Twink sex Gorgeous lads Camden Christianson and Kaiden Ertelle are

Twink sex Gorgeous lads Camden Christianson and Kaiden Ertelle are
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The Hamilton's slept soundly in there bed before a loud crash woke them. They were startled. Both of them knew that they were the only ones at home. "What the hell was that," Cindy whispered before nudging him. "Go check honey." Mark crept down the long dark hallway. It was difficult to see at three in the morning without any of the lights being on. He peered into the bathroom to find nobody there. The spare bedroom had the same result.

His heart raced as he looked left then turned right. A blunt object smacked him in the face. When Mark came to, he was staring at two very large black men. One had a hold of his wife by her auburn hair.

Tugging as she screamed and pleaded, while the other had a gun pointed directly at his forehead. Confusion and fear set in. "Just…just take whatever it is you want. There's money in a box in the closet and I have more in my wallet.

Take whatever you want, but please don't hurt us," Mark begged as he stumbled with his words. The muscular one in the red shirt let out a loud laugh, "Shit, we was going to take what we wanted whether you was offerin or not." The one in the black shirt added, "We were just going to take your cash, maybe a TV or some shit but I got to say man, that girl of yours is fucking fine!" "You right.

That's a hot piece of white meat. Thinkin we will fuck your pretty wife while we're at it." Mark became angry and frustrated as he started to get up but quickly got back down on his knees. The gun was inches from his face and he knew there was little he could do.

"If they get what they want, they will just leave when they are finished. Then neither of us get hurt," he thought to himself. "See my friend over there in the black shirt, that's Jay. I'm Mike. We are the guys that are going to fuck your wife's pretty cunt tonight." Jay burst out laughing, "Shit man.

Guess I'll go first." He pulled her hair and threw her back onto the bed. Cindy pushed herself backwards to distance herself from the large man. He loomed over her and pinned her down. Mark couldn't do a thing but watch and it tore him up. If he tried to stop this heinous act, he could wind up dead.

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Cindy could too. The risk was too high. Mikes eyes were focused on his friend and the girl. He watched him pin her down and slide his head between her pinky pussy lips as she whined. His large purple head slid up rubbing her clit before he forcefully pushed his way inside. She screamed. "Oh, god…make it stop. Please god…please…" she exclaimed through tears. Jay chuckled at her as he continued to push his 9 inch cock into her body.

He spit down on her pussy for lubrication. The pain was unbearable for Cindy. She had never had a big black cock inside of her and it was stretching her out. The struggling didn't work at all because he would slap her across the face then put all of his weight down on her.

Mike smiled, "Hey Jay, bet this bitch never had a dick in her ass. Pop that cherry man." The look of fright came across her face as he held her down. Spit dripped from her asshole as he forced his way in, pushing as hard as he could.

She cried out in agony. A streak of blood rolled down her ass as all 9 inches entered her tight asshole. Jay yelled out towards Mark, "I love your wife's big titties.

I'm going to cover them bitches with my cum. You like watchin your wife get fucked by a black man?" Mark tried ignoring it. He was becoming more angry but he had to stay cool.

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Suddenly, Jay pulled his big throbbing member out of Cindy and sprayed her tits and neck with semen. "Rub that in. Rub your tits for me baby." She did as instructed, though a bit hesitant at first. She was so sore from the black cock that tore up her ass. "Hey, Jay, take the gun.

Keep it locked on that motherfucker. It's my turn to fuck this white bitch," Mike exclaimed happily as he removed his pants to reveal an even bigger, thicker cock. He demand she get on all fours and turn around. She feared he was going to force that monster cock in her ass. She couldn't imagine trying to take that with already being in that much pain. Her tits pressed against the bed as she put her ass in the air.

Her pussy lips spread as the bulbous head entered.

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He started slow, only putting in half before he finally pushed it all the way in. As his movements got quicker, Cindy started to notice she was kind of enjoying it.


Her mind kept racing trying to figure out how but her pussy was soaked. "Mm that's a good bitch," he yelled as he slapped her ass hard enough to leave his hand print. His cock stretched her cunt as she found herself moaning a bit. Without thinking, she started thrusting her ass into his body. Cindy's legs twitched as she had an orgasm. Her pussy tightened up around him which pushed him over the edge.

Mike pushed deep inside as he felt he was about to climax. His cum poured inside of her wet white cunt, filling her up. "Damn…that bitch has a nice twat. Jay, get that fucker over here. No, you crawl motherfucker. Right in front of your wife's pussy." Mike pushed Mark's face into the warm pussy, He put his foot against his head to make sure he didn't get up as Mark's face got covered in semen.

"Mm mm. Look at all that nigger cum in your bitch.

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You love it. You faggot." Jay pushed him to the ground as both men laughed as they walked out the door towards the hallway.


The couple listened for the door to shut. The men were gone.

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