I gawked at him. I never asked about his Maxi but I found where it was.

It started on his back then crawled up into his chest and a bit on his neck. Small circles and swirls in a dark blue marked his light skin.

Over the two weeks, my Maxi had grown from just my navel and swirled around my hips and on my back (almost like a sexy, intricate skin belt). Our lips met again and Dallas put his hand in my hair. I pushed my tongue past his lips then danced around with his and he welcomed me with just as much hunger. The tingling between my thighs told me that I was ready and my fresh pussy needed him. Dallas pushed me back then undid my shorts.

He yanked them down and saw my matching panties. I opened legs so he could get back on me but he rubbed his finger over my covered hole. I'd never touched myself, let alone had any other person touch me like this.

I moaned out when his finger dug a bit further into me. Dallas undid my bra then squeezed my boobs. "Aghh, agh," I panted. My back and neck arched up when he kissed toward my panties and started easing them off.

Dallas pulled them all the way down and gawked at my shaven sex. He came back up my body then devoured my mouth. I pushed him into his back then crawled onto his body. I undid his jeans then massaged his raging hard on. "Fuck, Eris," Dallas groaned. He must've liked it because I felt him get harder! Won't he like, bust? I eased his jeans down then tugged the waistband of his boxers and freed his cock.

He was probably 7 or 8 inches and thick as fuck! I took hold of his cock then kissed the tip. I never gave head before but I was certain on how to do a good job. I licked down the base and all the way to his balls.

I licked back up then did that about three times before sucking a few inches of him. Dallas ran his fingers through my hair and let out groans as I sucked more of his length. My tongue swirled around as I got more and more into my mouth until I hit the back of my throat. I kept my fist pumping up and down so my saliva mixed around and got him nice and wet.

Dallas let out a deep exhale when I started to use my mouth muscles to swallow around his cock. When he started to move his hips a bit, I moaned and Dallas got louder from my breath hitting his cock.

Hell, I'd never given a blowjob but Dallas seemed to enjoy what I was doing! It was kinda tricky for me to get more than five or six inches into my mouth because of my inexperience. Dallas caressed my hair as I bobbed my head down his length and kept my hand pumping around the shaft. After about six minutes, Dallas held his hand tight in my hair while he squirted his seed into my mouth.

Four ropes of cum spewed into my mouth and I swallowed it all. (I wanted to taste.) Kinda salty, kinda sweet, still Dallas. Dallas pulled me up so I was straddling his hips before his cock. "Pretty good for a first timer," he chuckled. "I know many ways," I smiled. Dallas kissed my chest then looked up into my eyes. He reached inside of his nightstand then grabbed a condom. Once he sheathed himself, Dallas looked at me once more.

"I'm sure," I whispered. He locked his lips onto mine then lined his tool up to my pussy lips. I gasped when he pushed the first inch or so in. My hymen was blocking him from any further and Dallas looked back at me.

I grabbed his hand as he forced his way further in to break me. I bit my lip and felt my eyes welling with tears and put my hand on his chest. "Oh," I cried. "I'm sorry," Dallas whispered. I let the pain ease up then wiped my tears away with my hand.

Dallas looked at me for reassurance and I nodded. He gripped my hips then slowly thrusted into me. God, this felt amazing. After a minute or two, I started to really enjoy how this was feeling. How I wrapped around him while he slowly filled me with more and more of his throbbing manhood. Dallas brought his body up so he could take my nipple into his mouth and teased me with his tongue.

I closed my eyes then hung my mouth open when he started to actually suckle on me. "Ohhh," I sighed. His tongue worked around in circles on my areola and kept a small suck around my hard nipple. I was riding him with my hands on his broad shoulders and his mouth to my breasts. I felt Dallas palm my ass with his large hand then gasped. He got close to my ear and whispered, "Just making you comfy." "Mm," I purred. I rode him for a bit longer then felt him digging his cock further into me.

Dallas kept his hands on my ass while he thrusted into my tight pussy. "Ohmygod, ohhhhhh! Ohh," I moaned. My orgasm hit me like a truck and I almost screamed out. Dallas let out a grunt then had his orgasm. He shot his load into the condom and I sighed while I came down from mine. I collapsed on his chest and our sweaty bodies lay together.

"Oh, God," I panted. "I guess you control a lot more than just the Elements," he chuckled through his heavy breaths. "What's that supposed to mean?" I laughed. Dallas looked at me and we shared a devious smile. We checked the time and it was 8:30pm. I didn't want to go back to my dorm yet. I wanted to stay with Dallas. He went to the bathroom and took the condom and cleaned my "cherry juice" off. I slipped under the covers and Dallas got in with me.

His hand wrapped around my waist as we lay together in his bed. "Dallas?" I blurted. "Yes?" "Do you think that was a good idea?" "Great idea. You were better than I expected," Dallas sighed. "Than you expected? Oh really?" I looked up at him with a cocked eyebrow.

Dallas blew me a kiss and started laughing. "Shh, I have to come up with an answer," he chuckled. "Oh, you're getting it." I rolled on top of him then started poking all over his body. ==== Dallas woke up and rubbed my thigh. Oh shit! I broke from his embrace then looked at the small clock. It was 9am on a Saturday morning, I missed curfew but didn't tell Tao or Aya I'd be out.

We didn't care if someone stayed out, we wouldn't snitch if we knew where they were. I got out of bed then hurried for my clothes. My bra was by the door, tee shirt was on the edge of the bed, our clothes were everywhere. I threw Dallas his tee shirt and he scoffed. "What the hell?" "Dallas," I stepped into my panties and shorts, "I missed curfew. I didn't tell Tao so she's probably freaking." I eased my bra back on then folded my shirt outside-in.

Dallas sat on the edge of the bed, facing me with the covers balled around his waist. He yawned then ran his hand through his messy hair. "So you're just gonna fuck me then leave?" Dallas chuckled. "Dallas, you know it's not like that," I pouted. "I know. Hurry up. Lena started a new bed check thing." My eyes got as big as the sun.

"What?!" "I'm joking." Dallas tossed his head back then laughed. "Ugh!" He watched me run into the bathroom then halfass fix my hair. I came back out then he pulled me into his lap. "Don't worry. You'll be fine, just say you went for a morning jog. I've used it so many times." "Uhm, that's not okay," I laughed. "Sorry. Hmm, let me grab something to wear," Dallas smirked. He reached down then grabbed his from last night. Dallas stepped into the pants then led me through his apartment to the front door.

I rested my hand on his chest and whispered, "Goodbye." "Goodbye. Just, text me later," Dallas replied. I gave him a small kiss then hurried out. Two minutes was all I gave myself to run back to the dorms. One minute and fifty-four seconds, not bad. I ran upstairs then down the hall to our room. Tao and Aya were still sleeping so I felt kinda bad. I smelt like sex. Oh my, I smelt horrible. I ran to the bathroom then cut on my shower water.

The water felt amazing whenever it hit my skin, washing the sex off of me. It got kinda chilly so I flicked my wrist for Fire and the water warmed up. After a hot shower, I stepped out then wrapped a towel around my body.

I'll admit, Dallas did leave me kinda sore. But, last night was so. Dreamy. I know I sound like a corny idiot, but still! Most girls told me that losing your virginity was like some evil experience.

Mine wasn't. Dallas was actually gentle and sweet throughout the entire time. I got a text on my phone. Dallas: u lft ur headphones. Me: R u tryna find a way 4 meh 2 come bck so we cn fuk?

Dallas: Lowkey. Me: Nasty. Dallas: U luv it. Me: ok, sure. Dallas: so. When wll U get dem? He sent me the smirk emoji and I laughed back. Me: im prkticng in mah Yard ltr @ 4. Dallas: K. Well, U kept meh up all nite, so im gttn slp. Me: I kept U up?! Plz. Dallas: Fair. Bye. Me: bai. Dallas honestly just didn't like daylight. We went to bed at about 10, usually when I headed to sleep on a school night.

