Tiffany rain in mom issues part two

Tiffany rain in mom issues part two
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please insert the age you prefer. Stripper's Son I am a 40 year old male in fairly good shape with a rental house I own right next to my house. Both houses were on the edge of town so there are no neighbors.

I had been going to the local strip club on a regular basis. One of the strippers named Halo was my favorite stripper and I was her favorite customer. She had blonde hair and 36 d's for tits, a neatly trimmed blonde pussy, and a perfectly tanned body with no tan lines to go with them. I always got the VIP dances with her so she would give me extras during her sessions.

Such as letting me drop my pants and giving me handjobs and blowjobs. One day she mentioned that she was looking for a place to live and so I offered her my rental house.

We agreed on the terms.

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Both houses had a lot of bushes and trees in the front but shared a large open backyard. On the day she was moving she showed up with a small u-haul trailer and her xxyo son named Michel.

He was about 5'1" tall thin with shaggy blonde hair like his Mom. I was wearing only cut-off jeans.


Michael was wearing baggy shorts and a tee shirt. Halo was wearing bikini bottoms and a cut-off tee shirt that let her bare tits flop out at times.

I had seen her tits many of times so while I enjoyed the sight I wondered about her showing herself in front of her son. I help them drag their furniture into the house and we got the kitchen table and chairs set up as well as the living room sofa. Their matresses we just leaned against the wall in their bedrooms. After about an hour Michel said " Mom I'm all getting hot and sweaty." "Yeah me too.

We don't need to get our clothes all sweaty and stinky until I get set up to do laundry." Halo stated. "I know let's take them off and save them for later." Halo took off her cut-off tee shirt and her bikini bottoms and tossed them on the sofa.

Michel did the same and they were both standing there naked. Halo looked drop-dead hot as always. Michel had the complete total body tan that his Momma had also with no tan lines. He had abolutely no hair on his body just a little blonde peach fuzz above his 5" dick and a cute little ass.

"Well. Me too then." I said and took off my shorts since I wasn't wearing any underwear I too was naked. My 8" dick started getting hard. Halo walked up and put her hand on my dick.

"See Michel this is how big your dick will be when you get older." I have always been proud of my now fully erect hard dick so I just put my hands on my hips so she would have easy acess to it and so Michel could see it. To my surprise Michel also reached over and wrapped his hand around my dick. "Yeah it's much bigger than mine." He said as he had one hand on my dick and the other on his.

I noticed that his was hard also. "His dad has a big dick too." Halo stated.

Caught up in the Moment I reach over and fondle his dick with one hand. "Yeah it's not bad for a xxyo lad." With my other hand I start feeling his ass. "Hey he's got your fine ass." I joke to Halo. Suddenly Michel shoots off and his cum flys 2 feet to land all over his Mom's thigh. Halo just laughed "Michel you got to learn to last longer if you are going to please a woman." "Sorry Mom." Michel said.

Halo gets a paper towel and wipes her son's cum off her. "Y'all hungry? I made some sandwiches." We sit down at the table and start eating.

Halo looks at me "Could you watch Michel for me tonight? I have to go to work in a few minutes." "Sure no problem." I tell her." Halo showers while me and Michel carry in some more boxes.

Halo comes out dressed in a white lacey bra and panties wearing knee high white GoGo boots. "What do Y'all think." she askes as she twirls around to show her stuff. "You look hot Mom." Michel answers.

I could just nod and say "Yeah." "ok then bye. We'll finish moving in tommorrow." she says as she puts on a thigh-length brown leather jacket and leaves.

"Want to watch a movie?" I ask Michel. "Sure." he answers. Still naked we walk over to my house. I have a big sectional sofa so I put in a movie and we lay down on the sofa. Michel lays down right next to me and holds my arm as we watch. As we watch the movie I am laying on my back with my head propped up on pillows and Michel resting his head on my chest.

Partly because of some of the women in the movie but mainly because of Michel naked laying next to me I get a huge boner. Michel giggles "I can't see the screen because of your hard-on." and lightly grips my dick and starts stroking it.

