Sativa had a good time

Sativa had a good time
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Once upon a time, in New Haven, Connecticut There lived a girl called Isabella Benders Lil' Bella is, though no one knows, a monumental slut Below are written some of her adventures - It started on a rainy day, towards the end of June Three days after lil' Bella came of age A Friday night it was, below the dim light of the moon As Bella read the last and final page Of one of her acquired gifts, a book made just for grown-ups With deep, dark storylines and clever twists As Bella put the book away and briefly picked her phone up, She realized: wait, something else exists - See, Bella's friends and family knew how to spoil young girls With books and films and bottles of shampoo And sleeveless tops and candy canes and necklaces with pearls But Bella knew exactly what to do - For hidden deep under her bed was something else she'd gotten But not before her parents went to bed Until today, lil' Bella had entirely forgotten About the thing of beauty she now had - She reached over the edge and grabbed the box from under there She opened it and put it on her pillow And there she found herself, wearing nothing but underwear And looking at her first, light pink-ish dildo - She took it in her hand and gazed upon the magic stick Did people really like to use this stuff?

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It was so big, it looked so real, a giant, rubber dick But Emily had said: you're gonna LOVE The feeling that it gives to you, the pleasure that it shields The deep sensations when it's all inside The unrelentless power that this fine invention yields You're gonna have the most amazing night - It's worth a try, lil' Bella thought, and laid down on the sheets She put the thing beside her, grabbed her thong She pulled it down, over her knees, and left it at her feet Attention once again turned to the dong - She started off by licking it, quite gently with her tongue But soon enough, she had it in her mouth It was so soft, so flexible, so pink, so thick, so long She slowly guided her new friend down south - Between her breasts, back up, then down, over her fat-less hips The part where torso turns into one's legs And as she noticed that her tongue was out, licking her lips She realized: dear Lord, so this is sex - She spread her legs and ditched her bra, it had become too tight Her nipples were about to poke right through Her left hand squeezed her tiny breasts, and meanwhile, with her right, She brought the rubber toy back into view - She lowered it, and let it land onto her moisty slit It was bizarre to feel the tip run gently Over her virgin pussy lips, and gently on her clit How many girls do this?

She figured: plenty - Now toys like these, she had been told, weren't made for touching lightly At some point, it would have to get inside But virgin girls, as we all know, whether eighteen or ninety, Are somewhat - or ridiculously - tight - Yet life will always find a way, and here, it too did so For when lil' Isabel applied some force The tip slid smoothly in between, into her secret hole She held it there, nervous as hell, of course - Gladly, it didn't hurt at all, despite what she'd expected Or better: feared (the stories weren't good) In fact, lil' Bella felt that she and her new friend connected Her clit even peeked up from out its hood!

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- Inch per inch she pushed it in, and every centimeter Of this amazing tool she took felt great It made her breathe quite heavily, it tickled her, it freed her It made her realize: this is my fate - The toy slid out, and back inside, and out and in again She loved it, and she couldn't seem to pause She held onto the rubber toy and pushed it deeper in The perfect object for the perfect cause - Something that no one could expect, and certainly not Bella, Was that she loved it such an awful lot That she kept pushing in and out her fancy little fella While at the same time squeezing her own butt - She touched her skin, she rubbed her clit, she had to close her eyes Her senses were on edge, for she was close To something that would come to her, a massive, huge surprise An climax, fully naked and exposed - Lil' Bell didn't know what hit her when her body froze in place A tingling sensation through her spine A pelvic motion, like a beat, a look upon her face That said: I think I've reached the finish line - Girls who are new to all of this could easily freak out From the uncalculated moves and spasms But Bell just turned to her instinctive roots of twist and shout And had the first of many more orgasms - It took a minute, maybe two, for her to ease back down She took the toy out, brought it to her face She sucked it dry, tasting the stuff that had once been downtown And swallowed every droplet, just in case - She took her phone from off her bed, and opened up an app While holding Mr.

Pink against her cheek She clicked upon the camera, and placed it on her lap, And turned into a model, so to speak - When she was happy with the pic, she saved it on her phone And texted Emily the last result Good lord, the answer was, my lovely Belle, what have you done?

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Congratulations, now you're an adult! - By now, young Isabelle has got at least a dozen toys She's used them all, and still does every day Unless, of course, she's swapping them for girls, or better: boys I'll talk about that next time - if I may

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