Dallas had told me that he always had a lot of excessive energy… I thought that was odd. Sleep just turned out to be his really good friend. I was super tired myself so, I can't be talking. I slipped into a long tee shirt then laid down under the covers. Around 3:30, I got ready for the Yard. One rule: never, ever, ever, ever practice in regular clothes. As in, don't wear a skirt or good jeans. Now, that was just for me because I usually got really physical but, other affinities, skirts are completely smiled upon.

Tao went to visit Maz, Aya went to the library. I quickly made my way to my Yard then checked the Fire area for some wood. I usually practiced by setting a fire, gathering some plants and/or rocks, creating a little puddle and using the natural wind. It wasn't that hard to summon them, just clear my mind then focus on the element. Focus.focus. I called Air first then felt the breeze picking my hair up and gusting through my body.

I pointed north, that's where the air blew. Pointed west, the breeze directed that way. I called Fire then laughed at myself. It still shocked me how the flames just rolled on my forearms and I didn't feel a thing.

It automatically made me think of my mother again. How did she think of her strengths? Good, amazing, bad or terrible? I remember how she would sing nursery rhymes to me as a baby.

Right by the fireplace in our living room. Her gorgeous orange eyes twinkled with the blaze of the fire, her face warmed me with the caring and momness she gave off. For some reason, the fire must've known I was thinking of mom because the flames got bigger. Ooops. The small sparks crackled around me then I cut it out.

I called Water then felt the similar tingle to like jumping in the pool. I felt like I was standing in the middle of the ocean and I could hear and see the waves crashing and stirring by the shore. This may be different but, I felt like I was standing over the sharks. Like I was some immortal being (which, technically some Rian are) that controlled and breathed water. Lastly, I called Earth to cool myself off.

The smell of honeysuckles tingled my nose, the scent of fall sassafras, the sights of plain meadows that stretched on and on forever. Trying to imagine something other than these meadows was so hard, I loved the smell of fresh spring flowers and the feel of grass beneath my toes.

Even though I had on my shoes, it felt like I was barefoot and strolling through the grass, like nothing was separating me and earth. I finished them then called them all at once to test myself. A ball of Water sprang from my hand and burst against the tree. The pebbles around my feet started to rumble and shake, then a good-sized piece of sandstone flew into my hand. Fire burst from my palm and I squeezed the rock tighter, knowing from science in sixth grade that it was like cookie dough: it didn't melt, it baked.

(Little bit of basic science for ya, heh.) As I tightly gripped the rock, I focused more and more on the Air so it began whooshing and whipping through my hair and body like an oncoming storm. Something funny about all this was that nothing bothered each other, each element stayed in place, doing what they were meant to do and keep still. "Stop," I called out.

Everything dropped. No more wind was blowing my hair all over the place, I wasn't heating up the rock in my palm, nothing. Whoo, that felt good! In a few hours, I had my affinity down and ready for action. Since I was a Rio, that meant I could compete in the RA (Rio Affinities, pretty self explanatory) and that was pretty much like dog fighting.

You pick another person, lock yourselves in a cage, spar. Easy as that. Tao said that Maz and his brother were always there and fencing their faces off. The building where they kept the "cages" (I use quotation marks because they're not actually cages, they just remind you of cages) was called Ria. 162, a beautiful but intimidating place. Hmm, maybe I should go soon. Anyway, my mind drifted from RA and off to Dallas. I probably should go see him since he had my headphones and, we both kinda wanted to make out.

I cleaned up my Yard then walked toward the Archery. The Yard wasn't that far, probably two or three over from me. I reached the Yard and saw him. Dallas. There were three dragons, four or five deer, a few squirrels and two eagles flying overhead. He had his regular bow and arrow with pink winged arrows flags. I didn't know exactly what they were called so I made up a name. Er. The animals were running about and circling around him, egging him on to shoot them.

Dallas shot the first dragon with no trouble, got two deer then a small squirrel. Holy shit, the girls were right: he didn't miss a single thing he shot at. Dallas aimed for an eagle but a mental timer went off and he cursed. The animals that weren't shot ran up to him and he laughed down at them. "I guess it's your lucky day, huh?" He sent the creatures away, all but one eagle. I watched him take the arrows out of the animals and send them off.

The squirrel was dead so he chuckled to himself. I heard the eagle call out toward me and looked at him. The eagle flew by me then rested on a low branch. Dallas turned around and cracked a smile at me. "So, I answer to a stalker now," he chuckled.

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"Nah, I just want my headphones back," I smirked. "Fair enough. Oh, Eris, this is Harley. My annoying pet." Harley flew over to his shoulder and nipped his blonde hair. I smiled when he cocked his head at me.

Dallas pulled my orange headphones out of his back pocket and I gently took them. "Thank you. I was dying without them," I stressed. "You were fine," Dallas scoffed. I have him a melodramatic eye roll and Dallas bit his lip to hold his laughs back. Harley made a screechy noise to make Dallas gaze at him. "Can you not?

We're talking," he sneered. "Don't be mean. He's just saying you're stupid," I smiled. Harley made another screech at Dallas like he was agreeing with me.

"Whatever. I have to show you something." I raised an eyebrow at Dallas before replying, "Shoot me, I drown or burn you." "Heh," Dallas gave me a finger. "No. Just. Come on before I have to kill the bird." Harley nipped his hair again and Dallas rolled his eyes.

We walked side by side toward the apartments while Harley screeched and cawed at us. I reached up and touched his delicate wing and he let out what sounded like an eagle purr. Dallas opened the door to his place and we went in. Harley flew off to somewhere and I looked down the hall for him. "Uhm." "He's like a dog.

Annoying as hell but you still love em," Dallas said. "Ah. So, what did you have to show me?" I asked, turning the conversation back to what I was really doing here. "Something." Dallas put his hand on my hip and pulled me closer. I rested my hand on his neck then looked into his light green eyes. We were just about to kiss when Harley came swooping through the living room and scared us.

"Harley," Dallas sighed, "can you, like, leave? Go hang with Hannah." Harley flew away and actually left us. "Hannah?" I softly asked. "His beloved girlfriend. That's the other one at my Yard," he explained. "Ohhh." Dallas kissed my nose and I giggled. I kissed the corner of his lips and he snickered. We gave teasing kisses until his hand slid up my shirt to cup my breast.

I sighed when Dallas gave me a real, deep, passionate kiss on my pink lips and wrapped my arms around his neck. He carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on the pillows.

I didn't wanna seem like a slut and just have sex with him twice and not consider him my boyfriend, nothing but a quick fuck. Dallas got on top of me, keeping the lion's share of his weight off of me. I put my hands in his soft hair while he kissed on my neck. Dallas sucked, nipped and kissed on my neck for a good five minutes, hickey it was.

He came back to my lips then pushed his tongue to meet mine. I felt his hand rubbing between my thighs, not getting to close to my sex though. He wasn't treating me like some 17 year-old, inexperienced girl, no, Dallas was treating me like a woman who was mature enough to make love with him.

Dallas trailed down to my collarbone and kissed over to my chest. He had his hand behind me, on my lower back while I arched up at the feel of him. I didn't want to miss out on the fun so I wrapped my leg through his then pinned him on his back. My hair was dangling down as I looked at his perfect face. Dallas pushed my hair to the side as I kissed down to his chest.

I slid my hand under the hem of his shirt and felt his perfect abs and muscles. Dallas hadn't been entirely hard but he was some what turned on. I undid his jeans but he stopped me. Dallas sat up and pulled me up to straddle his hips. "We can wait. It's not important," he said. "Okay," I replied. We met lips again and I draped my arms around his head while he held my waist. Dallas pushed me back so I was laying down in front of him. He spread my legs then kissed the inside of my thighs.

"Oh, Dallas," I panted. I was honestly scared. Scared that he would potentially eat me out but I would be terrible. Ya know, as in, not satisfying to him or just straight up terrible. Dallas kissed my thigh once more then slid back onto my body. We shared a few more kisses and broke away. Dallas swung his legs over the bed then sat with his back to me while I fixed my hair and top. "Ya know," I said, "if you wanted to make out, you could've said that." "Well, that's awkward.

