Sweet girlfriend riding a bike in her swim suit

Sweet girlfriend riding a bike in her swim suit
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love Chapter Eight: Impaled by the Minotaur By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Acolyte Sophia The Labyrinth, the Island of Yalut The words of the Minotaur echoed down the hallway out of the darkness of the large room before us. The source of the foul stench pervading the Labyrinth flowed with it. In the glow of my pink, ethereal light bobbing beside me, I spotted a skeletal arm stretched out of the large room, fingers twisted in agony, one of the beast's victims.

My heart hammered fast. We were at the heart of the Labyrinth. We had found the Minotaur, the demigod son of Gewin and Cernere, a monster almost as impossible to kill as Dominari. "Well, are you coming?" snorted the Minotaur, his words low, bestial, a growl. "I want to KILL!" The stones of the Labyrinth shook beneath my feet. Dust drifted down from above. My heart clenched. Xandra let out a whimpering moan behind me. I understood. I did not want to go into there. I glanced at Angela, standing beside me, her shield readied, her sword drawn.

She was a warrior, a Queen, unafraid to march into the beast's den and slay him. The Minotaur snort descended into laughter as my hand shoved into my robe. I felt my left nipple harden beneath my touch. With a bit of concentration, milk filled my breast, aching to leak out of my nipple.

I rubbed my nub, coating my fingers in the milk. "Was I too fearsome for you?" an urban voice spoke, deep, rumbling, clearly the Minotaur's, but lacking the bloodthirsty fury of a moment ago.

I jumped again and yanked my milk-stained fingers out of my blouse. "Did I scare you and your motley companions, Sir Knight?" the Minotaur asked, his voice almost polite. Thrak grunted. "I know, the act. People expect the bloodthirsty savage, barely civil, hardly able to string a pair of words together. I try to give it to them, but it is so tiring." He sighed.

"You are not fleeing. Ah, you are preparing." The ground rumbled behind me. Earth elementals stepped up, controlled by Xandra. They were the size of Thrak, forged out of the stone of the Labyrinth, their bodies thick, strong, joints grinding as they lumbered forward. "By all means. Let's have a sporting contest today. It has been a boring few years. No adventures to fight, no maidens to love. Just the darkness." "I can help with that," Faoril said.

Light rushed past me as I reached out to Angela's sword, rubbing my milk stained fingers on the steel. As Faoril's spell grew brighter and brighter, illuminating the Minotaur's room, I muttered a prayer: "Saphique, the Virgin Goddess that loves all women, bless this weapon so it may protect its bearer. Let this sword shine bright, a beacon to defend all women." Pink light flared across Angela's sword, the temporary enchantment sinking into the steel, blessing it in the fashion of the dagger gripped in my left hand.

That dagger was a permanent magic item, created with powerful rituals. And it glowed bright. Deadly danger lurked. I looked into the illuminated room and gasped. The Minotaur raised a hand against the bright ball of sunlight shining at the apex of the doomed room. The demigod was a giant, a man standing twelve feet tall, his skin swarthy and muscled beyond belief. His muscles were ropy, wrapping over each other, bulging his limbs to the size of tree trunks. His torso was as broad as I stood tall.

Dark, coarse hair covered his chest narrowing down to a line descending across his stomach. His massive cock, bigger than I had witnessed on the centaur in the Doge's palace, dangled before him, his balls bigger than my fists. His head was not human, but a bull's head, dark-furred, not black, but a gray near enough. Two horns curved from his head ending at sharp points. "Good, good," he said, nodding. "This makes it fair. You can see. I can see." His foot pawed at the ground like a bull preparing his charge.

He snorted, shaking his head, light flashing from his horns. He had two small braids of hair dangling from the bottom of his muzzle that swept back and forth. "Now, Sir Knight, are you prepared to go through with this folly? I shall kill your two men and keep you and the other women for my pleasure." "I am," Angela said, setting her shield and advancing. "I cannot talk you out of this?" the Minotaur asked. "As you can see, I am too big to fit through the tunnels.

I am trapped. There is no escape for me. Mother saw to that. You don't have to die here in a pointless attempt to kill me." Thrak moved into the room with Angela, advancing, his big, two-handed ax gripped in his hand. The Elementals rumbled with them, flanking the two warriors. I followed with the others, stepping into the room. It wasn't as big as I thought, only fifty feet across. It felt cramped despite the dome rising an equal height above us.

"I have need of your heart, Minotaur," Angela said. "And no longer will the people of Grahata sacrifice their daughters to you." "I have no idea why they do that," laughed the Minotaur. "I can't harm them.

No one ever told them they had to do it. Not that I am ungrateful, of course. Far from it. I enjoy their gifts while they last. But they always break so easily." His cock hardened. "Will you break as easy, Sir Knight? How will your cunt feel on my cock?" I gagged. His voice so civil yet his words so foul. "Last chance to walk away, Sir Knight," the Minotaur said, his bare hands clenching into fists. He didn't even have a weapon. We could beat him. "My heart will not come cheaply.

Find another demigod to power the reforging of your artifact." "I need Gewin's son," Angela said. "I need the strength of your heart." "Pity," the Minotaur said. "I hate wasting life in such a pointless endeavor. Very well. Let us end this folly." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela "Yes," I agreed and charged in, Thrak racing at my side. I raised my shield before me, my sword ready. The earth elementals' steps boomed on our flanks, their bodies grinding like shifting rocks.

The Minotaur stood still, his fists clenched. He made no move to defend himself as we swept in for the attack. "A goddess-enchanted blade," the Minotaur mused, red eyes flicking to my sword. "So you are halfway serious about killing me." "I am always serious," I snarled as I reached him and swung. His huge bulk moved fast.

Far faster than something that size should have. He was a dark blur streaking back, my sword hissing through empty air. And then his punch landed on my shield. Wood groaned and I grunted, stumbling a step. My boot landed on an old thigh bone. It snapped beneath me as Thrak swung his greataxe. With a sweep of black horns, the Minotaur knocked Thrak's attack to the side, then the demigod crashed his fist into the face of an earth elemental.