"I seen my Mom do this to my Dad." Suddenly Michel jumps up "Can I pick another movie?" "Sure." I say. Mtchel runs to the movie cabinet and bends over with his cute little bare butt in the air. He turns around quickly causing his hard dick to flop about.

He runs back and jumps on me stradling my belly holding a porno DVD in my face. "Can we watch this one? Please! Please!" he begs. "What would your Mom say." I ask. "She watches them herself sometimes." he pleads. "Well ok." I say. We start watching the DVD. Michel lies down next to me at an angle on his side and rests his head and shoulders on my chest.

"Can I watch you jack-off?" he asks eagerly. I just shrug and say "OK." I put some lotion on my left hand and start some long slow strokes on my hard dick. Michel does the same but starts stroking so furiously that his hand is lmost a blur. I reach over with my free hand and gently grab his wrist. "Slow down. Make it last. Remember what your Mom said." Michel slows down and we watch a scene with some good fucking and sucking and even some anal.

The next scene had a big tittyed blonde woman in it. I suddenly remembered that I had bought this DVD because the woman on the cover looked like Halo and I wanted to masturbate while pretending it was her. And now I was masturbating to it with her 14yo son. "She kinda looks like my Mom." Michel grins. "Lets pretend it's her." Wow I thought he really does take after his stripper mom.


"Yeah alright." I start stroking in earnst as does Michel whose face is only inches away from the tip of my dick. I start feeling Michel's ass and balls with my free hand.

Michel groans "Oh yeah." and puts his other hand ontop of my left hand and helps me stroke my dick. I put a little dab of lotion on my middle finger of my right hand and start playing with his little puckered asshole. I rubbed the outside of it and Michel groaned.

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I stuck the tip of my finger in. It felt so hot and tight I was loving it as was Michel. "Oh God!" he moaned. "Your Mom loves it when I do this to her." I whisper in his ear. "Really! Do it more then." he coos. I stick more of my finger into Michel's asshole.

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"I going to cum." he moans. "Me too." I say as I stroke the whole length of my finger in and out of his ass. I lean my head back so I can watch my finger go in and out of his ass.

Suddenly Michel's body tenses up and I can feel his asshole clamp down on my finger as he starts shooting off long strings of cum. The cum flys thru the air and lands on Michel's belly, chest, and face.

I lose control and shoot off right onto Michel's face which is only inches away. I pull my finger out of his ass and push Michel's face down onto my dick. Michel puts his mouth over the tip of my dick as I shoot one last spurt of cum into his mouth. I milk the last of my cum out and Michel licks it up. "My Mom said that sperm is good for you." Michel states.

"Yes it is." I say "It has hormones and testosorone in it that make you grow." I rub my dickhead all over his face scooping the cum off his face and then I put it on his lips. "Lick it clean." I say. Michel eagerly licks it clean sucking the cum down. We lay there and watch the girl in the porno take a shot to the face. "Goddamn she's hot." I moan. "Yeah. Hey I got more cum on my face than she does." Michel laughs. Afterwards we finish watching the movie and fall asleep side by side on the sofa.

Around 1 am I hear the back door open and Halo tiptoes in. She has on her GoGo boots and nothing else. She sees me awake and comes over to me. "Is he asleep?" she whispers. "Yeah." I respond.

"Good." She says. "He sleeps like a log we won't wake him up." I am laying on my back as she straddles me and starts kissing me. "God I'm so horny I can't stand it." She coos. "I had guys licking my pussy and ass all night." My dick is hard as a rock as she slides her pussy down on it.

She has her big tiities in my face as we fuck hard and long. Michel sleeps through it laying right next to us. Finally I shoot off deep in Halo's pussy as she has a massive orgasm.

Halo collapses on me and we both fall asleep. The next morning I help Halo and Michel finish moving in. We never got dressed and spent the rest of the day hanging around the pool swimming and BBQing.