Me just walking up to you and saying, 'I'm horny so come back to my place so we can grope and kiss.' Would you really agree to something like that?" Dallas snickered. "Okay, no." I crawled over to him and kissed behind his ear. "Maybe another time. Homework." "Loser," Dallas gave me a boyish grin. "I know.

But, you're the one who has to deal with Harley," I countered. "No matter how annoying he is, Harley is twice as funner than homework." "Funner?

You may need the homework." Dallas rolled his eyes while I giggled. "Homework or blowjob, I'd pick the blowjob," I whispered. "And Harley or head, I'd pick head," Dallas replied.

"But, I'd pick Harley." "This is a very irrelevant conversation." "Very." Dallas kissed my cheek and I smiled at him. We left the bedroom then to the door, though I wanted to stay, I didn't wanna get in trouble for missing curfew. Dallas made me feel… better than I'd ever felt before. He probably was second to my Elements but, he made me feel awesome and mature.

Like I said, Dallas didn't treat me like some kid, he treated me as if I was a woman who'd had sex and gave head before.

All of this was making me overwhelmed and I felt my arms warm up. I looked down and I accidentally called Fire to my body. "Uhm, if you're trying to burn me…" Dallas said. "Shush," I scoffed. The fire left me and I reached out to hug him. "You're gonna burn me." I gave him a death stare but he did one of those smartass smiles. We shared a hug and kiss then I left back for the dorms. Dallas always offered to walk me back but I always said no because it was a waste of his energy.

I smiled to myself as I entered the dorm. Just thinking about Dallas made me happy and warm and bubbly inside. I've said this 800x but, he just makes me feel so special and empowering.

And to think, not but a month ago did he try to kill me. Hm. I grabbed a brown pop then went up to our dorm. ==== Aya hit my back and I gasped in pain. We were playing 5-star before bed and I screamed from the sharp sting running up my spine.

"Ahhhh! Aya!" "What?! You said I could hit you harder," she laughed. I bit my hand then sat down with my legs tucked to the side. Tao was finishing her Riate and blasting Kenny Chesney. For some reason, she really liked country music and Kenny Chesney was her future Ice Husband. I brushed my hair and watched Aya sway back and forth around the room. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Swaying to mental music. It's much better than Kenny," she answered.

"Hey!" Tao snapped her head toward us. "It was her. I very much appreciate Kenny." I pointed a finger at Aya. Tao rolled her eyes then finished her work with Kenny. My chinchilla, Boing was running around the floor with Mumble, squeaking and chasing at each other. Aya's Great Dane, Mikey was sprawled out on Tao's bed with his large paws resting on her chilly pillow. I was sipping my brown pop when Aya announced her new accomplishment. "I had sex with Kadolfi." I spit my pop across the room and started coughing like crazy.

Not only did Kadolfi have a really cool name, but he had an affinity for Dragons and this cool bright orange hair. He was Rio and a bit older than us, with the coolest Maxi ever! His Maxi ran down his arms and completely covered his chest (we were at a pool party and shirts came off).

Tao patted my back so I could stop choking and we looked at Aya. "For real?" I gasped. "Yeah. Last night. I'm sorry I didn't tell y'all," she quietly said. "No, it's fine. But&hellip. Kadolfi?!

Eeee! He's cute and Maz is good friends with him." Tao winked at Aya. "It just… whatever. Would it be bad if it was outside?" I jumped up and laughed my head off. I was happy, excited and a bit angry with myself. Happy because Dallas took my virginity, excited because Aya got Kadolfi (they'd been eyeballing each other) but angry because I didn't tell the girls about Dallas.

I sat back down then cleared my throat. "Okay, I got something, too," I said. "Spill, spill, spill! Please tell me you got a good grade," Tao smiled. I looked at Aya and saw her head was hung and her eyes were closed and she was slightly rocking back and forth.

She was having a vision… Aya's visions were always right and always accurate. After about 30 seconds, she opened her eyes and gasped at me. "OHMYGOD! YOU DID?!" "Yeah…" I just knew what she meant. "What, what?" Tao exclaimed. Aya crawled over to us and sat between us. "She had sex with Dallas. Her first time." Tao's mouth dropped down to hell.

They wrapped me up in a hug and I laughed when they started making kissy sounds. "Was it good?" "Gentle?" "Sexy?" "Is that why you missed curfew?" "Did it hurt?" "But, mostly was he big?" "Okay!

Yes to all of those. He was so gentle and it was really sexy, I didn't text y'all about missing curfew, it hurt and, I cried but he comforted me, gigantic! He knew how to touch me and…" I bit my lip as I trailed off. "Oh god," Tao smiled, "I was right! We said that you two were gonna fuck!" "So called that shit! Now we know where you are when you're gone." Aya waggled her eyebrows. "Ugh, not always. We uh, kinda, made out today." "Oooooooh!" "Holy hell!" "Please don't make a big deal out of it!

It kills me enough that we're doing it in secret," I sighed. "C'mon, why does it have to be a secret?" Tao asked. "T, he's a Mio, she's a Rio.

Do you think Brice and Lena would approve?," Aya said. "Oh shit! I FORGOT!" "See? It's not like we're dating but, it's not just a quick fuck," I said. "Hun, it's not wrong or anything. He's… just older," Aya said. "I know! I don't see why they'd go ham because we're fucking!" "Well, Mio are technically supposed to be professors, so&hellip." Tao trailed off and waved her hand to prove a point.

"So? He's not a professor," I scoffed. "Well, yeh, he kinda is. All Mio work with the younger kids just getting their affinities, and, some high schoolers. But, it wouldn't be TOO terrible. Because he's just 19 and you'll be 18 soon. It's not like he's 21 like the Twins," Aya gave a soft smile. "I forgot… Ugh! This is difficult! So, y'all are saying I could be with him but I should not be with him because of our age difference? What difference does 2 years make?!

He's turning 20 soon, I'm gonna be 18! It's not like I'm sleeping with, Govea or something!" Tao and Aya smiled when I said Govea. Govea was really hot but off limits. "Just, keep it between us and, y'all can figure out what to do," Tao said. "Yeh, and, it's not terrible, so, even if they do find out, they won't slit your throats," Aya added.

I chuckled then said, "Okay. Alright, we need sleep." We split up to our spots and slept soundly. The next morning, I was up first so I decided to wake the girls up with singing. "Club going up, on a Sunday! Get ya ass up cause we have a fun day!" Tao and Aya woke up with grunts and groans to show me they weren't as happy as me.

I threw pillows at them then they actually got moving. After needed showers and breakfast, we got ready to leave. We planned to walk around campus and visit the different areas we had. That's how big this place was! I was right about it being like a Mesopotamia or little town because there was pretty much anything you could imagine.

Want some food? There's a cafe. Wanna go shopping? Mall. Wanna have a race with the expensive cars? There's a flipping track next to the garage. I walked with Tao and Aya toward an extra Yard so we could just play around. It was a warm day for winter but it was normal here. There were different seasons but it never snowed in Rianate. That was the cool thing; it was early December and it only rained but stayed a bit warm.

Aya pushed me into the fence and I gave her a dirty look when I landed on my ass. "Ow," I emphasized.

"Just because I love you," she smiled. Tao handed me a ponytail holder and I laughed. "What? We're playing tag. NO HAIR GRABBING. Cough, Aya," Tao said. "I'm just adoring the beautiful color," Aya sweetly said. "And, no pushing people on their asses. Cough, Aya," I added. Aya flipped us both off then waited for us to fix our hair. Tao yelled out "GO" and we ran away from Aya.

I managed to run far enough so she tagged Tao and Tao ran after me. She chased me over a rock and I ran as fast as my long legs would take me. I almost slipped when she tried to touch my abdomen. "Shit! Tao!" "Come here, bitch!" she laughed. I ran around her then toward the fence. Aya caught up with me and Tao chased both of us, managing to tag me.

"Poop," I cried. "Hah, loser," Aya bragged. "You're it," Tao added. I drew my eyes to both of them then ran like hell. Tao maneuvered around the tree and I ducked under the low branch. Aya was right by me so I tried to reach for her. My fingertips grazed the fabric of her tee shirt but that wasn't enough. Aya saw me running toward her and cheated so hard by climbing up the tree. "Not fair one bit!" I called up. She dangled her feet over the branch and flipped her pink hair.