Xandra gasped behind me as the construct stumbled, stone shards breaking off its body. The minotaur followed up with two more punches, pulverizing the elemental's head. "Adequate," the Minotaur said as I recovered and swung my blade at his flank. His body twisted. His horns swept down. My shield caught the tip. It punched through the wood, a sharp point jutting over my arm. I stabbed past my shield at his belly, but he pulled back, stepping into Thrak's swing. The Minotaur knocked the sweeping ax away with a backhand, snorting.

Minx edged around the fight, her daggers held low, the halfling crouching, moving silently to get behind the Minotaur, her eyes intent. An arrow hissed through the air, but the Minotaur turned and dodged, the missile missing by inches. The two elementals rushed in, one reaching to grab his thighs and hold him in place.

The headless one landed a pair of blows on the Minotaur's hips and thighs that hardly rippled the bulging muscles. The Minotaur kneed it and twisted his body as I stabbed. The Minotaur's twist brought the elemental holding his thigh between me and him. My enchanted blade pierced through the rock of the elemental.

Pink light flared through the joints of the rocks and the elemental crumbled to pieces. "Angela," gasped Xandra. "Las's cock," I grunted as the Minotaur laughed and kicked at Thrak, driving the orc back.

Wind howled, lashing at the Minotaur. My red hair ruffled as Faoril's magic attacked the Minotaur. But it didn't stop him from sending a punch at me, driving me back. My heart hammered. My armor creaked. He was huge, fast, and so strong. "Pater's cock," Faoril cursed as Chaun's song strummed to life. A soft lullaby echoed through the air. "Bind him, Faoril," I shouted.

"Trying," Faoril answered as another arrow hissed through the air. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I strummed my lullaby. I had no idea what music would be effective against the Minotaur.

The beast moved with such grace despite his size. He should lumber, but he didn't. He fought with the skill of a master fighter, one who had honed his skill to perfection, able to dodge multiple attacks at once.

Xera's arrows hissed through the air. Angela's sword caused shadows to dance as she swung it. Xandra conjured a replacement elemental to the one Angela destroyed, my wife's brow furrowed as she ran her fingers over her newly carved earth totem. Faoril cursed beside me again as I sent the lulling music at the Minotaur. Different music was effective against different beings. Lust worked the best on humans, sometimes furious music could override a creature's senses, others could be put to sleep, befuddled, charmed, pacified, or driven mad.

"Are you singing for me, bard?" the Minotaur asked, blocking Thrak's powerful swing with his wrist. The ax blade slid down his flesh, leaving a strip of bleeding flesh behind. What should have hewn to the bone of the monster only scraped off a layer of skin. "What a lovely song." The Minotaur hummed along, punching one of Xandra's elementals in the chest, shattering the rocks.

"Luben's sacred oath," Xandra groaned. "He's so strong." And my lullaby was not effective. The demigod showed no sluggishness, no sleepiness. He was as energetic as ever, his sweeping horns driving Angela back. Wind whipped around the beast, but it didn't slow him down one whit.

"What is the problem with your magic, Faoril?" I asked as Xera drew her bow beside me, aiming with care. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I aimed with care, watching the beast. Chaun's question slid past my awareness.

I put all my concentration on watching the monster, waiting for the moment to strike and hit him in the eye. The arrow glowed with pink, enchanted by Sophia. She stood beside me, rubbing her milk on another arrow. Pity she couldn't enchant my bow, but it wouldn't impart the magic onto my shot.

I couldn't miss this shot. We had to harm the Minotaur. He dodged around Angela's sword strike, his stomach pulling in, his body bending. His horns swept in an arc, air hissing. He caught an earth elemental and sent it crashing into Angela, knocking her back. Thrak swung his ax with a brutal swing at the Minotaur's back. It pivoted, deflecting the attack aside with a backhand swing. Thrak's body jerked. He stumbled, thrown off-balanced by the strength of the Minotaur.

I followed the beast's movement as it recovered from its swing. Waited. Released. My arrow streaked through the air. My heart thudded. It flew straight, true. I had judged my lead. It would catch the beast right in the— The Minotaur caught my arrow in his large fist. With a blurring motion, his arm snapped at me.

The arrow streaked pink and slammed into my chest. Pain burned through me as the arrow punched through my ribs and popped out my back. I staggered, staring down at my naked breasts. Blood welled around the shaft, spilling down my large mounds. A cold swept through my body. I trembled, my bow dropping from numb fingers, and fell onto my back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril "He's.resisting my magic," I snarled in answer to Chaun.

"Wind isn't affecting him. It's barely slowing him down." I had the Minotaur wrapped up in swirling gusts, trying to hold him in place, but he was too strong for my bonds to hold. My magic burned rapidly as I fought against him. "Try something more direct," Chaun said, strumming a cacophonous song, sending chaotic notes at the Minotaur. I grabbed another vial of Thrak's cum. I was burning through it so fast. The Minotaur had a lot of godblood in him.

He was the only child born of a union between Cernere and Gewin. The erinyes, daughters of Slata and Las, were three beings born from a single union, diluting the strength of both parents. Other demigod races, like the fairy or efreet, could breed, further diluting the divine in them. Cernere only birthed the Minotaur after she stole Gewin's virility, acting out the Goddess Biaute's revenge on the God of War.

The Minotaur was born a being of war at its most pure. Unrestrained battle. I couldn't hold it back. Xera screamed out beside me, dropping into a heap. So I switched to fire. Thrak grunted, stumbling back from a glancing blow. Blood spurted from his lip, one of his bone piercings ripped off. He growled, swinging his ax hard, fast, but the Minotaur deflected with his fist almost casually while he focused on Angela's swings.

"Oh, little mage, you stopped tickling me," he laughed, kicking Angela back, her shield buckling beneath his foot. "Maybe you'd like fire instead," I snarled and threw a ball of flame at him. "Let's see," he said, standing still, letting the fire crash into his chest. The flames burned on him, dancing hot. He turned, lunging at Angela. She flinched back from the heat, raising her shield to protect herself. I furrowed my brow, burning the heat hotter, trying to consume his flesh. The flames spread up to his muzzle.

