Teeny switching cock from mouth to wet cunt

Teeny switching cock from mouth to wet cunt
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Heather enjoyed comfortable lifestyle, she wanted and needed rough sex. Six months later she has the best of both worlds, and I love it. Heather and I are close in age, for the first time I have a mistress close to my age instead of twenty to thirty years younger. Heather is the first woman that accepts my womanizing, understands my dark side and craves and enjoys rough sex. I'm different in many ways from her ex-husband.

I changed things for her. She knew I was different from the moment she saw me. Heather intrigued me from the day they met, both quickly falling helplessly in love. Our first night she had surprised me with her fantasy and things had never been the same.

I loved the trust she placed in me, and our sex is always better I came home Heather greeted me wearing a mid thigh blue dress, I grabbed her kissing her passionately. She quickly kneeled down taking me deep into her throat loving every inch of my hard veined skin fucking the inside of her small spread mouth.

Over and over my cock rode in and out past her wet, wide open lips. Strands of hair on my balls tickling her face as her mouth filled and the smell of fresh sweat on my groin were a huge turn on.

Reaching down she inserts a finger into her neatly trimmed pussy; it drowns in thick wetness. She wanted to come so bad; She has been waiting patiently all day.

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The bottoms of her breasts are cradled neatly on my hands. While she sucks, I abuse her nipples twisting, pulling and pinching their sensitive ends creating the most erotic sensation she has lusted for.

On this cool March afternoon she had heated the master bedroom to a toasty warmth in eager preparation for today's fun, because there is a good chance I will sneak off to work in my home office. The day is cloudy and the diffused light has seeped in through the open blinds on the skylights above the bed, offering a grey dim light to the room.

Sticky pre-cum lubricates her lips and extra saliva drools out of her mouth when she pulls off of my hard cock, she lifts the weight off her knees pushing the thick fluffy pillow aside kicking it across the floor. Rising up she lowers her naked body down onto me, her long golden hair falling every which way as I lay back from my sitting position at the bed's edge and fell against the soft queen size mattress. The thin hair on my chest rubs against her smooth, soft bare breasts.

Our lips met, teasing and kissing. " I love you," She said. Smiling I wiggled out from under her. Heather rolls over watching me get up. " Come here!" I grinned. With broad shoulders and strong hands I take hold of the bottom of her ass cheeks helping drag her over top of the bunched up sheets to the very edge of the bed. I spread her legs at the thighs holding them up tight and wide open, her knees bent.

Throbbing and dancing her swollen sensitive clit is ready to be rubbed, fondled and sucked hard. Reaching down with my pointy tongue I taste her wanting clit. Licking the thick love juice off her pussy lips and caressing my seductive wide tongue over her, she is teased again and again.

Heather wiggles with delight. " Yes!" She gasps. Her arousal building even more. " Yes, yes!" She screams as she is immersed with total bliss. Heather loves anytime when we relax and lust after each other when life's moments escape busy schedules and complications.

My rough masculinity turns her on. My tongue tires, force three fingers up inside her tight wet pussy. I twisted and thrust in and out of her spread swollen lips and for added sensation I forced their pressure up toward her belly, they roughly and fiercely cross the ribbed roof of her pussy traveling directly over her sensitive G-spot.

The feeling is overwhelming, igniting hot embers through her like the spark of a hot flame that continues to burn with each pass. The stimulation increases her urge to cum. Enduring the growing blaze the stroking massage enhances this incredible turn on.

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She is enjoying this very much! She concentrated on the feelings in her pussy, she threw her head backwards in ecstasy and her back arches off the bed. Her mouth open, panting. She squeezes her eyes shut. Fists grabbing the bed sheets at her hips and hung on for dear life. The long deep "ah", which escaped from her, is loud bellowing up from deep down inside her.

It had a vibrating rhythm to it, one that matches my rhythmic finger fucking. As she howls she realizes I had no intention of stopping. The choice between yelling and not yelling is no longer in her control. It wasn't long before her drawn out screams grew more rapid and higher pitched. Thrashing, thrusting in and out of her cunt, my fingers move faster and faster.

She rides the fiery wave, a mixture of raw lust and pure ecstasy for several minutes, all the while expressing her elevated frenzy with loud exclamations of delight.


Her white knuckled grip has torn the bottom sheet now no longer supported her need to hold on. She raises her head up looking at me, unintentionally wearing a facial expression that conveys intense desire before she drops back onto the bed.