"It's very fair." "But, it's not." Tao walked up next to me and we looked up at Aya. "Well, I had a little vision and knew she was gonna tag me. Soooo, resources, babe." "No, that means you're it," I scoffed. "And you have a penalty: no running, only walking," Tao smiled. "WHAT?! SHIT NOT FAIR!" "It's very fair," we said at once and mimicked her hair flip. Aya gave us an eyeroll then hopped down from the tree.

We played tag for a bit more and went to the cafe afterward. ==== "Oh, that's hot," Tao laughed. "I know," I smiled. I just told Tao and Aya about my eighth grade year when I was a hot nerd.

Blonde hair, glasses, cute lisp. "Did you ever have braces? Because that would've made you hooooot," Aya added. "Sadly, no. My teeth were fine." I smiled at them with my hand under my chin. "Hey, you should hear how Tao got her famous scar." "Oh," Tao pointed at her scar under her eye. "I fell on ice and bam. I named it Shanaynay." "You gave your scar a ghetto name? Damn," I chuckled. "Bitch, please.

Shanaynay is normal as Sarah," Aya said in a ghetto voice. We laughed as we got back up to our dorm. I plopped down on my bed and Aya got in the beanbag chair with Mumble waddling over to her. "Hey, anyone want a popsicle?" Tao asked. "If it's dessert, I'm in," I said. "Make it cherry," Aya added.

Tao's hands flew in circles for a few seconds then she was holding three Popsicles. One cherry, one lemon, one plain ice. "Thanks." I grabbed my treat and kissed her cold cheek. "Thank you," Aya smiled. "Anytime, anywhere," Tao bragged. We sat down while eating and sucking our treats (hey, hey, not sexually) and preparing for bed. The good thing was that tomorrow would be our first day of the three-day week because there were teacher-day-thingies on Thursday and Friday.

So, more sleep for us! But, everyone knows the worst thing about having days off: coming back to even more work. I slipped my shorts on then laid down in the bed with my back up in the headboard. My phone buzzed and I reached over to my nightstand. Dallas: wat do u wer t bed? Me: clothes, U perv. Dallas: well, im horny. Me: Ur hand wll do. Dallas: fuk. Me: jus, go to bed. U wll wake up like a nu persn.

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Dallas: no. I'll wake up like a nu horny boi. Hve U evr been so horny dat noting wud help? Me: wat? U r not dat horny. Dallas: but I am. Me: well it's past curfw on a skol nit, so im so sorry 4 Ur hand. Dallas: Blah. Me: dnt count sheep. It dsnt werk. Dallas: ikr. Wher r da sheep comn from? Y sheep? Y not tits? Me: U need hlp. Dallas: whatevr. Me: I g2g. I'll txt U in da morn. Bai. Dallas: bye.

Again, I went to bed smiling because Dallas gave me our version of a goodnight kiss. I laid back under the warm covers then closed my eyes. Kill me. The next morning was terrible because I fell asleep in my contacts so my eyes felt like shit on pupils. I grabbed my thick framed glasses then blinked my eyes a few times. It's not that they made me look dorky but, come on, who wants to wear glasses 24/7? Tao and I met eyes and she gawked at my glasses.

"You look cute! SUPA cute," she smiled. "Shut up," I mumbled. In all of a month, I made sure not to wear my glasses around them so I didn't have to hear their Ooh's and aah's. Literally, I would take my contacts out two seconds before bed just so I didn't have to wear them.

Aya popped up from the floor then smiled at me. "That's a hawt look on you." "Oh my goodness," I sighed. I hurried to the bathroom then took a quick shower. After Tao and Aya were done, we got downstairs for a breakfast of Lucky Charms. I got a few compliments on my glasses, like, what? I didn't wear super big ones but those ones girls wear to try and appear nerdy and cute. We headed off to class and Aya told us about how Kadolfi was texting her last night. "I wanted to make out with him through the phone.

He was soooo cute," she fanned herself as we walked into the classroom.


"Get over yourself," I scoffed. "Dallas texted me, horny last night." "He did?! Well, Maz kinda sent me a pic last night. Beat that, bitches," Tao smirked. We sat in our seats just before the bell rang. Nanaya had on a cute floral print skirt with a white blouse and a headband to match the skirt. Her smile lit up the class while she talked about Tao's mom helping a few kids in Haiti. Wow. Who knew our parents had been all over the world and done so much stuff? I learned that mom had been to a volcano in New Mexico to get in touch with her Fire and Magma side.

Huh. In Riate, Tao fell asleep for a second and I shook her awake before Brice could see. "Stay up. We're almost at lunch," I whispered. "Ugh," she groaned. Riate was really funny because Brice was in a good mood unlike Lena who was storming the halls with an angered expression. We got to the cafeteria and Aya asked, "What's her problem?" "Period," I muttered. "Nasty," Tao laughed.

"For real, I dunno. Maybe some Pio (sophomore) pissed her off and she's taking it out on all of us." "Yeah. She usually gets pissed when the lower classmen do some stupid shit. Or stress from the play," Aya shrugged. "Yeah! That too!" Tao took another bite of her pasta. We finished up lunch then headed down to Art. Before class started, Verc waved me up to her desk. Oh shit, oh shit. I approached the desk and she handed my a small slip. "Congratulations, your painting won second in the YAC," Verc smiled.

"Oh wow! Amazing. Thank you for placing me in the competition," I gaped. "That wasn't me. That was you and your inner peace speaking. I'm proud of you, I know your mother would love that work. And, your glasses are stylish." I smiled at the thought of my mother.

Class started and I went back to my spot between Aya and Tao. As Verc explained what we were doing for the next hour, I read over the slip. The prize wasn't something we got to keep, it was something we got to do. Pretty cool.

Now, I just had to ask my dad what a hitceda is. The Rian terms were sometimes used a long time ago, and I had no idea what it was. After Art and Math were over, I was pretty anxious to get to my Yard and practicing calling my Elements.

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I figured out they came when I got upset or angry or just relaxed and calm. But, I kinda wanted to visit dad. I shot him a quick text asking where he was and he said at Ria. 57, also known as the library. I practiced my callings for a bit then sprinted off to the library. It wasn't mandatory to participate at Affinity Hour so I wouldn't get my ass chewed out for skipping last period. Dad and Sumiko were talking over in the lounge area and I snuck up to wave. "Hello, Eris," dad smiled.

"Hi, honey," Sumiko added. "Hello. What are you two oldies talking about?" I plopped down in the red chair next to dad.

"Oldies? Just so you know, I'm no older than 25," dad scoffed. "Sure, Jeff," she laughed. "Haha. Sumiko, you work at the elementary and middle school with the Tio (youngest students), right?" I asked. "Yes. Training them with their strengths and incoming powers." "Cool. You work with any kids? Like, any age?" Sumiko nodded her head and said, "Yes.

I don't really work with high school students because we're not as connected." "Ohh! That's what I was curious about." "Oh. Well, yeh." As Sumiko shook her hair back with her shoulders, the rainbow tips looked amazing draped over her bare skin.

She had on a tank top blouse with skinny jeans and suede boots, so, casual but dressy outfit. Tao had the same features as her mother: beautiful and amazing. Sumiko always had a smile on to warm you up and make you feel all happy. I talked with the two some more then went off after the last bell rang. Since I had to study for an upcoming History test, I went to the circled table and shoved my headphones in and opened my textbook. The test was focusing on Rian interaction with humans and how we cooperated hundreds of years ago.

Seriously, no one would believe any of this stuff was true until actually reading the books and small stories. It said that a Rian named Decarlo had an affair with a famous celebrity so some people were trying to expose him. I thought it was cool that— "Why are you always here?" That deep, sexy, slick voice sounded heavenly to my ears.

"Dallas, you're a stalker," I smiled. "Well, try having to read something because the Twins wanna prove you wrong," Dallas sighed. He crossed over to one of the bookshelves and started searching for a while before grabbing his book.

