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< Sorry to have been so long in posting this part. I hope to not be so long with the next. > If you haven't read the first chapter, I recommend that you do so. Everything rolled long very well the next morning, even though we were an hour late getting there.


We were so elated and sexually fulfilled that it was remarkable that we could even walk, but we managed to be ready for opening 20 minutes early. Jean was a fast learner and we worked together as if we had been doing it for years. Jean was the best, friendliest and efficient waitress that I had ever seen.

She bonded with the customers as she met them, and had them smiling and complimenting her from the start. I lost count of the compliments that I received about her. Most of our lunch crowd were on lunch breaks from work, and really liked the fast service that the two of us now provided. After lunch, I suggested that Jean call her mother and tell her of my offer.

She did, and I talked to Mrs.

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Porter, telling her the details of the job and the salary, apartment and other terms, asking if she was interested. She explained about her present job, and its limitations. I suggested that she should immediately begin to find someone to take her place. She said that she knew a possible replacement and would let me know as soon as she could arrange it. Mrs Porter called me back in about 5 minutes, telling me that her job was covered now by the lady who was the original caregiver to the patient.

I told her to pack her things for a weeks stay and that Jean and I would drive over after closing and bring her here. She agreed. Tuesday evenings being the slowest of all, we were able to close early, go to my house, change clothes, and go bring Mrs Porter back. I called a nearby motel and arranged a room for her until we could get one of my apartments furnished for her.

We had a tearful reunion, with Mrs. Porter astounded that Jean and I had become a couple instantly.

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She could not understand our relationship but was overjoyed with it, nevertheless. I told her about my several failed romances and how easily and smoothly Jean and I had become lovers. She said that she was just so happy that Jean had found what she had wanted and looked for the last 8 years. Mrs. Porter was the same sweet, honest, fun-loving lady that I had known before.

She took right to the cashier job, and insisted on doing everything else around the place that she could to help. Having the two of them working lessened the time that busy customers had to spend on lunch, and the tips were ample evidence of their satisfaction. The two ladies spoiled the evening customers with fast service and constant vigilance of their needs.

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They both developed rapport with the children, frequently bringing them back into the pit area to watch me fill their order (and establishing the precedent of me sneaking samples of whatever was the kids' fancy). The regulars spread the word and business increased, phenomenally. I began to see that I soon would be able to have time away from the barbeque stand to develop other business ideas that were filed away in my mind.

Mrs. Porter turned out to be a great cook and we tried several of her recipes for menu "sides".

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They became so popular that we had 8 on the Blackboard Menu each day as specials. I schooled Jean and her mom on pit techniques and handling of the pork, beef and chicken. Both were quick learners, providing me time to develop other areas of financial interest. After 3 months, I decided to sell the barbeque stand to Mrs.

Porter for $1.00. She deserved it, she had perfected what I had fixed! (I still did the heavy stuff and worked the pit during most rush times.) I did not like being away from Jean for any length of time while developing other business prospects.

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I decided to explain to the two ladies that I thought it time to find two other waitresses to take Jeans job and for her to become my assistant.

I took almost three months to determine that we had two gals that fit our demands. They were offered generous salaries to perform their duties as we instructed. When I bought a commercial building and used part for my office, I took Jean to look for and buy office furniture.

We were able to furnish a beautiful office setting. The first morning that we went to work, I sat Jean down in a chair, kneeled in front of her and told her that I was completely in love with her and that I was asking for her hand in marriage.

She burst into tears and pulled me into her arms. I promised her that we would be legally married at the place of her choice from among the places where it is legal. After an hour of hugging, kissing (and other oral activities on the new carpet) we had a discussion on where we would go to be legally united. After another hour, we decided on The Netherlands. We decided that we would not make public our unusual circumstance, just announcing our engagement as would any other couple.

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I bought Jean a modest engagement ring with a caret of small diamonds. Her mom broke down and cried like a baby. We closed the barbeque stand for a week and the three of us flew to Amsterdam, where we were married.

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We spent a delightful three days exploring the old city and its museums, art galleries and music. We decided to return soon and spend a couple weeks there. When we opened Monday morning, we were completely swamped with customers. If we hadn't hired the two waitresses we would not have been able to handle the crowd. One lady stood and reminded everyone that we had gone away to be married and offered a toast to Jean and me.

Coffee, tea, milk, orange juice and water were raised in the air and everyone wished us the best. Jean and I stood together with our arms around us and I bowed as Jean curtseyed.

You could have heard them in the next county, had you been listening! Jean completely surprised the two new waitresses by dividing her tips equally between them.


I went back into the office and brought out the two checks that I had made out to them in an amount equal to their regular weekly wages plus the total of their tips for the week before, which was their first week working for us. I told them how much we appreciated them and their customer relations and hoped that they would stay for a very long time.

I also announced that I was almost finished with negotiations for medical and life insurance for us all. I called our kitchen lady over and told her that she was included and that as of that week, her salary was increased to half again what it had been.

They all thanked me profusely, so I told them that they now worked for Mrs. Porter and it was she to whom they should thank. After we all ate our lunches, Jean and I left for our office to begin talking about several ideas and plans that I had in mind. Jean had taken two years of business courses in high school, just enough to peak her interest in the business world.

After a couple hours bantering ideas around, she was beginning to pick up on some of the particulars of starting new businesses as investments. Soon, she was right in there with her ideas, comments, views and questions. I knew that this was going to be a very successful partnership. This girl was Bright!

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