I'm smiling watching her writhing, heaving and bucking; I'm enjoying this! Covering her clit with my sucking mouth, my joyful assault continues. It is like she is paralyzed. She cannot escape from my domination, even if she wanted to. Her body is frozen, vulnerable, clearly begging to be played with, to be used without question. She is filled full and fucked rigorously, her clit is blanketed under my full, hot sucking lips and suddenly, she feels pressure on her ass hole.

She is being attacked from behind. The first determined shove is a surprise then something hard and long, slowly, fills her ass. Up higher the solid slippery object rose. It feels as though it was going up far enough to eventually reach my throat. Her asshole never objected to the furiously raw fucking that follows in and out of her wanting ass.

In fact, she is turned on even more by it. With so many different sensations going on at the same time eventually, she isn't exactly sure what is really happening. It is like there is more than one person pleasuring her. She is loving it, every minute of pure ecstasy and she didn't want it to stop. Just when she thought she couldn't get any more sexually electrified, a push-me-pull-me action starts. Her face clenches tighter as fingers in her ass replace the long object pushing in and out rapidly while the fingers already in her pussy pulls out and in at the same time at the same speed.

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" Oh, my God! ahhh" the scream lasts several minutes, or so it seems. It only ceased as she gasps for air. It surprises her that this opposite action between pussy and ass leaves her feeling as high and satisfied as a virgin.

It is the absolute best. She physically shakes back and forth with ecstasy; while a shaky chill ripples through her from her head to her toes. She is torn between yelling that it is too much, to stop before she passes out, so badly wanting me to continue, please don't stop.

All the while she is riding this out, her pointy tingly nipples begging for more attention; her clit pulsating and craving to explode. Heather is riding along the top ridge of the highest sexual mountain she has ever experienced, her orgasm has not surfaced. It is just too much excitement. That is what made this playtime so wonderful, the fact it can go on for as long as I'm pleased and that it won't suddenly end.

Soaring to the stars her ecstasy continues to build. She is dizzy, spinning with a variety of sensations that dance all over her body. With her eyes closed, rolling in pleasure this invasion is going to continue until it is finished and she can't force herself to do a thing to stop it.

Suddenly, she is flipped onto her stomach and her hips are pulled up high into the air. Her back feels cool air from sweating so much. Grabbing her ass cheeks I spread them exposing her asshole. Suddenly, I ram my cock deep into her ass without any hesitation.

She must have been more open and relaxed than she expected because there is no effort at all in receiving me. Surprisingly, she barely feels me enter and didn't feel any pressure when I forced my way passed the outer sphincter. Heather pushes back against the length of my cock forcing it deeper into her ass, in sheer madness as she focuses her loud moaning into the covered mattress, pressing it forcefully against her lips and messy hair.

Heather gropes and pulls at the sheets wildly; her expression twisted with the increasing change in intensity.

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I squeeze her tits until I expell white warm cum all over her sweaty back and cunt. It runs down, dripping onto the linen, and completely coating her clit. Heather is left empty and panting. A small, warm fluffy towel flowed over her back and across her cunt.

My naked round ass follows me out of the room and down the hall. She hears the tap run, her eyes closed and her drained body sunk heavily into a sleepy position. Heather opens her eyes as my kisses tenderly cover the back of her neck. Dragging my fingers through her hair, I lovingly combed it. Not letting the excitement of cumming stop me in my quest for more sex, she found herself lying on her back on the sweat-soaked stained sheet with her head hanging way over the side of the bed, her breasts raised high into the air and my flaccid, freshly bathed cock deep down in her throat.

I hold my soft cock there past her gag reflex as she ticked my balls to help herself relax. It didn't take me long to start growing hard, long, thick and wanting again. Slowly and gently my now hard cock fucked her throat, without room to spare, in and out; over and over I sometimes made her gag. She gasps for breathes between my unhurried humping and squealing loudly in pure joy and excitement.

Her wide spread pussy is erotically slapped beneath my bare hand which sent titillating shocks from the center of her clit to her overly excited imagination. I have my way with her highly sensitive, tender and very sore nipples.

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Heather tried to focus on fondling my hot dangling balls with her mouth gagging while she devoured me and loving every second of my mastery actions. Heather loves it when I play with her and now she aims to please my every wish. While she ate my cock, the dildo is replaced deep into her pre-lubed ass. I pull her back toward the middle of the bed with my head flat on the covers again, climbing up on top of her shoving my rock hard cock into her soaked pussy with guidance from my hand.

