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It was a lazy afternoon. The best kind there is. Normally Saturdays are packed with things to do. They had moved Kevia's best friend Carrie in with them a month ago and had taken some time to get used to another person being in the house.

But this is the first Saturday where they could just relax and be together. Adam made Kevia a light lunch of sandwiches and fruit.


A simple lunch but a good one. They just lazed in bed and watched a movie. Kevia snuggled on Adam's chest. Adam loved that feeling. He breathed deeply just taking in feeling of having such a gloriously beautiful woman in his arms. They snuggled in together and Adam couldn't be happier. Carrie was out though and Adam had some devious ideas. Adam began sneaking little kisses from Kevia.

Nibbling on an ear and running his hands along Kevia's glorious curves. Kevia giggled and squirmed as Adam wrapped his arms around her. Kevia wriggled until she was on top of Adam. She sat on his chest. With a pleased smile she pulled he shirt up and over her head.

Not wearing a bra, her beautiful DD breasts spilled out in front of Adam's eyes. The afternoon sun streaming in gave Adam a perfect view. Her breasts were large but she had small nipples that Adam loved sucking on. He knew how much it gave Kevia pleasure.

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Looking up the sun also caught that soft brown eyes of Kevia. They seemed to shine with happiness as she stared down at Adam who was looking up with the adoring look he always had for her.

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She pulled Adam's shirt off as well. She inhaled deeply taking in Adam's scent. The arousal was palatable at this point and Adam pulled Kevia in for a deep kiss. Kevia's hard nipples felt great on Adam's chest heightening the arousal. Kevia broke the kiss and starting trailing kisses up Adam's jaw. She made her way up the jaw and bit Adam's ear sharply Adam moaned with obvious pleasure as his arms tighten around Kevia's waist.

His arms roamed up her back and sides feeling her soft skin. He loved the feel of her skin. His cock hardened as he stroked her skin. Kevia moaned with pleasure as she obviously felt the reaction she was getting from Adam.


She trailed kisses back down his body. Kissing over a hard chest. She stopped at one of Adam's nipples and bit hard. Adam moaned loudly and pulled at Kevia's hair as she bit down on the other nipple. She moved down his stomach pulling Adam's shorts down with her until they were off.

Adam's very erect cock sprang up thick and rock hard. Without much preamble Kevia took Adam's cock in her mouth and sucked all the way down the shaft till his entire cock was inside her. The guttural moan of pleasure that came from Adam made Kevia suck that much harder. Carrie walked into the house laughing with her girlfriend Melissa. They had gone out shopping and out to lunch and were just stopping home to drop off the things they had bought before they went back out.

Carrie thought maybe they could talk Kevia into coming too. Maybe stop at the spa. The two girls couldn't be much different. Carrie was a fiery redhead with bright green eyes.

A slight build with firm perky breasts and a tight ass. Melissa on the other hand was a full figured Latino girl with dark hair and dark mysterious eyes. Not fat at all but curves to die for with large breasts and a full round ass. The kind of woman people stopped and stared at without really realizing they did. Carrie really liked Melissa. They hadn't ever done anything sexual but she thought there was a spark there. Something that could turn into something very special. Carrie was wearing a tight tank top and skirt while Carrie opted for yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Carrie loved when Melissa wore yoga pants. She always wanted to just squeeze Melissa's ass.


They began to make their way upstairs to drop off the bags when a noise stopped them in their tracks. "What was that?" asked Melissa. They paused and waited and another moan was heard. "I think Kevia and Adam are having a little afternoon delight." Carrie said with a mischievous smile.

"Come on lets go see!" Before Melissa could even voice some sort of protest Carrie was dragging her up the carpeted stairs towards the bedroom.

As they got to the top of stairs they tiptoed towards the open door. There at the end of the hall they peeked in. Kevia was on her knees at the edge of the bed deep throating Adam's cock. Adam had his eyes closed his hands tangled in Kevia's hair trying to cram his cock deeper down her throat.

She was wearing nothing but a pair of boy shorts her tits in full view. Carrie unconsciously licked her lips. She knew just what one of those breasts felt like in her mouth. Adam's cock too. She had shared Adam and Kevia's bed a few times and seeing what she saw was tempted to join in. "Oh God they are doing it!" Melissa said in a hushed voice. "We should leave." She said almost timidly. She squirmed a little obviously turned on by what she was seeing.

"No way!" Carrie said almost gleefully. "This is fucking hot! Like our own live action porno." She then deliberately ran and hand between her thighs stroking an already wet pair of panties. She moaned softly. Emboldened by what lay in front of her and her own arousal she step forward and kissed Melissa. It was a hesitant kiss at first.

Soft and delicate. Carrie almost held her breath waiting for Melissa to flinch or turn away but it didn't happen. She deepened the kiss and Melissa returned in kind. Hands roaming their sides hesitant to make the first move. Finally it was Melissa how squeezed Carrie's firm ass and the tension between the two seemed to melt away.