The two braids burned. Embers rained as he moved, his fur blazing across his snout, eating down to the flesh. But his hide wouldn't burn. His skin just absorbed the heat. Angela screamed out, her shield smoldering on the edges as she retreated from the heat. Thrak backed off. Only the elementals charged in, their fists growing cherry-red as they landed on the burning demigod.

"Las's putrid cum," I cursed, killing the fire. His skin was only reddened where the flames dance. Half the fur on his muzzle was burned away, revealing the warty, sunburned flesh beneath. A hideous visage turned to me and gave me a mocking salute. I needed a different plan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx As the Minotaur gave his mocking salute to Faoril, I charged in, dagger clutched tight in my hand.

His back was to me. My blood boiled. He hurt Xera. I focused on his kidneys. He may be a huge brute, but he had to have weaknesses. Vital spots that when pierced would make him howl in agony.

My dagger was sharp. I made no sound, my boots moving silently. Xera had taught me new levels of stealth. I leaped at him. I may only come up to the brute's knees, but I would inflict damage.

One of the elementals punched him in the stomach as Angela and Thrak charged back in. I landed on the back of his thigh gripping his coarse body hair as an anchor. He snorted as I ripped out hairs, scrambling higher, passing his muscular ass. His body flexed. I stabbed my knife down hard at his kidney. "Got you," I laughed. My sharp knife struck his flesh. The tip bent, my knife deflecting to the side, pain jarring up my arm. I gaped at my blade, the steel deformed by the attack.

My blow left only a faint, red mark on his skin which already faded. "Cernere's nimble fingers," I groaned as I jumped off of him. With a contemptuous snort, his foot flew in a backward kick at me. I tried to dodge, but it came fast, clipping my hip. I gaped, pain flaring, and tumbled across the bone littered floor, rolling to a groaning stop, my blade clattering away. "Why couldn't Sophia enchant my blade," I panted, my entire right side throbbing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Saphique, bless the font of my womanhood with your loving power." A small orgasm rushed through me as I knelt over the wounded Xera.

Fire burned behind me, but I ignored it. My pussy clenched on the two fingers as the magic rushed through my body. I ripped my fingers out, hating how much blood pumped out of Xera's chest, spilling around her breasts.

I brought the pussy-stained fingers to my nipples and rubbed the juices into my areola and nub. I could use a healing potion to cure Xera, but I had only three, and I had a feeling we would need all of them. The Minotaur was tough, fast, and dodging all of Angela's attacks. I could hear her cursing in frustration. Her weapon could harm the beast, and he knew it.

"Saphique, transform my virgin milk with your love. Let my milk heal the sick and infirmed." The magic rushed through my nipple. Milk beaded. I leaned over Xera, lifting her head. She groaned, blood staining her lips, her green hair spilling over my arm.

"Drink." I brought my nipple to her lips. The flames died out and the Minotaur laughed. Xera latched on, suckling as she groaned in pain. My milk rushed into her, healing her as she nursed. The blood pumping out of her chest slowed. Minx grunted in pain. I glanced at the battlefield to see the halfling tumbling across the ground while Angela rushed in. Her sword swung fast, hard, forcing the Minotaur, his fur burned off his face, to step back.

"Get her, Angela," I shouted as Xera suckled harder, growing stronger as the healing magic flowed through her. The Minotaur's eyes snapped to me. "Ah, yes, healing magic. I had forgotten that priestesses could do that. And you are dedicated to Saphique. I cannot wait to violate your pure body." I shuddered as Angela grunted, thrown back by the Minotaur's punch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra Angela stumbled back.

I concentrated on my totems. I had two earth elementals landing ineffective punches. My fingers stroked the lines carved into the kapok wood, my power flowing into the totem and then to the elementals i puppeteered. I was on the fourth and fifth. The Minotaur was strong enough to drive back the spirits, breaking their vessels. Chaun's song shifted from cacophony to something that sounded confused. He focused on the Minotaur, his voice singing out nonsense words. I blinked, trying not to focus on the song, my body swaying for a moment.

"Focus," I whispered. "You Las-damned beast," Minx shrieked. "That hurt. Cernere's nimble fingers!" The halfling hurtled a throwing dagger that bounced off the back of the Minotaur as he tried to gore Thrak. But the orc dodged back.

Nothing was working. Faoril's fire did nothing. Her wind had failed to hold him. My earth elementals were ineffective. So far, none of Chaun's songs had affected the beast. What could we do?

I trembled, my heart hammering. I glanced behind me. The way out was right there. We could flee. Xera stood up, her body covered in a sheen of her blood. She picked up her bow, moving with her grace. Sophia moved with her, blessing an arrow and handing it to the elf, the Acolyte's robes open, milk leaking from her nipples. "You should enchant Thrak's ax," I told Sophia as Xera fired. The Minotaur threw my earth elemental into the path of the arrow.

The totem burned hot as the elemental screamed in pain. The stone crumbled, the elemental driven away by the force of the arrowhead's enchantment. "Yeah," Sophia nodded, her left hand gripping her enchanted dagger.

"And Minx. I should have done them from the start." She looked around, sighting the orc, shouting: "Thrak!" The acolyte handed another enchanted arrow to Xera and headed towards the orc. I summoned a fresh elemental, sweat breaking over my brow. It formed its body, ripping up the stones of the floor and leaving behind a hull as it became a hulking warrior. "Let's see if he likes this," Faoril muttered beside me. She downed another vial of Thrak's cum.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak "Thrak," Sophia shouted, rushing to me, her finger rubbing her nipple, smearing milk across the tip. "I need to enchant your weapon." The Minotaur snorted, his head snapping around at the acolyte.

"Gewin's cock," I cursed, darting forward to block him, swinging a hard blow at his side. Not that it would do much. My weapon couldn't hurt him. The best I had done was score a layer of skin, leaving his right arm bloody. The air hissed. Something streaked by me. The Minotaur roared in pain. Blood blossomed across his chest. Two small slivers of rocks, maybe the size of my little finger, protruded from his chest. The air streaked again, and two more slammed into his belly.

I threw a glance over my shoulder as the Minotaur snorted. Faoril ripped slivers of rocks from the ground and hurled them at the Minotaur. They flew so fast, impacting against the beast in the same heartbeat she fired them. I smiled at her clever idea. Her magic wasn't working directly. The beast's divine blood had protected him, just like his thick hide kept normal weapons from penetrating.