Her legs snugly and lovingly wrapping around my warm waist. " I'm so horny again!" I whisper in her ear. " Ahhh," She screams in my ear with elongated joy. She is stuffed full in both ends. Each fucking thrust crawling across the thin membrane separating her pussy and her ass rubbing the butt plug into a slightly different position with each stroke and stimulating her ass all over again.

I moan thrusting in and out of her roughly. The more force I push with, the faster I drive down the rough road of sex. One of her bruised nipples finds its way tightly pinched, again, between my twisting pulling fingers. Three loud, strong satisfying gasps escapes from me as hot cum shoots up inside her.


Resting inside her pussy, my worn-out, post-orgasmic cock throbbing and pushing down against her plugged aching ass. We lay together, hugging and catching our lost breathes.

She is physically and mentally exhausted. Without reaching for a dry towel, which lay on the pillow waiting for our lustful satisfaction, I indicate I'm nowhere near done with her. I kiss her; our tongues dancing. The back of her throat sore and dry. " It's your turn" I said, as she gazes into my green eyes. " You haven't come yet and I've come twice." Before she can think of objecting my tongue embraces her mouth again.

She tries to talk to break away from my lips without success. I'm too strong for her arms to push my strong chest away. My fingers wasting no time grabbing and roughly entering her soaked cunt spreading her pussy lips. Heather's knees naturally open wide to receive me.

Thick wetness pours out of her pussy forming a puddle on the soft sheets under her bare ass. I circle the palm of my hand around and around hard against her sore clit. Her ass is burning still sealed securely with the anal plug. With my other hand I simultaneously and lovingly, tugged at her long hair. Smiling, I reach for her wrists holding them down against the bed crisscrossed over her head. Lips descending upon her suffering and longing nipples.

I suck nourishing and then grab one between my teeth. I can tell she wants to cum and know that I want her too. Smacking her ass over and over again and again I place the tip of my cock near the entrance to her pussy. " Beg for it my little pet. Beg for it like the little dirty pet you are." " Oh John, please, fuck me. Fuck your Pet; make me cum all over your huge cock!" " Good Heather." Pressing the vibrator aganist her clit I slam my cock back into her sore tight pussy that had only ever been entered by him.

His fingers found her asshole and fucked it relentlessly as he pounded her pussy, mauling her clit with the vibrator. " Moan for me, Heather." Heather begins to moan. The feeling of my cock again more than she can bear. She loves the roughness I'm showing her and arches up to meet my thrusts, pushing my cock deeper.

Her mind is blank and she didn't notice as I roll her onto her side, kissing her, while fucking her pussy harder then she has dreamed possible.I abandoned her clit, placing the vibrator next to the bed as he reached in front of her, pulling her nipple, making her buck and writhe against me.

For each of her movements I pull harder, releasing each time so each yank will be new pain. She screams out in pleasure, whimpering, needing to come, but trusting me with her body. I feel her pussy tightening like a vise around my cock and nearly looses my control, knowing she needs to cum I thrust harder and harder into her, moaning and shaking hard into her shoulder.

Wanting to cum with Heather, I bit down hard on her shoulder, making her gasp. " Cum for me Heather" I feel her whole body tightening then suddenly she explodes around my cock, drenching me with her cum. Moaning and groaning into her sweat drenched skin, I let out a guttural sound and thrust hard into her.

" Oooohhhh. Heather.I'm cummingggggggg. Ohhhhhhh god Heather!" She gasps and presses back against my cock, the feeling of me cuming deep inside her pushing her into another orgasm.

When we had regained our breathes I hold her, soothing her sore nipples with my tongue. She sighs and stretches languishly and I gently smack her clit. " You are not done yet Heather." She moans and got the sexy smile that I loved so much. Sliding her tongue down my body Heather knelt between my legs as I move to lie on my back, moaning softly. " Mmm. Good Heather." She smiles, slowly licking her way down to my cock, licking off every drop of our combined cum, bathing me with her tongue until I'm completely clean.

Looking down at her my heart twisted in my chest, amazed at my luck to find such an amazing woman. Pulling her up to my arms I hear her giggle and smile as she snuggles into my chest. " I love you John." " I love you too Heather."