Consciously they positioned themselves to watch what was going on in front of them. The door was wide open so the view in the room was not obstructed in any way. Kevia was sucking Adam's cock with a fast and intense rhythm.

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Adam moaned in his passion oblivious to the outside world. Kevia was his world and the only thing that mattered. Kevia sucked Adam hard and fast her breasts bouncing with each thrust. She had on hand squeezing his balls and playing with his ass while another squeezed and pinch at her own nipple.

Carrie and Melissa could hear the muffled groans of Kevia as well as Adam's. Be yond the point of no return at this point Carrie slid behind Melissa and began kissing her neck all the while making sure she watched what was right in front of her. Carrie squeezed Melissa's tits and felt the large round nipples very erect. She rolled them between her fingers and squeezed. Melissa's breath grew shallow and heavy. She absently began grinding against Carrie obviously enjoying it.

Seeing as things were going so well Carrie took her boldest step yet. She lid a hand into the front of Melissa's yoga pants. Her hand slide easily past the soaked panties. Melissa obviously shaved her pussy but she did leave a little patch at the top.

Carrie stroked her fingers through the silky hair before sliding a finger between Melissa's pussy lips. Melissa suppressed a moan as Carrie stroked her clit fingering her pussy. "You like that?" Carrie cooed in Melissa's ear?

Melissa ground into Carries fingers as a response. "Look at Kevia." Carrie whispered. "Look at how she takes that whole cock down her throat.

I bet she makes him cum soon. He can't hold on forever. He'll cum hard for her though. All over her pretty face.

I've seen it before. It's happened to me.

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Do want to see Adam cum on her?" Melissa panted a yes in response. It was all she could do because Carrie was driving her insane. "When they cum so do you." Breathed Carrie in Melissa's ear as she worked Melissa's wet pussy.

Both women watched the room in rapt attention as Kevia took Adam's cock. Thrust after thrust she took greedily. Carrie matched Kevia's pace. She was determined to make her cum just when Adam did. Her finger slid hard and fast inside of Melissa her other hand still working Melissa's breasts.

For what seemed like ages they kept at it until with a sudden growl Adam pulled out quickly of Kevia's mouth as he did his cock jerked as the first jet of whit hot cum landed on Kevia's face and tits. At the same time Melissa's pussy flooded Carrie's hand. Melissa moaned audibly before stifling it. She and Carrie watched as a few more jets of cum splattered on Kevia's face covering in in cum.

Melissa watched with shaking knees as Kevia wiped up a good amount and licked it from her fingers. "Holy shit that was hot!" breathed Melissa. "I've never done anything like that. I can barely stand." She leaned heavily against Carrie for support. Taking a few deep breaths she calmed herself. "I hope nobody heard me moan. I'd be so embarrassed!" "I think we're okay." Carrie smiled. "We weren't the only ones making noise you know" Kevia smiled.

She knew it! There was someone out in the hallway and that moan just now proved it.

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The weird thing was that it didn't sound like Carrie. She could've sworn it was someone else. No matter. If she wanted watch that was fine with her. She liked people watching. But if that was the case she was going to put on a show. She was going to show Carrie just how it was done.

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"I have something new to show you." Kevia said smiling wryly. She pulled him to the floor. "You always like to cover my face in cum so now it's your turn." Without truly waiting for a reply Kevia mounted Adam and ground her pussy on his face. Adam began furiously sucking Kevia's clit as she continued grinding on his face. She moaned loudly and without shame as she pinched her nipples. The thought that someone was watching made it even more of a turn on.

Back in the hallway Melissa had regained her wits. Well some of them anyways. She was lust driven and at this point didn't care who heard her. She was going to eat Carrie's pussy and there was just no stopping it. With carnal thoughts flashing through her dark eyes. She laid down in the hallway. "I'll be Adam you be Kevia. I'm going to make you cum on my face!" Carrie had Melissa position herself so that Carrie still had a full view of the room. This better than anything she could have hoped for!

She too mounted Melissa and began grinding her pussy on Melissa's face. Her trimmed pussy as fiery as her hair. Her panties torn and tossed to the side.

Her small skirt half hid Melissa's face but she could still see those smoldering eyes and that just increased the eroticism. She too began to play her breasts and pinch her nipples, her tank top pulled down exposing them. She moaned inwardly as Melissa sucked on her clit and fucked her with her tongue. She was tentative at first but quickly found a pleasurable pace and really getting into it.

Kevia was right! There was someone in the hall. She could see out of the corner of her eye Carrie's fiery hair. There was someone else too but she couldn't tell who. She was fucking Adam in front of a complete stranger! She impulsively began grinding harder. Moaning Adam's name she made a point to swivel her hips his cues from and really give Carrie a show.