It was pretty thick, and really dusty. "Don't ask. Some stupid ritual they want me to take a peek at," he said. "Oh," I huffed. "Don't ask me to read aloud, either. I can barely pronounce this shit.

It's mostly in Greek and Riate." "Sucks to suck." Dallas kicked my foot and I giggled. He soon finished reading them slipped the book back into its correct place.

Dallas got on his phone then started playing DragonVille. "Are you serious?" I snickered. "Shut up. I have over 80 dragons and a bunch of money and a bunch of gems. I just don't suck at this," he smiled.

Dallas continued to play while I skimmed through my last few pages. I flipped my book closed then threw my arms up and said, "I am gonna ace this test." "Girl, quit lying," Dallas laughed.

"Hey!" "I'm kidding." I leaned over the table and gave him a single kiss. "Okay," Dallas said, "I'll be nice." "Uh huh," I smirked. I sat back in my chair then Dallas turned his phone off. He put his forearms on the table and gave me a serious look. "So, I'm still horny and, y'all don't have school on Thursday and Friday. Can we at least make out? You look really cute in glasses and it's raising my horny level." "That'd technically be using me," I scoffed but laughed.

"I'm sorry. It's just. Okay. Look, there's three levels of horniness: level 1 is you can jerk off and it'll be okay. Level 2 is you want a lap dance and sex afterward. Level 3 is just full on sex. Right now, I'm level 12." I looked at him like he was crazy. Level 12?!

Wouldn't that break me?! "Uhm, Dallas. I'm not sure level 12 is healthy," I snickered. "I know! That's why I'm so anxious and shit!" "Well, sorry. But, I wanted to stop at the car garage and check out this white Audi R8 spyder my dad was talking about. "Oh. Oh! I drove that before." "Dallas, don't play with me right now. Are you serious?!" Dallas nodded his head then said, "Yeh.

Really smooth engine." "Hmm. I might not go today. Probably, Friday or Saturday when I'm bored and have time." "Okay. Well, it's 8:30… want me to walk you back?" Dallas cracked a smile and I shook my head in amusement. We stood then left the library and headed to the dorms.

Our fingers brushed together a few times but we just kept walking to reduce the amount of touching. Dallas stopped with me in front of the glass doors and I looked at him. "Thank you. I'll, text you in like, five minutes," I smiled. Dallas bent down and gave me a soft peck. I stole another and he gave me one last kiss.

"Alright," Dallas smiled. "Three is the limit. Go." "Bye." I walked into the dorms and smiled to myself, Dallas had really good lips. I ran upstairs to see Tao and Aya coming out of the shower and in their pajamas.

I quickly showered for bed then laid down. We were in complete silence and darkness until Aya said, "Eris? Can you wear your glasses tomorrow?" "Why?" I chuckled. "You look cute," Tao whispered. "Yeah. And uh, I saw you and Dallas kissing in front of the dorms. I think he likes them too," Aya added with a smile in her voice.

I turned onto my side and propped my head on my wrist. Tao and Aya were both facing me with wide grins. "This may be corny, but his lips are so fucking soft," I said. "And that hair, though," Aya sighed. "Archery? Talk about booty!" Tao did a little fist pump. "I'm telling Maz and Kadolfi." "WAIT!" they cried at once. I fell back on the bed and laughed myself to sleep. ==== All of Tuesday was kinda dull because it was rainy throughout classes but, after Affinity Hour, I went to visit Jau and Govea.

The other dragons were so cute and fun and unique in their own cool ways. On Wednesday, I took the History test and, I think I did pretty good. Aya had a vision that I was gonna do good but she wouldn't tell me my score, POOP.

After last bell rung, I stopped at my dorm to change my clothes then went for a walk. That day was pretty sunny and the outdoors felt so amazing at the time. The clouds started to darken while I was climbing through a few trees but I didn't mind. I saw this little gremlin I knew as Tyler. The gremlins couldn't talk but they made these little squeaky noises that were terribly cute. They came in four colors: beige, green, blue and red. Beige meant crazy, Green meant sweet, Blue meant they were always sick and Red, well, they were fucking devils.

My walk was cut short because it started to rain a bit too hard. I got back to the dorm and heard Aya and Tao listening to Kenny Chesney. Or, Tao was listening, Aya was slamming her head into the pillows. "Make"—slam—"it"—slam—"stop!" "Aya," I laughed, "she's not gonna stop." "UGh!" Aya slammed her face harder and I giggled.

Tao sang along with Kenny in a very, very country accent that was stronger than his twang. I changed to my pajamas and Aya laid in the bed with me. We took quick pictures of Tao as she danced and flipped her hair to Wild Child like a mental patient. After the song was over, she turned her iPod speaker off and took a bow. "Thank you. That was a lot of work," Tao sighed.

"Bad work at that," I muttered. "Hey!" "Now, y'all be nice," Aya said in an Okie voice. Tao jumped in the bed with us and we hugged to sleep. When I woke up, Tao's boobs were pushing into my side and Aya's butt was on my hip. I felt like we just had an orgy&hellip.

okay! "Guys," I laughed. "What, Eris?" Tao sleepily mumbled. "It's too early," Aya whined. Let's see how they'd freak if I said&hellip."We had an orgy." "WHAT?!" Tao and Aya popped up with deer-in-the-headlights looks on their faces. They noticed we were clothed then hit me with pillows. "Hey! We should try!" "In your dreams, perv," Tao giggled. "I lurve ya, but uh, no," Aya said.

"Alright, alright. What time is it?" I smiled. Tao checked our clocks then replied, "12 in the afternoon on a Wednesday." "Oh. No metabolism whatsoever," Aya scoffed. "None," I added. "Well, breakfast! Come on!" We ran downstairs then grabbed our morning—or afternoon in this case—round of Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch. Most of the girls in the dorm were around the TV's and watching some reruns of Full House, some were running around and laughing, others were finishing some food.

Tao took us to the bonus room so we could play around like little kids. The bonus room was just like a playroom for 17 and 18 year-old girls.

There was a clear wall so we could do stupid shit, there was a table for games and stuff, there were close to a million balls (hey, all vagina here) so we could create games and an iPod speaker to blast some songs (not Kenny Chesney or Ariana Grande, ew).

Tao pushed herself onto the wall in a handstand and I held her long legs. Aya put her face right by Tao's then blew into her eye. "Aya! I'm trying not to die!" she giggled. "Let's play 20 seconds, come on," I said. We let Tao down then grabbed one of those big exercise balls (don't even). I invited two girls, Skye and Lela.

Skye had an affinity for Technology, Lela had Poetry. "Alright," Aya announced. "I'll start the count." "Ready?" I asked. The girls gave nods. "1.2.3…" I hit Tao with the ball then she hit Skye.

Skye chucked to Lela, Lela went back to Skye. "…" Tao completely murdered my boob with the ball right when Aya said 20. "Shit!" I laughed. The objective was to not get with the ball when the person said 20. If you do get hit, you're out and the timer. I started a count then balls started flying (okay, that's funny). Skye got out and the new round started.

After like, 50 rounds of twenty seconds, we plopped down on the couch to watch Snooki & JWOWW. Two episodes in, I kinda wanted to see Dallas.

I texted him and he responded soon after. Me: wryd Dallas: Yard. Y? Me: Oh. nvm. Dallas: wat? Oooooh, ur horny! Hah. Me: stfu. Can we talk? Dallas: u mean fuk, but ok. Me: stfu! Lol. Dallas: cmon. I'll b ther. I sent him a thumbs-up emoji then leaned over to Tao and Aya. "I'll be back later. Dallas." "Ooh," Tao cooed. "Wear protection," Aya laughed. I got upstairs and changed to skinny jeans and my favorite sweatshirt.

That was another thing: protection. I'd have to get birth control or some shit, condoms aren't the coolest. I walked to Ria. 24 (the middle apartment building) then made my way to Dallas's place.

No doors were locked so, I just slipped on in. I heard shower water There were two bathrooms: one in the hall, one connected to his bedroom.

Dallas was in the bedroom one so I sat on the couch with my feet up. The water cut off and the door opened. "I'm here!" "What the? You scared the fuck outta me," Dallas exclaimed. He walked into the living room with his towel around his waist and I waved. I had managed to find where he kept food so I was eating some yogurt like an idiot.