But she wasn't using magic to harm him directly.

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She was firing the sharp points of rocks so fast with her wind, the velocity overcame his thick hide. "Thrak," Sophia gasped, reaching me. She touched my ax blade, rubbing her milk onto it. "Saphique, the Virgin Goddess that loves all women, bless this weapon so it may protect its bearer. Let this sword shine bright—" "Bitch!" boomed the Minotaur, his voice throaty like it had in the beginning.

He seized my ax and yanked it from my grip. Sophia gasped, her spell cut off. Angela charged in as the Minotaur's eyes locked on Faoril. Her sword raised high. With a casual swing, not even looking at the knight, the Minotaur slammed my greataxe into Angela's shield. Wood exploded. Angela screamed in pain, the ax driven through her shield to lodge in her arm. She fell, blood spurting.

"Angela!" Sophia gasped then screamed as the Minotaur flung her away with a single push. She rolled across the ground, white robes flapping. "Little mage," the Minotaur snorted and charged at Faoril.

"No," I shouted, throwing myself at the monster. Rocks hissed by me, stabbing into the demigod's chest. Blood welled from his wounds as I seized him by the waist, planting my feet on the ground, heaving against his bulk. "You can't touch—" The Minotaur's fist slammed into head. Stars flared. The world tumbled.

Spun. I groaned, struggling to think. I blinked eyes. I lay on my side. My body felt numb. My stomach twisted. I had to move. I had to stand up. The Minotaur's feet boomed. Faoril cursed, dodging to the right as the monster came for my woman. Stand up. Move. My body refused to answer. A wave of dizziness shuddered through me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril Thrak's tumble ended with him in a heap.

My heart clenched. Blood gushed from his scalp. A thick furrow of his skin had been scraped away, exposing the white of his skull smeared with blood. He shuddered, struggling to move.

"Thrak!" "Was he important to you, Mage?" the Minotaur asked, his voice thick, throaty. Blood poured down his chest as he loomed over me. "Pater's cock," I cursed, ripping at the stone beneath me with earth magic. I hurtled another pair of projectiles. They buried into his stomach as his fist ripped off my robe.

"Let's give you something to distract you from your grief," he said. I stumbled, my clothing ripped away. I was exposed, naked, my breast bouncing.

I darted to the right, sending a powerful blast of useless wind behind me. I knew it was useless, but it was hard not to do something as his thick hand reached for me. He seized my waist, his fingers encircling me. I gasped as he yanked me in the air. His other hand parted my legs and— "Pater's huge cock!" I screamed as ecstasy exploded in my pussy. He was hung like a centaur. His dick rammed into my pussy as he impaled me on his shaft. My back quivered as his cock somehow sank deeper and deeper into me.

It was impossible. He should be ripping me to pieces. But some magical, maybe something of Cernere's deviousness, allowed my pussy to take every ounce of his dick. "There you go, mage slut," the Minotaur laughed as my pussy spasmed on his dick. An orgasm exploded through me. I couldn't believe how much cock was in me.

I gasped and bucked, my flesh writhing, my head tossing. He let go of me, my tight pussy clinging to his cock, keeping me impaled on him as he swung around, my back arching, my legs spread about his thick waist. "Pater's cock!" I screamed as he turned, humping against him.

I couldn't help myself. He was in me.


I needed to use my magic. I needed to focus. I struggled to rip at the ground with earth magic, to focus my powers, but that dick.

Amazing! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra "Aren't you a lush, young thing?" the Minotaur said to me, his voice thick with pleasure. Faoril spasmed naked, impaled on his cock, thrusting before him.

The mage's eyes were rolled back in her head. Such ecstasy moaned in her voice. I backed up. "Chaun!" My pussy clenched in excitement, envious of Faoril and the rapture flooding her. She had somehow taken every inch of his dick and was in ecstasy. But at the same time my cunt begged for that amazing shaft, I recoiled from his reaching hand. "Chaun!" "Xandra," my husband cried as I was yanked up in the air and thrown over the Minotaur's shoulder.

My earth totem fell from my grip, bouncing on the stones as the Minotaur lumbered away, Faoril moaning in delight. "Oh, yes," the Minotaur said, his large hand rubbing my ass through my skirt. "I'll enjoy you next, little thing.

I can't wait to hear an avian sing on my dick. I've never fucked one before." "No," I squirmed. "Chaun, help!" I stared at my husband. I needed him to save me. He grit his teeth, his fingers strumming on his lyre, abandoning his befuddlement song. He went for a new one, a peaceful song, not a lullaby, but something that made me want to stop squirming and fighting to escape the Minotaur's hand pinning me to his shoulder.

No. I had to keep fighting. The music was aimed at the Minotaur. The monster shook his head bull-head, grunting. Was he affected by it? Was this our chance? I had to do something. I had to get Thrak back in the fight. Xera was still effective. Her arrows hissed through air.

One struck the Minotaur's back right beneath me, the shaft snapping, the pieces clattering on the stone floor. We needed magical weapons. Sophia had to be protected. I shifted, looking for her, and spotted her struggling to get up. My eyes widened. The Minotaur rushed at her. I screamed her name as I struggled harder.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Slata's hairy cunt," I groaned, sitting up. Xandra screamed my name as I shook my head.

My ass hurt. I could still feel where the Minotaur's grimy hand had pushed on my chest. He had touched my naked breasts. Anger flared through me. Then I saw Angela. She screamed in pain, Thrak's ax lodged in her arm. She wrenched it from her flesh. I gagged, her arm twisted, bone poking through the wound.

The splinters of her shield lay around her. She struggled to get up. I had to help her. "Hold on," I said, rushing over to her. My breasts were still enchanted by her milk. Faoril moaned behind me in throaty pleasure. The poor thing was impaled on the Minotaur's huge cock. She even sounded like it felt good. "Angela!" I knelt over Angela.

She stared into my eyes, her blue eyes glossy with pain. "My concubine." "I'm here, my Queen. Drink." "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me with that huge cock," Faoril moaned behind me. Angela's lips latched onto my nipple. I sighed in delight, my back arching as she drank. Despite the fear beating through me, it felt wonderful to have my Queen nurse from my breast, my milk flooding into her mouth, healing her.

