Carnal Cheers sensual lesbian scene by SapphiX

Carnal Cheers sensual lesbian scene by SapphiX
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The Dirty Old Resident: Part 2 Meranda pulls into a parking spot at work and put's her car in park.


Still holding the steering wheel with a tight grip as she stares at the building. Part of her just want"s to drive away and never go back ever.

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But something deep inside of her was.curious? She leans back in the drivers seat and takes a deep breath, turns the car off and opens her door. She keeps a straight face and heads inside to the clock in, swipe's her badge and then walks to the office to pick up her keys. She tries to quietly sneak in so she doesn't have to speak to anyone but of course. Morning Meranda! The familiar voice comes from behind her as she turns to see Barbaras smiling face.

Meranda forces a smile back as Barbara approaches her. So how was the first day? She asks Meranda, the thoughts of what Paul did to her race through her head.she wanted to tell Barbara everything but then remember's what Paul said about no one believing her.

She also remembers the money.Meranda can feel herself getting a little wet at some of the thoughts, what the fuck was wrong with her!? Meranda? Barbaras voice brings her back down to earth, oh umm my first day was great, thank you for asking. Meranda says with a smile. She looks at Barbara, wanting to get away from her.well I better get going, rude to leave our awesome residents waiting.

She says with a fake smile. Oh of course, off you go! The mature blonde woman say's with a smile.

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Meranda can hear her heart beating as she watches each number appear across the screen in the elevator."35th floor" the voice say's as the door opens to her work floor. She takes a deep breath and steps off of the elevator, going to ther housekeeping closet and opening it up.

Let's get this over with.she thinks to herself. Meranda pushes the cart down the hallway, it's 5:00pm, she has been moving very slow today. But hey extra money right? She reaches her last condo of the day.Pauls. She takes a deep breath and clears her throat, "knock" knock". Housekeeping! She says loudly and takes another deep breath. She waits for a few minutes and no response. maybe she was off the hook!?

A breath of relief sweeps over her as she's about to start pusing the cart back to the closet but then the door opens. That smile.that evil smile is all she see's. Thr smile triggers multiple emotions in her, fear, anger, curiosity and even.lust.? The redheaded housekeeper just blankly stares at the tall older man for a second.

His smile not fading, well if it isn't my favorite housekeeper in the whole world!

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Come in Meranda! He says with a devilish grin. Meranda steps in hesitantly with her cleaning supplie in a bucket in one hand. She heads for the kitchen to get started. What no hello Mr. Paul? Tsk Tsk he giggles. Meranda clears off an island counter, picking up an expensive bottle of scotch. That explains it.he's been drinking, she moves it over to another counter and then turns around only to bump into Paul and scream.

Ahhhh! Pauls drink spills all over her work shirt, specifically her chest area. Oh so sorry sweetheart! He grins and puts his now empty glass down. Guess we'll have to wash this.wouldn't want Barbara thinking you're drinking on the job.

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He laughs and then begins to unbutton her work top and yanks it off of her, throwing it to the ground. Now a black tank top that is showing off clevage is what Paul can see. Hmmmm better wash this too.just to be safe. He winks at her and forcefully slides her tank top over Her head. Her milky white large breasts are contained by a black and pink bra. She tries to cover up but her arms are immediately pushed away. No need to be shy dear, just think of me as a grandfather or.uncle trying to clean you up.

He giggles and unhooks her bra from the back, Meranda shocks herself a bit though when she doesn't try to cover her breasts up, especially after the sick incest remark he had just made.

She allows him to grope them softly, rolling her hard nips between his index fingers and thumbs. He breathe's heavy before letting go.

Well better let you get to it. He smiles and sits down in his big arm chair in the living room where he has a direct view of her. Meranda turns her back and begins scrubbing down the island counter, her big breasts sway back and fourth a bit as she scrubs the filthy counter with the sponge.