"Really? I can't even shower in peace anymore," he muttered. "Damn right. This yogurt is really good," I said with my mouth full of yogurt. "That's why I had poison put into it." I narrowed my eyes at him then took another spoonful of yogurt. Dallas went back to the bedroom and threw on some sweatpants and a black tee shirt. He came back out then ran his fingers through his damp hair. "So," I said, "how was your basic day?" "I'm not basic. My day was fine, mom.

How about yours?" Dallas flatly replied. "I played. Really." "What did you play?" "20 seconds then I watched TV. So, I had a little kid day." Dallas frowned in approval. I saw the flat screen TV had an Xbox and I got the sudden urge to play. Now, I was a nerd back in my day, so, I could kill anyone I wanted in MW3. But, not to brag or anything. "Do you have FIFA 14?" I blurted. "Yeah. Look on the bookshelf," Dallas said.

I went to the tall bookshelf then looked on the bottom row. He actually had a lot of games. I found FIFA then popped it in. The TV was hella nice. HD and really loud. I picked Barcelona (who wouldn't) then played against Chelsea (I know, I know, basic). After an amazing win (brag, brag), I looked back at the bookshelf. I'm pretty sure any Call of Duty ever made was over there, boss. Dallas came back into the living room with a cranberry sprite. Very good, if ya ask me.

I put the controller down then looked at him. "What? I'm not sharing," Dallas mumbled. "I don't want any. I have to ask you something," I sighed. "Yes, I did use protection." I threw a pillow at him and Dallas hit me back harder. "Not my question, stupid. Who's your parent?" Dallas turned his eyes back to the soda can and got super quiet.

"Someone killed my parents when I was four." "I'm sorry! I didn't—" "It's fine. I know about your mom, so…" "Yeah." Dallas bit his lip then got up from the chair. He sat on the couch with me and gave me the can. I took a sip and gave it back.

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"Did you atleast know your parents?" I asked. "Yeah. My mom told me about Rianate right before they got killed. My dad didn't really like me," he replied. "I'm sorry if this is much but… do you know why?" "He just, didn't approve of me.

I was the odd kid out of my family. My sisters both had red hair, I have, this. Mom and I were the only ones with the blonde." "Oh…" "What about your mom? Did you know her?" Dallas met my eyes and I softly smiled. "Barely. I was only two. I just knew she had these really pretty orange eyes with this dark blonde hair.

Just like my dad has when it's not green. And, me too." "Huh. Wasn't your mom Fire?" "Yeah," I replied. I paused to think, should I tell him I saw it happen? It was so long ago but, I just remember it like it was yesterday. Ah, to hell with it. "I was there. When, when they killed her." "You were? Was your dad?" "No. I was home and I heard her scream in the backyard.

I ran out but stopped just before they could see me. Behind a tree, I watched the bastard slit her throat and they carried her away. I just&hellip. Whatever. That was almost 16 years ago, so&hellip." "Oh… My sister said she was there but, I know for a fact that's not true," Dallas said. "Why'd ya say that? What if she was there?" "She said my parents got shot but, they were drowned.

They 'fell' off of a boat dock and got 'stuck' in a net and water filled their lungs." "So, you think someone held them under water and just, blah?" Dallas nodded his head before replying, "Yeah.

My parents owned a boat and I figured someone forced the water because they weren't found. It's not easy to explain but, I just know it wasn't an accident." "Well, I didn't let my dad know I saw it until I turned 8.

You've never experienced hell until people made fun of you because you didn't have a mother." "What? Who would do that?" "Middle schoolers. Stupid kids going through puberty. I didn't really tell anyone because, what would a petite little kid with glasses and a lisp do?" "Wow.

That's terrible. The only thing I remember is wanting to strangle my sisters." "About that," I said, "how many do you have? Do they live here? Affinities?" "Dayton and Dakota, you can tell what we have in common. They don't live here anymore because they got their strengths stripped after they killed off an entire group of humans.

Try being the only boy and the youngest of devils, not pleasant. I haven't said a word to them since I was 15." I widened my eyes at Dallas and he nodded. Wow, that's terrible. Both devil sisters, he's youngest, only boy and the only one who knows the truth about their parents? Utterly sickening, honestly.

"I guess being an only kid helped because my parents tried their hardest to keep me happy," I blurted on to keep the conversation from getting awkward. "Keep you happy? Were you like, psychotic?" Dallas tried bringing some light in with his cute laugh. "No! I was just teased as a kid.

I didn't start talking until I was three." "Oh! Sorry." "Fine. What, were you like, a crazy kid?" "Heh," Dallas flashed me a smile. "Nah, I just didn't talk to my sisters. Believe it or not, I have ADHD. Remember how I told you I always have lots of energy? I was always bouncing off of the walls and my dad just hated that." I blinked a few times at Dallas.

Really? He had ADHD? Wow, you wouldn't think that. "Really? I would never think that about you." "Me either." "If I don't catch myself, I talk with a lisp," I smiled. "You have a lisp? Hilarious." "Huth. I will cuth you outh, bish," I exaggerated. Dallas poked my nose and I tried to bite his finger. He tickled my neck to make me flinch and giggle. "That felt weird," I smiled.

"Then stop." Dallas winked at me. We met in a soft kiss and were about to pull back, but we wanted more. I put my hands on either side of his face while Dallas kept his hands on my waist. We right in the middle of making out when there was a knock on the front door. "Life and Death to the rescue!" the first voice called.

"And to kill you," second voice muttered. "Can you not try to harm everyone? It's just so mean." "Shut up, fag." "I will punch you. Just because I heal doesn't mean I can't fuck you up." "Dallas, open the door before I murder him!" Dallas pulled me out of his lap and opened the door for the Twins. Bear and Bull were standing there with stupid looks on their faces but their jaws dropped to hell when they saw me. "Hell nah," they said at once.

==== "Oh my god, that's so cute," Bull smiled. Dallas and I told them about how we met in the woods and how we've been running into each other uh, kissing. (We left out the intimate parts.) "Wait," Bear held up his hand, "so are you two uh, fucking?" "Obviously!

Look at them," Bull smiled even harder. "Christopher, I didn't ask your gay-ass. I asked them." "Just because I'm happy for them doesn't make me gay, Caine." "Wait—aren't you gay?" I asked. "Bi, honey," Bull scoffed. "But mostly gay," Bear muttered.

"Okay, uhm, what do y'all want?" Dallas snickered. "Have you seen Lena lately? She's walking around like the Raging Witch of Rianate. No one, not even Brice, knows what's up with her," Bull answered.

"She said that a Tio pissed her off but, I highly doubt that's it. It almost doesn't seem school-related. Tao, Aya and I said she's on her period," I said. "Isn't she old enough to go through menopause—" "Shut up, Caine," Dallas smirked. "Just saying," Bear smiled his evil smile.

"Hmm," Bull scratched his head, "Dallas, what'd you do?" "Me? I don't talk to the old hag," he scoffed. "Like, she's so mad that she threatened to take my Death away because I tried to talk to her in the hallway," Bear said.

"Wait, you said Brice doesn't know?" I asked. "Nada. He knows zero." Bull gave me a small smile. "Go ask your mom," Dallas added. "Why? She won't know anything! And, I'm scared of her!" they said at once.

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I pushed them toward the door and said, "If she kills you, send us a text." Dallas closed the door and we heard the Twins sigh.

Their mom was really cool but sometimes scary because she had an affinity for Metal. Like, she could stab you in two seconds. Chryseis was really nice and pretty, though. Long, silver hair and dark grey eyes with a Maxi on her leg. I could see why the Twins got scared of her because Chryseis always had something powerful to say or do. Anyway, Dallas and I got back on the couch to talk about Lena being so upset.

"What do you think it is?" he asked. "I dunno. We saw her at school and she was not happy. It could be some stupid thing some Rios did at an RA," I said. "Yeh. Yeh, you're right." My hand was in his lap with his arm wrapped around my body. Dallas kissed the top of my head and I rested my head on his shoulder. We were watching a Broncos game but not really watching, mostly thinking of what Lena could do when she was mad. She and Brice shared the affinity for Leadership (why they got the role they have now), with power and control over the entire school.