I groaned, stroking her red hair. "Get all better," I told her. "And kick his ass. Someone has to—" Darkness crashed over me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela "Sophia!" I screamed in rage as her body flew like a ragdoll. She landed in a limp heap, her pink dagger tumbling beside her, illuminating her face, eyes closed.

The Minotaur stood over me, his fist clenched. He had punched her hard. "You monster." My arm was only half healed. But it was enough. I would kill him. I gained my feet, standing before the monster, blood dripping from my crippled left arm.

I had strength again. Sophia's healing milk had done enough. "That was my concubine you hurt, beast!" I howled, pointing my sword at him.

He laughed at me, Faoril thrust before him. "Then come kill me. Just be careful that you don't hurt your friends." Fear trembled through my anger. How could I fight him with Faoril thrusting before him. He moved so fast. What if my sword stroke hit her? Killed her? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I played the peaceful song, channeling the pleasant music at the Minotaur.

He was a creature of war, so perhaps the soothing allure of peace would placate him. Angela faced the monster, gripping her sword in her good arm. The Minotaur stumbled. He shook his head, snorting. Angela reacted, swinging fast and low, hacking at his knee. He moved too sluggishly. Her sword clipped his leg. Blood spurted and the beast bellowed. My song was working.

"Yes, yes, Chaun," Xandra said, pulling out another of her totems as she dangled over the monster's shoulder. "That's it." Air swirled before Xandra, forming into a vaguely human shape.

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The elemental shot at unconscious Sophia. Her pouch opened, and the whirlwind reached inside, pulling out a potion of healing.

The Minotaur drove Angela back with a punch from his free hand, Faoril swinging and gasping before him, her short hair whipping. I played with more confidence, my voice louder but at the same time more tranquil. My music echoed through the room as the potion drifted towards Thrak. Smart. I caught my wife's eyes, nodding at her as she directed her air elemental to the stunned and bleeding orc.

"You," the Minotaur howled, his bestial head whipping around to stare at me. His eyes burned. He shook his head, snorting. "Stop playing that damned song!" Fear twisted my stomach as the Minotaur lowered his horns, his foot scraping across the ground like a bull about to charge. I couldn't flee. I had to keep playing, keep singing. I couldn't let any emotion but peace play through my music. My heart pounded as I concentrated on the notes, on the perfection of my play my fingers plucking, strumming, the cadence of my voice, the pitch, the timbre.

I had to bring him down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx I hurled the sticky bomb at the Minotaur as he charged at Chaun. Finally, I had a clear shot. No one was close to the beast, Angela having fallen back.

The sticky bomb was the only one I could use. A lust bomb or a sleep bomb might hit my allies. We were already had enough of us incapacitated. The air elemental hissed through the air as my bomb exploded at the Minotaur's feet. White-brown foam whooshed around the charging beast, engulfing his feet, reaching up to his knees. He grunted, pitching forward. "Oh, sweet Gods," moaned Faoril, her naked tits bouncing as she slid several inches down his cock, the momentum almost popping her off it, but her pussy must have been wrapped tight about that dick.

The Minotaur snarled in rage. His horns swept back and forth. The whirling air uncorked the potion as it reached Thrak. My heart raced with triumph as I grinned. I edged towards Sophia and her glowing dagger. I should grab it, use it while he was distracted. "I.will.not.surrender." the Minotaur boomed. He lifted Xandra up, her sky-blue hair flying about her face, her hand gripping her wind totem. The elemental poured the potion into Thrak's mouth, enchanted breast milk spilling into his lips.

But before it could finish dumping all the potion's contents into his mouth, the Minotaur ripped the totem from Xandra's hands. The air elemental vanished. The Minotaur threw her totem. The wood cracked into Chaun's temple. He dropped like a marionette who had its strings cut. His lyre crashing on the ground beside him.

Silence fell upon the room. The Minotaur bellowed in triumph and ripped at the foam trapping him, struggling to escape. "Cernere's nimble fingers," I groaned. The foam held him. For now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia "Chaun," Xandra cried out in shock, her body swinging in the Minotaur's grip as he broke free of the foam. The beast whirled around, swinging Faoril on his cock. The mage crashed into Angela. The knight, charging at the Minotaur's back, screamed in pain, the mage striking her broken arm.

She stumbled back, red hair flying, while Faoril moaned in orgasmic delight. I drew an arrow. I had to hit him in the eye. It had to be a vulnerable spot. Everywhere else my unenchanted arrows had landed had done no damage. But the eyes had to be soft.

They had to be vulnerable. I released my arrow as he turned his head. It hissed through the air. And caught him in the eye. The Minotaur bellowed in pain, his head snapping back. Blood streamed from the wound.

Xandra screamed in fear, swung about with him, gripped in his hands. Her blue hair swept before him as I drew my last arrow. He had one more eye. "You elf-bitch!" he snarled. I moved swiftly, aiming as I darted to my right. It was a tough skill to master, moving and shooting, but I had to stay in his blind spot as he whirled, struggling to track me. I had to time it just right. My heart beat so fast. I drew in a breath. I exhaled. And fired. My arrow flew towards his good eye and— "Luben's scared words!" Xandra screamed in pain.

My arrow quivered in the avian's buttock, punching through her skirt as the Minotaur swept her before his face as a shield. He laughed as she squealed in pain, throwing her back over his shoulder. He stared at me, his remaining eye burning bright. I drew my wooden dagger. Flashes of my wife cradling our newborn daughter shot through my eyes. A certainty settled on me. I would never see my daughter.

I would never hold her. I gripped the wooden handle. My weapon would be as ineffective as Minx's daggers. But Angela was still in the fight. Thrak was recovering. I had to keep fighting. I agreed to this quest. I left the forest to travel with Angela. I would see it to the end. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela I bellowed in rage as I swung at the Minotaur's back, my broken arm throbbing.

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He whirled around. I yanked my blade back to keep from hitting poor, thrashing Faoril as she humped against his dick, oblivious to the battle. She made a perfect shield, thrusting before him, driving me back by her sheer presence.

