Amateur babe screwed by horny pawn dude

Amateur babe screwed by horny pawn dude
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My girlfriend, Jill, gets home from work one day and she's really stressed so I kiss her and offer to help relieve the tension with a massage. She happily agrees and strips down to her bra and underwear so it's easier for me to get to her body.

She lies down on her stomach on the bed and I start to rub her shoulders. She mentions that it feels good as I start to move down her back.

She reaches back and unhooks her bra so that I can massage her entire back. I keep moving down and eventually get to her butt. I rub her ass for a minute but continue moving down. I slowly work my way down her legs and she comments on how she's feeling more relaxed already.


I finally reach her feet and begin to rub them slowly. After a minute I flip her over and start to work my way back up. Once I get to her upper thighs I skip up to her stomach which makes her sigh slightly in disappointment.

I kiss her softly at first but we slowly build until we're making out. I move my hands up and grab her breasts. She moans slightly into my mouth from the surprise touch. She starts to kiss me harder as I rub her boobs and even play with the nipples.

This continues for a minute before I suddenly break the kiss. Instead I start to kiss her neck, then collarbone, then upper chest and finally stop at her breasts. I lick and even suck a little on both nipples which causes her to moan quietly again. Then without warning I put my hand in her panties and start rubbing her clit.


Now she's started moaning even louder. I move back up and we start making out again just as I shove two fingers into her cunt. I finger her for several minutes before she says, into my mouth, that she's cumming.


When her orgasm subsides I take my fingers out, slide down her body and pull her underwear down to her ankles but don't take them all the way off. I lean down to her vagina and kiss her stomach just above the opening before re-inserting my fingers.

Then, without warning I start sucking on her clit which causes her to let out a short yell that turns into moans as I eat her out. She feels that she's about to have another orgasm but doesn't want it too soon so she sits up and pushes me back a little.

She offers to take care of me so that she can rest from her draining orgasm.

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So she lays me back on the bed and takes off my shirt. She begins rubbing me on the outside of my pants as she, very slowly, unbuttons and unzips my pants. She stops rubbing and pulls the pants off me, revealing a large tent in my boxers.

She giggles slightly and comments on how I'm so excited so soon.

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That feeling quickly goes away as she gets excited at the thought of what's about to happen. She decides to get on with things and slips my boxers down. She smiles seductively as my hard dick stands straight up.

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She wraps one of her hands around it and starts to slowly stroke up and down as she moves her body further away from mine, putting her head right between my legs. She starts stroking faster and I groan as well as curse slightly under my breath. It doesn't take too long before she can't stop herself and she immediately shoves my entire dick into her mouth, causing me to groan again.

She sucks hard on it for several minutes while using both of her hands to grab my balls. I feel myself getting close so I tell her that I'm going to cum. She stops for a moment, tells me to shoot it in her mouth, and then shoves it back in.

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I do just that and start groaning loudly as she continues sucking on the sensitive head while her mouth gets filled with my semen. She sits up and swallows the entire load while I breathe heavily on the bed and my dick begins to soften. She leans forward, kisses me and puts one of her hands around my dick, causing it to slowly start getting hard, before asking if I'm too tired for the best part.

My answer becomes clear as I push her back onto the bed and quickly get on top of her, making out. While we're making out I rub my dick on the outside of her cunt making her moan, even though she's a little disappointed.

I keep going until she can't take it anymore and tells me to stop teasing her and shove it deep into her. I kind of take her advice and put my head in her and only pump that in and out. She's still moaning but she wants more and she's decides to take it. She grabs my lower back and pulls me into her as she thrusts into me.

My entire dick gets shoved deep inside her and she screams in ecstasy as I moan loudly. I figure that since I'm already this deep I might as well continue. So, I start thrusting in and out as hard as I can while she starts screaming my name as well as other unintelligible things. I feel her muscles start to tense as she tells me that she's cumming again.

I don't slow down at all as her muscles make her vagina even tighter for me. When her orgasm dies down I get off of her and sit on the edge of the bed. She takes the hint and crawls over to me, kisses me, then stands over my lap.

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She slowly moves down until her pussy is completely filled with my still hard cock. I put my arms around her back and hold her tightly to me as she does the same. Our chests are rubbing as we continue to make out and she is bouncing up and down on top of me. After a few long minutes of us both moaning I tell her in a very shaky voice that I'm about to cum and she starts bouncing faster, approaching her third orgasm, while saying 'cum deep inside me baby'.

I do just that and groan very loudly as my semen shoots up into her.

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She can't handle the feeling of my cum inside her and she starts yelling in orgasm as well. She slowly comes to a stop and we continue making out while she pushes me back on the bed and rolls over next to me.

She then thanks me for helping her relieve all of her stress and takes me by the hand and winks at me saying that we should take a shower and get cleaned up.