She can feel Pauls creepy eyes on her. Tell me sweety.are you flexible? Paul smiles. The curvy redhead turns her head a bit and looks back at the man.Wh.why do you ask.? Meranda was a cheerleader in high school and was definitely flexible she thinks to herself. Paul smiles wickedly, well I've always wanted to see someone do the splits, think you can show me? He lifts an eyebrow and smiles at her.

She tries to come up with an excuse.I.uhhh.I don't know, I could rip my work pants.He smiles again and looks the topless busty redhead up and down.

Ooooh I got it! You can just take your pants off! That way you'll be super flexible! He licks his lips. Meranda can't believe the nerve of this sick pervert.she also can't believe that she is unbuckling her belt right now. Paul smiles as the curvy redhead kicks her shoes and pants off to the side, also leans down and takes her socks off.

Meranda looks at paul, now only in a pink thong that she wasn't sure why she choose to's awfully rude to make me wait.Paul smirks. She nods her head and starts to spread her legs, going down and letting her hands touch the floor as she goes down completley and does the splits in front of the perverted old man.

Paul claps his hands together with a smile on his face. Now.crawl to me.His face getting serious. Meranda looks at him, fuck.she thinks to herself but she gets on all fours and slowly crawls to Paul. Her big tits sway slowly as she crawls to him Her wide hips and round ass sway side to side as well before she finally ends up in between his legs. For some reason Meranda begins to rub his thighs, he rubs her face gently before out of nowhere grabbing her hair roughly. Owww.Meranda closes her eyes with her mouth open.

Oooooohhhh you fucking like this don't you Meranda!?


She doesn't answer, but the truth was that she did like it. He admires her curvy body while rubbing the hard on inside his pants. Then starts to smile wickedly at her down on her knees.

He had submitted her! That's a good little slut! Hehe! He unbuckles his pants and pulls his hard cock out. Smiling at her as he smacks it across her lips. Merandas brain tells her to get away from this sicko and run for her fucking life! But instead.Ughhhhh! Paul moans out as Meranda practically deepthroats his cock. Stroking it fast with one hand while sucking it.

Her tongue moving all around it as it is in her mouth. Oh fuck! Slow down sweety! He takes his cock out of her mouth. He yanks her up by her hair and she screams in pain again as he drags her back over to the island counter where he lifts her up and makes her lay on the counter on her back. He yanks her pink thong off and throws it behind him. Meranda watches him as she breathes heavy, knowing full well what was coming.

Was she ready for it this time?.after devouring his cock, she was thinking yes. Paul steps up to the counter that is at the perfect angle for him to fuck her. He grabs her legs and pulls her closer to him, leaving one leg on his shoulder and the other one still sideways on the counter. Meranda reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy slowly, what the fuck had gotten into her!?

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Yes thats a good girl! Rub that pussy for Papa Paul he smiles and watches her play with her little pink pussy before he finally can't wait any longer. He pushes her hand out of the way and positions his 7 inch cock to her pussy and begins to slide it in, OOOHHHH.his mouth opens wide as he feels the sexy redheads pussy once again.

Grabbing her other leg and putting it on his shoulder as well. Paul gets his full length inside the sexy redhead and wastes no time as he begins to slam into her wildly, her tits jiggling like crazy as she gets pounded into on the countertop.

Ughhhhhh ooooooohhhhh! Meranda stares at the ceiling as she gets pounded into by this.sick pervert.what the fuck was she doing!? He reaches up and squuezes her breasts violently, leans down and plants a kiss on her that she returns back to him, then he continues to pound into her with force. His face covered in sweat. Ooooohhhh you like this don't you slut! He smiles but she doesn't respond.

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ANSWER ME CUNT! He smacks her face hard and leaves a red mark. Meranda winces in pain, yes.I like it. Paul grins at her, what was that I couldn't hear you?


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Meranda out of nowhere screams, YES I FUCKING LOVE IT! This catches even Paul off guard but he just smiles and keeps pounding into her pink pussy with force.

There's no way the neighbors can't hear her moaning and him pounding into her she thinks to herself. She's brought back to reality as she gets her hair yanked yet again as she's getting violently pulled down to the floor. Paul looks down at Meranda on her knees on the wood floor. He starts stroking his cock fast and hard, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!