How could I hit him? "You are a bastard," I growled. "I gave you the chance to walk away," he said, Xandra's legs kicking against his chest, her skirt soaking with her blood from the arrow wound. "But you wanted my heart, Sir Knight. You risked the lives of all your companions for something so pointless.

So petty. You would kill me to remake some moldy artifact." "The High King's Sword," I spat. He laughed. "So it is ambition, then. You wish to refound his empire. A woman." "I wish to kill the Dragon Dominari," I snarled, "and finish my quest. Killing you is just a bonus.

No more maidens sacrificed. No more city living in fear of you." "In fear of me?" He laughed. "I am trapped in here by my bitch of a mother." He limped forward.

Blood flowed down his leg. I had hurt him once. I could do so again. Xera darted in, moving with silent grace. Her wooden dagger slammed into the Minotaur's knee, stabbing into the wound I gave the beast. His tough hide was already cut open.

Her blade worked into his vulnerable flesh, cutting deeper into his muscles. He bellowed in pain, horns sweeping. "Get back, Xera!" I cried as I swung my sword at his exposed side. The horn gored Xera's stomach. It punched deep into her as she tried to dance away. The horn ripped out, leaving a hole bigger than my fist through her guts. She collapsed as the Minotaur whirled around. My blade cut into his arm, striking bone. He bellowed in pain. "Yes!" I roared in anger as Xera writhed in agony on the ground, Minx darting to her.

"That's pain. That's the agony you've inflicted on my friends." His foot kicked me in the stomach. My sword wrenched from my grip.

Pain exploded as I landed on the ground. I coughed blood, clutching my belly. My sword clattered on a ground over one of the holes left by Xandra's elementals ripping free of the floor. "Damn this blade," snarled the Minotaur. His foot came up and slammed down on my sword. It snapped. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx "No, no, no," I gasped, falling down beside Xera. I tried to cover her bleeding wound, but it was wider than my tiny hand. "Please, no." Her eyes were closed, her mouth open.

Blood bubbled at the corners of her lips. "You can't die," I cried, tears falling. "I love you, Xera. You can't leave me. You're the only one that can hunt me down when I steal the High King's Sword.

No one else can chase me. Just you. Please. Stay with me." I had to do something. Anything. My head snapped across the battlefield. A pink glow caught my attention. The dagger glowing by Sophia. It lit her face and her open pouch. A glass vial glittered in the mouth of her pouch, half pulled out by Xandra's air elemental. It was Xera's only hope. I ran like every guard in Raratha chased me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak Consciousness shocked back into me.

My mind worked again. I groaned, tasting the creamy flavor of breast milk on my lips. My head still pounded. My body still ached. It hurt to breathe. I had a broken rib. Lying next to me, was a half-filled vial of breast milk. I groaned, snatching it, gulping down the rest of Sophia's healing potion.

The healing magic shocked through me. As I drank the full dose, the pain fled from my head. My breathing eased. My body vitalized. Whole. I threw the vial down. It shattered as I grunted, surveying the field. Metal snapped. Angela's sword shattered by the Minotaur's foot, the enchantment's pink light snuffing out. Angela lay nearby clutching her belly in pain. Sophia was down, Xera gored, Faoril impaled on the monster's cock, Chaun lying in an unconscious heap, Minx racing to the acolyte, and Xandra wailing as she was held in the Minotaur's arms.

It was all on me. The rage beat at my mind, demanding to take over. It was the only way. I would have to seize the darkness. We were all dead if I didn't. We were all dead if I did. I couldn't fear the rage. I had to let it take over. I had to hope my friends would find the strength to subdue me somehow once I killed the Minotaur.

He advanced on Angela as she lay gasping on the ground, blood streaming from his knee. He was wounded. I had a chance. I bellowed my fury and let the rage take control.

The urge to kill shot through me. The world became blood-tinged. I focused on the Minotaur and charged at him, hands clenching, eager to rip him limb from limb. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned as I dangled from the Minotaur's cock, vaguely aware of the battle. He stood over Angela. His foot planted on her chest. She screamed in pain. "Cum in me!" "See, Sir Knight, how foolish this was," the Minotaur groaned, his cock throbbing in me.

"How utterly pointless! I will enjoy your cunt. You will scream in ecstasy as I take you just like this slut." "So good!" I moaned. "Pater's cock, it's good! Cum in me! I need it." Thrak bellowed in rage as something wonderful happened. The Minotaur snorted as his cock erupted into my cunt. My eyes snapped open. Hot spurts of jizz splashed against my innards.

My pussy writhed in ecstasy as the force of his cum filled my snatch. And then my body. I shuddered as the demigod's cum filled me with chaotic, powerful energy. I had never felt the like before.

I had drank the cum of men, monsters, and even spirits. But this. This was something unique. Something amazing. The well of power thrusting through me banished the lust from my mind. I thought clearly as I heard Thrak charging across the battlefield. He had raged. He had embraced the darkness. All my magic had proven ineffectual against the Minotaur save the stones darts.

And those thin slivers hardly did more than enrage him. But Thrak had embraced his rage. He was coming to kill the Minotaur. And then the rest of us. I would not let that happen. I laughed in delight as I sent out the life magic. The Minotaur whirled around, his cock still erupting into me, pumping me with so much power. And I hurtled it all at my orc's mind.

I slammed into the bestial rage controlling his thoughts. It ran wild, unchained. Thrak was a small, whimpering child huddling in the corner compared to the rage. He could never constrain it on his own. Once the rage was loose of its bonds, there was no stopping it. All my attempt to chain it before had failed, to harness it to Thrak's will. I was never strong enough. That had changed. I had a demigod's jizz pumping power through my body, and I slammed it into Thrak's rage.

The small, scared part of my orc lover, the part who feared his darkness, would finally have control. I felt his thoughts as his rage howled in fury. Thrak's true consciousness seized the golden power I gave him. For a moment, our minds merged and I sent him a message, words he once spoke to me after I rescued him from the imps: Doesn't it feel amazing not to be afraid of who you are?

