Hot gay They lock tongues as they undress before Alex sucks down

Hot gay They lock tongues as they undress before Alex sucks down
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Had anyone actually seen the scene that was taking place, she would have been completely ashamed of her actions. There was no one else to see it though, save for him. She stood, in her own living room, naked except for her grey cotton thong.

He stood next to her, completely naked. She wanted him badly. So badly, in fact, that her own desire had soaked the crotch of her panties, and made her nipples stand on end. She glanced down, noticing his semi-hard member, already at eight inches long, and already oozing dribbles of precum.

He walked around her, whispering to her, asking if she wanted his cock? How badly did she want it? What would she do for it? She never answered him aloud, but answered in her own mind. She didn't want him, she NEEDED him. She reached out and tried to touch his swaying member.

At the last second, he pulled away, saying that it wasn't the right time yet. She whimpered, and watched him move, like a predator stalking prey.

Her breathing became deeper, more ragged. Her mind was racing, thinking of all the wanton acts that they would do together. Her thoughts brought her to a new level of arousal.

Her inner thighs became slick with her juices, and she could feel herself getting red in the face. He stepped behind her, reaching out and grabbing her right ass cheek, squeezing it and asking her if she liked it. She loved it, the feel of his touch was what she wanted.

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What she desired. She moaned her appreciation. He chuckled, and slapped her left ass cheek as he walked by. He came around in front of her, looking her straight in the eyes as his hand slid up between her glistening thighs. She whimpered as she felt his hand find it's target. Rubbing her through the damp fabric of her panties, he stared, watching the expressions flash across her face.

She thought she was in heaven, the sensation made her quake with pleasure. She let out a moan, and closed her eyes as a shiver tore down her spine. He kept rubbing as he brought his mouth to hers, locking them in a kiss. His tongue thrust into her mouth, mingling with hers.

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She was in heaven. He kept her locked in the kiss, as his thumb moved faster and faster across her sensitive clit. Finally breaking the lip lock, he lowered his mouth to one of her nipples.

She tossed her head back, and moaned, her hand searching for his member. She found it, gripped it, and began to stroke it.

He pulled his hand from between her legs, and his mouth from her breast. He stepped to the side, and grabbed her, forcing her towards the sofa.

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Her breathing was even more ragged than before, her ample breasts heaving with every rasp. She was on the verge, and he had stopped. Teasing her with the promise of release. He spread her legs and knelt between them. He looked up at her longing expression, and went to work. He gently grazed his fingernails along her inner thighs, as he reached for her panties.

Pulling the damp, grey fabric aside, he now had a full view of her opening. Her vagina was glistening, waiting for him. She had a small shock of black hair, just above her clit and even it was damp with excitement. He started in, kissing and sucking on her inner thighs, all the way up to her center. He licked and sucked on her outer lips, stopping only to allow his tongue an opportunity to gently flick at her clit.


She moaned, arching her back. She wasn't there yet, but she was close, and getting closer by the second. His hands slid up her abdomen and cupped her breasts.


He began to tweak and rub her nipples while his tongue now ventured deeper. He parted her lips with his tongue, slipping past them as they quivered on the edge of orgasm. She tasted wonderful, as he probed deeper, then he brought his tongue back out and focused once more on her clit.

He repeated this five or six times, until he knew she was about to explode with rapture. Continuing his assault, he brought one of his hands down, and slipped it under her thigh, sending it on a new quest.

It slid between her cheek and the sofa, and then between her cheeks, there it found its purpose. He began to circle and tease her tight rear with his finger, while bringing her closer and closer. Finally, she could not stand it anymore. Her head flew back, her long black hair clinging to her face and forehead with sweat. Her back arched, and every nerve in her body lit up.

The world went quiet for her as she fell over the edge of orgasm, her body shook and quivered, her juices flowing. He lapped up what he could, and slid up her shaking, arched body. She was panting, her mind was numb from the orgasm. She didn't even know that she was now locked in another kiss with him, until she felt his tongue on hers, and tasted herself on his lips.

She came to her senses when she felt his member pushing against her wet, throbbing pussy. She didn't resist as he pushed himself inside her, she wanted this, and would not let it pass. His cock was rock hard now, ten inches long, and she felt every inch slide into her. Once he was completely inside her, he stopped and waited, his hands, continued to fondle their targets.

He slowly began to withdraw, and then entered once again. Continuing this slow, routine, he again moved his mouth from hers, to her breast, sucking and licking. Her mind was still in a euphoric state, as she was pleasured in multiple areas. He began to pick up the pace when he felt her muscles contracting against his member.

She was ready for another orgasm, and this time, he was taking the trip with her. He thrust himself in and out of her, as the wonderful feeling of him inside her was almost too much to bear. Finally, it hit them both. She moaned loudly, biting her lower lip, and dragged her nails down his back, leaving trails of scraped flesh.

He grunted and thrust into her one final time. She felt the warmth full her as he released his seed inside her. The two sweat glossed bodies lay there, motionless for a long while, as his cock still spasmed spurts into her.

Eventually, he withdrew and gave her a final, long kiss. This one was more passionate than the last two, not filled with pure lust.

He dressed himself, and headed toward the door. He turned, his hand on the knob, and uttered his final words to her. She could barely hear them, her ears still ringing, her chest heaving.

"I love you." he said, and then turned and left, closing the door behind him. Her eyes shot open. She was staring, sideways, at the bright red numbers of her alarm clock.

It was one-thirty in the morning. She sat up and pulled back the sheets.

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Her thighs were slick, and the fabric of her panties was soaked. Her nipples stood on end, as if they had been aroused. She felt tears welling up in her eyes, as she grabbed the framed picture from the nightstand beside her bed.

The man in her dream, the man in the picture, was her husband. He had been with her since high school. He had been dead for two years now, killed in a workplace accident.

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Every night for the last two years, she had woken up, at the same time, in the same state, from the same dream. She began to cry as she looked at the picture, tracing his face with her thumb.


She rolled over, clutching the picture to her chest, and curling into a ball. Crying herself to sleep, she wondered, was this to be her life from now on? --END--