Entire campus. Rianate belonged to no one, but to all, but they could still tell us what to do. Lena had a tendency to take her angered frustration out on the professors by spitting mean words at them or just straight up threatening to take their powers. God, if she did that to a student, there's no telling what would happen. That just made me ponder the thought of her taking my affinity.

If it's way too much power for me, imagine if she had the nerve to purloin a gift like mine. That'd be way too much power for one single Rian. Controlling the Elements and having Leadership and the ability to take anyones power.

Damn. It just scared me to think… "Eris." "What?" I was absent-minded so Dallas didn't really get all of my attention.

"Chill out. Everything'll be okay. Put the water down," he chuckled. "What are you…" I gave back from la la land and saw I was calling Water from the sinks in the house. Water was running from every faucet and starting to attract to the living room.

I cleared my head and the streams went back to their places. "You were gonna drown us." Dallas winked down at me. "I'm sorry," I smiled. "It is okay. Oh… it's getting late…" "I don't care. I told Tao and Aya I'd be gone for a while. I can text them." "Alright," he replied. I opened my phone and texted Tao and Aya in a group chat.

Me: Out Tao: wear protection! Aya: scream for us girl Me: hell nah. Bye. I laughed to myself while I put my phone on the coffee table. Dallas kissed my lips again and I sighed into his mouth. We uh, kinda started to make out again to the point we were laying on the couch. I ran my fingers through Dallas's soft hair as he kissed on my neck and down to my breasts. Dallas slid his hand into the waistband of my jeans and I moaned under his gentle touch.

He was getting hot because his cock was pressing into my lower stomach. Dallas sat back on his knees then off of my small body. He turned me around on the couch and yanked my jeans down then tossed them to the floor. I tugged his tee shirt off then he got back onto me. Our tongues danced around in my mouth while our hips involuntarily gronde against each other.

Dallas took my teal hair out of the high ponytail I had in and it draped down my back. I felt the same tingling between my thighs, the same fluttery feeling in my stomach as we kissed. Dallas tugged my sweatshirt off and looked down at my body, my black, lacy panties and bra.

I reached between our bodies then undid his jeans and pushed them down. I wrapped my arms around him again and we continued to kiss with lots of deep passion. Dallas reached around my back and after a few pathetic attempts, unhooked my bra. "Wow, Dallas," I laughed as I slid the bra off of my shoulders. "Skills," he replied. Dallas kissed my boobs then down my stomach and stopped at my panties.

My chest rose and fell deeper when he eased his finger under the thin fabric. The black lace was ripped from my hips and tossed to the floor. Well, damn. Dallas pushed me higher on the couch then kissed the inside of my thighs.

Oh shit, oh shit. He kissed up to my pussy lips then back to my thighs. After some more kisses, Dallas ran his thumb over my bare sex. I let out a shuddering sigh when he spread my lips apart with his two fingers and took sight of my pink pussy. Dallas took three slow licks of my virgin sex and I let out a small purr to show him he was doing good. I'd never been eaten out but I read some story about this girl who came twice during it.

So, it must be good! I felt his tongue flick my clit with the gentlest touch and I just had to get louder. "Ohh," I moaned. Dallas sucked on my pink knob for a bit then oh, so lightly used his teeth to nibble me. I think I may've died when he slipped his tongue between my wet folds. "Ohmygod, agh!" I arched my back as he rotated his tongue inside of me, making me hotter and wetter for him.

Now that I gave it some thought, my pussy was soaking with my juices because he was so good. Dallas held my legs apart while he licked and sucked and ate my fresh pussy.

Oh god, this felt amazing! The way he was using his tongue to pleasure me, work me up and just enjoying me.

I didn't last long since I'd never experienced this before and when I reached my orgasm, I spewed my juices all into his mouth. "Oh, ohhhh!" Dallas licked up all of my girl cum and he must've enjoyed it because he went back in for more. After I was down from my euphoric state of mind, Dallas stood up over my body. "Better than I expected," I panted. "What does that mean?" he smirked as he wiped the corner of his mouth. "Nothing." I sat up and Dallas kissed me again.

We were standing up with my hands on his neck, his hands down on my bare ass and caressing me. Dallas turned me around so my back was against his chest then kissed me on my neck. Was he thinking doggystyle? Because if so, I'm down! I wrapped my hand around his head and he kissed up to my ear. "Bend over," Dallas whispered.

"And, what if I don't?" I really knew how to tease. "Heh." Dallas smacked my ass then bent me at the waist. I was on my hands and knees with him behind me, lining his cock up to my angled pussy. Dallas pushed the first inch or two in and I let out a gasp/moan/purr/hiccup at the feel of his large cock. At this angle, I felt tighter and his tool felt larger inside of me. But it felt hella good! Dallas held my waist as he sank the last of his length into me.

"Aghhh," I sighed to show him I felt it good. He slid back until his cock almost left my pussy but then pounded back into me. Holy, agh, this felt good! Dallas did that a few times then started a medium pace that felt like heaven to me. "Ohhh, agh!" I could feel him. Feel him in my stomach and it felt—it felt good! No, not good, fucking killer! To feel his cock sawing into my tight sex and even feel him in my lower stomach made me hornier than ever before.

I started to move my hips back against his so I was doing a bit of work. Dallas let out a loud groan, so, I knew I was pleasuring him just as much he was pleasuring me. I pushed my hair to the side so I could see how his cock disappeared inside of me, how my hips took control and I fucked him back. Dallas put his hand on my lower back and held me as I continued to move back on him. I'll admit, it felt twice as better when I was the one doing the fucking and not just getting pounded by him.

Dallas palmed my ass then gripped my hips to fuck me again. I let out a moan every time his pubic bone slapped against my rear, I even moved a bit to make a comfortable motion between our bodies.

The room felt super hot and my body felt kinda sticky because of how hard we were fucking. Actually, Dallas was hammering me so hard that I had to bite my lip from screaming out. I reached my climax first and squeezed my pussy around his cock as I came. "Ohhhhh!" After my orgasm was settled, Dallas pulled his cock from me then quickly put me on my back. He penetrated me and fucked me harder than he did before.

"Ohhhhhhh! Oh! Dallas!" Dallas gave me three more thrusts then pulled his cock out of my pussy and shot his cum all on my stomach, thighs and tits. Why didn't he&hellip. oh shit! Thank god someone remembered that we weren't using protection!

His cum was all over my body, all the way up to my chest. Dallas and I caught our breath then looked at each other's eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't remember…" I softly said. "It's fine. Honestly, I didn't remember either," Dallas snickered.

"Oh, god." That was the next big thing I had to work on: birth control. We'd definitely be having more sex and today was wayy too close. Dallas pulled away from me then sat back on the couch with me right next to him.

In a matter of minutes, I had his cum cleaned off of my body and down my throat. Dallas glanced at me then laughed. "What? I'm just a good cleaner," I smiled. "Wow, Eris. Are you staying?" he asked. I was taken aback by that.

Dallas really wanted me to stay over? Really? I opened my mouth and replied, "Sure. Uhm, can I shower?" "Sure. I don't have girl products so it sucks to suck." Dallas said that just like his smartass-self. "Do you want me to cut your balls off?" "I don't care. But, who's cum would you have to swallow?" "I can't even&hellip. I'm gonna go shower," I laughed. As I walked past, Dallas smacked my bare ass and I giggled.

I got to the shower and stood under the warm water. There was two shower heads that were much more powerful than ours in the dorm and felt way more amazing. After washing my hair and giving myself a quick rinse, I stepped out then grabbed the white towel on the rack.

I rung my hair out and ran my fingers through the long tresses. It still amazed me how cool I looked with teal hair that matched my eyes, and the amazing affinity for the Elements. Like, uhm?! I called Wind so I'd dry faster and walked back to the living room. Our clothes were spread out over the floor and just about everywhere else. Dallas came out of the hallway bathroom with his sweats on and newly showered body and hair.