Taking his cues from Kevia, Adam grabbed Kevia's ass feeling the hips swivel and work his tongue. He spanked that sexy ass as Kevia moaned with pleasure. Adam slipped a finger into Kevia's ass to really get Kevia going.

Watching Kevia's tits bounce up and down Carrie rode Melissa with a fury. Carrie wanted one of those tits in her mouth. Melissa moaned deliciously into Carrie's pussy squeezing her ass. Carrie began to swivel her hips just like Kevia did. She wanted to truly mimic Kevia so she guided Melissa's hand to the pucker of her asshole.

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"Slide it in baby. Just one finger" Melissa slid it in. Slowly working it in and out.

Carrie stifled a moan with her hand. She wanted to scream in pleasure. She felt like she was going to explode! "They're copying us" thought Kevia. She arched her back as Adam fucked her pussy with his tongue. "Oh God this is so hot I'm going to explode!" "Here it comes it comes baby!" Kevia said sliding back on his chest.

She feverishly worked her clit and moaned loudly working towards a huge orgasm. With a deep breath and a tremor Kevia spread her pussy lips and came hard. Cum squirted onto Adam's face covering his face even more than Adam had done to Kevia. Her body quaked as she squirted again and again. Finally Kevia collapsed next to Adam breathing heavily.

Carrie gasped audibly as Kevia squirted onto Adam. She came hard on Melissa's face moaning herself not even really trying to hide it. She couldn't believe what she saw. It was the hottest thing she had ever witnessed. She too collapsed next to Melissa. Both women panting and shaking from their orgasms. "I can't believe we did this!" Melissa said. We're so bad!" "I know." said Carrie.

"Gimme a second to recuperate. Besides it doesn't look they're done." "That was one of the hottest thing you've ever done." Gasped Adam. "That was amazing!" "I'm so glad you liked it baby. Kevia said sighing contentedly.

"That felt so good for me too." Kevia laid on Adam's chest. "I'm not done with you." Adam growled "Not by a long shot." Clambering to his feet Adam picked up Kevia and carried her to the wall pressing her hard up against it.

Positioning his cock he impaled his beautiful wife on his rock hard shaft. She moaned loudly pressed roughly between her husband and the wall. The ironically had Kevia facing the open door. She could see distinctly the two women out in the hallway. She pretended not to notice leaving her eyes only half open. She wrapped her legs around Adam's waist digging her heels into his back helping him to drive his cock deep inside of her.

He bit down on her shoulder as he pounded her relentlessly. She felt trapped and open to him in all the most delicious ways. Her loud moans and screams of passion were not artificially loud in any way. Carrie and Melissa stood frozen for just a moment.

Did Kevia see them? She seemed to be looking right at them. But after a minute of watching Adam's ass as he pumped into Kevia they were quite sure she was too busy to notice them. Both women began kissing passionately. All hesitation gone they began playing with each other's tits.

Pinching and sucking oblivious to whether they were heard or not. "Oh God I want you!" Carrie said. "I want you too!" Melissa said. Carrie peeled Melissa's soaked yoga pants away. They positioned each other and locked legs and began scissoring each other. Clits stroking each other, fiery red hair mingling with dark. Both women moaned quietly. Muffling them in each other's breasts. Sucking on tits and dragging nails down each other's backs.

They held each other close as they both began to tremble. "I'm going to cum!" breathed Carrie 'Cum with me baby." Melissa nodded as they feverishly worked their clits against one another.

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With combined gasps the both trembled and came hard onto each other. They held onto each other hoping to keep the noise to a minimum.

With that they collapsed to the carpet and watched Kevia getting it hard. Kevia smiled as she saw both women collapse to the carpet. She'd love to taste those combined juices. She bet it tasted wonderful. She felt so good trapped against Adam's hard body but she wanted to give him that special ending.

"Baby I want you to fuck ass. I want you to cum in my ass. Not wanting to hesitate Adam carried her to the edge of the bed. His cock slick with Kevia's juices. He positioned her doggy style. Sliding his cock into her tight hole. He slowly worked his cock in and out of Kevia. Kevia turned her head so she could see out the door.

Both girls watching intently as Adam slid in and out slowly of Kevia's ass. Carrie licked her lips longingly. Adam began to pick up the pace. He worked himself into a fast and steady rhythm working towards his much wanted orgasm. Adam spanked her ass hard and thrust harder as he exploded into Kevia's ass. He moaned loudly as he emptied himself into Kevia's ass.

He collapsed on top of her panting loudly. After a few minutes Kevia got up to clean herself up. Adam closed his eyes relaxing on the bed. As Kevia walked out the door both women realized they were caught half-dressed and covered in cum.

"Did you like the show girls?" Kevia smirked. Did you want take a shower with me and clean up? If you're good I'll let you eat Adam's cum out of my ass. Showing Adam's cum leaking out of her she headed for the shower.