Yes, he roared in answer as he controlled his rage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx I snatched the healing potion from Sophia and darted back for Xera. Thrak howled his fury as he reached the Minotaur. The orc's eyes were wild. Every muscle in his body bulged. I didn't care. I had to save the elf I loved. I could worry about Thrak trying to kill us all after that. I fell to my knees besides Xera. I hoped I wasn't too late. She couldn't die. Not when I finally admitted what was in my heart.

I loved her. I had grown so close to her the last few weeks. I enjoyed being with her. I missed her when she wasn't around. She always brightened my day. No one else could catch me sneaking, thieving. Only her. Only my elf. I didn't care that she was married. That she would never love me back. I just wanted to enjoy the time I could have with her. So I wouldn't let her die. I ripped the cork free of the healing potion and lifted her limp head. I dumped the milk into her mouth, my tears falling down on her face.

"Please, come back to me, Xera. I love you." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak I trembled as I reached the Minotaur, my body coursing with berserker strength.

And yet the bloodlust was under my control. It didn't force me to attack with mindless rage, to keep hurting and killing until I collapsed in exhaustion. The urge to simply snap Faoril's neck and then use her body as a weapon to bludgeon the Minotaur vanished as my hands seized her. She gave me this gift. She had finally down it.

I stared into her brown eyes as she thrashed on the Minotaur's cock. And wrenched her free. I pulled her to safety. His massive cock spilled out of her. It seemed impossible he could have even fit in her, but he had. The Minotaur laughed as I set Faoril on the ground and faced him.

His fist hurtled down at me. "You should have attacked before I was ready," he laughed. I raised both my arms, crossing them before my face, and took his blow. It was powerful, driving me back a few steps. I didn't feel the pain.

I was beyond pain. I was only fury. Controlled fury. I laughed as he snorted in shock. And kneed the tip of his dick. The Minotaur howled in pain, stepping back. He let go of Xandra. She toppled to the ground and rolled across the stones, landing near Sophia.

Her face, lit by the glow of Sophia's pink dagger, contorted in pain as she grabbed the arrow sticking out of her rear. "A berserker," the Minotaur said, something like a smile crossing his bestial muzzle. "Finally, a challenge!" I howled in fury and beat my chest.

"Try and kill me! I am Thrak of the Red Eye Tribe! Breaker of orcs and men!" His horns slashed down to gore me. I seized both ends, one sticky with blood. I gripped them, my muscles straining as I heaved, twisting, eager to break his neck.

The Minotaur snorted, pushing back on me. My feet slid on the ground as I dug in. "You think you have the strength to kill me?" laughed the Minotaur. "Yes!" I snarled and twisted harder at his horns.

They groaned, flexing. I would break his neck. The Minotaur flicked his head, lifting me from the ground. I grunted, my body swinging towards him. I thrust my feet forward, planting them on his bleeding chest. I heaved, every muscle in my body straining as I fought to kill the demigod. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela Thrak grunted and strained, holding the Minotaur's horns as the demigod thrashed.

Mighty fists struck Thrak in the side, brutal blows that the raging orc ignored. My entire body ached. But I wouldn't give up. I couldn't give up. He hurt my concubine. I shoved my hand into my pouch and pulled out a shard of the high king's blade.

The middle part I found in the heart of Mount Peritito. I gripped the adamantium blade in my hand. It hummed with remnants of power. I crawled towards the Minotaur as it thrashed back and forth. I passed the shuddering Faoril. The Minotaur's steps crashed him backwards towards Sophia. He would trample her by accident. I grit my teeth. "Gewin, give me strength to kill your foul son." The blessing Gewin's priests gave me months ago in Secare still girded me. It would give me strength and endurance until my Quest's completion.

I crawled faster, the pain dulling, my heart thudding. "You are puny, orc," the Minotaur laughed, his fist crashing into Thrak's side.


I heard the crack of bones. Bruises darkened Thrak's side. "Hit me harder if you want to kill me," bellowed Thrak, still heaving. I passed Xandra gasping in pain, her tears pink diamonds in the glow of Sophia's dagger. I crawled nearer, ignoring the pain.

My teeth grit, I grunted and slashed. The shattered blade hissed through the air and cut into the Minotaur's foot. It slided through the thick skin and sinew with ease. "Bitch!" howled the Minotaur as he stumbled.

His foot kicked out, cracking into my head. I tumbled, the world rolling around me. I came to a rest, my body numb, my head lolling. The Minotaur crashed to his knees. Thrak still twisted, turning the Minotaur's head, trying to snap the demigod's neck.

I groaned, the world swimming black as I fought to stay conscious. Blood dripped hot off my head. "Kill him.Thrak." I whispered. The Minotaur bellowed and shoved his head forward. Thrak stumbled back, clutching the horns but loosing his footing. The Minotaur drove his horns down, pinning them to the ground on the other side of Thrak, snorting, bellowing. No, one of the horns had gored through Thrak's right arm, pinning him to the ground.

The orc's left hand seized the Minotaur's muzzle, gripping it as the pair grappled, neither giving up. I tried to rise, to help, but a dizzy wave washed through my mind. The world fuzzed into darkness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra Thrak bellowed as he struggled. The Minotaur loomed over him. The beasts back was to me. I had to do something.

I couldn't just lie here whimpering. Yes, I had an arrow in my butt, but others were hurt far worse than me. I was a part of them. I was one of them. As much as I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, that wouldn't save our lives. I had to keep fighting. I had to summon an elemental. My water totem lay fallen beside Sophia's dagger. It must have tumbled out of my pouch when I was dropped.

I lunged my hand out for it, grunting against the pain in my ass. My hand brushed the dagger as I reached for the totem to. The dagger. Enchanted. Able to hurt him. I seized the handle, glancing at the beast's back. He was kneeling. I grit my teeth. My ass screamed in protest, the arrow shifting in my wound as I struggled to my feet.

I took a grunting step forward, teeth grinding. Then another. And another. I gripped the dagger so tight in my hand. My vision fuzzed for a moment. I sucked in a breath. I took another step, keeping my weight on my left leg. The Minotaur ignored me as he sought to kill Thrak. They both grunted, bellowed, snorted, fighting for their lives. The muscles in the Minotaur's swarthy back rippled as he struggled. I had a clear shot. I plunged the glowing dagger into his kidney.