AHHHHHHHH UGH! She opens her nouth wide, sticking her tongue out and squeezing her large breasts together even.God she needed help. Thick ropes of cum shoot out of his cock and hit Meranda mostly in the mouth, a little lands on her chin and some lands on her breasts.

Paul slows his stroking down and smiles. All of the cum that was on Merandas chin leaks down to the wooden floor. Paul smirks, unacceptable Meranda! clean that up! He grabs her hair and shoves her face to the floor where the cum is. Meranda winces in pain from her face being slammed to the floor, she doesn't understand how she is supposed to clean the cum up until he tells her.

LICK IT UP BITCH! Still holding her hair tightly. She has no choice, she starts to lick the cum up off the floor. He loosens his grip on her hair and pats her on the head. Walking away from her and sitting in his armchair naked. Meranda finishes licking up the cum and stands up looking at Paul who is counting out money.

He smiles at her and tosses her a wad of 20 dollar bills. She starts picking them up quickly. He smiles, I feel like doing something later, think I'll pick you up and take you somewhere nice you dirty slut.she looks at him, wanting to say no but then he speaks up again.

Oh and don't worry i know where you live, I'll come pick you up at 8:00. Great.she thinks to herself. Oh and by the way, got a couple of presents for you in the bedroom for you to wear tonight.

Meranda is confused at the polite gesture and walks into the bedroom only imagining what this pervert could have possibly bought her.but also kind of excited to see what it was, she wasn't use to getting gifts. He follows her. But you can't open them until you get home! Meranda picks up two wrapped boxes, one thinner than the other. She carries the boxes back into the living room and puts her scotch smelling work clothes back on.

Paul slaps her ass hard and whispers in her ear. Don't he licks her face. Gross.Meranda hated this man.she thinks she does anyways. Meranda exits the apartment, and pushes her cart into the closet in the hallway. Hoping that she isn't seen by Barbara as she puts her keys away, Barbara would no doubt wonder why she had two wrapped up gifts in her hands. She presses the elevator button to go down, the salty taste of cum still in her mouth. The elevator dings and she steps onto it pressing the "L" button" and the elevator begins to go down.

Meranda lucked out as she heads into the office area to find that everyone else has already left work for the day. She quickly puts her keys away and leaves the office area, speed walking to the clock in and swiping her badge. Feeling a bit disgusted with herself, and also.also wondering how the fuck did Paul know where she lives!? Meranda arrives at her small studio apartment and opens the door, closing it as she turns and walks over to her futon and puts the 2 boxes down.

She takes a deep breath and opens the larger one first. A pair of shiny black high heels are in her size.very creepy she thinks to herself. She then turns her attention to the thinner box and rips it open, she pulls out an absolute gorgeous green strapless dress with a black lace pattern at the top chest area.

She actually smiles at it. Well that sick fucker has style thats for sure. she neatly lays it back down on her futon and strips down as she walks over to the small stand up shower in the room and turns it on.

The redhead stands at her sink with a towel wrapped around as she brushes her teeth over and over again trying to get the taste of cum out of her mouth. She rinses and spits one last time before she feel's she's done a good enough job, turning the sink off.

She turns back to the futon and drops the towel. Her curvy pale skinned body in view now as she slides up a black pair of panties, then a black strapless push up bra.

Turning her attention to the beautiful dress she slides it on and then the heels. Welll.she thinks as she looks at herself in the mirror.The bottom of the dress barely covers her ass and one wrong movement and her tits are going to literally pop out. The dress was like two sizes too small.why was she surpised? She rolls her eyes and walks back to the sink where she straightens her hair and puts on makeup. It dawns on her after she finishes her hair and makeup.

why the fuck was she doing all of this for some sick old pervert!? She goes back to the big mirror after finishing. Wow.I look pretty good.the dress really showing off how amazing her body truly was. She is brought back to reality as she hears a knock at the door.she slowly approaches, her heels clicking on the wood floor as she does.

Well.this should be interesting. To Be continued.