"Can I have something to sleep in?" I asked. "I'd expect you to be the type of person to sleep naked but, sure," he answered. "Dallas, I sleep naked only when I want to. Now is not one of those times." "Oh. You're scared that I'll 'fondle' you in your sleep." I sighed and smacked myself on the forehead while he burst out laughing.

My body was dry from the Wind so I was really just walking around with a breeze around me. I dismissed the breeze as I followed Dallas to the bedroom. He threw me a tee shirt and I dropped the towel. A dressed me walked back to the living room and plopped down with him to watch TV. It was only about 10:30 so it wasn't extremely late, though I don't mind. "You might wanna grab your clothes. Just saying," Dallas blurted. I slowly turned my head to him and replied in a calm voice, "Why do I insist on sleeping with a smartass?" "Because I'm cool.

And you're just referring to it as sleeping with?" "Yeah, because you're my side chick." I grabbed my stuff then put them in the bedroom in the chair. I came back and Dallas looked up at me. "I'm a proud side chick," he laughed. "Good to know. You just ain't my main chick," I smiled. Dallas pulled me to his lap and kissed my lips. I didn't have any panties on so I was really making sure he didn't touch me down there. The TV was showing some clips for an upcoming Ariana Grande concert and I gagged.

"Are you okay?" Dallas chortled. "I may just shoot myself. If anything, Ariana Grande should be shot," I said. "You don't like her? Why?" "Because she started off as some dumb idiot on a kids show and now she's dry humping everything and talking about having sex anywhere you want." "Really?

That's your reason? I mean, at least she's cute." "Sure but, no," I chuckled. Dallas had his hand on my knee while I laid back against his chest with my legs tucked to the side. He slid his hand higher up and I tried to push him off. "Babe, don't," I said. Oh shit, I just called him babe. er… "No. I get to touch," Dallas replied.

He moved his hand under the hem of the shirt and I sighed at the way he caressed my smooth skin. Dallas nudged me, I got the hint he wanted me to spread my legs. I spread my legs a bit wider then he rested his hand on my pussy. Dallas turned his head and gave me a soft kiss. I closed my legs again so his hand was trapped in between my thighs and rubbing me in small circles. "Baby, you wanna watch a movie?" Dallas asked.

"Sure." Did he just call me baby? Because if so, awh damn! Dallas put in The Purge Anarchy, something I didn't get the chance to see yet.

We cuddled up on the couch and got to watching. ==== I woke up in Dallas's bed, but no Dallas. The sun was shining through the big window and I sat up about ¾ to get a quick look around. I crawled out of the bed then reached out for the door but stopped myself.

There were voices. To be more precise, Dallas and, another woman. Oh god, that's Lena! I pushed my ear against the door then listened. "No, Lena, I haven't.

Why would I do something like that?" Dallas said. There was a short pause before she replied, "One of your arrows was stuck in his back. Are you sure you didn't hunt him?" Lena coldly replied. What? What was she accusing him of? "I'm positive. I only use them with Govea's permission." I could hear how confident Dallas sounded about this. "Okay. But, for now, I'll need your bow." "Wait—what?

No, Lena if I didn't do it—" "This isn't up for discussion. I'll also need bolts." "Wait, wait, Lena! I didn't do anything!" Dallas had a hint of desperation behind his voice. I could see why, his bows were his number one and Dallas hated to have one gone or messed with. I could hear Lena's footsteps approaching his bow room. Is she serious? Seriously taking one of his bows when Dallas did nothing? She really was in a bitchy, crusty, old person mood.

The room was right across from the bedroom so I quickly pulled back when I heard Lena exit. Shit! I hit my hip on the knob and let out a little squeak. Everything stopped moving. "Dallas? Who's in there?" Lena asked. "No one. Harley's probably getting back from the—" "Silence." I quickly (but quietly) ran into the closet and closed the door just enough for nothing to be audible and still be able to see.

Lena burst into the room and scanned the place. Her eyes went over to the chair. SHIT! I had my clothes balled up right there. "Who's things?" Lena asked with a disgusting tone. "Uh, the Twins had a party and, a girl left her stuff," Dallas smoothly replied. "Hmm. Well, I'll be on my way." Lena sashayed out of the room and Dallas waited for the front door to open then shut. He opened the closet door and I jumped into his arms. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "It's okay. The bitch took my bow," Dallas growled.

"We'll get it back, I promise." "Yeah." I kissed his lips then whispered, "What was the conversation about?" "Someone killed a dragon and Govea was upset.

She found one of my arrows so it was automatically me." Dallas rolled his eyes as we sat back in the bed. "Oh. No one else has Archery, right?" "No one. I mean, how did the person even get my bolt? Uh." I curled up in his arms while Dallas rocked me back and forth. He kissed my head then stroked my hair. "I think we need to hurry up and get you back," Dallas softly said. "I know. But, are the Twins in their places?" I replied. "Hold up." Dallas walked over to the back wall and gave three hard knocks.

"WHAT?" came a muffled voice. He turned back to me and nodded. "That's Bull. Get your stuff, we'll go see them," Dallas said. We quickly dressed then knocked on Bull's door. Bear peeked his head out of the front door just when Bull opened the door. "What?" they asked at once. "Did you ask your mom about Lena?" I sighed.

"Yeah, why?" Bear walked over to us with his arms folded over his bare chest. Nice body. "Because the bitch stormed in and accused me of killing Furni. Lena took my bow and a few bolts, but, she almost found Eris," Dallas explained. "How? Why?" Bull asked. "I bumped into the door, she burst in but, I hid in the closet," I answered. "Oh, you were in his bedroom, huh?" Bear waggled his eyebrows at us and Bull made a moaning sound.

"Can you grow up? Yes, we had sex," I scoffed. "Oh! So that's that banging I heard last night," Bull laughed. "And uh, Eris must've been loud. We've heard Dallas getting it a few times," Bear smiled.

"OK!" Dallas laughed. "I'm low a bow and bitch is trying to get my ass. What did your mom say?" "She said that Lena is pissed because—" "—she's an old, rotting bitch, uh, some Sios were smoking weed, two dragons were killed and there's something else that no one knows about," Bull ended.

"Tragic, but I didn't kill them. So, she can suck my dick and grow some balls before I have to shoot her," Dallas huffed. "Well, don't test her. She ran into me and practically bit my dick off. Hey, Eris, you look cute in glasses." Bear smiled down at me.

"Ughhh," I groaned and put my face in my hands. "What? You do," Bull said with confusion. "I look the same! It just shows that I can't see for shit," I sighed. "Can you really not see?" Dallas asked. "Take them off," Bull said. I took my glasses off and Bear held up his hand.

"How many fingers?" he chuckled. "Kiss my ass is how many." I slid my glasses back on then looked at his hand. "Three." Bear dropped his hand and I looked at Dallas so we could go. We waved to the Twins then headed out to the dorms. "I'm really starting to distrust Lena," I blurted. "Yeh. I didn't like her the first time I saw her because she touched my hair. Like, no," Dallas smiled. "Wow. Alright. Thank you for last night and today." Dallas gave me a deep kiss and I touched his hair.

He laughed as I walked into the dorms. Now, thinking about Lena: how the hell did someone get his bolt and shoot a dragon?! Why is she accusing Dallas of shooting him? Did she know I was in his bed last night?

What would she do if she finds out about me and Dallas? I thought for a second. Wait, Dallas said his parents died when he was four, my mom died when I was two. Tao's dad died when she was two, too. The Twins' dad was killed when they were six. Aya's parents died when she was two, too. They all died in the same year, same kids. What if Lena's pissed because she knows something about that? No, she couldn't. I mean, that's just an accusation I'm making because I'm pissed at her for being so harsh toward us.

But, come to think of it—hmm, never mind. I'll just have to give it a few days with lots of thinking and help from my friends. Could I ask Brice? No. That's like trying to turn him against his sister and, that's not fair.

Agh, this is too much. With me and Dallas becoming a couple, with the accusations flying around, Lena pissed off, I think it's time to just lay down and take relaxing a nap. Good idea. A nap. Zzzzzzzz. ==== END OF PART 2