He roared in pain. "You can't have me!" I screamed as I sawed the blade upward, cutting through his back like I was flaying open a beast returned by one of the tribe's hunters. "I am Chaun's wife!" The Minotaur's head snapped up. Thrak's hands wrapped about his muzzle. There was a loud crack. A snap of bone as Thrak wrenched the Minotaur's head sharply to the left. My heart thudded. The Minotaur went limp. Dead. He slumped forward.

The world spun as Thrak rose. He stood over the carcass, over me. His rage-filled eyes fell on mine. Blood smeared his right arm. Bruises discolored both his sides. He stared at me, and I shivered, remembering the night he raged in the desert. How only my body had satiated him.

But.I didn't want to break my vows to Chaun. Not this time. "Thrak," I whimpered, my hand shaking. "P-please don't hurt me." "I.won't." he snarled, shaking his head. His eyes closed. And then his body slumped. He fell to his knees, groaning in pain. When his eyes opened, the rage was gone. Tears fell down his cheeks. "She gave me control, Xandra.

Control." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia "I love you," a distance voice called. My eyes opened. Minx knelt over me, her tears falling on my face. A huge smile crossed her lips. Her sapphire eyes were liquid.

She let out a sob and hugged me, her small arms around my neck as she sobbed. "You're okay," she moaned over and over. "You're okay." I love you. My heart quickened as those three words echoed through my head. I turned my face, my lips sliding across her cheek. I kissed Minx hard on the lips, my arms holding her tight, pulling the halfling to me. I kissed her, loving the feel of her lips on mine, the warmth while those three words, her words, echoed through my mind and— I was married.

I had a wife. I had an elf I already loved. My stomach twisted with guilt. My heart beat faster. No, no, no, I couldn't feel this. I wrenched my lips away from Minx, pushing her away from me. She fell backwards onto her ass, her feet popping up into the air, wiggling over her body. "Xera?" she asked, her voice breaking.


"Sorry," I said, looking away from her. "Sorry. I'm just.just dazed." "Of course," she said. I heard her sit up. She put a hesitant hand on my shoulder. It felt so wonderful there. My heart begged me to turn, to embrace her.

Instead, I conjured my wife's face. Atharilesia's smiled at me in my memory, her belly curved with her pregnancy. She was the woman I loved. She was my wife.

I changed the image, adding a leaf-swaddled baby held at her breasts. Our daughter. "Xera?" Minx said. "I'm fine," I told her, looking around. The Minotaur lay dead beside a sobbing Thrak. He held Faoril too him. The mage shuddered, her thighs stained with cum and pussy juices, her body still quivering, face flushed. "We won." "What?" Minx said, sniffing.

"I guess we did." "Come on," I said, invigorated by the healing potion. "We have to get Sophia up. She has to heal everyone." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun My eyes fluttered open. I moaned, savoring the creamy flavor of milk. My eyes fluttered open.

A small breast loomed before me, a hand clutching it, squeezing milk into my open mouth. Sophia leaned over me, her face smeared with blood, her robes stained. "Sophia?" I blinked. "What happened?" "The Minotaur brained you with my air totem," Xandra said. I turned my head. My wife smiled down at me, her hair lank, her face sweaty. Blood soaked her skirt. I gasped, sitting up, holding her. "Are you okay?" "Fine, fine," she laughed, her voice so sweet.

"Xera shot me in the butt with an arrow." "You were the last one I healed," Sophia said to me. "The least injured of the bunch." "Thanks," I said, glancing around the room. Minutes later, I stood watching Angela cut open the prone Minotaur's chest with Sophia's dagger, holding my wife tightly. Thrak and Faoril stood over Angela, the Mage holding the box she had prepared this afternoon. It was open, waiting to take the demigod's heart and preserve it. Minx hovered near Xera as she picked up arrows she had fired, examining them.

She discarded one, too damaged to reuse. "We did it," I said. "Thanks to Xandra," Sophia said. "Your wife stabbed the Minotaur in the back. Let Thrak break his neck." "Wow," I said, turning to my wife. She smiled at me. "I couldn't run away.

Not this time. We had to defeat him. I just wanted to lie on the ground, hold myself, and whine, but I couldn't." Pride surged through me. I hugged my wife tight, holding her. We had one piece of the sword to find and then the dragon. It was almost over. The Haunted Forest and Drakin Castle would be easy compared to fighting the Minotaur.

"There," Angela grunted. I looked up to see her drop the huge, bloody heart into the box. Faoril snapped it shut. Angela glanced at the demigod, her face sombre.

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"We should go," Faoril said. "We still have to make it out of the labyrinth. If we hurry, we might make it out before the way is shut." "Then I better masturbate," Sophia said, shoving her hands between her thighs, her eyes closed, ignoring the fact I could see her fingers plunging into her shaved pussy's depths. She didn't care that I could see.

She must be as exhausted as I felt. The Minotaur was only a step on the path to Dominari, and he almost killed us. Would we all survive Dominari? My arm tightened about my wife. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The Labyrinth ground on. It would soon close. Kevin, the other knights, and the priestess of Slata still watched, waiting for Angela to emerge. Would she tonight? My stomach twisted as I circled in the cloudy sky above. "It closes soon," Mary said, the knight standing closest to Kevin.

She was a passionate and daring warrior. I had trained her personally. I knew all the knights below. They were not supposed to be Angela's enemies. They were to be her allies. Once she had the sword, once she knew her destiny. Everything had gone so wrong. Kevin and Mary suddenly went still. They drew their blades, staring down at the Labyrinth's entrance. The other knights fanned out.

My heart thudded faster and faster. Light flickered in the tunnel, pink, the magic of Saphique. Angela and her prophesied companions. And she would walk right into Kevin's ambush. As I debated attacking, a new figure entered the garden. An efreet strolled up, a pair of tulwars strapped to his back. I recognized him from the audience hall of the Doge of Raratha. Hakeem, the efreet bounty hunter hired to hunt Angela and her companions down.

Hakeem drew his blades as Angela appeared on the steps of the Labyrinth, her shield strapped to her back, her sword sheathed, and her hands clutching a wooden box smeared in blood. The knights tensed. I watched. To be continued.