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In the early evening Halo showers and gets ready for work again. She comes into the living room where me and Michel are watching a movie. She has on her white GoGo boots and a white slip with no panties. "You don't mine watching Michel for me do you?" she asks. "No of not." I answer "But I don't get to watch you dance anymore." "Oh you poor thing." she coos.

"How about I help you out with that." She walks over to the stereo and puts on some music. Then struts back all sexy and steps up on the coffee table and starts dancing for me.

Michel slids over to the other end of the sofa and leans back to watch his Mom dance. My dick stands straight up as Halo takes off her slip and throws it to her son. I notice that Michel is hard also. She shakes her titties back and forth as we watch. Michel has started stroking his dick and playing with his balls.

Halo wets her middle finger and slowly slides it into her pussy. I am just sitting there with a huge boner while she fingers herself. Michel is stroking away with his mouth just hanging open. Suddenly Halo steps off the coffee table plants her pussy right ontop of my dick. Her pussy is so wet that my dick slides in effortlessly. We start fucking in ernest with Michel sitting there watching. Michel reachs over and feels his mother's 36 d's. All of a sudden we hear a horn blowing in the driveway.

Halo jumps up and looks out the window. "Oh shit that's my ride! Gotta go." she saids. "What!" I exclaim. "You can't leave me like this." "I be back tonight." she saids. "What am I susposed to do until then." I say. "Well. Wait I know." Michel you finish him off." she hurriedly says as she puts her slip back on. "Can you do that for your Mom." "Yeah Mom." Michel says matter of factly. "No problem." And with that Halo dashes out the door.

Michel gets up and stands on the coffee table. He starts dancing slowly and seductively. He dick has a string of pre-cum hanging down from the tip. He turns around so I can see his pert little ass and after a couple minutes he bends over and wiggles his ass at me.


Still bent over he spreads his ass cheeks so I can see his cute brown asshole. Then he reaches between his legs and starts running his fingers back and forth across his asshole. I watch as the tip of his middle finger starts dissappearing into his asshole. First just the tip then up to the knuckle. I can't just lay there anymore so I sit up and pull him down in front of me.

I lay back down on the sofa with my legs spread wide. Michel on his knees before me kisses the tip of my dick then licks up and down the shaft. "I've always wanted to taste my Mom's pussy." he grins. Michel starts taking my dick into his mouth. At first only a couple inches but soon he deep throats it like his Mom.

I can feel his tongue caress the underside of my dick. This goes on for several minutes before I decide I want more. "Stand up, turn around, and bend over." I command. Michel does what I tell him to do. I pull his cute little butt to my face and start tongueing his asshole. Michel moans as he holds on to the coffee table.

I lick his balls too as I get his asshole nice and wet. I lean back on the sofa and pull him down on me. His asshole goes straight to my dick as I lower him onto it. Michel lets out a moan as my dickhead touches his asshole. I start working just the tip of my dick in and out of his asshole. I can't believe how tight and hot it feels. I have both of my hands on Michel's ass holding him up.

He has his arms out like a cowboy riding a bull as he has nothing to hold on to so he is completely in my control. I let Michel slowly slide down the length of my dick. Michel groans breathlessly "Oh my god!" My 8 inch dick is buried to the hilt in his 14 year old ass. I give him a few seconds to get used to the feeling then I lift him back up so that the tip of my dick is just barely in his ass and then I let him drop down again.

Michel is moaning uncontrollably. I lift him up again but this time I pull him back down fast. Michel leans his head back and we kiss passionately. We fuck like that for several minutes before Michel spins around so that he is facing me. Michel's dick is hard as a rock as he strokes it with his right hand.

His left hand is behind him squeezing his and my balls together.

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I can't take it any more "I gonna cum!" I gasp. "Me too." Michel groans. I pull Michel down hard on my dick as I shoot my cum deep into his ass.

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Michel shoots his cum all over my chest and face. He collapses ontop of me as we recover. Later that night Halo came over and I fucked her again. From then on I fucked both Halo and her son everyday.